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Dating scammer OKSANA


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Received: from ?
Yoshkar Ola, Russia

Other Comments:
Aí vai mais uma que como sempre começa no ParPerfeito:
Essa até que eu gostei dela. Pelo menos as cartas são um pouco mais requintadas.

Hi ! My name is Oksana. I search reliable and good man. I like yours profile. Unfortunately I have no much free time to chat with you here.But I will be glad if you will write me at my personal address. Please write me and I will answer to you and send you my photos, Ok:

Hello my new friend Igor! Its Oksana
I'm glad to receive yours e-mail ! Thank you for writing me. For me
this way of dialogue new and I never communicated with people is
similar to this. But I hope we will study each of us and all will be
OK for me & you ! I think that your profile more interesting than
others. I hope you have time to send me some messages and we could to learn each other. Now about me, i am 27 years old, and my name is
Oksana. I was never married and I have no children. I live with my
parents. Do you have a children ? Do you live one or with parents? I
have no bad job. The teacher in institute where studied earlier. I
love my work very much because every day i contact people, when they
do gifts each other, I see pleasure in their eyes. I allow to young
peoples of knowledge and it is fine. I'm much communicate with the
colleagues who are more skilled than me . I adopt at them skills of
work . Do you like your work? I love listening to music, concerts,
outdoor activities, movies, amusement parks, sports, travel, swimming,
some socializing with close friends at the clubs or bars but not too
often, I love romance movies the best I like , action & comedy. I like
some retro music. I like some top music, disco music, live music, and
occasionally romantic music & a little foreign music. I like to dance
very much. I have enough girlfriends, we spent time together, usually
we go to the cafe, to watch movies, to the concerts, we have many
other entertainment. I have sports activity i prefer healthy style of
a life. I visit the gym (and sometimes it is less ) 2-3 times in week.
I hold my body in the healthy form. And you have any sports in the
life now? I send you my pictures i hope you like. Also i want that you
send to me some your pictures but please not of big size. I will wait
it! Tell me about your interesting things what you like to do, what
your character, your hobby ? What qualities do you like in women? I
hope we shall have time for writing other interesting letters to each
other. We will look what will be... Write me, I will wait your letter
with impatience.
Your new friend Oksana

HI Igor ! I am pleased to receive your message again. It means you are
interested in me. Send me your photos , please ! Do you really like my
picture? Ok ... i will send you another my picture in the next letter.
Igor i have some questions, i hope to get your answers, It's important
for me to learn some your opinion. Also i will try to answer your
questions, if not now that later, I think you read my profile and
could see that I have serious intentions. I'm looking for serious
relations. I hope you too, if you looking for fun, tell me good bye,
well I will try to tell a little about my character. Well... I think
I'm very romantic woman. I like to communicate with people, it is
pleasant to me i like good humor. Also i very much loyalty,
understanding, estimate, honesty, patience. I believe in love, and I
think it very valuable thing which needs to be protected. I very
jealous person. I adore, to hear compliments and is ready to listen
many times. I like Cleanliness around of myself, I do cleaning often.
I love a cosines in the house and I enjoy in the silent evening of a
house. Also i like to cook. I like a chicken. I will tell about it
somehow. well also I am always ready to be the most most patient. i
think i good woman :) I want to find a good guy, i think all women
dream to find good man and i dream about beautiful romantic relations.
But often such things come to the end very quickly. In relations
should be not only romanticism, also the lovers should think of a
reality. I have no intention to spend my time with only romanticism. I
search for the man which knows that he wants in life, not only in
dreams, While i have not met such man in my life. But i hope to find
such person. I am not materialistic, I hope to make family. I think
its main thing, not career or other success. Happy good family and
loveperson are main. Tell me please what you want in the life? What
woman? i want to know this things. I will wait yours e-mail. I hope we
will learn each other gradually yours Oksana

