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Dating scammer Tatyana (photos: Raven Riley)


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Name: Tatyana


Russia, Pavlovsk, Lomonosova st. 8, flat 21, post code(zip) -659001.

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This is pictures of Raven Riley.

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2011-11-18, 17:45:16
Uses the Sharon Tiffany
2011-11-25, 03:03:43

2011-11-27, 12:32:58   (updated: 2011-11-27, 12:41:11)
anonymous from Bangladesh  
i m Bappy Khan form in

2011-11-29, 00:01:18
If a Russian girl tells you that she will get a visa to the USA instead of inviting you, that is - under the current immigration law - a SURE sign that SHE LIES. It seems Russian women cannot get permission to leave Russia unless it is a marriage visa which can only be obtained after the man visits her first in Russia. Ask questions and beware the scam !

2011-12-08, 13:54:01
there is a man,sam , who is renting a room from my bodyguard/boyfriend who has an online girlfriend in accra ghana
we think it' bullshit as does his wife (he is seperated )
she supposedly put him in contact with her 'honest ' uncle and he shipped computers to the mobile home park where Emma's american boyfriend sam lived and he shipped them to africa , the uncle wouldn't pay the frieght
finally he paid the frieght and then sent Dewalt tools
the american boyfriend kept the tools
we think they are stolen
they were drop shipped from Lowes
they are still in boxes
he was supposed to send them to africa
we told the man ( Sam ) that we think the girlfriend is not real
he has never met her in person or skyped with her
his wife reseaerched her and said there are 118 pages of complaints about this emma morrison
2011-12-13, 19:45:52
anonymous from United States  
yes i been scammed 4 30k
i have photo and documents.
what can i do too bring this whore or whores down.

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Nancy Milman from Accra, Ghana

2011-12-14, 01:29:13
All of you being scammed might consider customizing the following 'NOTICE' and send to your scammer friend as well as the various agencies you might feel appropriate. Most countries now require registration of cellphone numbers, so the scammers do not have total anonymity as they may think. I used this notice recently, and it did get the attention of the scammer who got really pissed; and threatened to have her high priest cousin in Haiti cast a powerful voodoo spell over me that would cause my balls to rot and fall off if I didn't stop the notice immediately. LOL ! So if you're not superstitous, give it a try and post your experiences which may help bring at least some resolution to others who have been scammed.


'Pursuant to legal statures applicable to judiciary felony fraud cases in Ghana, evidentiary material enclosed indicates a clear intent of scamming over the internet, perpertrated by one Akakpo Samuel, a female of Black/African descent approximate age 31, whose last known physical address is: #14 Abavana Street, Accra, Ghana 00233 email address: and cel phone: 233 276339929. A number of photographs of the subject along with correspondence, depository from Womens World Bank WWB/0994-0801 dated 19 July 2011 and MTCN Western Union data are further enclosed herewith as an attachment. The purpose of which is for investigation and prosecution of suspected criminal and/or civil violations. It appears the premise is being used to conduct illegal internet fraud, whereby a fictitious persona is often created by the scammer who will profess romantic interests, in order to lure victims into sending money for various reasons. It is urgent you precede with an immediate investigation to prevent further scurrilous and fraudulent scamming activity by false pretenses, impersonation and abetment of crime on residential premise.

All agencies are being notified as necessary, including but not limited to; The U. S. Embassy (Ghana), all U. S. Federal Agencies, INTERPOL, NCR (National Cellphone Registry), Womens World Bank (Ghana), private investigator/law firm (Ghana), MoneyGram, Western Union, landlords, neighborhood addresses on Abavana Street (Ghana), other internet providers, affiliations, associates and religious institutions.'

