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Dating scammer Jessica Murphy


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Name: Jessica Murphy



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Went from using Yuliana's photos (and claiming to be her! LOL) to these which had a AKTExotics copyright still on some! Claims to be from Accra, Ghana...took photos to pay for school in States. Very persistant with quick love and need for money

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2007-11-16, 19:06:21   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2007-11-16, 19:06:21   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2007-11-16, 19:06:21   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2008-07-03, 16:52:59
anonymous from Canada  
she is most not how she sayes she is she is using zenab abubakari now and she is doing the same thing but needs money for every thing under the sun send more replys back about this person if you see here
2008-07-04, 07:42:47
anonymous from Sylvan Lake, Canada  
she is still up to her old tricks but under a diffrent name now if you see here she is scaming you watch out guys she likes her money and her uncle is in it to

2008-07-04, 07:45:17
anonymous from Canada  

2008-07-12, 14:17:37
[hidden] from Australia  
Currently going by the name Jamila and or Sakina Seidu
2008-12-05, 00:23:59   (updated: 2008-12-05, 00:29:39)
anonymous from United States  
Photos now used by Ajara ismail e-mail :
Birthday Apr/03/1976 or 1977-06-24
States/Province Minnesota
Country United States


I am Ajara by name i am 31 female with no kids ...never been married...5’7 feet tall and athletic.Talking about who i am;am that easy going type, adventurous, romantic, ambitious and have a very good sense of humor.. My hobbies are too many but to mentioned a few; sports,watching movies, going for walks, listening to music (almost all types of music), love on the beach, dancing in the dark etc.
My favorite movies are romantic movies, eating habits: just about anything. I don¦t have any kids, I don¦t smoke or drink alcohol. am always smiling and don’t easily get irritated, I don’t even remember the last time I frowned.
am that type of person who always try to make people laugh. I always make sure to share the little that I have with someone and also satisfied with whatever I also alone and looking for someone to share my whole life with,not just someone but one who have all the good characters in life. am of that type and want someone with the same to spend with

2008-12-06, 07:29:46
Name: Alima Tahiru


2008-12-07, 18:46:51
Name: Zaleya Faisal


+233 242547992
Name:Zaleya Faisal
Address:15th Kanda Ave

Who said 'My name is Zaleyai am 31 years Old,I am Single (five years ago), Black, dark black hair, brown eyes, 5' 9', 141 lbs.,Long Hair and a healthy Lady. I am self-sufficient, Beautiful, happy, secure, self-confident, psychologically aware, emotionally and financially secure. and working as a Waiter In a Local Resturant,am Living with my Mom and Dad in a Logging house,i am a Ghanaian By Birth,my Father is a Ghanaian and my mother is From Australia..i have been In Ghana all My life i am a Hard working lady and very freindly.i have no Kids and Never Married.. i Will Be Graduating Next Month and i am Studing Catering(Vocational Skills) .. i Cook Very Well Because that is My '

2009-05-16, 22:10:16
anonymous from Bielefeld, Germany  
2009-06-09, 19:25:11   (updated: 2009-06-09, 19:34:06)
anonymous from Sweden  
i think this is a nother jessica murpy , and she realy loves me ......jessica roduey 30 years old ,,,,,,,, I am only child of my parent,I do not have brother or sister,i am the only child of my parent.I am staying with my mother in the same house but i lost my father years ago.I have one unlce who look after me in my education since my father died till now i have complete my education and i am now looking forward to get my master degree which i can be able to used to look for job in accounting to do becaz i study an accountant in school................. am 5-7 tall,128lbs and i have black long hair and my skin colour is chocolate colour.I am an optimistic person with a sense of humor,fairly easy-going,and I don't think that I'm too critical about things,but I also believe that it takes two people contributing to a relationship to make it work,,,,,,,,,,,,,In my life,i always like to find a like minded male where we can participate in activities together and encourage each other to pursue their interests as well becaz i really have several hobbies and wish I could find more time to pursue those such as swimming,playing computer,dancing,and reading, and more,and would like someone to share that with,as well as their sharing their interests with me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
2009-06-09 02:15:23): i catch you later today

