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Maylaysian scammer Umar Abdul Malik


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Name: Umar Abdul Malik


11321, Mukim Batu, Daerah
Kuala Lumpur , MALAYSIA

Other Comments:
Claims to be an attorney of an individual who shares the same last name. This person was supposedly wealthy and left a large sum of money in probate. The money is there for the taking under a supposedly legitimate set of laws in the country of Malaysia. Just fill out some forms and we'll both be rich!

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2012-06-15, 03:10:33
anonymous from United Kingdom  
I too received an e-mail with the same offer, and this was my reply:

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your very generous offer, but as Uncle Katab has already left me £15 million pounds in his will I think it would be greedy of me to accept any more. You therefore have my permission to keep 100% of the remaining monies. If you require help from another related Harrison, ie my brother, who by chance is also a barrister, please let me know and I will forward his chambers address.
2012-07-01, 15:31:19
me too was being scam by umar abdul malik using tne name of mohd asreen bin mokhtar, luckily no amount of money was taken from me. So be careful with this scammer.
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Maylaysian scammer Umar Abdul Malik
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2012-07-03, 15:38:24
be aware of this scam from mohd asreen bin mokthar, he will you a proposal about large amount of money to be inherit from a certain deceased person name Damian. He will use the name and replace with your surname later on he will ask you to open an account with bank simpanan ( Malaysia ) to facilitate the transfer of the said fund in to your account but you have to set up a NRDD account with an initial deposit of US$ 10,000.00 which is fictious at all. be careful.

2012-07-24, 13:40:49
[hidden] from Puerto Rico  
hi i come from the island of Puerto Rico,i have been talking to this suppose girl from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and shes got some pictures of her and she said that her parents died in a car crash and that her parents left her 5.6 million dollars in a trust fund but the only way she can get it is if she gets 25,000us dollars and that after i give her the money that she is going to put the money in my name.i am cautious of that cuss it sounds like a scam i told her that i did not have that kind of money.she send me a affidavit of true beneficiary and is holding at putrajaya it is the same form that i sow in one of your postings,thanks for the information its been berry helpful and watch out for a lady if that is it goes by the name of VENUS DECKER ALFRED and she says shes from CANADA and she is in the dating sites so be berry careful people,THANK YOU.
2012-09-10, 10:28:38
anonymous from Malaysia  
I know Franklin Lawson on 2011 from myyearbook. He told me that he is from Brisbane Queensland Australia.Then end of 2011 he said he travelling to Turki for a coral business. Then he is gone and back and call me again at Yahoo Messenger on Febuary 2012. He is angry to me because I never left any message to his Yahoo messenger : Then after chat more than 1 month, he told me that he win the project in Malaysia,so he told me that he flying to Sabah.And he told me that he have to meet chinese man in Malaysia for business. Then after that,he told me he have to bring that chinese man to Turki for asking a payment from his job construction in Turki 2 years ago. Then after 5 days,he said he need to transfer his payment to Asia,I told him he can open himself in KL because he said he is back to Malaysia and stay in KL with his agent which is his agent name is Yee Siew Lin because he is short of cash,so he can't open the bank account there and he also don't want to send the money to his agent because he said he just know him not long.
So he said he really need my help to borrow him a bank account in singapore..
I really thought he is really build a condo building in KL,because since 2011 he always told me about he is a contractor and build a high storey building for an apartment in Brisbane, so when he told me he need to transfer the money from his job in Turki,I trust him and lend him my bank account. And on April he really send the money to my account and he ask me to transfer the money to :
bank name:United overseas bank
acct no :33310009812
acct name:zanariah binti abdul karim
bank adress:puchong jaya
swift code:uovbmyklxxx

bank name:HSBC
acct numbear:
353530009025acct name:zanariah binti abdul karim
bank adres:puchong jaya
swift code:Hstmmyklxxx

Home address :
vista millenium condo, floor 12, flat12
2 puchong prima,puchong jaya

Phone : +60162874595
Then after I arrive in Singapore, he told me to cancel send the money to Zanariah but send to :
Yee Siew Lin
Hong Leong Bank
No.5 & 7G Jalan Radin Anum
Bandar Baru Seri Petaling 57000
Kuala Lumpur
AC no. 0171200032244
Swift code : EOBBMYKL
Phone : +60102156458

Home :
Bandar Baru Seri Petaling 57000
Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia

So I do help him send the money to that account.
I really never thought that Franklin Lawson was a scam who doing money laundry or scamming other people but he using me to receive that dirty money.
I really never thought about it at all.
I trust him that he is a good person and do a clean business.
Till I arrive in Singapore last month and the police size me ,they said the money Franklin Lawson send from USA is a dirty money, which is mean I receive dirty money from him and help him to send the money to Hong Leong Bank in KL.

