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Dating scammer OKSANA


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Received: from ?
Yoshkar Ola, Russia

Other Comments:
Aí vai mais uma que como sempre começa no ParPerfeito:
Essa até que eu gostei dela. Pelo menos as cartas são um pouco mais requintadas.

Hi ! My name is Oksana. I search reliable and good man. I like yours profile. Unfortunately I have no much free time to chat with you here.But I will be glad if you will write me at my personal address. Please write me and I will answer to you and send you my photos, Ok:

Hello my new friend Igor! Its Oksana
I'm glad to receive yours e-mail ! Thank you for writing me. For me
this way of dialogue new and I never communicated with people is
similar to this. But I hope we will study each of us and all will be
OK for me & you ! I think that your profile more interesting than
others. I hope you have time to send me some messages and we could to learn each other. Now about me, i am 27 years old, and my name is
Oksana. I was never married and I have no children. I live with my
parents. Do you have a children ? Do you live one or with parents? I
have no bad job. The teacher in institute where studied earlier. I
love my work very much because every day i contact people, when they
do gifts each other, I see pleasure in their eyes. I allow to young
peoples of knowledge and it is fine. I'm much communicate with the
colleagues who are more skilled than me . I adopt at them skills of
work . Do you like your work? I love listening to music, concerts,
outdoor activities, movies, amusement parks, sports, travel, swimming,
some socializing with close friends at the clubs or bars but not too
often, I love romance movies the best I like , action & comedy. I like
some retro music. I like some top music, disco music, live music, and
occasionally romantic music & a little foreign music. I like to dance
very much. I have enough girlfriends, we spent time together, usually
we go to the cafe, to watch movies, to the concerts, we have many
other entertainment. I have sports activity i prefer healthy style of
a life. I visit the gym (and sometimes it is less ) 2-3 times in week.
I hold my body in the healthy form. And you have any sports in the
life now? I send you my pictures i hope you like. Also i want that you
send to me some your pictures but please not of big size. I will wait
it! Tell me about your interesting things what you like to do, what
your character, your hobby ? What qualities do you like in women? I
hope we shall have time for writing other interesting letters to each
other. We will look what will be... Write me, I will wait your letter
with impatience.
Your new friend Oksana

HI Igor ! I am pleased to receive your message again. It means you are
interested in me. Send me your photos , please ! Do you really like my
picture? Ok ... i will send you another my picture in the next letter.
Igor i have some questions, i hope to get your answers, It's important
for me to learn some your opinion. Also i will try to answer your
questions, if not now that later, I think you read my profile and
could see that I have serious intentions. I'm looking for serious
relations. I hope you too, if you looking for fun, tell me good bye,
well I will try to tell a little about my character. Well... I think
I'm very romantic woman. I like to communicate with people, it is
pleasant to me i like good humor. Also i very much loyalty,
understanding, estimate, honesty, patience. I believe in love, and I
think it very valuable thing which needs to be protected. I very
jealous person. I adore, to hear compliments and is ready to listen
many times. I like Cleanliness around of myself, I do cleaning often.
I love a cosines in the house and I enjoy in the silent evening of a
house. Also i like to cook. I like a chicken. I will tell about it
somehow. well also I am always ready to be the most most patient. i
think i good woman :) I want to find a good guy, i think all women
dream to find good man and i dream about beautiful romantic relations.
But often such things come to the end very quickly. In relations
should be not only romanticism, also the lovers should think of a
reality. I have no intention to spend my time with only romanticism. I
search for the man which knows that he wants in life, not only in
dreams, While i have not met such man in my life. But i hope to find
such person. I am not materialistic, I hope to make family. I think
its main thing, not career or other success. Happy good family and
loveperson are main. Tell me please what you want in the life? What
woman? i want to know this things. I will wait yours e-mail. I hope we
will learn each other gradually yours Oksana

