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Dating scam from Kazan, Russia - Part 5

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Dating scam from Kazan, Russia - Part 5

Letter 21:

Hi my Dear Peter. How are you doing, how your mood today? I am glad to
receive  from  you the letter. Forgive for my absence yesterday. Thank
for  your pictures which you have sent me! They very amusing. I think,
that you are beautiful and with a long hairdress. I do not think, that
we can be disappointed in each other if we want to meet. I understand,
that  you  met women who could disappoint you earlier. Thanks for that
you  have  told to me about your last relations. I understand, that it
demanded  from you some efforts! I appreciate it. I like that you have
not  lost  love  to a life, after that that you had to go through! You
could  find  in  yourselves  forces  to live further and have not lost
ability  to love. Reading your letters, I see, that you love a life in
all its displays. You the gentle, kind and optimistical person. And me
in  one  thousand times it is more pleasant that you love me! You have
asked  me  about,  whether  always I lived to Kazan. You have asked me
concerning  my  family. Yes at me it is a lot of relatives in Kazan. I
have  cousins and sisters who live here. Closest of them is my cousine
who  lives  near  to me. her call Marina. We with her are very similar
against  each  other. I already sent you a picture, where we together.
In  Kazan  basically  there live relatives on my mum. Relatives on the
daddy live in the city of Volgograd. You heard about this city? During
the second world war this city has been completely destroyed, and then
is anew constructed. And also I have many relatives across all Russia.
For  example, I have aunt Klava who lives in the north of Siberia! she
such  cheerful  woman  and yearly arrives therefrom to visit us. It is
very  good,  that  you practise Russian! Perhaps we can soon talk with
each  other  in  Russian!:-) By the way, about your question. I think,
that I can visit you in America! I need some time to be prepared. I to
you  have  small  question. How for a long time you are going to be in
Germany?  When you will arrive back? Well, my dear Peter. I need to go
now. I hope will soon receive your answer.

My kisses and embraces.

                                      Yours Barbi.

Letter 22:

Hi  my  Dear Peter. I am glad, that your businesses go well. I wish to
you  well  to  spend  time  by  the sea. By the way, you can send me a
telephone  number,  on which I can call to you. I shall call to you. I
do  not want to deliver of inconveniences to somebody. You can send me
a  telephone number of your parents and I shall be and To use the
public telephone and to call to you.

              And WISHES MAY COME TRUE,
              In MY HIGH TEMPERATURE - it IS a lot OF WISHES,
              ALL DREAMS I DREAM Of YOU.

              DREAM-, WHEN YOUR DREAM
              And the WISH In YOUR HEART,
              And COMING TRUE BEGAN.

              FILLED with LOVE And HOPE,
              RICH With OPPORTUNITIES

              FROM MORTAL SUCH AS YOU And I
              TIME, HAPPY EVER the AMBASSADOR,
              FROM LIGHT And LAUGHTER

              And NEAR TO YOU
              REALLY MAY COME TRUE.

I  continue  to  dream of you each day. By the way, pass your daddy my
most sincere congratulations! I want, to wish to him strong health and
long years of life!

My kisses and embraces.

                                      Yours Barbi.

Letter 23:

Hi  my  Dear  Peter. I hope, that you have well carried out your time.
When  you  told  to me about the girl with whom spent time, I was very
jealous!  I have not absolutely understood, that you meant, when spoke
about  a  photo  of me in a computer. I have understood, that you want
that  I  have sent the photo where I am represented with a computer. I
send you such photo.

My kisses and embraces.

                                      Yours Barbi.