Hi Igor! Send me your photos , please !
I am glad to receive your message again, every day we will learn more
about each other and it's an interesting. I had usual day but i have
received your letter and now my mood became much better, it is really
pleasant for me that you write to me. Thank you for yours some answers
to my questions it helps me to learn more about you and to understand
you. I send you other my picture. I hope, that you love me in a photo.
Igor To tell I was more about your family. You have many relatives? As
frequently do You visit each other how frequently you gather? I have
very good family. As I have already written, that I live one, but I
frequently visit my parents. I live in convenient Apartment, there - 2
rooms kitchen bathing and a balcony.. I loved mum and I loved the
daddy, one child in Family I always wanted to have the younger brother
or the sister to Care of them. My parents - very good, cautious and
kind people, They always understand me. They love me very much, I love them also. The name of my mother is Tatyana , she - very sensual and kind woman. To her of 49 years, earlier she worked as the adviser
industrial The goods, but now she does not work. The name of my of the
father is Maxim. He Strict, but the fair person . To him 51 years. He
works as the builder. I Love my family, very much we frequently spend
we carry out time together. In my The private life I has emptiness. I
have been never married, the my last friend was almost my age, we were
with him together almost 3 years, But he has appeared the swindler, he
has deceived me though is feigned, it Everything is all right, which
always with me is fair. I thought, he Loves me, but he was the fool
(regretting about expression), he frequently He deceived me was the
liar, for him friends and were more important Than the party . For him
there was no any important we an attitude, and I with Him have told
good-bye and not, about how many I do not regret about it, Therefore,
now I search more serious and sincere is valid ' the adult The person
for serious attitudes '. There is no anyone for serious Attitudes. In
the beginning you think, that you have met good suitable The person
but then you understand that were mistaken in the person. Probably
therefore I also use service of a network of date. So it is possible
To study the internal party of the person, here I can Probably find
The person who should love me, estimates and understands me. For me
Not important his financial situation and work he does. I hope to
Find, who estimates women and who can care of the woman. I shall be
ready To give all directly, well I shall short Igor, write to me about
Your ideas concerning it.
I wait your letter. Yours Oksana

Hi Igor, it is pleasant, that you were interested in my some ideas in
messages. Igor, today I have very intense day on my work. I found a
little time to send you this small massage i want to say that i think
of you i always glad to your mails. Igor, usually i do not tell about
the deep ideas and opinions, but i has written to you, because i has
felt desire to open it to you. I more independent woman, but probably
sometimes am necessary that there was one man, which i can to open and trust - sometimes it happens hardly to reflect all these things. I am
glad, that has found your understanding you see it happens not
Igor thank, that you have written to me some details about your life
and family, I closely studied it. It has helped me more well to
understand you and your life and you become closer man.
Igor It is time to me to go to do some businesses and it is necessary
to meet the friends. By the way I told them, that i got acquainted
with you, and parents too. Have good day. I wait your letters.
Yours Oksana
Hi Dear, Igor i did not inform you earlier my address because i not
enough knew you. I live in an average part of Russia, in city
Cheboksary. My city the Cheboksary are located on high by the right to
coast of Volga (port), in a valley which is formed by the river
Cheboksarka, in 768 km to the east from Moscow. To my regret it is far
from you, else it was not necessary for us much e-mail, to learn each
other. We could meet, talk, to spend some time together and good learn
each other. But for us it will be not a fast way. But if we shall
decide to meet, I hope, that it will be not a problem for us because
earlier I travelled to other countries. I was in the several countries
of Europe; for example Turkey, Italy, Germany. I traveled as the
tourist. Therefore Igor , you should not have excitement be relative
that we not beside. I am woman, that if I shall like man for a meeting
i shall reach him. Besides in our days it is not a problem to travel.
I don't worry about it and I can do it, it is possible to have
relations with the person of other part of the world. It is very
interesting - other culture, thinking, traditions i like new places,
probably you Igor can learn Russian woman. I am confident that you
are able to give tenderness and able to care of women and if we have
decided to meet i hope i would be surrounded your attention. By the
way I not badly play on a guitar, I studied these 7 years, and you are
able to play on guitar? Tell to me! well i finish my letter now. I
wait for your messages.
Yours Oksana


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2008-11-19, 02:48:58   (updated: )
[hidden] from Brazil  

