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Dating scammer elena


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2010-04-29, 10:29:36
I got such a mail, similar information, truth?

Dearest love,
I am really happy in your response to my mail.How is everything?Hope you are fine.
Mine is a bit tough over here in Dakar Senegal.You are admired.
My name is Joy Ojima from Ivory Coast in West Africa,5.3ft tall, fair in complexion,(never married before )and presently i am 23 years old residing in the refugee camp here in Dakar as a result of the civil war that was fought in my country.
My late father Dr Ojima Ukwu was the managing director of Mavococoa and Associates (Ltd) and he was the personal advicer to the former head of state (Late Dr Robert Guei) before the rebels attacked our house one early morning and killed my mother and my father in cold blood. It was only me that is alive
now and I managed to make my way to a near by country Senegal where i am leaving now in a refugee camp.
I would like to know more about you.Your likes and dislikes, your hobbies and what you are doing presently.I will tell you more about myself in my next mail.Attached here are my pictures. I will also like to see more of your pictures.I will tell you more in my next mail.
Hoping to hear from you soonest.
Yours Love,

2010-04-30, 13:04:13   (updated: 2010-04-30, 13:11:53)
mmf from Netherlands  
@ all
The lady with the name Svetlana Howralewa is in real life called Valery Pashkeeva.
She is a model, and many pics are used, look at the folowing links:
regards mmf
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2011-10-03, 22:08:32
anonymous from United States  
I'm getting all these sweet, wonderful letters and pictures from a beautiful girl from Accra, Ghana calling herself prettihawa. Says her name is Hawa Bansi. Has been asking for money for airtime card, money for food for her and her mum, money for her birthday, which is supposed to be coming up Oct. 30th. She even offered to send me nude pictures if I send her $200.00 for her birthday. but no less than $150.00 so she cando her birthday big time...I haven't seen the pictures she has sent me on any of the scammer photos, but know she's a scammer--started telling me she loved me after second e-mailll So convincing---She's really good,,,
2011-10-09, 21:18:14
anonymous from United States  
I got the same thing as above from a beautiful girl from Accra, Ghana, calling herself prettihawa, saying her name is Hawa Bansi...First wanted money for airtime card, then money for food for her and her mum, then $200.00, but not less than $150,00 for her birthday, so she can do it big time.. Birthday is supposed to be Oct. 30th. As above, she offered to send me nude pictures of her if I send the $150.00--said she will make me the happiest man in the world...She's so convincing--Very good..I sent money ($73.00) for the air time card and some for food for her and her mum, but haven't sent birthday money..Watch out guys.. Her email was Scam !!!
2011-12-18, 16:53:58
anonymous from United States  
Guys Beware ! I've been emailing with this person supposedly from Accra, Ghana for
Approx. 3 months now, calling herself Hawa Bansi--email
She started casually but fell in love with me at record started asking for money for all sorts of things shortly after her profession of love...Loves me sooo much..
Can't wait to come to me and be my wife..Has told me different amounts it will cost for her to come to me..I had her investigated and found her being shown as Sandra Taylor.
Investigator sent me a stack of pictures of this Sandra Taylor, which was same pictures
Hawa Bansi was sending me--Even the Juicy Nude ones..When I advised her that she had been Investigated and found out, she still insists she's for real...Very slick and convincing, but I'm not fooled....Look out guys

2011-12-21, 09:38:33
anonymous from United States  
This person calling herself Hawa Bansi has so many aliases, using the same pictures of
Sandra Taylor (Supposedly). Recently I've gotten pictures from her calling herself
Hawa Bansi ( ( along with many
more..Look for the tatoo of wings on her lower belly, just below the navel, also a
butt candy tattoo just below her waist...She's very convincing regardless of the name
she contacts you with...All kinds of sob stories to ask for money...She's also known to
to be from Titusville, Fla with the cindy name....Guys, look out for your wallet !
2011-12-21, 16:33:26
anonymous from United States  
Look out for any of the following scammers...They all use different names but each ones pictures are of scammer Sandra've been had by her...She uses all the different aliases but all coming from the same person...When I discovered who she was, she said I had edited the pictures and told me I was heartless...Tried to turn it all on me....She's a slick bitch !!
2011-12-21, 22:23:30
Scamming is an occupation in Nigeria and Ghana. To these immortal jackals, it's just a business with a goal to scam you into sending as much of your money as possible. The sexy girl on the other end is only a figment of your imagination ! More than likely it's some dude in one of many internet cafes, or a kinky arrangement where the husband pimps his wife for profit.


