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What is a bandit sign?


Someone recommended to use bandit signs to market my vacant rental property. What is a bandit sign?


Bandit signs are those advertising signs you see at road intersections. Usually they stand two feet off the ground and say things like "Lose 50 lbs. in 30 days. Call xxx" or "I will buy your house for cash" or advertise landscaping or cheap mortgage rates.

Sometimes the signs are stuck into the ground. Sometimes they're stapled to utility poles.
The local residents usually do not like them and there are many counties across America that want to put a stop to these signs.

Do they work? Well, I don't know about other business areas but real estate entrepreneurs seem to be getting good results with them.

Before you include bandit signs in your advertising campaigns check with your county's regulations. Bandit signs are illegal in some areas. In those areas you may be fined for placing your sign on public property. It depends on how much of a problem this street spam is in the specific area. The only safe route is to ask the owner of private property for permission (good luck!) or possibly even pay them a little.

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