(2009-06-09 02:16:00): you are wery attractive

essica Roduey (2009-06-09 02:50:56): Hello stick I am here

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 02:51:14): I am very sorry for the delay,it was my
connection it gives me problems that why

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 02:51:26): I am very sorry and forgive me with that

(2009-06-09 02:52:02): hi dear

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 02:52:12): Hello

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 02:52:20): I am very sorry for the delay
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 02:52:32): My connections gives me problems that why

(2009-06-09 02:52:36): its ok

(2009-06-09 02:53:17): dont you have a work to go to in the morning ?

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 02:55:14): I did not start working yet becouse i am doing some course so i will go to classes in the morning at 9 am my time
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 02:55:48): But we can be able to talk little more if you like that becouse of you i came online
(2009-06-09 02:56:13): ya
(2009-06-09 02:56:32): im glad that you did
(2009-06-09 02:56:45): i was gone into bed

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 02:57:26): Really
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 02:57:31): Thank you for that
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 02:57:42): But can we chat little before you go to bed
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 02:58:03): becaz i came online becaz of you and i promise you that i will be back online so i have to keep my promise too of that

(2009-06-09 02:58:05): of course dear

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 02:58:28): Thank you for your understanding But do you know that you never tell me your full name?
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 02:58:36): Mine is Jessica Roduey
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 02:59:02): I really like talking with you and i will like to take my time with you so that we can be able to talk and get to know each other as well

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 03:00:56): I am now coming to open so i will email you back with my pictures too so that you can be able to look at me too
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 03:01:24): But i hope you have now know the type of person i am looking for and also you have know the kind of person i am too
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 03:02:59): Yes i look before on tagged but the men there on tagged are not serious and respectful man as i have told you before
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 03:03:45): They are just there talking about sex things to ladies there and also asking ladies for their naked pictures,is it good tell me and how can some honest ladies there will like that site

(2009-06-09 03:04:09): i can just say to you that a more serius guy than me is hard to find

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 03:05:07): The same thing is that a more serious ladies than me are hard to find too

(2009-06-09 03:05:35): well in that case to talk to woman in that mater is not to show the woman respect
(2009-06-09 03:07:04): i want to ask you a werry inportent question

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 03:07:24): You can ask me any questions becaz that will make you know more of me

(2009-06-09 03:07:33): you maby think im stupid
(2009-06-09 03:07:54): well i google your name
(2009-06-09 03:08:56): so on haiti online dating
(2009-06-09 03:09:11): well there is a female

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 03:10:01): What is haiti online dating?Can you explain that to me well please?

(2009-06-09 03:10:37): well thats a daiting site
(2009-06-09 03:10:59): and there are a woman thats look exactly like you

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 03:11:31): Really

(2009-06-09 03:11:46): http://www.ticheri...783_4.jpg

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 03:12:43): You know that in tis world every one have his or her people who look like they are twins but they are not?
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 03:13:07): That was me
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 03:13:10): It was me

(2009-06-09 03:13:22): well its just me there are a little paranoid
(2009-06-09 03:13:40): okej
(2009-06-09 03:13:44): fine
(2009-06-09 03:14:07): so you dont have a twinsister

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 03:14:09): I remember the that site,one of my friend i go church with told me about that site so i told her to register one for me and she call me and told me that he has done that so i enter there once and i forget my password so that make me stop going there
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 03:14:14): No
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 03:14:19): I do not have twins sister
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 03:14:27): I am the only child of my parent

(2009-06-09 03:15:12): nice pics

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 03:15:35): Thank you But i do not even know that i am beautiful

(2009-06-09 03:16:01): well dear know you know
(2009-06-09 03:16:46): and you age
(2009-06-09 03:16:52): your
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 03:17:03): I will be 30 years in this month