2008-11-19, 02:48:58   (updated: )
[hidden] from Brazil  

2008-11-19, 02:48:58   (updated: )
[hidden] from Brazil  

2008-11-19, 02:48:58   (updated: )
[hidden] from Brazil  

2008-11-19, 02:48:58   (updated: )
[hidden] from Brazil  

2008-11-19, 02:48:58   (updated: )
[hidden] from Brazil  

2008-11-19, 05:20:29
anonymous from Netherlands  
My name and surname: Natalia Burykina.
My address: Mari El Republic
city Yoshkar-Ola street maschinostroiteley 2, 424037, Box 19.
from (van)natalya <>

datum19 november 2008 10:50
subject (onderwerp)Hello

details verbergen 10:50 (1 uur geleden) Beantwoorden

Hello my love
I so am happy to receive your letter. I can't without you.
Every morning I get up with the thought of you and every evening I go to bed with the thoughts of you.
I cannot live without your letters. I got used to you so much.
All I need now is to get a letter from you, to know that you are well and you are thinking of me too.
I cannot do anything, I cannot concentrate. I go to work and it is a torture for me as I cannot really do anything, talk to anybody.
All I do is thinking of you. I love you. I know what you think now. I am scared myself as it is unusual for me too.
But I will die if you tell me you do not need me any more.
I would give everything in the life just to be with you right now, to see your wonderful and kind eyes, to understand that you feel the same.
Why you send me the same letters? You that deceive me? I would not want that deceived me because I am frank with you.
Every part of my body aches for you. I am mad at myself. This should not happen to me. At least I should not tell this to you.
This is wrong. But what can I do. I cannot just stand aside. I need you to understand me.
Perhaps, you do not feel the same about me. But I feel that you have something for me too. If you do not, I will understand.
I will be the best friend for you, lover, if you only allow me. I am so much scared that you will not allow me to love you.
But you should know this feeling will always be in me as you have captured the biggest part of my heart.
And this will last forever, I know. I have never felt this before especially to the person I have never seen in real life.
And I will be happy only if you say that you feel just a little of what I do for me.
You are my life!!! I want to embrace you each moment, to kiss your beautiful eyes, to feel your care and to feel your protection.
I know that all will be very good between us!
We shall be happy together! I close my eyes and I am imagining about this so happy picture.
My love Ghulam, I dream as we will to go for a walk, keeping for our hands.
I want you to show me your native land, a places where you like to go for a walk and where you like to spend most part of your time, also I want to get acquainted with your relatives and closest friends so much!
I very much want to arrive to you I am trying to imagine how it would be when we meet.
And I am getting so romantic at this time that can even imagine this situation in all colors.
Do you want me to share this with you? I am staying in the airport and there is a glass wall dividing us from each other.
I see you standing there with a bunch of lilies.
The wind is blowing at my hair and my lips are so soft and I have a pink gloss on them.
I am trying to say something to you but you do not hear me.
I start laughing as you cannot understand what I am trying to say to you.. And then you start laughing too.
I am coming closer to you. I feel so nervous and excited at the same time. I see that you feel the same.
I open my lips and you hear at last what I tried to say some minutes ago.. ? Thank you. I am happy! ?
Simple words but there is so much in them. Thank you for making me happy.. Thank you for being with me.
Thank you for make feel complete. Thank you for being in my life. Thank you for everything. Please, accept these words.
I do not know that I shall be doing. Probably my dreams and will stay dreams.
I very much love you and do not want to lose!
Please, be with me! I promise you that I never leave you, that I always will love only you and I will be only with you!
Please, trust me because it is very important for me! I think, that my trust is very important for you too.
It is impossible to live normally without it and to love each other! The trust is an obligatory part of love.
Trust me, please, my beautiful! You very good, you very interesting person for me.
And I know that you will never deceive me, and you will always trust me. I believe in you.
I shall wait your letter.
Sincerely Natalia!!!