I really regret to helping him to receive dirty money. I really will not allow him to use my account if I know he is doing this very bad things.
Now the police here don't allow me to go back to my country because of this.
I really sad, I didn't get any profit from that dirty things,but now I have to spend a lot of money because I have to live here until the invertigation is done. I don't know how and what should I do,only keep praying to God, ask God helping me,because I give all the evidence to the police that I really don't know where the money come from and I really don't get a single cents of profit from this bad things.
Friends, I really hope the police being good to me, just give me a warning then let me go back to my country. Because I really don't know about what Franklin Lawson and that woman do.

If you know where Yee Siew Lin
Hong Leong Bank
No.5 & 7G Jalan Radin Anum
Bandar Baru Seri Petaling 57000
Kuala Lumpur
AC no. 0171200032244
Swift code : EOBBMYKL
Phone : +60102156458

If you know this woman, please let me know here. Because I really need this woman for clear my name so I can go back to my country.

Hope all of you can help me. And please don't trust that Franklin Lawson - .
Because he is doing a dirty jobs as money laundry man.

Thank you.
2012-10-25, 07:52:30
anonymous from Korea (R)  
the picture of the scammer Walter Mcsmith..
2012-10-25, 07:54:23   (updated: 2012-10-25, 07:56:41)
anonymous from Korea (R)  
2012-10-25, 08:09:42
anonymous from Korea (R)  
another pics using of walter mcsmith..

2012-10-25, 08:10:40
anonymous from Korea (R)  

2012-10-25, 08:15:52   (updated: 2012-10-25, 08:22:05)
anonymous from Korea (R)  
2012-10-26, 11:33:46
These are the same pictures used by the Walter Mcsmith who tried to scam me. I pity this person because I'm pretty sure he is not the one doing the scamming. I just hope that the real perpetrator gets caught and jailed for the rest of his life.
2013-01-14, 02:26:06
anonymous from United Kingdom  
I had one of them e-mails with the same kc name and id photo i fell for the scam and i cannot get my money back.
Something needs to be done about people like that .
2013-02-02, 10:38:58
anonymous from Hong Kong  
報稱職業是社工的一名香港女子墮入異地網 局,四十七萬港元積蓄遭黑人老千騙光!馬 西亞的傳媒報道,該名香港女社工去年初在 上結識一名自稱身處馬來西亞的英國白人男 ,詎料對方是黑人老千假扮,兩人網上交往 年後已談婚論嫁,老千哄騙女社工先墊支籌 婚禮並匯款給他,匯款到手後即玩失蹤,港 發現受騙後,本周二前赴馬來西亞報警,當 警方迅即搗破一個老千集團並拘捕九人。

地警方表示,三十七歲受害港女去年初在一 社交媒人網站,認識一名訛稱是英國白人的 人男子,身處馬來西亞的騙徒花半年時間追 受害人,並向她求婚成功,之後藉詞不夠錢 不能到香港與她會面,哄騙港女先墊支費用 辦婚禮,受害人不虞有詐,自去年六月開始 先後六次將大約四十七萬港元積蓄,匯入騙 在馬來西亞的多個銀行戶口。

當地警方拘 九男女

當港女匯款後,對方即失去聯絡。 害人去年底懷疑受騙,電郵馬來西亞警方求 ,本周二更親身到馬國報案,當地警方於本 三凌晨在馬六甲武吉波浪新村一間公寓進行 項突擊行動,搗破該老千集團,拘捕七名尼 利亞籍黑人及兩名菲律賓籍女子,年齡介乎 十五歲至三十七歲,警方在行動中檢獲相信 老千用來行騙的九部手提電腦、廿三部手機 滿載博取同情心的甜言蜜語英文「貓紙」、 本列滿各國不同人士,特別是亞洲人個人資 的記錄簿等。

