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Gold digger Valeria Novitskaya from Ukraine


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Several users on this web site posted comments about
Valeria Novitskaya from Ukraine, after they found out that she is a gold digger.

Here is some identifying information:

Valeria Novitskaya
12 Prodolnaya Street
House 44
Flat 91
Nikolaev City
Mobile number +380633513531
D.O.B.. 30th October 1985 


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2013-01-01, 10:55:55
Everything Eddie from Sweden is absolutely RIGHT. Could not have put it better myself. The only thing is i met the scammer Valeria Novitskaya for real. She looks just like her photo's here on the site. She asked for nothing at the first meeting & seemed genuine, & was very touchy feely with me. When i came back to Germany she was sending text messages often. But said she did not have the internet, could i help..? Thats when red flags started to wave. Also she did not seem keen to show me around Nikolaev. She seemed really genuine but i looked her up on the marriage agency scam site & found out all i needed to know. Then cut off all contact with her.. As Eddie says genuine Russian /Ukrainian ask for nothing except good manners. Not like professional scammers who have no interest in you apart from a free holiday, your money & what you buy them. They certainly have no interest in leaving Russia/Ukraine while they are making a very good living in there own country for very little real work. They get paid by scum dating sites & corrupt agencies in Russia/Ukraine to chat & write letters. Its a mostly corrupt industry i found. I can read/speak Russian fluently so read adverts advertising for hostesses in most of the local papers. So just use your head & check out the lady before you waste money going to see them.
It might save you a lot of time & money..
2013-01-02, 10:16:31
Valeria Novitskaya is already posted on here. As well as on other scamming websites. Check them out. I have just looked she still using jump4love scammers site. She must have scammed many men. She is such a liar & so believable. Its a pity Ukraine does not lock scum up like her & throw the key away. Got to feel sorry for her poor child having a prostitute for a mother.
2013-01-05, 12:51:09
anonymous from United Kingdom  
I see scammer Valeriya Novitskaya is on Anastasia dating web site id. 1692679.. She is a real gold digger/whore & sneakier than a fox & lower than a snake..

2013-01-09, 11:23:59
I see Valeriya/ Valeria Novitskaya is on here. Thought i was the only one that the lieing bitch had scammed. I lost $6,000 to her. Has anybody else been ripped of by her..? Be interesting to know how many she has scammed in the last 3 years. She is good very bloody good at lieing & getting you to part with your cash. Bet the clown in the earlier post(photo of them) doesn't know she sleeps around with different men for cash/holidays etc.. I did not until i looked on here..

