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Dating scam from Kazan, Russia - Part 5

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Dating scam from Kazan, Russia - Part 5

Letter 21:

Hi my Dear Peter. How are you doing, how your mood today? I am glad to
receive  from  you the letter. Forgive for my absence yesterday. Thank
for  your pictures which you have sent me! They very amusing. I think,
that you are beautiful and with a long hairdress. I do not think, that
we can be disappointed in each other if we want to meet. I understand,
that  you  met women who could disappoint you earlier. Thanks for that
you  have  told to me about your last relations. I understand, that it
demanded  from you some efforts! I appreciate it. I like that you have
not  lost  love  to a life, after that that you had to go through! You
could  find  in  yourselves  forces  to live further and have not lost
ability  to love. Reading your letters, I see, that you love a life in
all its displays. You the gentle, kind and optimistical person. And me
in  one  thousand times it is more pleasant that you love me! You have
asked  me  about,  whether  always I lived to Kazan. You have asked me
concerning  my  family. Yes at me it is a lot of relatives in Kazan. I
have  cousins and sisters who live here. Closest of them is my cousine
who  lives  near  to me. her call Marina. We with her are very similar
against  each  other. I already sent you a picture, where we together.
In  Kazan  basically  there live relatives on my mum. Relatives on the
daddy live in the city of Volgograd. You heard about this city? During
the second world war this city has been completely destroyed, and then
is anew constructed. And also I have many relatives across all Russia.
For  example, I have aunt Klava who lives in the north of Siberia! she
such  cheerful  woman  and yearly arrives therefrom to visit us. It is
very  good,  that  you practise Russian! Perhaps we can soon talk with
each  other  in  Russian!:-) By the way, about your question. I think,
that I can visit you in America! I need some time to be prepared. I to
you  have  small  question. How for a long time you are going to be in
Germany?  When you will arrive back? Well, my dear Peter. I need to go
now. I hope will soon receive your answer.

My kisses and embraces.

                                      Yours Barbi.

Letter 22:

Hi  my  Dear Peter. I am glad, that your businesses go well. I wish to
you  well  to  spend  time  by  the sea. By the way, you can send me a
telephone  number,  on which I can call to you. I shall call to you. I
do  not want to deliver of inconveniences to somebody. You can send me
a  telephone number of your parents and I shall be and To use the
public telephone and to call to you.

              And WISHES MAY COME TRUE,
              In MY HIGH TEMPERATURE - it IS a lot OF WISHES,
              ALL DREAMS I DREAM Of YOU.

              DREAM-, WHEN YOUR DREAM
              And the WISH In YOUR HEART,
              And COMING TRUE BEGAN.

              FILLED with LOVE And HOPE,
              RICH With OPPORTUNITIES

              FROM MORTAL SUCH AS YOU And I
              TIME, HAPPY EVER the AMBASSADOR,
              FROM LIGHT And LAUGHTER

              And NEAR TO YOU
              REALLY MAY COME TRUE.

I  continue  to  dream of you each day. By the way, pass your daddy my
most sincere congratulations! I want, to wish to him strong health and
long years of life!

My kisses and embraces.

                                      Yours Barbi.

Letter 23:

Hi  my  Dear  Peter. I hope, that you have well carried out your time.
When  you  told  to me about the girl with whom spent time, I was very
jealous!  I have not absolutely understood, that you meant, when spoke
about  a  photo  of me in a computer. I have understood, that you want
that  I  have sent the photo where I am represented with a computer. I
send you such photo.

My kisses and embraces.

                                      Yours Barbi.

Letter 24:

Hi  my  lovely!  It is pleasant for me to read your words. I have come
today  to the girlfriend and was glad will receive your letter. I some
days  did  not  visit  the  girlfriend.  I am glad to receive from you
already 3 letters! How has passed your travel? You have well got home.
I am not upset concerning that girl. She and truly learned Russian? It
is  very  interesting.  You and truly learn Russian? Interestingly and
what  your  successes? What can you write to me in Russian? It is good
idea  to  speak. I think, that it will be very good. You could tell to
me  a  pair  of  phrases in Russian. I am glad to learn , that you are
ready  to  accept me in the house. Thank, that you trust me , my dear.
Peter,  I want to tell to you that in the past the message I wanted to
check,  as far as seriously you treat to me . Forgive for this lovely,
but you should understand me. For me was it is very important to know,
whether  you  will agree to accept me in the the house whether or not.
If you insisted, that we met somewhere in hotel or in the other place,
-  that  to  me  should to think, what not you want to play host to me
because  you  have  the wife or or you not it is serious enough to me,
and  you  want  to  meet me for an entertainment. It check - was small
precaution.  I heard, that many people get acquainted to have only sex
with the new person, though in the structure inform, that have serious
intentions.  Now  I  am  sure  in  you  Peter, and I am glad, that you
appeared really that the person whom I want to meet! Loved, I with big
pleasure, I shall carry out at you some days. These days I shall reach
in agency of travel and to receive the information for that , to reach
to  you  the next month. I shall inform you for detail about it in the
following  e-mail.  I  wait  your  messages.  I of you adore mine dear
Peter! My kisses!!!

                                          Yours Barbi.

Letter 25:

Hi  my  dear! I am glad to your message and thank, that you understand
me  .  You  are,  one  of  those few people Peter, in which I can find
understanding.  How  has passed your day dear? I hope, that at you all
OK!  I have some news to you Peter. Today I had telephone conversation
with agency of travel. They have told, that to receive the visa of the
tourist in your country difficultly, but they, probably can to help me
in  it.  The  agent  did  not  begin  to  discuss a detail and we have
appointmented  tomorrow.  Tomorrow  I shall meet them and to discuss a
question  with the visa. I hope, lovely, that all will be - OK. I have
some  excitement  concerning all it, but also I have firm intention to
meet  you  dear! Therefore any difficulties and charges of money, will
not  stop  me.  Write to me, yours messages, dear, give me many forces
and energy. My gentle kisses.

                                              Yours Barbi.

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2006-09-01, 13:54:03
anonymous from United States  
person: Nikolay Nikolaev
address: Volgatelecom Mari El branch
address: Sovetskaya 138
address: 424000 Yoshkar-Ola
address: Russia MariEl Republic
phone: +7 8362 421549
phone: +7 8362 664435
fax-no: +7 8362 664151
nic-hdl: NN-RIPE
source: RIPE # Filtered

This guy Nikolay should be shot! As soon as I asked for surname and address, the emails stopped. Of course no phone at home...HA!
This image was also posted here:
Scam Artist Anna from Yoshkar-Ola

Keywords: blonde bushes
2006-09-02, 04:12:00
[hidden] from Kuwait  
To the Spanish
I am sure there are more good and decent people all over Russia but you
don't see them on the Net, These scammers are only the few bad apples.
I fond this Websites while searching Google, It is about a Guy traveled in
Russia, It's really very interesting to read ' My trip to Russia ' http://www.travelho..index.php

2006-09-02, 16:21:41
anonymous from Netherlands  
I have email contact with Tatjana Oleinikowa as well, it seems to be completely automated, as the number in the subject changes with every letter (e.g. Re[2]..., Re[4]...., Re[6[...). I think the number is a hint for the automated reply program what to send next. Toying a bit around with her, it's fun :)

Keywords: brunette underwear pink bra bed roses
2006-09-02, 22:28:01
anonymous from Puerto Rico  
If all those emails are automated, how do we know when we are talking to a real person? Continuity between emails. I say if the other responds something i asked. There are scamers who reads to evade their intentions. Not spanish. I'm from the caribean. Can't tell more for security. You know, some of us like to be discrete, specially when others played with our feelings, no matter whom or where. I'm almost recovering from my ex, who seems to be like a scamer in some weird way. I really hope to be wrong with that.

Scam is not only from internet,i knew people who lost a lot with 'friends'.

Sorry for them. Some of these girls look beautifull, but beauty is not external all the time.
And they are loosers in love, and life. I know now that the way is looking to heaven, and waiting the answer from God. He has a twisted sense of humor... I like God's sense of humor... He makes me cry when laughing. And he permits real love when you less expect for it.
2006-09-03, 02:13:30
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Nice words, But He also takes it away when you least expect it too, more than once.
2006-09-03, 19:10:38
anonymous from Netherlands  
Thanks for this site, I just was to transfer USD 500,-- to her for paying the ticket.