警方調查發現,被捕的七名 日利亞籍黑人男子均持有當地高等院校學生 ,懷疑濫用簽證行騙;而被捕的兩名菲籍女 則是逾期逗留。警方相信受害者超過五十人ﺺ,涉及總金額或高達一千二百多萬港元 稱職業是社工的一名香港女子墮入異地網戀
2013-02-02, 10:40:32
anonymous from Hong Kong  
he reported occupational social workers at a Hong Kong woman fall into different places online dating scam, 41-HK $ 70,000 savings were blacks Tazza cheated! Malaysian media reported that the female social workers in Hong Kong early last year, met over the Internet in a self-proclaimed white men living in Malaysia expected, nothing the other is posing blacks Tazza, six months after the two online exchanges Tanhunlunjia old to one thousand coaxed the first advances in female social workers preparing for the wedding and to send money to him, remittances disappeared as soon as the hand, Hong Kong girl found Tuesday cheated depart for Malaysia police, local police smashed a veteran cadres Group immediately and arrested nine people.

Local police said the thirty and seven female victims in Hong Kong go to the beginning of a social matchmaker website recognize a falsely claimed that a black man for white British fraudsters spend six months living in Malaysia, the pursuit of the victim, and to propose to her success, and after the pretext of not enough money and can not come to Hong Kong to meet with her, coaxing Port female first advanced payments wedding, no fears of fraud victims, since June last year, six will be about HK $ 70,000 41 savings, import fraudsters in Malaysia the number of bank accounts.

Local police arrest nine men and women

When Hong Kong female remittance after, the other side that lost contact. Victims of the end of last year might have been deceived, email Malaysian police for help this week, two more person to the Malaysian report, the local police in the early hours of Wednesday in an apartment in Malacca Wuji Bo Lang New Village three smashed the old one thousand Group arrested the seven Nigerian blacks and two Filipino woman, aged between 25 and 37, police seized 23 mobile phones believed to be used to defraud the old thousand nine laptop in action loaded with win sympathy sweet English 'the cat paper', a row full three countries of different people, especially Asians Profile Record Book.

Police investigations revealed that the arrested seven Nigerian black men are in possession of the certificate of local university students, suspected abuse of the visa deception; arrested two Filipino woman overstaying. Police believe the victims of more than fifty people, with a total value up to more than twelve million Hong Kong dollars.
2013-03-02, 17:42:22
anonymous from Canada  
Dear Mr. _______________ Lyon

My name is Mr. Mohd Alias Nadzri, Senior Account Officer with Public
Finance Berhad Sarawak Malaysia. I have packaged financial transaction
that will benefit both of us. As an account officer with the bank, it's my
duty to  send financial reports to the head office. On the course of the
2008 end of the year's report, I discovered that my branch has a dormant
account of a late client Mr. Michael Lyon, with account balance of Twelve
million five hundred thousand united state dollars ($12,500,000.00) which
is still unclaimed because the beneficiary is not stated on file.

I have immensely searched for someone with his last name who will be in a
better position to assist me in putting up with this claim as his next of
kin so that the fund will be officially credited to him and we will share
the proceed on a mutually agreed percentage.

The duration given by banks in our country with respect to the banking
rules to complete a claim after a client is late will soon elapsed. If the
require time to complete the claim elapses, the fund will be confiscated
which I don't want it to happen. I therefore seek for your assistance to
present you as the next of kin. As an accountant with the bank, I cannot
be directly connected to this money thus I am compelled to request for
your assistance to receive this money into your bank account which I
intend to part with 40% of this fund to you as gratification while 60%
shall be for me but I need your own opinion on this. If you accept my
offer, contact me immediately for more details.

NOTE: There is totally no risk involve in this transaction as there is
NEVER any form of  adverse legal implication for putting up the claim as
the next of kin in any part of the world. It will be a bank-to-bank
transfer. All I need from you is to stand as the next of kin to our late
client and provide an account where this money will be transferred into.

I will appreciate your immediate reply for more details and the next step
to follow for the success of this transaction. Further directives on how
this transaction will be workable will be provided to you once I receive
your response.
Note: I am dealing with you on a personal note. Hence you have to keep
this transaction confidential.

With Regards,
Mr. Mohd Alias Nadzri
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