2008-11-19, 11:10:54
anonymous from Netherlands  
Olya = Olga
from (van)Olga <>
Antwoorden opOlga <>

datum5 november 2008 12:30
details verbergen 5 nov. Beantwoorden

Hello my friend !!!!!! For me was pleasure to receive news from
you! How your day? I think well! I was good! At us today very awful
weather. In the street very coldly also is not present what sun. I
very much am interested in you. I search for serious attitudes what to
create strong, loving family. Today I send you 1 to a photo, I hope
that is pleasant to you. What can I tell more about myself directly? My age
30. Mine birthday 25.11. 1977. my growth 178. My weight 60. Hair -
light, but I very often paint it in dark colour. I love a variety in
appearance. Eyes - brown. I have no children. I love a life. I like to
wake up in the mornings and to not know, that will present me new day.
I like to laugh and see when people are dared. I love sports. I two
times a week go to pool and I am engaged there. I like to travel,
though I never was abroad. Now I dream find the person with which I
can to construct family and to live together with him. The main thing,
that this person would understand me. Unless you do not think so? I
think, that the main thing in the person, that at him in soul, instead
of what it externally. I want, that the person was intellectual and
alive with sensation of humour. I think, that we have good chance to
know each other better... Winter my favourite season of year, I like
to look, how the nature comes to the senses after autumns. I love
snow. Snow it is fine entertainment for children. Children are the
future of our planet and on Them all our hope, they bring pleasure. I
believe, that the main love in my life will still arrive, the god will
help me with it. My favourite films now: 'Titanic' and 'Night patrol'.
I work from 8 mornings till 17 evenings every day except for Saturday
and revivals. During the lunchtime or after work I come in the
Internet of cafe. Also I write to you letters. I have not enough time
and means for entertainments, therefore I cannot allow me good rest.
Why I search for the person in more about me. Because here in Russia
all men egoists also do not care at all of women, can simply beat them
or humiliate. Please ask me that interests you. I shall answer your
questions. But if I shall not answer your questions do not take
offence. I it means cannot understand. As it is my first experience of
dialogue in the Internet. I write letters from the Internet of cafe
and he unfortunately sometimes happens is closed. I with impatience
shall look forward to hearing from you. With greetings from Russia
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer OKSANA
Dating scammer OKSANA
Dating scammer OKSANA

2008-11-20, 05:22:25   (updated: 2008-11-20, 05:22:56)
[hidden] from Sweden  
2008-11-19, 11:10:54
anonymous from Netherlands

don't see why you have to write 'a new bitch bagging money- men be careful' under this photo.

90% of these pics are stolen and 90% of the women aren't even aware of it. It's common knowledge that the majority of Russian scammers are students working in organized scam cells.
2008-11-20, 08:41:47
anonymous from Netherlands  
from (van)Olga <>
Antwoorden opOlga <>

datum6 november 2008 14:32
details verbergen 6 nov. Beantwoorden

Hello my dear friend !!!!! I again see letters from you. I am very
glad to this. I am glad, that you remember me. With each new letter we
are closer and more close to each other. When I receive your letter,
my life is filled with pleasure at once. You so do not consider? I
think, that dialogue by letters are too cool. I would like to write to
you the letter on a home address, but from Russia letters most likely
will not reach. Thus mine letters cannot arrive to you. Thus it is
much better and easier to communicate through the Internet. Write to
me your phone number I could try to call you later. I have no phone
because I of fashions is not connected to a telephone line, but I can
take advantage of services by item of the international negotiations.
Unfortunately I have no computer and phone of a house. In general I
think the Internet this big achievement of the modern world. By the
way my friends are interested in you. Ask me. Especially my Mum. I
speak them, that you decent and good the man. My mum is very glad,
that I have found to myself the friend. She wishes us good relations
in the future. But I think, that we should study each other better. It
is very important for me. In that many pairs break up because they
very badly know the fact each other. I do not want to do such
mistakes. I hope, that you understand me. Well? As I spoke you
earlier, we should to learn the friend the friend about more and more
from our e-mail. I want to continue with you attitudes, though between
us such big distance. I would like to talk to you in alive. But it
only my dreams. Well, let me to finish my letter. My mum sends the
regards to you. I shall wait for your following letter. Please write
to me as soon as possible. Your girlfriend from Russia Olya
2008-11-20, 10:31:25
anonymous from Netherlands  
from (van)Natasha <>
Antwoorden opNatasha <>

datum20 november 2008 16:58
details verbergen 16:58 (25 minuten geleden) Beantwoorden