I guess I must be lucky.

her e-mail

I checked her name and found this website : http://agencyscams...aOtto.htm

Her pictures are there also.
2006-09-03, 19:14:16
anonymous from Netherlands  
And her passport ??

Keywords: fake id
2006-09-03, 21:39:13
anonymous from Puerto Rico  
Hello again:
Guys... Remember... God gives us what we need. Not what we want. Scamers are everywhere. And mistakes, and errors, and failures. But the experience teach us all the time. Maybe it He is preparing us for something better. Believe me or not, but I have promise from God with my child. And my boy will make me and his mother proud. And is better to believe, than living an empty life. This persons are there to make us stronger. At least that's what i like to think.

Seems like 'Karina' decided to search for another victim. No more letters. Hope for these people to have a BIG CRASH with God, and be obligated to apologize at least with one of us.

I do not intend to obligate you to believe like me. But i would like you to believe in something at least, and to share with others our experiences.

Guys, good job with the page... Keep fighting... And take care... Blessings.
2006-09-04, 01:59:09
anonymous from Netherlands  
Hi guys,

I informed Natasha Otto about this site and one where she is blacklisted.

This is the reply I just got

Hello dear !

I am simple in fury! I not a forgery! As you may speak such! I do not
know where you have taken it. Inform me where you have found such
information? Who informed you such? I shall inform it in court. That
it for a disgrace, on fair people slander. I shall search Veronika and
Yulia. And to declare on them in police! In letters there are their
addresses and I think that it probably for me to find them. If they
live in my city. And the police will help me with it. I do not know as
my name appeared in this information. Probably, simply it someone from
men with whom I corresponded earlier, has found this information and
he have thought that I am a forgery and too have written there my name.
But at least this person should inform me about it! I outside of itself
for a rage. And if it will be seen by my friends or relatives?! That then!
Everyone will think that I deceive people! It is simply awful!
Why I should suffer because of someone? There where you found this
information there are my photos? If these people also use my photos it
in general is awful. Photos to get not difficultly, them simply might
steal from a site. I spoke that in this world a lot of deceit. But it
is not fair, that because of it we should suffer!!! My dear, do not
trust all this! I think that you are not so silly to trust in it.
Forgive for such rough expression. I understand what emotions you now
test. But try it will be concentrated and to be based on the facts.
In the first, absolutely other addresses, it not my address there are
informed, these are addresses absolutely other people. I have told you
the present address if I spoke you the thought up address that
I simply could not receive money which you would send me. In second, you
have a copy of my passport and it should prove it to you that I am
present! Try to grasp in these facts, my dear! I know that to you very
hardly to trust. Especially after you were injured before. But believe
me! I do not deceive you. I simply the girl who tests to you feelings
and want to be with you. And now suffers, because because of deceivers
may not be together with the person dear to her. With you! I think
that it is not necessary to pay attention to this information. Also it
is not necessary to stop now, it is necessary to continue our
relations further. Also it is necessary to meet now necessarily!
I want to be with you, my dear. To me a pain now, very hurt! I do not
know what to make. I am in despair. I understand that now I can not
receive your trust. But if you will listen to a call of the heart,
I think that heart will prompt you what to make. If you really have
feelings to me! I would like to cry! I shall finish the letter. I am
not sure that I shall receive from you the letter again. And even if
I shall receive, it will be improbable that in this letter something is
written good. But it is not important for me. I all the same shall
love always you, my dear. Embraces and kisses! I hope that you will
write to me.

Your forever Natasha!

2006-09-04, 08:13:58
anonymous from Puerto Rico  
Hello again:
Guys... It's magic... A reapearance... And now for the money... Very interesting... I received it this morning. What do you think. I'm going to send her a letter with the rusian tranlator that someone left here. What would you think that i should write? I'm not going to respond 'till this night to wait something with imagination from you. Please something that a gentleman could say in public. Don't want to be irreverent to a 'lady'(*GRIN*)...

It's curious too that all the women in my life wanted the same thing... 'MONEY'. Unfortunately i can't live without them.

More unfortunate is that i don't have none of them to help on taking a shower... Imagine it with a broken arm... This cutie could make the job done... And i have to admit that i would like the extra treatment too(Sorry, i had to say it). But sometimes we have the right to daydream.

