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Dating scam from Kazan, Russia - Part 2

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Dating scam from Kazan, Russia - Part 2

Letter 6:

Hi Peter. I am glad to receive again your message, every day. We start
to  learn  each  other  better  and for me it is an interesting thing,
Yours  e-mail.  last time at me on soul is present boredom, not Occurs
any  joyful things and your message now for me As a solar beam. Peter,
thanks.  Yours  e-mail  what  you  the  person  gradually  helps me to
understand. At once I shall answer your questions. In these days off I
and  my  girlfriend  went  to  theatre.  Now began a summer theatrical
season.  In  our  city  there  are 2 large theatres. At these theatres
various performances are put. Also on performances theatres from other
cities  here  act. Earlier we frequently went to theatre, but recently
on  it there was no time. We with the girlfriend have decided to visit
performance  which  referred  to " Games of the excited men. " It is a
ridiculous  parody  to  mutual  relations  of men and women which many
years live together. It was the comedy. We have not bad spent. Peter I
send  you  other picture of. I hope, that it will be To like you. Tell
to  me  more in detail about the family. Whether it is a lot of at You
relatives?  What  at  you with them of the relation? As frequently you
Gather?  In  my  family  very  much  close relations. I to you already
Informed,  that  I  live  with  mum  and  the daddy. We live in a cosy
apartment,  where  There  are three inhabited rooms, and as kitchen, a
balcony  and  a  bathroom.  I  have  a  room.  I the only child at the
parents.  A  name  my  Father Igor , him 49 years old and he Works the
builder.  My mother Nina, her 46 years old. Now she does not work some
years and Is engaged in housekeeping. We like each other, sometimes We
are  chosen  for  city  for an entertainment. In the summer we go on a
beach  and  on  fishing.  During the winter period of time we go for a
drive  on  skates  and a ski. This good time for me! In private life I
have  emptiness.  Last relations at me were the last year. One was The
boyfriend,  but  I  have  left him. we did not like each other and had
various  interests. Among associates of me of people I cannot allocate
anybody  for serious relations. Good men to become it is ever less and
annoyingly in Next time to test disappointment when you think that has
met  The  suitable  person.  Likely therefore I also have addressed in
service acquaintances. Probably here I can find the person who will be
Me  to love, appreciate and understand. It is not important for me his
financial  situation and work by which he makes. I have specified in a
structure  that  I  search more Advanced age because I think, that the
person  which  has lived There is enough years, already has experience
and  has learned to appreciate women and to address With them. I shall
be  ready  to  give  myself  all without the rest to such person and I
think,  that  the main advantage of the woman is fidelity and skill To
make  family  happy,  without quarrels and conflicts. On it I I finish
the  letter.  Peter,  write  to me the ideas that I Has told to you. I
wait for your messages. Yours Barbi.

Letter 7:

Hi  Peter.  It is pleasant, that you studied my some ideas in the last
message.  Peter,  I  usually  do  not  tell  about  the deep ideas and
opinions,  but  to you has written, because has felt desire to open it
to  you. I more independent woman, but probably sometimes am necessary
that  there  was  one  man,  which  can  to open and trust - sometimes
frequently  it  happens  hardly  to  reflect on all these things. I am
glad,  that  has found at you understanding me, you see it happens not
frequently.  Thank  Peter  ,  that you have written to me some details
about  your  life  and  family, I closely studied it. It has helped me
more  well to understand you and your life and you become closer man .
Thanks for pictures of your parrot. A nice bird. I understand you. You
wished  to  find  me  and have quickly written to me the letter. But I
have  left  from  a  computer at once as soon as have sent the letter.
Peter It is time to me to go to do some businesses and it is necessary
to  meet  the  friends.  By the way I told by him, that got acquainted
with  you,  and  parents  too. Have good day. I wait for your letters.
Yours Barbi.

Letter 8:

HI dear Peter  !

Peter , today I have very intense day on my work. I found a little time
what to send you this news and and to inform, that I miss, when I wait
yours  e-mail.  On the account of that that my city is located you are
right. It is on coast of the river of Volga it very beautiful, and the
ferry,  a  picture which I to you there go has sent is made there. The
ferry have made to get over on other party of the river. I shall write
to you later Peter . Yours Barbi.

P.S.Peter , and you have desire more likely to reach to a computer, to
read mine e-mail ?