Greetings ! I am very pleased, that you have answered my short
The message. Excuse me, that I so During long time I did not answer you and
Did not think, that you will answer me. I awfully understand the Internet
In a computer and system. Therefore I am grateful to my girlfriend. As
She has slammed me, write here. She has found the good person through
The Internet. Now they have concluded a marriage and happily live in
Netherlands. The Russian men cope only in satisfaction
Pleasures. Many of them strongly wish some alcohol and drugs. I read about
Big Familiar through the Internet. But I all as could not dare to
Write to whom - that. I have no any computer in my house. Yes, it - is valid
Pity ... I cannot answer you during the same moment as you. And I am courageous
To write the short letter to you and for me that you have answered was
With unexpected. It is very pleasant for me!!! I want to tell in
Once I search for it. I search for the friend, and can and more. All
It because I am lonely also I does not find Understanding in my city. I
Had in a life of 2 serious attitudes. Last have been finished in November 2004.
First my attitudes were with the person whom I have acquainted when
I studied at Technical University. When I have reached his house, me
Have learned, that other woman waits for the child from him.
The second attitudes to me should be finished, as my person, which I
Living very much many see and beaten me, it did not respect me. It sees many
From alcohol and constantly used fists against me! And now I cannot find
Understanding in our society. Certainly our village, not big and it not such
And the problem to find the partner, but also something me stops all. I
Have decided to find the partner through the Internet, and I was really
Pleased, that you have written to me the letter in the answer. It - a
It is a little about myself and about what where I live. To me 28. My birthday -
On September, 1979. My height - 5 foots 6 inches. My weight - 128
Pounds. It will be for certain probably in a photo which I to you I
To send. How concerning you my photo, I hope it to you, it is pleasant?
I live in Russia, in Village Yurino. Yurino is located in 810 kilometers from Moscow.
I have higher education. I began my formation
In high school, in Yurino. After I have finished it, I have
The entered Economic Ability of Technical University. I have finished it 4
Years ago. Now I work as the bookkeeper. I am borrowed in financial
Affairs of our firm. This firm, not so big. I work here not so for a long time
Time, approximately 8 months. Within the working day I can use a computer and write
Letters. It is more convenient for me. I really would like to know
Your interests, your race, languages which you speak, a hobby? Tell to me
Small is more than bats about you. I also shall tell to you more about me in
The following letter. I send you my pictures. I hope, that my letter will not be
Break you. I shall wait for your letter and your picture with
Impatience. But if you are not interested, lower me some words. It
Important for me.

I shall wait for your letter tomorrow.
Your Russian girlfriend Natasha.

2008-11-20, 10:32:17
anonymous from Netherlands  
from (van)Natasha <>
Antwoorden opNatasha <>

2008-11-21, 04:47:18
anonymous from Netherlands  
from (van)Olga <>
Antwoorden opOlga <>

datum7 november 2008 10:26
details verbergen 7 nov. Beantwoorden

Hello the my dear friend !!!!!! I am very glad to your letters
to me. I am glad, that we have found each other. You are very nice to
me. You are remarkable a man!!!!!!!! I am happy, that I communicate
with you. Each your letter for me as a beam of the sun in a gloomy
empire. I hope, that to you the same is pleasant to communicate with
me. Today at me such fine mood and I have come to the cafe Internet to
write to you. How your work? I hope you do not test complexities? I am
glad, that the god has enabled us to get acquainted. And I am very
happy to this. I want to deceive nobody the words you my friend. The
deceit - the most bad character trait of the person, at all does not
decorate it The person! And on this I try to tell lies to people
never. Probably it is still interesting to you why I began to
correspond from you? I can tell to you only one. I cannot find the man
in Russia which will love and respect me. As one clever person has
told: 'When we live we are in search, in search that who can go with
you on vital ways, because to one to go very much and very much
Difficultly. 'I think you agree with this opinion? I hope, that our
dialogue will develop. And we shall learn more and more and more about
each other. I am very happy to have such friend as you. It very much
pleases me. It would be pleasant for me to know your opinion on our
dialogue. I would like to know, what the pleasure gives to you? I want
to know, what does you happy? I frequently think of you my friend. It
is not interesting to know more about you. I with impatience wait for
your letters, and I can tell, that they began for me more than Simply
e-mail It - more the greater. I think of you very much frequently, and
I recollect all letters which you have written to me. In them I see a
lot of heat. Please write to me in the greatest possible degree, I
like to read your letters and the communications with You does me very
happy, and I with impatience wait for it. I shall look forward to
hearing from you. Kisses. Olya

