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Dating scammer Alena


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Name: Alena



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2008-05-07, 12:30:03
OJAS from United States  
Scammers can steal photos and a girl may herself be a victim http://www.delphifa..?p=3#64966 More details in the forst 4 posts of the Welcome thread http://www.delphifa..2412.shtml
2008-05-07, 13:23:47
[hidden] from Sweden  

Why post things on a girl that calls herself MARINA; when this thread goes by the name ALENA???


This is very important to not create confusion.

No offense; but please...
2008-05-07, 14:11:34
[hidden] from Mlnlycke, Sweden  
Hello everyone.

Today i recieved one mail first; stating that she will come to me next week; and that she due to 'financial crisis' needed $500 for the trip. She said that her visa was cleared, plane ticket bought and that she was on her way - if i only could help her out with this...

Then i answered:

To begin with: Howcome is it that your mails come through an proxy server,
so it appears as if the mail is coming from USA? ( )

Second: Howcome is there that the pictures i got is spread halfway around
the world via uncounted numbers of mails? (they are everywhere!)

Third: Howcome is there that the phone number that you (or someone posing to
be you) is holding the countrycode of United Kingdom? +44 is country code to
UK and so on...

Fourth: Howcome is there that the pictures are reported on numoreus internet
sites as stolen and are being used in fraudulent business? I guess that you
don't look quite like that IRL...

Fifth: Howcome is there that positioning your (cell) phone call yesterday
was so easy via a small computer program that a close friend of mine have? Pin-pointing via GPS and satellites are VERY easy nowadays, i can
assure you!

Sixth: Give me one good reason for me not to reveal every easy-caught piece
of information of you for example to the police; interpol; anti-fraud bureau
and so on?

Seventh: (and this is a good one; trust me!) Howcome is there that when you
have read this far in the mail the small program hidden in the programming
code of the picture already has given me your correct ip-adress, copied the
entries in all adressbooks, copied every document on your computer and sent
it all directly to me? Trust me, when the information comes to me it will
get really fun! I will have the mailadresses and ip-numbers within ten
minutes after that you have read this far; the rest takes about twenty
minutes before it comes - depending on how much you have on your computer...
Funny - isn't?

Strangely enough she haven't replied yet... I wonder when it comes?

Ok, i lied about positioning, but it is possible...

Well, one gone; many more to go!

Anybody needs help with ip-searching, telephone numbers or anything - drop it here and i will do my best to help you out!

We maybe can't stop them; but sure as hell we can slow them down a bit - and thats worth enough for me.


Keep them busy for as long as possible, mail them back (you can have ready-written mails too; they don't have to say shit, just a bunch of words!) for ever and ever - it will help other people as they have to take some kind of action.. And they think that they have you hooked up and spend more time with you. That makes less time for others.

WHATEVER YOU DO; DO N O T SEND YOUR OWN PHOTOS! Neither home phone numbers, worknumbers/mailadresses or such private info.

And of course, never ever send money via western union or other companies to them. You can SAY that you have sent money (remember to have a 10-digit-number ready for them), if you do; do it after their offices are closed there. Then make them go down there again and again and again to check. Assure them that you REALLY sent the money - YOU WOULD NEVER LIE TO THEM OF COURSE - DON'T YOU TRUST ME????????????? *lol*

So, keep it going, telle them that you are a sucessfull person with shitloads of money and noone to spend them on... Make THEM boy your story, let them get sucked over and over and over again!

Then, go find a REAL woman... If you want to, you can have my exwife - she's a real major bitch that stole all of my pension funds (almost $150 000)...

2008-05-07, 15:45:47
OJAS from United States  
Tusen Tack, Mölnlycke, Sverige.

''Keep them busy for as long as possible'' http://www.delphifa..=59#69007

''DO N O T SEND YOUR OWN PHOTOS'' ... Instead send CONFIRMED Scammer photos you will find all over this site (Male & Female)

''Neither home phone numbers'' Ask them to call (Their Exit code +) 809 496 2700 http://www.scambust..ers9.html

''remember to have a 10-digit-number ready for them'' ... See http://www.delphifa..=59#69007

''after their offices are closed there'' http://www.worldtim..shkar-Ola

2008-05-07, 21:30:32
[hidden] from Mlnlycke, Sweden  
Aah, thanks for your contribution OJAS...

Damn; youre everywhere... :-)

Thanks for tips and links, i am a little too new here to know it all yet...

Today i am going on surgery, so i won't be back until tonight/tomorrow; but then...

Be cool everyone!
2008-05-08, 13:51:13
[hidden] from Mlnlycke, Sweden  
*update from Mölnlycke*

Today i was on surgery (took away some screws out of my hip); and when i got back, i had mail... Short and funny:

'I was disappointed in you. Now I understand, why you without the wife'

After laughing for about ten minutes i got one hell of an ache in my new scars; so i had to close my mailprogram...

Although i had to respond; so i sent a mail contenting 'just a little' of evil code in...

Damn; i hope that he/she just opens the mail...

By the way - does anyone have a mail-bombing program? If yes; please mail me:

And once again: a HUGE tjanks to the people that takes care of this site! If there is anything i can do to help; PLEASE let me know!

Your humble servant...
2008-05-08, 15:17:37
OJAS from United States  
2008-05-09, 02:32:37   (updated: 2008-05-09, 02:39:50)
OJAS from United States  
Mölnlycke, Wish you a speedy recovery from surgery.
If you like to send your scammer Trojans, contact Dirk, his e-mail is everywhere on this site.

Swedes, for information on Ryssland try http://www.delphifa..?p=9#56362
2008-05-09, 16:24:57
OJAS from United States  
2008-05-10, 02:48:32
[hidden] from Sweden  
@OJAS: Thank you very much. This time it was just a small one; retracting 3 screws from my hip, so no big prob.