Letter 9:

Dear Peter! This week I have a new theme for reflection, and these new
ideas  excite  me.  I do not know, how you Peter, but for me starts to
have  importance  our exchange of messages. I want to tell, that it is
new  emotions,  In  my  quiet  heart.  For  me  it is unusual to begin
relations  with  the  e-mail.  Such situation that there is a distance
between  us,  -  draws  my  ideas  to  you.  I  for  a  long time have
understood,  that  if  is  present,  some  difficulties to achieve the
purpose,- That desire to achieve this the purposes increases. Probably
it  is  one  of those things who forces me to reflect frequently about
You  Peter.  I  think,  that  I should grasp your heart and you cannot
struggle  then with this female magic. What will you answer me it dear
Peter?.  I  work  as the seller of home appliances in a supermarket. I
advise people which come something to buy. Dear Peter, I again want to
set  to  you  some questions: That there are main values in your life:
family,  work,  money  Or  something  another? What your plans for the
future?  Write  Peter  also  inform  your  ideas,  I  shall  wait your

                                            Yours Barbi.

Letter 10:

Hi  my dear! I now read yours e-mail, and it was interesting to me to
find  out  your  opinion  that  I  spoke  you  in my last message. Our
exchange  of opinions is interesting to me and I think, that now I can
make  some  opinion on what your character. Dear, I would like to find
out,  how you like to spend the free time. I very cheerful person also
think  out Various entertainments for itself and the friends. To me to
like  to  help  them  to  make  life  interesting. It can be different
things:  Dances,  cinema, parties or entertainments on the nature. But
if  to speak frankly in the last these entertainments give time I have
less  than  pleasure.  I frequently dream of romantic evening with the
favourite person, it can be a supper or simply walk . I think, that in
it there is a lot of charm. You the romantic person Peter? Whether you
think,  sometimes,  of  such  things?  You like cosy evenings with the
family?  I very much love holidays when all family gathers, behind one
table.  It  is  very  cosy and comfortable for me. And how you like to
carry  out holidays dear? What for you makes a cosiness and rest? Tell
to me please about it Peter. Peter , excuse me for a question: whether
there  is at you now any woman? I think, that you are good, as the man
and  To like many women. Because at me good taste, and you to like me.
What your private life now, Please tell about it. Probably you have to
me  any  frank  questions?  I  shall  answer them. Write to me more in
detail about the feelings and desires, to me to like to read, when you
tell  about  yourself,  I am ready To listen about it. I wait for your

My embraces. Yours Barbi

She typically sent 2 or 3 photos with each of these mails, and apparantly they were all of the same girl. At some point I mentioned a pet bird and she sent then photos of her with her black cat. I guess that was random coincidence, but maybe she did indeed read that email. I will never know.
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2006-08-30, 19:26:58 from Saudi Arabia  
im being ocntactedby girl cald natalie who claims 2 b from russia . shes sending me pics n emails which sound dodgy. plz advise
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Keywords: camouflage bikini
2006-08-31, 13:05:13
anonymous from Philippines  
it's too bad theyre scammers coz some of them are hot. thank god we've got the internet to check them out.
2006-09-02, 09:54:00
anonymous from United States  
I was approached by one of these Russian scum-bags a few weeks ago. After about five letters she started asking me for money. Hey...I was born at night, but not last night. I knew exactly what she wanted. Over the past couple of weeeks I have been exchanging letters from another woman named Anastasiya Vatchenko from St. Petersburg. She has sent me many pictures and I have inlcuded a couple of them here. While she's a hottie I figured I'd play along with her for a while and then move on. I'll probably get another email from other hottie at some point. To my fellow not send any money. We should develop a website that creates form letters of their responses.
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2006-09-02, 09:56:15
anonymous from United States  
Here's another picture of Anastasiya from St. Petersburg.
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2006-09-02, 09:58:06
anonymous from United States  
2006-09-02, 14:17:49
anonymous from United States  
Yes I agree with you, the above scummer is definitely a hottie!!!!. Is that an old fashioned radiator that shes stradling beneath her right leg or a pubic hair dryer ?, lol.
2006-09-03, 08:01:38
anonymous from Canada  
Mrs. C, you are correct on the .COM stuff. She's a model working for
Check it out!

Just a friendly note to the men who are being sucked up. Do your homework!

I am Canadian
2006-09-03, 20:22:14
anonymous from United States  
I was also approached recently and it quickly seemed to good to be true. After looking at several websites I finally found the same pictures I received on this page. The name now or also being used is Irina Safronova - Gatchina, Russia
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2006-09-03, 20:32:21
anonymous from United States  
2006-09-03, 20:33:29
anonymous from United States  
Irina again
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2006-09-04, 14:14:26
anonymous from Austria  
hi. also ich habe auch so etwas zum ersten mal bekommen.die von da drüben heist angeblich nastya und kommt aus kazan.sie ist angeblich 27ig jahre alt und weist allen anzeichen hin auf einen scammer.ihre mailadresse

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leider geht sie sowas von stümperhaft vor mit zweierlei namen und was weis ich noch alles.
das kann ja meine 12 jährige tochter besser :-)