Hi Igor! Send me your photos , please !
I am glad to receive your message again, every day we will learn more
about each other and it's an interesting. I had usual day but i have
received your letter and now my mood became much better, it is really
pleasant for me that you write to me. Thank you for yours some answers
to my questions it helps me to learn more about you and to understand
you. I send you other my picture. I hope, that you love me in a photo.
Igor To tell I was more about your family. You have many relatives? As
frequently do You visit each other how frequently you gather? I have
very good family. As I have already written, that I live one, but I
frequently visit my parents. I live in convenient Apartment, there - 2
rooms kitchen bathing and a balcony.. I loved mum and I loved the
daddy, one child in Family I always wanted to have the younger brother
or the sister to Care of them. My parents - very good, cautious and
kind people, They always understand me. They love me very much, I love them also. The name of my mother is Tatyana , she - very sensual and kind woman. To her of 49 years, earlier she worked as the adviser
industrial The goods, but now she does not work. The name of my of the
father is Maxim. He Strict, but the fair person . To him 51 years. He
works as the builder. I Love my family, very much we frequently spend
we carry out time together. In my The private life I has emptiness. I
have been never married, the my last friend was almost my age, we were
with him together almost 3 years, But he has appeared the swindler, he
has deceived me though is feigned, it Everything is all right, which
always with me is fair. I thought, he Loves me, but he was the fool
(regretting about expression), he frequently He deceived me was the
liar, for him friends and were more important Than the party . For him
there was no any important we an attitude, and I with Him have told
good-bye and not, about how many I do not regret about it, Therefore,
now I search more serious and sincere is valid ' the adult The person
for serious attitudes '. There is no anyone for serious Attitudes. In
the beginning you think, that you have met good suitable The person
but then you understand that were mistaken in the person. Probably
therefore I also use service of a network of date. So it is possible
To study the internal party of the person, here I can Probably find
The person who should love me, estimates and understands me. For me
Not important his financial situation and work he does. I hope to
Find, who estimates women and who can care of the woman. I shall be
ready To give all directly, well I shall short Igor, write to me about
Your ideas concerning it.
I wait your letter. Yours Oksana

Hi Igor, it is pleasant, that you were interested in my some ideas in
messages. Igor, today I have very intense day on my work. I found a
little time to send you this small massage i want to say that i think
of you i always glad to your mails. Igor, usually i do not tell about
the deep ideas and opinions, but i has written to you, because i has
felt desire to open it to you. I more independent woman, but probably
sometimes am necessary that there was one man, which i can to open and trust - sometimes it happens hardly to reflect all these things. I am
glad, that has found your understanding you see it happens not
Igor thank, that you have written to me some details about your life
and family, I closely studied it. It has helped me more well to
understand you and your life and you become closer man.
Igor It is time to me to go to do some businesses and it is necessary
to meet the friends. By the way I told them, that i got acquainted
with you, and parents too. Have good day. I wait your letters.
Yours Oksana
Hi Dear, Igor i did not inform you earlier my address because i not
enough knew you. I live in an average part of Russia, in city
Cheboksary. My city the Cheboksary are located on high by the right to
coast of Volga (port), in a valley which is formed by the river
Cheboksarka, in 768 km to the east from Moscow. To my regret it is far
from you, else it was not necessary for us much e-mail, to learn each
other. We could meet, talk, to spend some time together and good learn
each other. But for us it will be not a fast way. But if we shall
decide to meet, I hope, that it will be not a problem for us because
earlier I travelled to other countries. I was in the several countries
of Europe; for example Turkey, Italy, Germany. I traveled as the
tourist. Therefore Igor , you should not have excitement be relative
that we not beside. I am woman, that if I shall like man for a meeting
i shall reach him. Besides in our days it is not a problem to travel.
I don't worry about it and I can do it, it is possible to have
relations with the person of other part of the world. It is very
interesting - other culture, thinking, traditions i like new places,
probably you Igor can learn Russian woman. I am confident that you
are able to give tenderness and able to care of women and if we have
decided to meet i hope i would be surrounded your attention. By the
way I not badly play on a guitar, I studied these 7 years, and you are
able to play on guitar? Tell to me! well i finish my letter now. I
wait for your messages.
Yours Oksana