I willl contact Dirk, both to share and perhaps to get some aswell. He/she opened my evil-code-picture, that far i know... *grin*
2008-05-11, 13:25:16
Mike from Sweden  
Sorry about the picture, I manage to post the the picture of another scammer Kate.
However it doesnt matter what name they are using, Alyona, Alyonushka, Alena, Ekatarina, Ludmilla or Kate. They are all scammers, low life creatures, very irretable just like mosquitoes and they dont deserve your money. Never ever send money to a scammer.

This is a copy of Alyonas sixth mail which I received today;

Hello dear Mike!!! I have come to internet cafe again to receive the
letter from you. Your letters make my mood magnificent on all the day.
I wait with impatience each new letter from you. Yes, I work in a bar
as the waiter. A bar where I work refers to Mechta. I would like to
speak with you on the phone, but, unfortunately I have no a house the
telephone, therefore your telephone number is necessary for me. I did
not speak you???? I came to the Internet of cafe and spoke the
manager, that I wish to find the man outside Russia. he has told to me
that I should give him the e-mail and then to me will write some men.
He has asked for this service of 5 dollars. I have paid to him and
then to me have written 10 men. 2 were the gay, 4 were married, 3
wanted only sex and only you wrote to me good letters. I write only to
you because your letters bring to me pleasure and a smile. I think,
that to you 42 years. It is pleasant, that you studied my some ideas
in the last message. Mike, I usually do not tell about the deep ideas
and opinions, but to you has written, because has felt desire to open
it to you. I more independent woman, but probably sometimes am
necessary that there was one man, which can to open and trust -
sometimes frequently it happens hardly to reflect on all these things.
I am glad, that has found at you understanding me, you see it happens
not frequently. It is a pity that Internet - cafe is too far from my
home and I have no opportunity to visit it every day.Today I’ll tell
to you more about my work. I have spoken you that I work as the
waitress in a bar which name is Sports mooring. It is a bar for sports
fans. I have spoken, that I love my work because I like to observe
sport meets. But in general it is a hard job because I should work up
to night and many people visit our bar, after work I have to go
through some quarters to my home. It is hard to find good work in
Russia, so I don’t want to complain. It is better to work in such
place, than to not have work. Many people in Russia haven’t work, they
speak that cannot find suitable work for itself, these are people who
don’t want to work, they want to earn money and also work as small as
possible, I think that if the person wants always earn money, he can
to earn but only by work. Are you agree with me??? As we talk about
work, tell me please more about what you are doing on work. It will be
very interesting for me. Good buy. Alyona.

2008-05-12, 08:52:55
Mike from Sweden  
Yesterday I replied to Alyonas mail above:

Dear Alyona,

I have good news.
I have managed to get some vacation the 19th of May for one week.
I will be coming to Tomsk during that week so we can actually meet.
I hope you too are looking forward to physical contact.


I am waiting for an answer.

2008-05-12, 20:56:06   (updated: 2008-05-12, 20:57:53)
[hidden] from Sweden  
@ Mike:

Hahaha, i think you will get mail soon saying that she thinks it is better that she comes to you; based on some stupid reasons. That was what happened to me...

I don't know if you get reply, because i'm just about to drop a mailbomb on 'her' ... This will get interesting. It's my first attempt with this mailbombing program, so i am not all sure it really works; but i'm almost praying that it actually works...

By the way: you tagged the photo with mailadress '' - is that the one she's using to you?
2008-05-13, 09:18:01
Mike from Sweden  
The mail address she is using writing to me is

Actually she replied today:

Hello my honey Mike!! I enjoy by yours letters. Yours thoughts are
very pure and are good. I admire with you. I shall be happy, if you
will arrive to Tomsk. Please tell to me as to me you a meeting?? I to
you of ladies my address that you could find me or I can a meeting you
in the airport. Yesterday on my activity, there were large problems.
One of the visitors of a bar of saws there is a lot of vodka and
beginnings to all to go combat. The guarding of our bar has deduced
him from a bar. However, he at first did not want to leave. He has
made combat. Then by his force have dragged on a street. In one hour,
he has returned, but already with the drunken friends. There was a
large combat. Then there has arrived police. We were compelled to stop
activity of a bar. Our chief was very malicious. I am very much
disturbed. Because one of gangsters has given to my girlfriend, (she
too there works) on a head a bottle and she lies in hospital. Today I
shall go to her. She the very good girl. Our bar cultural putting and
we do not start up the drunkards. It happened in maiden and I to have
because of it poor state of health. Only your letters and hope about
our future occurring do to me well! In Russia, there is a lot of
disorder. It is country of chaos. I shall not write more about poor. I
only shall write to you, that I enjoy by thy letters. Yours Alyona.

I wrote back today:

Dear Alyonushka,

Today I have purchased a ticket by air to Tomsk [Bogashevo]
on May 20. I am coming on that Tuesday to see you!
I hope you are Happy now.
I wish you will send your home address by mail very soon so I can meet you there. I don’t know at what time I will arrive, usually air flights are delayed and especially in Russia it is difficult to estimate
the arrival time. However if I don’t receive your home address before the 20 th I will go to Mechta and look for you in Sports mooring.
I will be sitting at your work waiting for you. I would appreciate if you gave me your telephone number to your mobile(cell)phone so I can reach you at my arrival.

Best regards,


2008-05-13, 11:59:09
OJAS from United States  
Hej Mike, see letter 6 from http://www.delphifa..p=0#87338
I searched on top left of this page, two unusual words guarding deduced

Hej Mölnlycke, hur står det till?
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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