2008-11-21, 13:58:21
anonymous from Netherlands  
from (van)Natasha <>
Antwoorden opNatasha <

datum21 november 2008 13:56
details verbergen 13:56 (6 uren geleden) Beantwoorden

Hi ! How are you today? I hope you were pleased to receive my letter because when
I'm receiving your
letter, I really was admire. Many thanks to you. I have perfectly understood everything
you wrote to me. As
I already spoke you I know English rather well. , as you already know, I have no
computer in my house
and for this reason I'm writing to you from my work. Therefore I'm sorry, if not so
quickly answered your
letter. I work from Monday till Friday and very much often on Saturday. My working day
begins at 8:00 and
last to 20:00. Sometimes I'm working till 21.00. But it's not easy, because my
boss does not let use the computer with private purposes. We do not
have unlimited Internet access on a work. I use a computer secretly to
write HI to you (when my boss - not in office). Internet is expensive
in Russia. My monthly income - 9500 roubles, it about 390 dollars. But this money
suffices me and even is
possible save my money. I can safely tell, that I adore travelling. I travelled in
Russia, I saw Moscow,
Samara, Saint-Peterburg, Sochi. But I have never been in Europe and other countries. Now
I am usual
bookkeeper in small firm. But it is not difficult, I very much like my work. My new
colleagues very good
people. It is most important for me. We have very quickly found common interests. I have
some friends. But
now I have found you, ! I am very pleased, and I shall think about you. I tried to
find love and
happiness here, but I have felt lie. We have proverb in Russia: Bitter truth is better
than sweet lie. After all my histories you may think, that
everything is bad, but
it is not true. I have already told you, that my parents have left me in a orphanage.
But, my childhood was
not so difficult. I'm so think. Only it was very lonely without parents. I had many
friends. I had very
interesting childhood. When I became more adult... then I had more difficulties. Not only
me. I think you
understand, that it's hard for lonely kid in this severe world... But the most important
never put your
hands. It is necessary to go next
level. I understood it for a long time. Don't you think so? It is
true! Now I have a good life, I have friends. Good work. It is rather
good here. I rent my apartment. I pay for it. I have no opportunity to
buy it. It's very expensive for me here. I should work to have my own apartment 10 years!
, I make
all independently: man's and female duties. I can hammer nails, carry heavy bags.... By
the way I'm quite
good plumber (sanitary technician). Life everything has learned me... I can hope only for
myself. But
sometimes I so want feel a strong shoulder near to me... Yes, I want real man for
creation family. , I
have the most serious intentions. Very hard to meet geantlemen... Unfortunately.
Therefore I am very glad
that have met you. To me very pleasant our dialogue. For me not so important age
distinction. These days I so strong wait for your letter. It
helps me to distract from all. It as a sweet dream... It is other
world for me. Forgive me, if my letter was sad, big and uninteresting to you. Just I
wanted to tell you
about my life. You should know about it. I promise you not write such letters anymore.
Now I should finish
my letter. I wait with alarm your answer. Also I want ask you: had you ever friend from
other country? Is
it important for you a nationality? I wait for your answer.

Yours friend Natasha.

I would be very pleased if you sent me photos!

2008-11-21, 14:00:52
anonymous from Netherlands  
from (van)Natasha <>
Antwoorden opNatasha <

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You have received photos and wonder if these photos has been posted here before? Because you suspect this could be a dating scammer, but you do not want to post this picture? Try the Picture Search