Meine Eltern haben gesagt, dass sie werden ,
mir zu helfen, f=FCr den Pass, die Versicherung und das Visum zu zahlen.
Sie haben gesagt, Das, dass die Bezahlung f=FCr diese der Sache sollen
wir zusammen durchdenken. Sie haben gesagt, Dass, wenn wir auch ich
bezahlen werden ich werde den Pass bekommen und Das Visum, er werden
sich um meine Karten zu dir zusammen sorgen. Sie Haben, dass sehr
liebe Karten und folglich sie gesagt Werden uns helfen. Der Agent der
Reisen hat, dass den Vertrag gesagt Nimmt den Preis des Passes, der
Versicherung, des Visums und der Dienstleistungen auf Die Agenturen.
M=F6glich, das Geld f=FCr die Karte zu bezahlen, nachdem ich haben werde
Alle Dokumente f=FCr die Reise. Der Preis aller Dokumente und der
Arbeiten Bildet 450 Euro zusammen. Sie wollen so viel Geldes, , weil
es jetzt sehr schwer ist, das Visum in Ihrem Land zu bekommen und Man
mu=DF zu diesem Ziel viel Bem=FChungen machen. Meinen Sch=F6n, habe ich
nicht viel Geldes, und ich habe von ihm gesagt, dass, w=E4hrend ich
werde Mit dir zu sagen, ich werde diesen Vertrag machen. Ich war heute
verstimmt Von allen diesen Sachen. Ich habe die Versuche gemacht, sich
dieses Geld bei einigen zu leihen Der Leute, aber niemand konnte mir
helfen. Ich hoffe mich, dass du mir helfen darfst Vom Geld eben dass
es f=FCr dich nicht das Problem. Ich will sehr f=FChlen Dich nebenan. Ich
warte mit der Ungeduld deine Antwort, und ich hoffe mich, Dass wir uns
sehr kurz danach treffen werden. Ich werde ankommen zu du in Den
April, im Laufe von dem Monat, da ich werde den Urlaub von der Arbeit
haben! Wir k=F6nnen Unsere Pl=E4ne bez=FCglich der Zukunft zu besprechen und
zu untersuchen! Wenn solches Geld es nicht Das Problem f=FCr dich und es
wurde keine Barriere zu unseren Beziehungen, morgen Ich werde zur
Gesellschaft der Reise gehen und ich werde den Vertrag abschlie=DFen.
Bitte Vergi=DF nicht, mir die richtigen vollen Daten zu schreiben! Ich
erfahre in Welchen Flughafen Ihrer Stadt werde ich, ist f=E4hig, zu
fliegen! Du darfst schicken Das Geld durch die Systeme der
Denezhno-Kreditsendungen money gram. Ich die Nahrung die vollen Daten,
die dir notwendig sein werden F=FCr die =DCbersetzung des Geldes durch
diese Systeme der Sendungen des Geldes! Meinen vollen Namen: Zemlynaya
Anasnasiya. Meine h=E4usliche Adresse: Russland, die Republik Tatarstan,
die Stadt Kazan, Die Stra=DFe Zarubina 14-9, 429334. Du darfst mir das
Geld =FCbergeben In einer beliebigen Abteilung moneygram in Russland.
Ich werde Ist f=E4hig, das Geld unmittelbar in der Stadt zu bekommen.
Ich sehr hoffe auf Deine Hilfe. Ich werde sehr warten und zu hoffen,
dass wir werden Zusammen. Ich liebe dich. Deine Lilya.

das war das letzte mail von ihr.danach habe ich ihr mal geschrieben dass sie ein scammer ist und von mir sicher kein geld bekommt.hier heist sie auf einmal ja vielleicht kann man in russland binnen zwei mails den namen ändern lassen *gg*

2006-09-04, 14:15:18
anonymous from Austria  

Keywords: blonde brown pullover chair
2006-09-04, 14:15:47
anonymous from Austria  
sorry die oberen zwei bilder ist nastya!!!!das auch

2006-09-04, 14:18:54
anonymous from Austria  
na ja da nastya schon ein paar kilo auf den rippen *rofl*

Keywords: blonde blue bikini flowers amusement park
2006-09-05, 06:57:06
anonymous from Puerto Rico  
I have a Gmail account. Of course i was invited, but i connect by my computer. I have no connection thru my cel phone yet.

God forgive me, but most of this girls looks like... Just once...

God... Feel like a thin dog dreaming with steak... Sorry, i'm in a diet for more than two years, and i'm hungry.

Sorry... 'a lapsus...' Please don't post the same pics again and again. Some of us, like me, were not blessed with DSL, or Cable. And the dialup sometimes makes BIG LAGS.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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