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2008-11-27, 11:12:06   (updated: 2008-11-27, 11:12:46)
Outra vez fico contente em ver tua resposta. Compartilho contigo os mesmos sentimentos. Lamento imenso por essas meninas usadas de forma tão vil. Sim amigo, me apaixonei por uma e quase me leva aos diabos. Mas não perdi a esperança. Quanto ao ParPerfeito, não sei se vistes mas criei uma página dedicada a eles. Só eu já lá encontrei algumas 200 ou melhor, alguns duzentos vigaristas. Eh pá, às vezes me canso desta porcaria mas se não ajudamos o que vai ser disso. Gostava de a qualquer momento mostrar-te uma da pesada que já me leva 2 meses de briga pesada. Anda um amigo comum a ajudar na batalha.
Quem sabes já a vistes postada por mim.
Desculpa lá que não escreva também em inglês pois dá-me preguiça. Quando quiseres, anda à pagina de lingua portuguesa e lá vais conhecer alguns brasukas fixes.
É isso amigo
Há de aparecer uma russa verdadeira que me faça feliz.
Se souberes de alguma .............LOL :-)
2008-11-27, 12:24:20
Que se aquietem esses imbecis. A turma da briga está aumentando!!!!!

2008-11-27, 14:49:31
anonymous from Italy  
Hei .... attention new scam girl !!!

2008-11-28, 04:45:17
anonymous from Portugal  
Hello, Italy, thanks for the warning.
But please put evidence here, to see everyone, so this is nothing!

Ciao, Italia, grazie per l'avvertimento.
Ma vi prego di inserire elementi di prova qui, per vedere tutti, perché questo è niente!

Olá, Italia, obrigado por o teu aviso.
Mas por favor coloca provas aqui, para todos vermos, isso assim não é nada!
2008-11-28, 07:04:32
anonymous from Netherlands  
Verzonden: vrijdag 28 november 2008 10:38:36
2 bijlage(n)
P1010011.JPG (41,5 kB), Изображен...jpg (28,2 kB)

Hello !

At me all is excellent, I hope that at you everything is all right. To me it is very pleasant,
that you still write to me, the most important thing now that we now to correspond, and not to cease,
because we can learn much better each other) And we become much more is more close to each other)
I will continue to speak about myself more in detail. I work as the tutor in a kindergarten.

There very much it is pleasant to me

I adore to prepare! Most of all I to like to eat salad from a variety of vegetables.

Pelmeni - a national dish of the Russian kitchen.

My favourite dessert of-jelly from fruit.

My favourite group-U2. I adore them!!!

I love all seasons.

My hobby: I love sports. Especially volleyball, tennis and especially I like to be in the

evenings on the bank of the river and to look at a decline, and very much I like to prepare

different dishes. And you have hobby if yes that tell to me about it.

I love spring because this most romantic season, kidneys, flowers and many other plants in

the spring start to be dismissed. To me the smell of colours is very pleasant, it seems to

me that at this time year the LOVE comes!!! And what season is pleasant to you?

I love summer also..., however you understand, why it is probable to love summer :-))

It warmly, performance, sunburn in coast, it is possible to go on the nature to have a rest

with friends cheerfully to spend vremja:-))

And still new fruit vegetables grows.

I wish to be sincere with you, at all I do not love people which constantly say lies.

I do not want that we had what that secrets. Please also with me be fair.

I am glad, that our dialogue proceeds. I have a strong desire to communicate with you because

I liked yours profil:-) Write somewhat quicker with impatience I will look forward to hearing from you

Yours Olga!!The girlfriend from Russia.

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer OKSANA

2008-11-28, 08:04:58
Brasileiro Anónimo,
Já eu não sei mais o que fazer para que entendas que postar apenas fotos não só é uma perda de tempo, mas também pode ser uma atitude irresponsável. Nada te garante que a pessoa que te esvreve não seja real.
Dessa forma vai aqui o meu aviso..... De hoje em diante, para o bem de todos, fotos sem informação suplementar vão ser apagadas.
Agradeço o seu bom senso e compreensão.
2008-12-02, 05:27:55
anonymous from Netherlands  
from (van)Olga <>
Antwoorden opOlga <