2013-01-17, 09:22:11
Anybody scammed by a Ukrainian dating scammer can email the Ukrainian Tax service,.
They are always pleased to hear from you & tax the scumbags of there ill gotten gains. They have a fraud department that will take action & hopefully put these low life scammers out of business. Its well worth an email to alert them of a scammer & if possible the agency they work for. Its probably best to just visit Ukraine with out using corrupt dating agencies if you really want to meet a Ukrainian lady. Just be prepared to be patient & do NOT part with your hard earned cash if they ask for it. Move on & find someone else. There are lots of decent women there as well as the scumbag scammers.
2013-01-18, 16:16:38
It leaves a bad taste in the mouth when we see how these scammers can contrive of so many ways they can dupe others. It makes us really appreciate the universal dictum: SEX IS THE OLDEST PROFESSION IN THE WORLD.
Life is hard especially in the Iron Curtain blocs so much so they see this opportunity to turn things around for them and consequently make a living. It draws one being so totally appalled by these misdoings to the point we look around us and just see these young and beautiful and desirable girls as SCAMMERS.
IN OUR TIME we certainly hope these misdeeds will cease to restore some semblance of discipline and order in this chaotic world we live.
This phenomena is a world wide and getting serious as each day times are getting harder. They resort to this to simply SURVIVE.... Whether they do this for kicks or material wants there's always the day every evil deeds done by one will come back to haunt him or her. It's dimply written in our organized society. It's just like uttering: CRIME DOESN'T PAY.... WHAT GOES AROUND WILL COME AROUND....
And so we approach the first month of 2013 with the hope of enjoying the fruits of our labor by not being scammed by the likes of Jocelyn,Victoria, Anna, Susan etc.
2013-01-20, 06:46:07
It's an SOP for scammers to post their inviting and provocative pics. write sweet and loving letters expressing their love to you will stop at nothing to capture your heart and when the moment comes .... tell their sad stories about needing help or money for God knows whatever they can contrive.
I've read letters from people who have been victimized and it only begs the question to be answered how will we get rid of them... It's a worldiwde phenomena and so everyone must do their share in preventing this.
ACCRA, GHANA is indeed the scamming capital of the world. Once in a while we hear of dozens of victims writing their sad tales with the utmost intent to seek justice.
THEY ARE THE LIKES OF NATALIA,SUSAN,JOCEYLN,EVA,RACHELLE, ETC... Such deceiving names and fake pictures bring to mind how they will engineer their fraud to gain access to your bank acount and steal your love and kindness to them.
I am of the opinion we start now to receal them and not wait for further damages to us.
What counts the most is to join hands in combating this evil menace confronting us.
I hope we have all been forewarned.
2013-01-25, 21:37:15   (updated: 2013-01-25, 21:38:09)
anonymous from United States  
I agree Valeriya Novitskaya is on Anastasia dating web site id. 1692679.. She is a real gold digger/whore & sneakier than a fox & lower than a snake. She is the best liar you will ever meet .. keep your wallet closed and don't bring any credit cards with you. She is one beautiful lying bitch and is very good at getting you to give her money. She got me good - the little bitch. Too bad karma isn't instant.

2013-01-27, 10:12:57
Distgusting creature VALERIYA NOVITSKAYA is the most self centred greedy lieing bitch that i have ever had the misfortune to meet. She is an awful mother that would sooner scam & sleep with as many men as she can. And as soon as you stop giving her money, gifts & taking her on holidays in the sun, your toast..HaHa..
If this poor guy thinks he is the only man in her life & bed he is deluded. She has duped him more than most men for holidays & gifts.
Her husband left her & went back to Armenia after just over a year of marriage, because of what she is like.
She has never done an honest days work in her life & just ponces of men from all over the world. She might be attractive but she has the morals of an alley cat.
If there is a god in this world she will get her Karma very soon. The bitch fooled me for a while & does not know what honesty is.
I advise everybody to keep WELL AWAY from this parasite. She uses other sites & skype as well as Anastasia.
This image was also posted here:
Gold digger Valeria Novitskaya from Ukraine

