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Another dating / chat scam - USA/ Nigeria connection


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Last week I got contacted via my profile on a dating web site. The person had a temporary profile only with no picture posted and sent me a one-liner including her yahoo address and she asked me to add her on the yahoo messenger.

I was bored so I fulfilled her request.

Her profile had said she was from Illinois, USA. I live in California. Once we chat on Y! messenger, she says she just left Madrid/ Spain and is in West Africa now.

Supposedly she works for a diamond company which is owned by her step dad. She lives with her daughter since her husband (or kids father, I do not recall) left her after the kid was born. Here are her photos - I am not quite sure that they are really HER photos:

She also tells me that she is on bad terms with her step dad since he asked her for sex. (If that's her real photos, I might ask her for sex also.)
During the chat she was kind of evasive, did not answer my questions but instead asked me questions herself. After about 30 minutes she said she'd have to leave West Africa soon and wants to come to the Bay Area (which is why she had written me) and whether she could stay at my place for a week or two until she had gotten herself a place.

She wanted to see photos of my house (I mailed her two).

During the following week we briefly chatted maybe 3 times. No deep conversation, this woman does not spell well, and obviously does half a dozen chats parallel.

I asked her to visit a web site that I host so that I could trap her IP number. It was

I used two different tools (web sites) to identify the location she was coming from. Most web sites reported this IP as in London, UK. One web site located it as CAPE GIRARDEAU, MISSOURI.

If you ever want to do this kind of check, grab the IP number from email headers and use a web site like on it. You need to make your email program or web client display all headers, to see the 'Originating IP'. Yahoo's email client offers this. I do not know about AOL or hotmail.

She claims to be on AOL (which I found strange, does AOL offer service in West Africa?)

Yesterday she started talking how her step-dad does not send the money he is supposed to send. A kind of allowance instead of a paycheck. Don't ask me for an explanation of this concept.

I did not like to hear her talk about bills that she cannot pay. I'm kind of allergic to this talk when I know a person from 60 minutes of chatting only :-)

Anyway, today she asked me directly to Western Union her the money, $750. As I am posting this, I am still chatting with her. A copy of today's chat is below.

(myself): hello?
Joy Johnson: i was unable to get u the number cos the phone network was bad
Joy Johnson: i was thinking of geting my self a foone
(myself): is it worth it when you're leaving soon?
Joy Johnson: No...thats the problem
(myself): can you do me a favor? Click on this?
(myself): and then, what's the prob - you cannot leave?
Joy Johnson: i dont understand this whole thing
(myself): what thing?
Joy Johnson: what u talking about]
Joy Johnson: the webpage
(myself): oh
Joy Johnson: or what?
(myself): i didn't meant that you actually read it 
(myself): i just wanted to see if it loads properly now

(myself): sorry
Joy Johnson: ok
(myself): are you home?
(myself): i mean.. in the hotel
Joy Johnson: hotel
Joy Johnson: yeah.i just wsanted to know if u will be sending me some cash
(myself): how?
Joy Johnson: western union ....u know any western union around u
(myself): and which w.u. are you at?
(myself): do i need a city/ office number?
Joy Johnson: No u dont i will give u the whole infou need
Joy Johnson: you can send the money in the hotels managers name
(myself): well, what's the hotel's name then? and/or the manager's name
(myself): sorry for the huge font
Joy Johnson: Receivers Name:Mercy Gray
Address:12 hotel road.
Zipcode/city code:23401
Western union security question and answer:
Qfavourite colour
Joy Johnson: Receivers Name:Mercy Gray
Address:12 hotel road.
Zipcode/city code:23401
Western union security question and answer:

Qfavourite colour
A: Pink
Joy Johnson: thats the ifo
(myself): ok
Joy Johnson: info
Joy Johnson: do u know western union agent location
(myself): here in my area?
(myself): not from the top of my head
Joy Johnson: u
(myself): i need to look
Joy Johnson: u can give me your address i will find one for u
(myself): don't worry
(myself): i can find it
Joy Johnson: how will u do that
(myself): google
(myself): so how do i know you are really joy johnson
and not just someone making up things?
Joy Johnson: Babe can u just trust me and u see me once i get

to the bay area cos i will foward u my flight info
(myself): how much $ do you need anyway?
Joy Johnson: :$750
(myself): what is the company's name that you work for?
Joy Johnson: i told u yesterday united gemstones.........u dont 
need it to send it ok
Joy Johnson: babe trust me
(myself): oh right, i could not find anything on the web 
about 'united gemstones' either, but they are in Lagos, maybe that helps
Joy Johnson: dont worry just to western union agent location
Joy Johnson: ok
Joy Johnson: what cirt are u in the bay area
(myself): capitola
Joy Johnson: ok.hold
Joy Johnson: is this ur zip code 95010 
Joy Johnson: ???
Joy Johnson: joyee201: is this ur zip code 95010 
joyee201: ???
Joy Johnson: are u there???
(myself): yes
(myself): 95010
Joy Johnson: ok
Joy Johnson: 1475 41ST AVENUE   
Joy Johnson: do u know this address
(myself): Sorry Joy, I just don't believe that you are in 
Lagos, Nigeria. I think you're in London, England
Joy Johnson: peter u r so funny
(myself): and yes, that Western Union on 41st Avenue is only 
a few minutes from me.. what's funny?
Joy Johnson: cos u said i am in england....maybe next year i should 
go to london
Joy Johnson: u mean u have that location close to u
Joy Johnson: ????
(myself): yes, that western union.. maybe a quarter 
mile from my house
(myself): i know it
Joy Johnson: babe i think it will be better u send the money
now because of the time difference
(myself): no way.. you need to give me some reason to believe 
you.. I mean.. I WANT to believe you.. but there's evidence that you
 are not in Nigeria, sorry
(myself): give me one reason that shows me you're  really over 
there and not in the UK or somewhere in the USA
Joy Johnson: the one reason is that am going to pick
 the money up myself
(myself): i need to know a bit more about you
Joy Johnson: u did already......dont be silly peter....dont tell
 me u dont know the first thing about me
Joy Johnson: 
(myself): not really that much.. you've got a daughter, work
 for united gemstones, stepfather is your boss (right?), doesn't 
send you money (allowance instead of paycheck - strange concept),
 you recently came from Barcelona/ Spain to Lagos/ Nigeria
(myself): did i forget anything?
Joy Johnson: No.....what else peter....cant u just trust me for
 .... i will never disappoint u
(myself): why do you stay in Lagos if you don't get paid anyway?
Joy Johnson: i dont stay here,am heree temporary cos my step dad wants
me there......its not want i want,i just have to
Joy Johnson: peter
Joy Johnson: If I ever saw an angel, it was in your eyes
(myself): hm, that's a nice one
(myself): did my eyes reflect and you saw yourself?
(myself): i've got an idea
(myself): is the 750 for the hotel?
Joy Johnson: eah
Joy Johnson: yeah
Joy Johnson: Jede Minute, die ich mit Ihnen aufwende, ist wie Sein im 
Himmel und das Schauen in den Augen eines Engels
Joy Johnson: u know thats the truth
(myself): i could make a credit card payment to that hotel to 
cover your bill
Joy Johnson: no....u cant...cos the whole of 750 is not for the hotel
Joy Johnson: ok....u just have to rush to western union....ok
Joy Johnson: do u have he info writen down
Joy Johnson: ??????
(myself): i cannot leave right now
(myself): i'm waiting for someone
(myself): it's 6:15pm
(myself): they're probably closed already anyway
Joy Johnson: no they close for 7pm....u can just rush ok....peter 
do this for me now
Joy Johnson: ok.....i can get everything cleared tomorrow morning
Joy Johnson: it will only take 7mins or less for western union to 
send the money
(myself): my friend is on the way right now
Joy Johnson: it dosent matter.since u r not going to take more than 
10mins in western union...he can just wait for u
Joy Johnson: PLEASE
Joy Johnson: RITE AID #5966
1475 41ST AVENUE   
Tuesday 8:00am - 9:00pm 
Joy Johnson: u can just rush down and you wont take much time
Joy Johnson: PLEASE
(myself): I know the place, I go there twice a week.. 
(myself): why not a credit card payment?
Joy Johnson: it cant be sent
Joy Johnson: just go ok...for me peter
(myself): what is the $ for if not for the hotel?
Joy Johnson: for the hotel bill ,transportation cost.....
and medical checkup because of the weather here
Joy Johnson: ok.babe just try and go huh
(myself): nah, i don't feel as if i could quite trust 
you yet
Joy Johnson: matbe u will trust me and more about me,as
 soon as i get to the state
Joy Johnson: and peter if u say u dont trust me yet i understand
......but u just have to consider my situation and me myself i
 promise never to let u down
Joy Johnson: Promise
Joy Johnson: are u there???
(myself): yes
(myself): phone
(myself): look
Joy Johnson: look what???
(myself): according to my info you're either in
 Cape Missouri or London
(myself): and you give me absolutely no reason why
 i should believe that you're in lagos