2011-12-14, 06:21:06
yes I been scammed by her from Ghana Accra its a shame people uses other profile to survive in this world and not enough education or lack of law enforcement because of money in the budget means not a top priority to do about or wasted time for among things to do. I did research found things you referred about copy and pastes and repeating her self. she puts her in the a lot of pictures of profiles they live off people sufferings and laugh got away with this and I don't think raven Riley in it sounds sincerely, bright. its bad enough we have go to there level to protect our self's, and not enough restrictions of cyber internet laws on the books, when they say nothing can be done, enforcement is slap in the face, and also to be teased of the scams is bad enough too,
even you try get information got pay money in good and worst times in your life, a lesson learned, me I be not trust worthy what people say now on, its a shame, like you help a animal off the street and bites you, for no good reason, even before this I didn't know what were talking about Google search raven Riley is a fake, all this said am a raven Riley fan.
2011-12-14, 07:29:10
anonymous from Switzerland  
Hey Anonymous that was scammed for 30K, go to the yahoo group 'Romance Scammers'
2011-12-15, 03:53:22
my freind told me about this website cause i was getting caught up with this one girl and her name she goes by is and she told me her name is agnes ohenewaa and she's from accra ghana and her address is 10th abeka road and phone number is 233 546 709 162 and i hate to say this but she scammed the hell out of me for about 1800 dollars cause i fell in love with her and i think she needs to be stopped from doing this to people.well last night i question her about something and it was a picture that she sent me and in return she sent the same picture to someone else but with a different name well she didnt answer me she just signed out and thats that..
2011-12-15, 18:50:52
anonymous from united states  
shes going by lovly_agnes now and the name she gave me was agnes ohenewaa and she said she is from accra ghana and lives at 10th abeka road and her cell phone number is 233 546 709 162 and she scammed the hell out of me and wanted me to send her money for a airplane ticket which was 2000 dollars but i didnt do that cause i caught on to what she was doing and in a sence it was to late cause she got me already for some money and she even told me that she wants to get married to me and have a couple of children from me and she always told me that she missed me and she loves me and there will never be another man in her life but me
2011-12-16, 20:05:45
There is no sexy gal on the other end ! Just some young black dude or ugly hooker in one of many internet cafes in Nigeria or Ghana ! More than likely it's a lowlife gang member that's being pimped by some greedy gangster, who keeps a knife at their throat should they try anything else. These thugs work under a pimp's supervision pretending to be lonely women seeking romance. To these immortal jackals, it's just a business with a goal to scam you into sending their gangland boss as much of your money as possible.


You don't have to question it, you don't have to ask why, you don't have to seek exceptions from the rule, because there are NONE. That's just the way it is ! And your beautiful chick in Nigeria or Ghana regardless of their apparent ethnicity is also no exception. Sorry !

If a supposedly white, asian or hispanic chick contacts you online and then turns out to be in Nigeria or Ghana, it's a scam. Always ! As for black people, if they claim to be African-Americans, but 'presently' temporarily in Nigeria or Ghana (or anywhere in Africa) for any reason: job, taking care of a sick parent, etc.. this is also a scam ! Especially if their picture looks like an African-American model. And more often than not a picture of a sexy PORN model cleverly used to lure you into their web of deceit and deception !
2011-12-19, 19:47:36
So I started this badoo chat thing about a week and half ago, and about the second or third day I get a msg from some one claiming he lives in florida and is in the Import export business with a friend, all was good until now he says he is stuck in Ghana due to his business partner left him stranded there. So now he thinks I need to send him money for his ticket back to Florida, honestly what the hell is he thinking, I feel sorry for the guy that is in the pictures I got, if he really isnt into this scam. Im so disapointed at people out there that have nothing better to do.
2011-12-19, 23:59:13
anonymous from Germany  
Fake Aufenthaltstiel den Mabel Mensah mir sckickte,
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Dating scammer Ms. Rhoda Addo from Accra, Ghana
Dating scammer Ekaterina Rozhentsova

2011-12-20, 00:06:23
anonymous from Germany  
Da Mabel Mensah für die “wahre Liebe“ ist geht sie Sonnag's in die Kirche und macht auf From,ehe sie wieder ihr böses spiel fortsetzt. Sie ist auf öfters auf Badoo,Mabel34. Wo ist sie noch und wer kennt sie ?
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana
Dating scammer Ms. Rhoda Addo from Accra, Ghana

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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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