2013-01-28, 14:03:15
It would be nice to see Rita Bright's pictures. Knowing how scammers are in using stolen pictures and presenting them as their own... it won't hurt to see Ms. Rita Bright.
The way she wrote seems to be typical opening line for a would be scammer in professing her feeling of saying difference in age is but a number and that distance isn't a problem. Sounds familiar?
Would be interesting to know who Ms. Rita Bright is. There is also that jerk Harry Parker and again seems to be another experienced scumbag.
The main point being emphasized here are the write ups about Valeriya Novotskaya who has been reported as a well known,experienced scammer having nailed a lot of men and is still plying her trade. There have been a lot of people scammed by her and is now considered the Número UNO Queen Scammer of them all.
One must also be cautioned about a certain Susan Edward using this email address: that has been blacklisted on a lot of websites for using tons of fake pictures and aliases. She was discovered to be Alison Ashley and has been using the pictures of Alison Angel, ex porno star who has her own website. She's very smart in her modus operandi and someone wrote she must be the ring leader of a scamming group operating out of Accra, Ghana. It is also reported and confirmed the African scammers are 'HE' and not 'SHE'
There are others that can be mentioned but we would rather limit ourselves to those whom we know and have been busted like Ms. Novotskaya and Ms. Edward.
As the saying goes.... An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of gold.
Ms. Rita Bright certainly falls into this interesting class.
2013-01-28, 18:27:53   (updated: 2013-01-28, 18:50:41)
anonymous from United States  
I know Valeria Novitskaya .... some things just do not add up. Perhaps I am an idiot ... I met her three times a sweetheart ... very affectionate. There was no sex ... I guess I was unlucky. She got some nice presents from me. I am glad I met other women also based on these comments. It was odd that Valeria and I never met in her home city. Says she is a tourist agent ... but she would never tell me the name of the company where she worked. She was Arabia or something on HRB . I guess dating dumb asses like me is her job. She did hint about paying for her and an interpreter going Boro Boro. Never met her mother or her daughter supposedly she lives with her parents. Am I an idiot ??? The trips she proposed were too rich for me. (has anyone taken her anywhere nice) ... tell me If you want sex it is better to go on a sex tour in Kiev :) Pictures of her daughter Dasha were adorable ... If she is using that to think she is honest it works !! There is no doubt that Valeria is one of the best looking women you will ever meet. She looks like Tiger Woods ex-wife. Beware with all Russian women ... or especially Ukrainian women ... they will have you walking around like a little puppy dog. A weak man is no match for Valeria ... she looks lttle and sweet but she could rip your heart out and you wouldn't know it happened. Ukrainian women hint about sexuality most will not follow through easily ... it is a cultural thing. It will drive westerns crazy all the 'yes' signals ...just proving that she is desirable to you. They will give it up if they think you are marriage material and ready to marry... a good test. I could tellI had no chance with Valeria after the first kiss ... tender and nice but not two people that are madly in love. I wanted to believe she was in love with me but I could tell with the kiss. I liked just being with her ... I knew it couldn't be serious. I had fun. Valeria could get any man she wanted ... any man. If she is a scammer she has the bait ... and knows how to use it. She had me beleiving I was Bradd Pitt ... her friend the interpreter made a lot of money just being her side kick. The interpreter kinda of kills the intimacy and she uses that to her advantage too. It was difficult to be alone with Valeria and I tried ... that was another sign that she wasn't serious. Any Russian speaking men been with her? Tell me about the trips if you took her on any ... I started saving up but then she was kicked off HRB. She had no scam reports then wow I could have saved myself some heart ache if I had known.
2013-01-28, 22:06:12
Some success Valeria Novitskaya !! has been kicked off HRB some months ago. She vanished from Single Baltic Lady and Natasha Club. She has been removed from Jump4love. I think Natasha Club was just a variant of jump4love. If we get her kicked off the web sites her vehicle to get to dumb asses like us will dry up ... at least online. I wonder what she will do with her time if she can not chat online - maybe she will take care of her daughter.

I suggest you create fake profiles and then politely email the website that you refuse to be a member if the site has known scammers on their sites. She is on all the anastasia websites .. russianbrides ... id 1692679 ... I have not seen her active on these sites I want to confront the evil blood sucking parasite, They might have put her on sabbatical ...

It is amazing how many anatasia sites there are ... what a blood sucking, heartless organization that is.

anatasia sent me: 'We’ve received your complaint on the lady Valeriya ID: 1692679 from Stanislav
Customer Account Manager . ' He asked for specifics. I was scammed by the bitch so I gave him the specifics pdf's of western union money transfers is what they want to see.

She is on id 132650 ... her profile pic is a little different but the inside photos are the same.

I did the same for Jump4Love and here is what they sent me:

Dear Sir,

Thank you for contacting support. I'll forward your letters to our anti-fraud department and request them to suspend lady's profile. Thank you for sharing this information with us.
Let me know if you need any further assistance.
Best regards,
J4L Support Operator

I checked right after I got the letter and she was gone ... bye bye bitch.

HRB might be the best of the lot they got rid of her first.