(myself): not even a hotel's name
(myself): or a phone #
Joy Johnson: ay hotels.....manager s # (+234)8053601940
Joy Johnson: +234 country phone  code
Joy Johnson: what about this
Joy Johnson: ???
(myself): yeah?
Joy Johnson: didu get it
(myself): the number is busy
(myself): which room are you in?
Joy Johnson: busy...maybe its the network
Joy Johnson: executive room 1
Joy Johnson: ok
Joy Johnson: did u call d # again
(myself): that number is in Lagos?
Joy Johnson: yeah
(myself): area code is 805 ?
(myself): because i thought Lagos is area code 1
(myself): sweety, you need to improve
Joy Johnson: for landlines i think
Joy Johnson: 01 is for the land lines....the number i 
gave u is a mobile # peter
Joy Johnson: thats why u need the +234 b4 dailing 8053601940
Joy Johnson: ok
Joy Johnson: peter can u tell me whats on your mind
Joy Johnson: cos........its like u dont even want
 to take me for my words
Joy Johnson: Why?
(myself): sorry
Joy Johnson: u not answering me
(myself): my friend was at the door
(myself): joy i need to go now
(myself): i cannot call that number again, my friend and i are going out
Joy Johnson: ok
(myself): i'll try in a few hours when i'm back
Joy Johnson: ok
(myself): see, i need to verify that what you tell me
 is true.. ideally also that you are really that hot chick in 
those photos, but that's probably impossible to prove
Joy Johnson: lol......why not
(myself): hm, can you mail another photo of yourself?
Joy Johnson: believe me or noy ,its joy in the pic
(myself): well, are YOU Joy then?
Joy Johnson: i will............will u send on ur way back
(myself): bye-bye
Joy Johnson: bye-bye

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2007-04-01, 12:58:58
anonymous from Canada  
I googled this IP address,, which led me here. I have just received the first email from this scammer. Stay tuned. I want to get as many photos and emails as possible, before ending the game. I want to see what happens when the scammer asks for money.
Here are other URLs that match the IP address when you google it.
Scroll down to 12 on this URL:

The sad thing is these scammers are using photos of people who aren't them, or the scammers themselves are using thier own photos to try to obtain money through illegal means. It's sad that there are humans that have to resort to these type of tactics. This woman's photos have appeared on this website before. I want to organize them in a central webpage on this website, so people don't have to search for it on various webpages. It would be helpful if people use the picture search function before posting photos. It would avoid duplication. It would also make sense to give each suspected or known scammer their own page on this website, and limit it to that scammer. It really makes no sense to post the same photos or information across many pages, or have more than one scammer on the same page. It makes things a little more organized, and
less cluttered. Another thing people should do is post emails with full headers if possible,
blocking out their own names and email addresses. They should do an IP address search
if possible, as well as name search, email account search, and photo analysis using the picture search function here. The only bad thing about the photo search function is you have to have the photo stored on a hard drive. I don't think it can do it by urls yet.
2007-04-01, 18:24:48
[hidden] from United States  
Frank White is now on His screen name is emotionalrick. Here's his story:

I am a very honest and truthfull man i dont smoke and i dont take alchoholic am a christian how are u doing today, i hope u are fine so i will start by telling u my name, am rick i live in ca los angeles for a am widow with a son that lives with me and he is 17 year old and i am 45 years old 6.6tall black hair black eye so i will tell u that my wife die on her way to texass u i met a woman on my street which i propose to and we both agree to live to gether as hus band and wife .but i did not know that she was playing games on me ,she only want to hv sex with me and let me go so she distroy my plan for her,so u can see i hv been hurt so much am just looking for the rigth person for me and my son who will take good care of us and who will love me and my son becos my ex has hurt me so much so now i dont want too be hurt in my life any more so i work for contruction company in us am international buldling contractor

2007-04-02, 16:58:55 from United States  
I stummbled on this site using goggle to check scammer email and found 2 , thuis week i got hit with 6 or 7 hereis one i could not confirm yet

2007-04-02, 21:26:36
Frank White is on a black christian dating site,lol. That's actually humerous, look at a comment from 2006,0707 you'll see him there.
2007-04-05, 06:21:33
anonymous from United Kingdom  
This image was also posted here:
Various dating scammers

2007-04-05, 06:28:29
anonymous from United Kingdom  

Keywords: fake passport with or to get a visa for immigration to the USA
2007-04-06, 16:15:37   (updated: 2007-04-06, 16:17:51)
anonymous from United States  
I knew this woman only as Elena. After she contacted me at my regular email address, I did a search on Google with her address. I found a hit on another scam site. It's a good site and I will put the link below. It seem he/she is very busy. She uses a dating site, to make her contacts. Her user name is lenko27. The lesson here: Never deal with a Russian woman who has a 'dot com' email address. She never got anything from me. I never gave her a chance, after reading on other sites about her.


The site below has photos, letters, and a discussion forum.

2007-04-10, 07:24:49
[hidden] from United States  
Does any reconize this girl, supposed to be from NY but hey in nigeria visting sick mom and needs money for hospital and food.

Keywords: lawura muniru from ghana blue bikini
2007-04-11, 00:37:54
anonymous from United States  
One guy said it was like rats to the trap. Well some of waneida's freinds have come calling, I can't say I didn't do a little chumming tho. Right around sunset is best hunting. I have one on the hook right now that calls herself 'laura_alone_luv,' Poor thing is stranded in Nigeria and needs money to pay the hotel bill. Even when I told her that I had heard the story before, she persisted but won't post a pic. She'll be back tomarrow, 11 April 07. Thanks to you guys, I know what she may look like. Have to reel this one in slow, play her a little, eh?!
2007-04-12, 15:31:13
Just another scam artist calling herself Bim307 on senior friendfinder site, email is Has asked for almost $5000 to help with the move to America and basic travel allowance. Beware of her!!
2007-04-13, 09:27:33
Scammer : Meri from Protvino in Russia.

This image was also posted here:
Letters from Rufina and Afrodita, Russia to Bill, USA

Keywords: blonde white bra blue dress
2007-04-13, 09:29:35
anonymous from Canada  
Some Sample Form Letters from Nigeria/AfriSC


I will tell you abit about real name is Debbie,i am 30 years of age ,i am the only daugther of my parents...i moved to the states when i was 4 years of dad is from liberia and my mom is from dad and mom got to meet each other in liberia and i was born there as well..but i moved to the states with my moms aunt when i was 4 years of dad and mom had some disagreement..very earlly of there relationship to they both had to brake my mom had to go back to spain and she took me along to spain too..but i only spent 4 months with mom there..she wasnt able to cope with me she had to throw me down to her aunts place in san diego ..thats were i grew up..and schooled and went to college there too..and since i have been with my moms aunt..i never did heard from dad or mom again..i was just abandoned there and i grew up to really do love my aunt cause she was such a lovelly aunt to me..but she left me so earlly..she died when i was 17 years of since then.. i have just had a life on my own..doing wat i know how to do best in honesty and living my life to the fullest..and i grew up to understand the principles of life and the truth that follows it and i have made a vow to my self and God that i will forever remain honest and truthfull to the things i say and do..cause truth and honesty is the only key to succes..but its every hard to go about..but i still try not to brake my vow..and i do seek all i want with all my heart and the truth of it..