Oh!!! The tickets prices are growing. The last i read was $500 usd, and she want's $650 usd.

Lástima... me hubiera gustado hacerle cosquillas detrás de la oreja. :(

Subject:     Has Returned from Moscow

Hello my love
I want to write to you as I have visited to Moscow, Moscow the big
noisy city, a lot of not clear, I had to go by a taxi frequently, To
spend it is a lot of money. It was necessary to be, receive documents
everywhere many, Me sent from one place in another, There to make one
documents in the other place others, In general I am very tired,
Excuse that has not written to you, In hotel in which I was there was
no Internet of cafe. But I tried knowingly because now I have visa and
the passport, Now I needed to buy only tickets and to go to you, But I
had to spend many money in Moscow for hotel and documents, Me does not
suffice 650 $ usd on the ticket, I borrowed money from parents. But it
is more at them is not present also to me there is no place to take
money, So I am compelled to ask your help, That you have helped me
with money. My loved, please have gone to me 650$ usd, And we
absolutely soon shall together. My I loved also I want to ask you,
Write to me please the full address and a full name. When I shall buy
tickets I shall write to you the information on flight. I have asked
girlfriend , her work in Agensy, as it is possible to make so that you
have transferred me of money, She has told that there are two most
convenient services of translation, western union, moneygram, she has
told that you should have such service. You will require my data.
My full name - Karina Yamanaeva
Country - Russia
City - Kazan
Street - Sovetskaya, house - 50, aptt. - 8
My loved, I shall wait from you the letter. I am very glad that soon
we shall together. Your Karina

Could anyone track her... In my position i can't do it for my self. Or at least i don't know how to do it...

Question... Glad as the Glad Trash Bags? Or i missunderstood...
2006-09-04, 11:09:32
[hidden] from Kuwait  
To the guy who posted :
I informed Natasha Otto about this site and one where she is blacklisted.

You remind me, I met a scammer call herself (OLGA), When i fond her in at
least 3 anti scam websites with more than 10 pictures, When i told her about
these anti scam websites, She told me the same thing like your girl (Natasha)
She said she is honest and everyone in these site are liars and she don't know
why they are againest her !!! Yeh right we are all scammers and liars and these
girls are the only sincere and honest !!!
2006-09-04, 12:46:44 from Netherlands  
About Natasha Otto,

Though her passportcopy seems to be real, it's low res however.

Tomorrow I will forward to the Russian Embassy for a check, if they are willling to do so, obviously I have her address too, which it's indeed different than the one reported on the blacklist site.

By the way I am from Holland and also corresponding with somebody else from Russia.
Haven't found her yet on one of the blacklist sites, nor does her name give any results on Google.

I did sent a message back to Natasha, will keep you posted.

Nevertheless I am very happy to have stumbled on this site yesterday and the other ones. I only went to sleep at 5 AM, but at least my money is still in my pocket.
2006-09-04, 15:45:14
anonymous from United States  
I too received a very similar letter expressing total outrage and disbelief when I informed her of her presence on many of the scammer sites. It is my belief that these girls (or guys) are really good at what they do and are well prepared for any possible contingency. I was very courteous and polite to whoever it was that I was talking to for about three months, but once she learned that I wasn't going to send her any money, she simply wrote me a farewell letter which I'm sure was an attempt to try to prevent me from listing her as a scammer, and that was the last that I heard from her. I have an email tracer program and noticed that she never even opened up my email to say goodbye back to her. As far as she was concerned, there was no 'profit' in it for her. Like I said, these people are good at what they do. It's what they do for a living.
2006-09-04, 18:01:27 from Netherlands  
What actually suprises me, if you take the time and hours to google, is how many people have been deceived by these scammers.
I mean you register with a dating site and this happens.
It's really amazing how wellspread this already is, and yes they are very good at it.
2006-09-04, 18:27:10
anonymous from Puerto Rico  
The curious thing is that i never posted on any dating services. I just received the mails, and tryed to see what happened. And i was thinking could make friends. Sometimes we fall for beeing curious. I check mail twice a day, and spend arround 35 min every day contacting some of my friends, and then this happens. I was curious and just a bit more and... you know.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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