You don't have to question it, you don't have to ask why, you don't have to seek exceptions from the rule, because there are NONE. That's just the way it is ! And your beautiful chick in Nigeria or Ghana regardless of their apparent ethnicity is also no exception. Sorry !

If a supposedly white, asian or hispanic chick contacts you online and then turns out to be in Nigeria or Ghana, it's a scam. Always ! As for black people, if they claim to be African-Americans, but temporarily in Nigeria or Ghana (or anywhere in Africa) for any reason: job, taking care of a sick parent, etc.. this is also a scam ! Especially if their picture looks like an African-American model. And more often than not a picture of a sexy PORN model cleverly used to lure you into their web of deceit and deception !

2012-02-18, 17:56:50
anonymous from United States  
The woman/man calling themselves pretti hawa has changed her email address from prettihawa45 to prettihawa50 She sent many pictures and the investigator found them to be of Daniell of FTV Girls. When I confronted her about it, she sent some of a black girl who she says is her for real...Still sending all kind of sob stories asking for money and says she is no longer a scammer...Yeah, If I believed that, I would stand on my head and gargle peanut butter...Waatch out guys, she's very convincing !!!
2012-02-18, 22:41:35
anonymous from United States  
This woman Calls herself Ellen Lisa Hills. Supposedly with her Mother. Bother Canadian Citizens at least I was told as such. I contacted the FBI's joint venture with the International white collar workers, I was told that an analyst of the fbi would look over the complaint and contact me If they thought it was solvable. Little do they know they had the man who claims to be the woman as he still calls me trying to convince me she is responsible while she says she was online with me chatting. So, after many thousands of dollars marriage was the bait.
How an African man was able to go to the Western Union p/u facility a agona swedru and use his photo Id with the name Ellen Hills on it confuses me. especially when the investigators almost had them, They called me to ask my help and see what I knew about the authorities closing in on them. I made like I had no knowledge. The problem is the girl has a friend Named Erica. Only it's not her real name. Also Ellen Lisa Hills (not even sure If its her real name is actually a nude model. 31 years old now but my have turned 32.I have been on te website onlyI forgot her name. I also have seen her w and ww/o contact lenses. she acts like a nerd w/ a hot body. So, It seems there is more than 1 person involved. He's very proud of his ability to use photoshop to make photos look like you are in the picture.
Has excelent photo editing skills.
also a good hacker.
and works at MTN cellular. in either a consulting position or a technician.
He called via phone. as I called back he sounds as If he has a vocal problem and says he's Ellen and the voice is from a french accent.

2012-02-19, 02:04:55   (updated: 2012-02-19, 02:09:57)
There's no sexy babe on the other end ! In West Africa it's just some black dude with balls that's being pimped by a greedy maestro, who has a knife at his throat should he try anything else. And he's not alone. The cafe is crowded with lowlife scammers working for a 'maestro' who buys the computer time and hires them to scam you under the pretense of being a sexy babe seeking romance.

The 'maestro' gets a 60 percent cut and reserves another 20 percent to pay off law enforcement officials who rarely come around. That still puts plenty of cash in the scammer's pocket. The typical scammer spends up to 12 hours a day, seven days a week, huddled over one of many computers, pretending to be a sexy woman working his scams.

It's said one picture is worth a thousand words !

2012-02-19, 03:45:49
OJAS from United States  
Does the girl in 2012-02-18, 22:41:35 anonymous from United States look like Lia? http://www.delphifa..p=5#216775
2012-02-19, 18:16:57
anonymous from United States  
2012-02-19, 03:45:49 OJAS from United States >>> haaa, all these little blond twerps begin to look alike after awhile ! Lia maybe? !

2012-05-15, 08:02:33
anonymous from United States  
This person is still at it
2012-07-04, 07:41:38
samkay from Nigeria  
You look so cute,After reading your profile today i found you best among best that gives me the impressions of writing this mail to you,i like your pic and i will like to know you more better for us to become a good nice and sincere friend. remember that age,color and distance has noting to do with relationship.i will like us to talk more better on our private email.... here is mine

A lots of care

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