Right now i am on a programme in Africa..But Nigeria preciselly..this is my first time travel and i dont really know much about this environment but i am so adaptive so i get used to alot of things so easily and i get to understand how things are been done in the environrnment too as well.i am into Fashion desiging..Africa clothing and textile design..thats wat i am into..i have just started my career on it and its really my dream and i seek a man who will surport my dream...i just got to africa like 4 weeks ago and on planing to get back to the states complete my dream and has really been a dream come true for me to become a real fashion designer and i have commited all my time and all i have into this career and i hope it leads to a very great future of mine Well,i am a very sincere and honest person,am caring,kind,social,smart,intelligent,passionate,friendlly,romantic,and i believe in the truth and honest of love..i am really a very sincere person when it comes to sharing feelings and emotions with that speical person and i really am down to heart honest about the things i say and do cause i dont like hurting peoples feelings,cause everyone has a chance to laugh,so why do i make them sad..i am really very easy to get along with,fun to be with and am very adaptive and communicative when it comes to conversant conversation.and my life is based on the truth and honest of self personality...i wud realy like to get to know alot about you and learn somethings with you cause u seems to be kind of ready in getting to know my kind of person and hopefull we can meet in person soon..with time we will get to know each others feeligs,motives and intensions towards each other and it will help us grow knowing each other and trusting each other..Well i will await your next reply and i will try and email you back asap.

i will tell you more about me and my personality..

from Debbie martins............

okay so I got the same letter from a man called Jim...different gender and he says he's in construction.

Yesterday, another man tells me his hard luck story and i came across this webpage checking out his information. Then I checked out his IP address. You guessed it. His name is Ndubueze Ndubueze address: Umuahia, Nigeria phone: +234 802305426