Letter 24:

Hi  my  lovely!  It is pleasant for me to read your words. I have come
today  to the girlfriend and was glad will receive your letter. I some
days  did  not  visit  the  girlfriend.  I am glad to receive from you
already 3 letters! How has passed your travel? You have well got home.
I am not upset concerning that girl. She and truly learned Russian? It
is  very  interesting.  You and truly learn Russian? Interestingly and
what  your  successes? What can you write to me in Russian? It is good
idea  to  speak. I think, that it will be very good. You could tell to
me  a  pair  of  phrases in Russian. I am glad to learn , that you are
ready  to  accept me in the house. Thank, that you trust me , my dear.
Peter,  I want to tell to you that in the past the message I wanted to
check,  as far as seriously you treat to me . Forgive for this lovely,
but you should understand me. For me was it is very important to know,
whether  you  will agree to accept me in the the house whether or not.
If you insisted, that we met somewhere in hotel or in the other place,
-  that  to  me  should to think, what not you want to play host to me
because  you  have  the wife or or you not it is serious enough to me,
and  you  want  to  meet me for an entertainment. It check - was small
precaution.  I heard, that many people get acquainted to have only sex
with the new person, though in the structure inform, that have serious
intentions.  Now  I  am  sure  in  you  Peter, and I am glad, that you
appeared really that the person whom I want to meet! Loved, I with big
pleasure, I shall carry out at you some days. These days I shall reach
in agency of travel and to receive the information for that , to reach
to  you  the next month. I shall inform you for detail about it in the
following  e-mail.  I  wait  your  messages.  I of you adore mine dear
Peter! My kisses!!!

                                          Yours Barbi.

Letter 25:

Hi  my  dear! I am glad to your message and thank, that you understand
me  .  You  are,  one  of  those few people Peter, in which I can find
understanding.  How  has passed your day dear? I hope, that at you all
OK!  I have some news to you Peter. Today I had telephone conversation
with agency of travel. They have told, that to receive the visa of the
tourist in your country difficultly, but they, probably can to help me
in  it.  The  agent  did  not  begin  to  discuss a detail and we have
appointmented  tomorrow.  Tomorrow  I shall meet them and to discuss a
question  with the visa. I hope, lovely, that all will be - OK. I have
some  excitement  concerning all it, but also I have firm intention to
meet  you  dear! Therefore any difficulties and charges of money, will
not  stop  me.  Write to me, yours messages, dear, give me many forces
and energy. My gentle kisses.

                                              Yours Barbi.

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2007-03-18, 05:51:18
anonymous from Germany  
Oksana ,or Karina from Kazan Now she is scamming Germans
This image was also posted here:
Dating scam from Kazan, Russia - Part 5

2007-03-18, 07:36:05 from Czech Republic  
Hi does anyone recognize this new Russian beauty!!!!! She is also using the name of Olga Fominyh from Kazan.

2007-03-19, 07:28:36
To anonymous in United States who asks about Nikolay Nikolaev. 2007-03-06, 00:15:25 (updated: 2007-03-06, 00:30:06) 'I have a question to anyone who has checked out the IP addresses from these emails. Most of mine have originated in Mari El which is no shock but the person who is the sender is Nikolay Nikolaev. He seems to be a professor of computer sciences at Goldsmith's college at the University at London. Does anyone know if he is a suspect in all of this?'

Nikolay Nikolaev is the contact name for the Internet Service Provider. This is not the scammers name. If only it was so easy to find the name of a scammer
2007-03-19, 10:36:09
anonymous from Canada  

2007-03-19, 10:37:03
anonymous from Canada  

2007-03-27, 18:39:47
anonymous from Ireland  
2007-03-28, 05:38:14 from New Zealand  
Does anyone know Nadia

Keywords: blonde red top blue jeans chair
2007-04-01, 21:37:36
[hidden] from United States  
Has anyone had contact with this girl. She just started emailing me and I was wondering if anyone has seen her before.

2007-04-03, 12:18:42
[hidden] from United Kingdom  
This girl is or goes by the name :Marina Gavrilova
with the same date of birth as me!!!

Address: Kirov 468000
The Lenin prospectus 46 flat 8.
Russian Federation

She wants marrige, i'm not in love with her... just having laugh seeing what happens!
Suspect her as scammer as i don't think she reads my mails very well or at all.
But i have a mate who has fallen for one big time, i don't have the details of her, but might get them..

