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Determine how many external links point to my web site


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How can I find what other web sites link point to my web site? When I use Google's backlink function ('Backward Links' from the Google Toolbar), I get only 10 sites listed that point to me. I know for fact there are more. I simply want to discover who links to me.


I understand that knowing the links pointing to a site helps evaluate how popular or important the site is. This is what PageRank and similar algorithm use.
Right now, Google is not too good with the 'Backward Links' function. You can try As of now (September 2005), yahoo delivers the best result if you search using the linkdomain: syntax.

By the way, a different approach would be to parse the referrer log file of your web server. It may just take longer.

Here an example for this site (

- Google Backlinks: 20 links, 10 of them from one single spam site

- Alexa 'Sites Linking in': 17 links, the spam site is not included

- Yahoo ( 'About 809' results.

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2007-03-15, 19:46:04

Thanks for you article, but I would like if you could more cleare about how to know the backlinks, and where are they place on yahoo or google.

The another thing I would like to know, where those people mostly find link to piont to their website?

Jeremie Mouithsone
2007-12-23, 16:03:47
anonymous from France  
If you want high rank in Google, please give lot of attention on contents of the site. You will see your rank will go up. My site is about Indian news. You can see the updating of contents. It help me lot in rank.

Best wishes


2009-07-09, 23:43:30
anonymous from United States  
Content is one thing, but sometimes a bunch of back links are needed.

Funny that some posts, perhaps this one, are simply done to drive a link.

Yup, in the same boat as many - content is fine. Looking for a local area. Would appreciate organic search results, but realistically need to drive traffic through ad spending.


2009-07-15, 22:31:59
anonymous from United States  
So what is backlinking? If I did this:

Did I just backlink my website?
2009-07-25, 09:51:26
from India  
You may check it out this

2009-08-19, 00:26:08
anonymous from United States  
I agree with both concepts, a lot of fresh and unique content and also many backlinks. That is why I do both on my new blog. at: comments are also welcome too.
2009-10-02, 10:42:00
[hidden] from United States  
Thanks! For some time I have been trying to get more links to my site than my friend has to his site and he is winning! I need to try harder!
2009-11-02, 15:46:35
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Backlinks is a big subject, it is no longer a case of the more the better and any old backlink will do.
Things have got tougher and it is now the case that the more 'quality baclinks' the better. These are links that relate to your text in your site and your keywords.
Having links back to your site relating to any subject can have a negative effect.
Really concentrate on pure quality backlinks and you'll move on up the rankings
2009-11-14, 04:31:23
We offer you a World of Luxury at very affordable prices with ease of shopping online with us!
I feel the same way about links but building them to the same PR or Higher PR sites seems to be a tedious job. If anyone here know the best safest way to build good links lets share what we know and learn.
2010-01-01, 12:41:53   (updated: 2010-01-01, 12:43:41)
anonymous from United States  
Would like to be able to check links to
2010-01-22, 09:15:44
anonymous from Israel  
2010-02-01, 06:54:39   (updated: 2010-02-01, 07:08:27)
alena from United Kingdom  
I have set up a small business (private language tuition) some time ago and I am still trying to work out how to improve my online presence (am afraid its almost zero at the moment) I hesitated to use an SEO company to do it for me as the costs were almost prohibitive, but then decided with one, only to find out, a month later into the 3 month contract i have signed, that I have wasted over £1000 with them. I am of course rather upset and I am now trying to understand and learn how to improve my ranking myself. I have been told you have to actually pay for the back links, is this true? I have tried to check who links back to me but on yahoo it seems to be just 24 links, most of them coming from the same website. Is there a point going for the paid option and where can i find out how to do this myself (purchase valuable and relevant links)? is anybody able to help me find out whether my site has any reasonable links so far? I guess 24 links can’t be true after I have spent £1000 on SEO.
Thank you in advance, Alena

2010-02-10, 18:12:08   (updated: 2010-02-10, 18:12:33)
2010-02-15, 22:12:11
anonymous from United States  
Hi.Thanks for the info.I'm new to this and trying to find out how to create links to my website.It's been 3 months and my pagerank appears to be zero! Good luck to everyone!
2010-02-26, 14:02:09
anonymous from United States  
If anyone knows a current back link counter, please put it on this blog.
<a href=''>Ocoee River</a>
<a href=''>Ocoee Rafting</a>
<a href='</a>
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