Here's the following conversation on yahoo Elaine (4/12/2007 3:03:36 AM): u have a webcam?
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:03:48 AM): i am fine
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:04:00 AM): I dont have a webcam
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:04:32 AM): well all i was asking for was your kind help to me so that i can leave this countyr
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:04:46 AM): As soon as i come over to your country i will pay you back ok
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:04:57 AM): yeah ...about that ...that's sound kooky to me
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:05:42 AM): if ure in construction or whatever then u should have enough cash on hand...for emergencies such as this
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:06:36 AM): Yes my dearest Elaine i came to Nigeria with Travellers Cheque but here in Nigeria they dont make use of this chque
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:06:58 AM): so i became stranded
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:07:20 AM): Thats why i need your help
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:07:20 AM): a friend i met here is the one helping me out couse i stay in his hotel at this point in time
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:07:21 AM): as soon as i come over i will pay you back ok
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:08:57 AM): how much is a ticket? and what doesn't make sense to me is ...if u come from the U.S. don't u have family or friends there to help u get back there?
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:10:11 AM): The Ticket fee is $600
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:12:09 AM): and wut about family or friends in the U.S.?
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:14:28 AM): sorry i got bumped off the net
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:14:45 AM): wut about family and friends in the U.S.?
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:15:04 AM): But i will really want to come to Canada to stay up a new life
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:15:07 AM): if you can help me
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:15:21 AM): lol..Richard...u don't know me
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:15:39 AM): u know this sounds like a scam?!
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:16:32 AM): I know it might sound like a scam to you but if only you can view my heart or feel my heart beat
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:16:37 AM): i want to see u on webcam...and another thing...starting up a new life isn't just that easy
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:16:38 AM): to know how much serious i am
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:17:01 AM): if ure from the U.S. how come u have an accent?
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:17:21 AM): u know that u just can't come here to Canada just like that?
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:17:57 AM): i know ... because my ex is from the U.S and the first time he tried he was denied entry for a year
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:18:28 AM): I have my passport with me ok
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:18:52 AM): and other travelling documents which covers me as an International Contractor
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:19:05 AM): With that i can come to canada to start a good business
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:19:14 AM): cause i already retired from my job
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:19:49 AM): where u from?
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:20:01 AM): Colorado
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:20:11 AM): born where?
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:20:28 AM): Colorado
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:20:46 AM): then y do u have an accent?
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:21:28 AM): wut about ure friends and family in colorado?
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:21:48 AM): if u can send me a voice message on here
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:24:48 AM): Right now dear i am in a Friends Hotel hoping that as soon as i get help from you to leave Nigeria i will send him all i owe him ok
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:25:12 AM): I am useing his computer to chat with you right now
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:25:42 AM): I can give you my phone Number here in Nigeria so that you call me if you wish to hear my voice or speak with me
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:26:52 AM):'s late have a good night....btw...if u r who u say u r then u'd have no problem proving u r who u say u r and i can't call overseas
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:27:28 AM): Ok
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:27:43 AM): u don't even know me...i don't know u...y would i marry a complete stranger?
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:27:54 AM): Can you give me your phone number so that i can give ya a call later today as soon as my friend comes back ?
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:27:59 AM): whose not even native american?
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:28:34 AM): no i won't do that...i'm sorry it's 3:30 in the morning here
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:29:07 AM): Ok Dear Elaine
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:29:21 AM): well ure friend there...he should give u the money instead of keeping u there...then u'd just have to pay him back
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:29:24 AM): Please if you can help me God will forever remember youok
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:30:27 AM): Creator knows me...i don't believe in the white mans God
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:30:31 AM): He will help me complete the rest of the ticket fee as soon as i can get the $600
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:31:20 AM): u haven't answered my questions by the way about any of ure friends in the U.S.
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:31:21 AM): the flight ticket is about $1600 but he said he can give me $1000 if i can get the other $600 thats why i came to you my dear
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:31:48 AM): No one to help me
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:31:49 AM): and wut makes u think I can help u?
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:32:12 AM): do i look like i'm rich? or stupid or naive?
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:32:33 AM): becuz i have important people on myspace?
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:32:59 AM): I dont see you as any other thing than good ok
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:33:08 AM): You have the soft mind to help
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:33:54 AM): u see talking to u on the phone does nothing for me...because u could be putting anyone on the phone to talk with need to see u live on webcam
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:34:43 AM): i just heard of this kind of scam on t.v. u was on maury and oprah