If she is on any other sites let me know and I will forward the evidence to them .. let us stop this bitch.

2013-01-29, 11:57:20
Seems Valeria Novitskaya has scammed many men. The Egyptian Waleed Ali can speak Russian & he has been duped more than the rest of us. If any body can tell him what the parasite is doing they should. He is not likely to look at scamming sites because the bitch has got him hooked. Hook line & sinker..She was on Anastasia again today 29-01-2013. They have no interest in removing her as she makes them to much money. H.R.B removed her as soon as they were informed so full praise to them. She even gave me a load of bullshit when i confronted her about it. & like a clown i believed her.She does not work at all & she does not live with her parents. She co-owns 2 apartments in Nikolaev. she has never worked for the tourist industry, its just the free holidays she gets from suckers like us.. I met her on a few occasions & got scammed big time. its a good job i never told her what i am worth., she is so convincing. & such a lieing bitch. Her daughter is a little gem who deserves a real mother & not a whore. She has 2 older brothers who live in Kiev.
Her translator is Julia who also gets paid well for helping to dupe you.
The best way to get any sort of Karma is to inform the Ukrainian tax authority.
I'm sure they will be very interested to here of all her undeclared earnings from fools like us & the scam agencies that employ her. Maybe they will also tax these agencies & teach them a lesson.
Maybe everyone of us should arrange to go to Ukraine together & all call round to her apartment & confront the theiving bitch. This bitch needs to be put out of business asap.
2013-01-29, 15:04:39
anonymous from United States  
Wow she scammed me when I confronted her she had great responses. I really thought we were in love ... I was a rookie at all this. Sent her money for English lessons ...said it was cheaper than going through agency. I met her 3 times. I said why don't we go out to lunch with your work friends ... She said no no we will meet in Odessa it is much more fun there. we did have a good time. I asked her who was minding her daughter she said her Mom... The daughter Dasha, the pictures are adorable and it really fools you. I really wanted to meet the daughter ... i love kids and i have a 5 year old son. i thought they would be good together. i try to do Skype with her said she didn't know how to use it ... She sure knew how to use her phone to txt for money. My translator wasn't Julia but she played it well ... They were probably saying we have a real dumb ass here. They got a lot of nice meals. I always tried to get alone with Valeria ...rarely happened.

Who watches the daughter? I feel sorry for Dasha ...

I am up for a trip to the Ukraine ... I would love to confront her. I hear she drives a nice car is that true ... I paid for a renta car once ... I just trusted her. I wonder if it was her car. That would be a great scam ... She was a good driver.

I will send are my western union receipts to the tax agency.

It would be nice if she got stuck in Egypt. All these scam reports have to be hurting her. She will have to go on the romance tours that some agencies set up.
2013-01-29, 15:19:36
anonymous from United States  
Wow great info. She scammed me I met her 3 times. I paid for English lessons. I remember paying for a renta car during a visit ... Someone told me she has a nice car. That would be a great scam to pay for a renta car insurance etc and its her car.

I wanted to see her apartment parents her daughter ... She said next time when we are more serious. I told them I have met the man of my life and Dasha already thinks of you as the father! The daughter was a nice touch ...pulls you right in. I have a small son I thought they would be great play mates. Did she tell you her husband died in a car wreck ... I was surprised when she first told me this. The profile says she was never married. Again, creates sympathy and pulls you in.

She told me her mother watches the daughter and it is so so hard she works 50 hours a week then takes care of the daughter cleans the apartment etc .. It is so hard to squeeze the English lessons in but I do it for you. The teacher is great thanks so much for the money I get the lessons cheaper than the agency can. I want to speak perfect English when I am your wife. Omg I believed it all.

I wanted to see her in her city and go out with her work friends she said no no Odessa is more fun.

I am up for a trip to the Ukraine to confront her. We will need to scam her to make sure she is there and not in Egypt, or Paris or island.

I will send my western union receipts to the tax authorities.
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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