datum2 december 2008 10:280
details verbergen 10:28 (1 uur geleden) Beantwoorden

Hello my new friend ! You remember me? I hope, that you yet have
not forgotten Me. Today I have decided to write to you the letter and
I want, that you have answered On my question. Why you have stopped to
send me letters? You do not want To get acquainted with me or you has
found other girl who is more nice and More beautifully? I do not know
that to me to think, because I thought, that we can To get acquainted
with you better and we can have fine attitudes Together, but you have
stopped send to me letters. I very much hope, that you not Has
found still other girl, I hope, that we can is still better To get
acquainted with you. I ask you to write to me the letter tomorrow. I
hope, that you will necessarily write to me the new letter and you are
possible You can send me the photo. I shall wait for your answer.
Yours Friend Olya.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer OKSANA
Dating scammer OKSANA
Dating scammer OKSANA

2008-12-03, 06:18:12
anonymous from Netherlands  
from (van)natalya <>

datum3 december 2008 12:33
subject (onderwerp)Hello!!!
details verbergen 12:33 (39 minuten geleden) Beantwoorden

Hello my dear!!!
I only, that checked mail what to receive your letter, I have received your letter, I am very glad, that you have answered me also I with pleasure I shall answer you your letter. Forgive me that I did not write to you, I was on business trip in other city went on affairs to the work now, I in the city and I am now free, I can write to you. I very much miss under your letters, I do not wish to lose you write to me we with you we shall continue to have contact to you also. I shall wait for your letter. Your Natalia.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Irene Polyakova,
Dating scam artist Anastasiya Romanova

2008-12-16, 11:58:40   (updated: 2008-12-16, 12:00:50) from Brazil  
Esta é bem interesante se for verdade.

Hi Marcos!

How your day today Marcos? How your mood?

I have excellent mood Marcos has received the letter from you.

I noticed, that my day depends on my mood.

When at me the good mood, my business go normally.

Thanks for your letters. Your letters do my day good and pleasant.

I to you already have told much about myself, but I want, that you knew about me almost all.

I in what did not deceive you and I do not gather.

To me not that from you to hide. My life is opened for you.

I trust you so I am not afraid to tell to you all of you a detail about the life.

I speak you about myself because I think, that my letters do us more close.°

You agree in it with me? Yesterday my father has returned from business trip.°

It sent through Baltic sea to the Russian city of Cheboksary.

After business trips it always comes back home to me. The father very much loves me.

Therefore From business trips it always brings to me any gift.

This time, it has brought to me a beautiful jacket.°

My father always tells to me about the trips.

And I to it tell, that has appeared new in my life for these days while it was not.

Each time we sit down, houses to a table, we tell each other news and we drink tea.

Sometimes we sit up till the night. Because our conversation turns out cheerful and interesting.

Then we understand, that already late and we go to sleep with good mood.

It was in many cities of Russia very similar to Cheboksary.

This city belonged before Germany.°

Has started to belong to Russia after the second world war.

Yesterday I to it have told, that I have found you in the Internet.°

That now we it is corresponded almost every day.

That you fine and kind the man.°

When it has heard it from me it very much was delighted.

It was glad to listen to my story about you. It did not interrupt me.

Because it understood, that I speak about you seriously.

Also that my words have been filled by pleasure.

Then It asked about you. It asked me:

You like me or not?! What do I want from our correspondence in the future?

How you concern to me? What do you wait from our correspondence?

It asked me many questions, it asked about you.

I to it told about you, that you wrote to me in letters.

You very much have liked it, under my story.

It has wished us that at us in the further all was excellent.

That our correspondence proceeded during long time.

That it has led us only to the good future.

I now sometimes represent our meeting.

I reflect above our first real conversation at a meeting.

How you independently imagine it? It is very complex to me to present it.°

But when I see our meeting before eyes I on the person have a smile.

You are glad to our dialogue, which very beautiful and interesting?

At you other attitude now to me, after first my letter?

It seems to me, that with each new letter we become closer.

Unfortunately, now I am lonely. With me beside there is no beloved.

But now you to me replace it.°

Because I feel from you the good and kind attitude to me.

While it suffices me, and time will show, that will be then. You agree?

I want, that you were in my dreams. I wish your of good luck!!!°

I want, that your day was very good and that you have written to me the excellent letter!!!