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:35:53 AM): i don't have any money
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:35:58 AM): goodbye
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:36:41 AM): Elaine i dont know how you feel about me burging you with my problems ok
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:36:44 AM): I am not like that
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:36:58 AM): i have my funds with me but cant access until i leave Nigeria
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:37:02 AM): i need proof
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:37:07 AM): thats why i ask for you help
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:37:14 AM): i need proof
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:37:26 AM): Others will want me to share my funds with them as soon as the help me but you never demanded for such
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:37:43 AM): who can i call in colorado that knows u?
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:37:51 AM): This makes me feel you are a kind hearted helper
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:38:04 AM): My Brother left colorado to England
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:38:16 AM): You can call him in England to confirm me ok
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:38:47 AM): i can't call overseas...there must be someone else that knows u
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:38:54 AM): but we heard a little misunderstanding about my situation cause he warned me not to make the trip but i instisted cause of my job
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:39:13 AM): i can only call in north america
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:39:41 AM): Call england also is not expensive you can try ok
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:40:02 AM): His name is Jeffery Mc donald
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:40:06 AM): His contact number is
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:40:12 AM): no i can't ...i have call restrictions on my phone
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:40:49 AM): +447045707672
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:40:55 AM): ok
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:41:17 AM): or you can get an International Calling card for $10 just to be sure of me
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:41:52 AM): Ok my dear elaine
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:41:57 AM): Just for my sake
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:42:15 AM): If you really want to save a dieing soul please
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:44:01 AM): lol...if u sent ure travellers cheques to someone that could cash it for u then y not do that? for another no one sends money so u would need to 'cash' whatever comes back to u...wouldn't u?
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:45:01 AM): Yes
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:45:08 AM): who else in the U.S. knows u?
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:45:15 AM): But i have no one to do that for me in the usa other than my brother ok
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:45:22 AM): where's ure parents?
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:45:24 AM): whom has left to england ok
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:45:31 AM): Died
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:45:36 AM): Dead
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:45:39 AM): no other family?
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:45:57 AM): just my brother who is now in england
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:46:20 AM): my dear please dont turn me down you are my last hope ok and my saviuor ok
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:46:29 AM): couldn't u send him ure travellers cheques and have him send u back the airfare?
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:46:50 AM): He is now in England thats what i am telling you dear
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:47:01 AM): yeah i understand that
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:47:21 AM): if he's the only one that can help u then he should
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:48:07 AM): theres other people on myspace that u can ask
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:48:17 AM): ask someone that has alot of money
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:48:24 AM): He has refused cause he warned me not to fly to Nigeria
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:48:31 AM): like a movie star or rock star
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:48:48 AM): How do i do that when i cant find anyone help me
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:49:00 AM): no one would let their only family down like he's doing to u
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:49:19 AM): there is always a way
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:49:51 AM): Yes that true saying but then what do i do when my one and only brother has turned me down?
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:49:58 AM): can't u find work there?
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:50:21 AM): Dearest Elaine if you can help me from the bottom of your heart i swear to pay you back as soon as i get to Canada ok
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:50:32 AM): I cant life is so defficult here
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:50:52 AM): beside i just retired from my job
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:51:04 AM): lol..i keep telling u richard...there's no possible way that u'll be let into canada just like that
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:51:26 AM): so i want to make use of the money in my travellers cheque to startup a new business in canada and also get a home for my self and geta good wife to take care of and kids
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:51:30 AM): immigration is tough here
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:52:10 AM): how old r u richard?
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:52:12 AM): i have a trevelling permit from the United State Emberssy ok as an International Contractor ok my dear
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:52:15 AM): i meen it
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:52:24 AM): am 51
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:52:31 AM): You?
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:52:44 AM): lol..not by ure picture on myspace
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:52:59 AM): younger than u
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:53:10 AM): Yes thats me
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:53:32 AM): When you see my elder brother he is some how even younger than i do
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:53:44 AM): Ok
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:53:57 AM): But the age does not matter age is just a number ok
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:54:10 AM): Do you have kids?
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:54:21 AM): yes 5
