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Dating scammer Aleksandra


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Name: Aleksandra



Other Comments:
This is the email i got today:


This email is for you:

To start with, I want to apologise for disturbing you with my email. This is not a spam but a real email. My name is Aleksandra. The reason why I am emailing you this is the fact that I am in looking for for a person for a life time and a friend, my soulmate. I hope you I hope you will read my message up to the end. You know I hate of being lonely. The internet dating is new to me and I have never done that before. I am not sure how I got your email, but I was at the internet and somehow I entered a website Knuz and don't know how I got your email and I decided to drop you a line. I don't want you to think that I am some kind of virtual programm or something. IN this email I am Greetings! my pictires and I hope you like what you see. Let me tell you some more about myself. As you already know I am Anastasiya and I am from Russia. I am 24 years old but people say that I look younger. I can describe myself as kind, loving, tender, open-minded, intelligent, with a sence of humour. I would appriciate if you have the same traits of character. My family is not big and I live now with my mum and I am lonely without my partner's attention. I want to love and to be loved. I hope you are not mad with my email. If your interested in me and in knowing each other better please email:alxndragirl[at]inetcafemail24[dot]com

Looking for your reply.
Faithfully yours

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2008-12-02, 05:26:38   (updated: 2008-12-02, 05:28:03)
And for your info:
I am not from Italy.
I hope you forget this fucking bitch
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Aleksandra

2008-12-02, 05:37:25
Anche Io

You want to go out for hunting?
Here is your prey.
Now it is your business my friend.

Received: from
( [])
The Bat! (v3.72.10 (Beta)) Professional

But..............Take a look!!!!
Received: from
unknown []
Yoshkar Ola, Russia

It seems you have a big fish my Italian friend!!!
Better leave it.
See you.
2008-12-02, 06:31:18
from Darmstadt, Germany  
Wo ich schreiben und wo sie beantwortet.
2008-12-05, 05:27:25
anonymous from Italy  

2008-12-05, 05:28:25
anonymous from Italy  

2008-12-08, 05:39:54
anonymous from Italy  
la mia foto preferita è quella che vi allego. Io continuo ancora a scambiare email con questa signora, le ho anche dato il numero di telefono a cui è seguita, finora, un'unica telefonata... La prima cosa che ho messo in chiaro nella varie emails che si sono susseguite è che NON HO SOLDI e che se voleva venire avrebbe dovuto provvedere lei a tutte le spese.

2008-12-08, 11:26:10
anonymous from New Zealand  
new scam artist to this already long list, am glad i did some research and found this site, even though she hasn't ask for any money yet. well it seems like the scammers are using more intelligent ways oh sweet talking you.. like I really want to arrange our meeting so let us in our next letter talk about how that would happen, I am open to all your ideas and suggestions, please with an open heart I will consider all options that you have given me.. blah blah blah.. proberly wanting me to say 'eh ok Ill send you some money so you can come see me ok? lol its only been just over a week and she wants to be my wife already lol well, I get that alot with my gifted looks ;) hehe but still, for online people to do that? this girl is trying to scam me saying she works in a womens underwear shop in russia in the town of kivoc, now I have to talk about the 5 fancy cars the mansion, city apartments I own lol.. now i know the code words to look out for.. 'hello my darling stranger or friend the your name.. they write the same letter to everyone then add your name to make it look real.. her is irina, I ask for her number but she replied to give me mine lol.. so I wonder what her next email is going to be.. I'll let you guys know when she finally ask for money, thats when she has given herself away with being a scammer... she's proberly real and thats her but shes using the money to by her new clothes... guys I'm new to this online dating thing but if someone was really sincere about you, they would come see you... like they would pay there own way if you really were the dream of their life.. have you ever thought about that? well all the best guys... and hope you use the right head to give you wisdom.. don't ever..not ever give money.. no matter what the circumstances are.. they pray on despriate people like yourself!!!

2008-12-08, 11:40:48
anonymous from New Zealand  
you know what would be funny if she was really legit lol... hmm then i wonder if you can delete this things hehehe... well she won't look on her if she is ;) but i dont think she is at all.....

2008-12-08, 15:09:36
2008-12-09, 16:00:48
2008-12-12, 05:15:57
anonymous from Italy  
ciao anche io ho ricevuto avance da ekaterina gli ho chiesto se viene a trovarmi,che poi non è nemmeno tanto bella da pagare vero? però se viene a gratis un piatto di pasta cè.ciaoooooooooo
2008-12-22, 03:35:05
anonymous from Italy  
attenzione, ci sono altre ragazze (dicono di essere russe) che cercano solo soldi altro che amore!! una si fa chiamare Irina,una si fa chiamare Karine
2008-12-23, 11:52:13
anonymous from London, United Kingdom  
she/he took me for 320 eurosfor air flight i waited at heathrow but had a phone call saying she was prevented from boarding by customs????and she needed £500more to prove subsistance luckily western union have a limit on how much one can send in a month and so i delayed payment and then my family found this site and of course that was it but i wouldve sent the money if my daughter and youngest son hadnt stepped in and made me see sensealeks missed out on a life of luxury with me on my yachtcruising the world getting paid
alex and mum is not in your gallery i pushed for a photo to prove her existancedavid smith

2009-01-04, 16:09:35
anonymous from Italy  
Attenzione Ekaterina è una gran furbona!!!non mi ha ancora chiesto tra un pò lo farà!!!a voi vi ha chiesto il nome e cognome?
2009-01-04, 16:32:19
anonymous from Italy  
Ragazzi qualcuno mi sa dire se dando il nome vero a una scam... rischio?
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