Good-bye, only with friendly love Oksana!

This image was also posted here:
Scam Artist Anna from Yoshkar-Ola

2008-12-17, 03:21:17
anonymous from Netherlands  
ваолб Good nigth !!!

I'm Katya from Russia , if you want know about me and see my fotos you can write me and I tell you more about me , but only if you want find serious attitudes !

My e-mail - policeiskayaa(at)ya00(dot)com

I wait your reply on my e-mail ! Have good night ! Katya.
2008-12-18, 07:12:55
anonymous from Netherlands  
wait your answer‏
Van: Wilbur Post (
Dit bericht kan onveilig zijn. Meer informatie
Verzonden: donderdag 18 december 2008 2:52:34

1 bijlage(n)
myphoto.jpg (34,2 kB)

Hi. My name is Katya. I was registered on a site to find love. when I was registered to me send the letter from about love in a life is such unusual thing.... And find love by own strength it is very difficult, therefore I have decided search the love by agency and I have specified characteristics of person which I search, which will be necessary to me as I necessary to him. And have agreed with me, they have found your profile, it has best approached under my criteria of inquiry. I write you, and I hope very much for your answer now. Please write on my personal e-mail: I believe in destiny, that your profile has got not casually to me. I send handwritten letter to you also for seriously, please read it, I believe that you will like my letter written by hand. Bye.
2009-01-03, 08:37:37
anonymous from Netherlands
This is a Russian scammers and they are active in Holland and Belgium with many alse names and stories the rp - please becareful

Van Dudu (NL66682580)
Datum Zaterdag 03 januari 2009 11:34:35
Onderwerp Hello!
hallo, ik ben zeer geinteresseerd in u en u ben ik zeer tevreden. Ik ben heel wilt blijven communiceren met je mee. Ik ben aantrekkelijk gezellig meisje. Ik ben op zoek naar een man die van me houdt. Ik wil een serieuze relatie. en je bent net als ik en ik besloot een brief te sturen aan je. U kunt me op mijn e-mail: behoudens subject 10198 . schrijf me alsjeblieft, ik zal zeer blij u te ontmoeten. Ik ben het wachten voor uw brief waarin u Lena.

NL66682580 - Dudu (28) uit Flevoland
voice oproep Laatst ingelogd op 2 januari 2009
Naam Dudu
Ik ben een vrouw
Ik zoek een man
Leeftijd 28 jaar
Sterrenbeeld ram
Seksuele geaardheid hetero
Gewenste relatie vriendschap
Woonachtig in Nederland
Provincie Flevoland
Gemeente Almere Oproep
Ik heb een zeer ernstige meisje zou wel eens willen weten op uw site een heel goede man. Ik hou heel erg als ik kijk
Beroep kausen
Opleidingsniveau havo
Burgerlijke staat alleenstaand
Religie christen
Aantal kinderen geen
Kinderwens ja
Ik sport niet
Roken niet
Alcohol nee
Postuur normaal
Gewicht 55 - 60
Lengte 1.70 - 1.75
Huidskleur bruin
Haarkleur blond
Haarlengte kaal
Kleur ogen groen
Kleding modern/casual
Ik heb huisdieren ja
Ik hou van huisdieren ja
Soort woning flat
Ik bezoek concerten niet
Ik bezoek het theater niet
Ik bezoek de bioscoop niet
Televisie kijken doe ik niet
Ik bezoek het café soms
Ik bezoek de discotheek soms
Mijn hobby's zijn hip hop
Eten italian
Muziek hip hop
Sport ayto
Boek hip hop
Film 8 miles
Televisieprogramma extream
2009-01-22, 08:15:20
anonymous from Netherlands  
all the mails and pictures are sent by russian maffia or criminal organisations, please never believe them, before you know your money is stolen, it is very bad love story.
Hello my friend !‏
Van: Janette Thayer (
Verzonden: donderdag 22 januari 2009 1:29:31
1 bijlage(n)
Lyubov.jpg (33,2 kB)

Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My name is Lyubov. I am 28 years old. I have decided to write to you and i hope we can find much in common. I am a young lady. My friends consider me to be interesting in communication, kind and sincere. I can cook it is tasty. I happen good companion in a society. I have neither husband nor children. I have serious intentions about my life. I want to find a man that I can talk to, meet him and also to creat a family. I am fond of children and I dream about a happy family with the beloved man. I dream about strong relations with the good man and the right person of course. If you are interested in Me if you wish to see more my photos please write to Me only on my personal e-mail: because I shall be capable to answer you only from this address and to send the photos.I hope to find an answer from you.Lyubov

2009-01-24, 05:47:59
anonymous from Netherlands  
from (van)Zimoisneg <>
Antwoorden opZimoisneg <>

datum24 januari 2009 10:37
subject (onderwerp)Hello my dear new friend

details verbergen 10:37 (1 uur geleden) Beantwoorden

Hello my dear new friend !
I hope that I can call you in such a way My friend
because you answered my letter in which I noticed that you want to get
acquainted with me much closer. Excuse, that I could not write to you
earlier because the Internet cafe has been closed, but now everything
is all right and we can communicate with you. Believe me you will be
not disappointed with me. So let me introduce myself. As you have
already mentioned I am 28 years old. My birthday is on the 26th of
July. And when is you birthday My friend ? I am “Leo” on Zodiac. My
weight 51 kg, and my growth 169 cm. I believe in God Jesus. I have
never been married and I do not have any kids, I am a single girl. I'm
sensitive, kind-hearted, thoughtful and easily amused. In opinion of
my close friends, I'm kind, jolly, clever and intelligent, purposeful,
sociable. I live in the city Kazan. My town is very beautiful. There
are a lot of squares, parks and beautiful places. I like my wonderful
City very much. Most of all I want to say to you that my favorite
season is the Summer! The sun shines brightly and I like walking in
the park listening to the birds singing and enjoining fresh air. And
what is your favorite season My friend I was born here but you do not
know that I have never seen my parents. I spent my whole childhood in
the orphanage. I was told that my parents refused from me but I do not
know the reason. That is why I had to live without parents. I have
never had the careless of my mom but I always felt the big family
where I was loved and love everybody. I have many brothers and sisters
they are not my native but they are much closer and more native for
me. I love all the children who lived with me in orphanage. We still
associate with each other. I think that you would like to know where I
live now. Well, now I have a flat and work as a teacher of English in
elementary school. I teach for children whom from 7 to 10 years old.
While studying at school my favorite subject was English. There I
dreamt to finish the school and enter the institute. So my dream came
true. Now I have everything that I need to live in the simple way. I
am not reach but I think that money is not everything in our life.
They only spoil person and do not give him happiness. But I think that
happiness is in love. I dream about my own family with the beloved
man. I am fond of children and I would like to have them in the
future. And do you like children My friend ? I am not a person of
career. I am fond of cooking. Everybody says that I cook very
delicious. I think that you are interested in why I decided to find my
second half through the Internet. Well for about year ago my best
friend Natasha got acquainted through the Internet with Larry and now
they are very happy together. Now she is in South Africa with the
beloved man. She is pregnant and their family is very happy. Natasha
found Larry through the Internet. We worked and studied together. She
is a teacher of English too. And now she works at school there. She
teaches Russian language at the school. So I decided to do the same. I
hope that everything will be very good and I will be happy. I can
speak and write English language. I have decided to write to you, My
friend ! Wowww, I have written you so much! I did not think that I can
write about myself so much, really. I'm finishing my e-mail to you, My
I'll be grateful so much, if you'll write me about yourself so
much, as I did it. I would like to know about your family. Is your
family large? Tell me also a little about your city where do you live?
I have never been in other countries and I'll be very glad to know
about your country. Ok, let me finish my e-mail, I hope to see your
answer soon! I'm attaching my photo. I hope you will find my photo
good. Ok, good bye, My friend , I hope to see your answer soon.
I wait for your letter!!!
Take care,
Your new Russian friend,
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer OKSANA

2009-01-24, 05:50:08
anonymous from Netherlands  
from (van)Zimoisneg <>
Antwoorden opZimoisneg <>
kazan russia

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Anastasiya from Medvedevo
Dating scammer Anastasiya from Medvedevo

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