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:54:31 AM): oh thats nice
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:54:42 AM): How old are they and how old are you?
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:55:05 AM): it's late and i'm tired
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:55:47 AM): ok but can you help me my dear Elaine?
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:55:51 AM): Please
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:56:08 AM): i'm tired and it's late
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:56:26 AM): i have to be up in a couple of hours to get my child to school
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:56:34 AM): goodnight
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:57:04 AM): ok so how many hours from will you be online again so that i can get back online to meet you?
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:58:07 AM): In like how many hours will you get online again?
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:58:20 AM): does it matter
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:58:29 AM): Yes my dear it does
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:58:34 AM): so that we could chat ?
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 3:58:54 AM): Please you are my last hope elaine?
Elaine (4/12/2007 3:59:47 AM): i'm sorry but do not hope with me...i need proof
Elaine (4/12/2007 4:00:11 AM): if u can't give that ...well then...u r just screwed
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 4:00:12 AM): what proof do you need dear elaine?
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 4:00:23 AM): What proof do you need?
Elaine (4/12/2007 4:00:31 AM): i told u already...i want to see u on webcam
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 4:00:52 AM): there is no webcam here
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 4:00:53 AM): i mean this
Elaine (4/12/2007 4:00:57 AM): and i need to hear ure voice
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 4:01:20 AM): ok
Elaine (4/12/2007 4:01:22 AM): y not?
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 4:01:24 AM): i can call you
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 4:01:37 AM): But as for webcam there is none
Elaine (4/12/2007 4:01:42 AM): y is there no webacm?
Elaine (4/12/2007 4:01:46 AM): cam*
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 4:01:46 AM): if there is i would have shown you ok
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 4:02:00 AM): Cause my friend cant afford it
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 4:02:04 AM): here in Nigeria
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 4:02:09 AM): too expensive
Elaine (4/12/2007 4:02:14 AM): is there internet cafes?
Elaine (4/12/2007 4:02:22 AM): they would have them there
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 4:02:24 AM): is been used by the rich people here in Nigeria
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 4:02:28 AM): yes
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 4:02:32 AM): not at all
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 4:02:49 AM): In this location they dont have
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 4:02:58 AM): ok
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 4:03:14 AM): just the computer it self ok
Elaine (4/12/2007 4:03:20 AM): i just don't understand...y would u pick me to ask ?
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 4:03:33 AM): Pls
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 4:03:41 AM): You are like a God sent to me
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 4:03:52 AM): save a soul my dear
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 4:04:07 AM): please
Elaine (4/12/2007 4:04:30 AM): can u not solicit help from the rich people there?
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 4:04:47 AM): Not at all
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 4:04:57 AM): You dont come close to them
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 4:05:18 AM): they not helpful to the poor or the needy
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 4:05:34 AM): they are onlye rich for them selves and family
Elaine (4/12/2007 4:05:43 AM): but u r white
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 4:05:44 AM): Thats African Mentality
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 4:05:59 AM): Yes
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 4:06:08 AM): they see me as an enemy to them
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 4:06:27 AM): thats why my friend is keeping me with him in his hotel
Elaine (4/12/2007 4:06:41 AM): omg...i gotta go...i'll talk to u when i can
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 4:06:44 AM): please dear if you know my condition down here you will feel pitty for me
Elaine (4/12/2007 4:06:51 AM): goodnight
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 4:06:52 AM): ok
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 4:06:57 AM): i hope to hear from you again pls
Elaine (4/12/2007 4:07:00 AM): yeah but not i feel bad for myself
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 4:07:02 AM): my email address is
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 4:07:12 AM):
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 4:07:15 AM): ok
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 4:07:15 AM): or
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 4:07:22 AM):
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 4:07:22 AM): ok
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 4:07:33 AM): i will email you later today ok
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 4:07:44 AM): Thanks your kind respons to me
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 4:07:56 AM): take good care of your self and your kids my regards to them
engr_richardmcdonald (4/12/2007 4:08:01 AM): bye

He's been using different names under different profiles on myspace. He's pretty easy to spot because he usually only has a few friends.

Here's the new picture he's using and here's what he says about himself Male
51 years old
CORONA, New York
United States

2007-04-13, 13:19:15
his name is Rocco I dont know where he come from origianally but PLS BE AWARE ! he is a big PATHOLOGICAL LIAR ! he use to spend all his salary going with slags or prostitutes he was working for Microsoft ireland when i knew him.

2007-04-13, 15:24:51
anonymous from United States  
This site was very helpful to me. I have received a great number of emails which I suspect are scammers, almost all of them from

I saw many letters in reading through the site identical to most I receive, only with different pictures attached. I will attach a couple of pics from a couple of ladies who were a little more 'unique' in their approaches, but one is a definite scammer, called herself Olesya Belowa, claimed to be from Russia, got stuck in Moscow on her way to me and needed 982 Euros. :0)

Another calls herself Betty Simpson, claims to be in Nigeria. I saw a couple of her identical letters but with different pics attached.

I've not seen pics of these two on any other site? Has anyone seen these ladies before connected with scams?

2007-04-13, 15:27:20
anonymous from United States  
Oops!! Here's the one who called herself Olesay Belowa.

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