Anyway i've said that if she wants to come here to the U.K, yes i would provide a place to stay, & i would marry her to help her out, then she could get a job, & i could take half her pay for rent & bills on a spare room i have :) Cool huh LoL thought of this as i was sat here rolling another fat one!!! :P
but i ain't sending any money for any visa....

Keywords: brunette black top
2007-04-04, 12:57:15 from Czech Republic  
Follow up to my post of original pict
This girl is a real charmer as sh has been trying everything in the book to get me to send her money but the last letter's are really stooping to an all time low.
Hi my dear Mike!
I want tell you that I might not to take off to you as me have
detained at the airport. You be not surprised that have detained me.
I bad did not do anything and did not gather. I have taken wedding
rings which have got to me by right of succession from the
great-grandmother to result as a gift to you. But I have not thought
that they very old and very valuable. And to me have told that such
valuable rings should be registered the law. To me have told that
under the law is smuggling. And at me have selected all documents (the
visa, the passport, the ticket and all that was). To me have told if
you pay 500 dollars of the penalty that they me will not detain but
will confiscate rings. These rings a family relic. They passed from
mother to daughter. But the most terrible that I was late aboard the plane
and to me have told that they will give me other ticket if I pay one
third of cost of the ticket. I had to sign a subscription about not
departure the country. And if I to not pay during 10 days that they
will get criminal case and me may condemn under clause
smuggling. I very much regret that so it has turned out. If I knew
that so to happen I have left rings of a house. I know that I to you
bring many efforts and you likely have got tired of my complaints and
obstacles. I know that I very much unlucky and it pursues me of the
childhood. I have remained without parents. I might not find the good
person which became the fine husband would love children. But I have
got acquainted with you and I think that I have found the ideal of
that of which man all life searched. And at last has found. You do not
represent as you I like and want to be with you. To feel your strong
man's shoulders on which always it is possible to rely a difficult
minute. I think when I to fly to you that I think that all my
troubles and misfortunes will stop. And I get the love and
happiness and strong fine family with you. My happiness to be in your
hands. From that that you decide may make to be your happiness depends
also. I love you mine lovely. I with impatience wait for your
decision. Your eternal love Olga.
My dear Mike, you do not write to me, I send you SMS messages, at me
really problems so much, you have thrown me now, when I on a step to you.
You not perfect the man as I could believe you, I the silly woman.
My dear Mike, you are right, I owed money to one gangster group.
I should fulfil 500 dollars more, they have warned me, that I was
silent. I am afraid. That gangsters can kill me, they read my letters
before sending, right now I write you not one, one Chechens observes
of me. His grown-up on a rank has told to me, that I should ask the
last 500 dollars. And I shall be free. I am tired already, I want freedom.
Please do not address in police, me will kill. If you will search for
me. I am serious to you I treat, I have grown fond of you all heart, I
every day sorry state. When my tortures to end. Yours olga.

Only you can rescue me from death and the slavery, many women deprive
with themselves life, I do not want suicide, I want to find forces and
to wait, when I shall be free and I can meet you, what give birth
children and to be high-grade family. My desire.

needless to say I have not sent any money and now I presume she is either dead having been killed by her Chechens friends or else moved onto the next poor unsuspecting guy
2007-04-05, 14:49:56
anonymous from Russian Federation  
8 Kremlin Street
Kazan 420000
Republic of Tatarstan
Russian federation.

It's Kazan's Main post-office address :-)

And I saw some photos of well-known Russian movie stars here

Cause I live in Kazan
2007-04-06, 02:51:23
anonymous from Czech Republic  
So obviously there is a 'scam Ring' operating here in Kazan and they are really trying to screw the Western World. Perhaps it's time we started a payback system then!!!!!!!
2007-04-12, 16:44:09
anonymous from United States  
Here is another e-mail address not used before:

Keywords: two girls fur coat pink top
2007-04-12, 16:45:03
anonymous from United States  
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Galina Podyganova

2007-04-12, 16:45:45
anonymous from United States  
One more from

Keywords: blonde red white pink dress stairs
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