(2009-06-09 03:17:43): thanks dear becuse on the haiti you are 34
(2009-06-09 03:18:01): sorry if am paranoid
(2009-06-09 03:18:17): i have ma reasons

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 03:18:23): My friend did like that she was mad lol ,she always joke with me that why she did it like that
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 03:18:33): If you see the way i am will i be 34 years

(2009-06-09 03:18:46): ya right
(2009-06-09 03:19:05): so dear
(2009-06-09 03:19:22): no more surprises

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 03:20:06): S can you show me how i can close that profile of mine in haiti online dating site
(2009-06-09 03:20:51): hm i dont know, but i can try later tody
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 03:21:18): Ok try for me so that you can close my profile there for me

(2009-06-09 03:21:52): do y have this mailadress all the time

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 03:22:15): becaz i have forget everything about there and you know that people can look at me there and think bad about me so try and deleted that pictures of me from there for me
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 03:22:43): Yes i always have my email address always time and anytime you can write me mail i can read and reply you back anytime

(2009-06-09 03:24:31): becuse i wrote your mail adress on that site and the mail was not the database

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 03:25:00): What mail address are you talking about/
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 03:25:02): ?

(2009-06-09 03:25:14): on the thahiti

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 03:25:14): this one
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 03:25:19): or what mail address

(2009-06-09 03:25:33): yes this one

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 03:25:38): I have forget my password of that site that why i do not go there

(2009-06-09 03:26:25): yes dear but if you type in your mailadress when you forgot password the send anotherone for you
(2009-06-09 03:26:49): thats what i did but they did not accepted that one

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 03:26:51): How can i do that?

(2009-06-09 03:27:19): i have allredy don it for you
(2009-06-09 03:27:48): The username or email address i entered cannot be found in the database
(2009-06-09 03:28:07): so maby try your friends mailadress
(2009-06-09 03:29:32): do you understand me

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 03:30:35): Yes i understand you

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 03:33:36): Thank you very much for that S,i am always free to everyone and i am always honest to people.I am always happy person so if i see someone sad it really make me feel pity for that person
(2009-06-09 03:34:18): well dear im just honest with you

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 03:36:15): Bible even said that always be faithful and honest to people you do not know becaz you do not know the time this earth will end

(2009-06-09 03:37:23): well my dear my moto in life is be so honest that i can be even if it hurts
(2009-06-09 03:38:19): if i didnt liked you then you have bean known that for now

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 03:39:13): I am confuse now S,can you explain what you wanted to tell me well for me?

(2009-06-09 03:41:44): sorry have i told you that there was something i want to tell you to a littleconfused
(2009-06-09 03:43:09): or you mean that last sense
(2009-06-09 03:46:08): im here dear

essica Roduey (2009-06-09 03:46:24): i ask you to explain someting to me did you get it
(2009-06-09 03:46:56): did you mean my last meaning

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 03:47:09): Yes?

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 03:51:42): Thank you,But i always need you to follow your heart and mind and never think about what people will said if you have understand me of what i am saying.Follow your destiny and always be faithful and truthful with yourself and me if you really wanted us to be happy to know each other more and more together and learn our culture too together
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 03:55:26): In this world trust,faithful,understanding,respectful and honest are most important things that two people need in their friendships or relastionships if you also know that

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 04:03:17): Oh i see
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 04:03:30): Yes i lost my connection again that why but i am back now

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 04:05:53): I hope you really know that Love never fails.But where there are propheccies,they will cease where there are tongues,they will be stilled where there is knowledge,it will pass away and that the same time too love comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith if you understand me of what i am saying

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 04:12:23): Your english is good to me but you need to read what i will wrote to you well and you will understand me of what i am saying,I am always being honest and faithful with you sickan becaz in this world There are three things that remain faith,hope, and love and the greatest of these is love
pimplen47 (2009-06-09 04:14:10): yes dear im realy try to read and understand but there are som words that i dont know

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 15:12:58): Hello
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 15:13:08): Good afternoon to you and how are you doing?
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 15:13:49): I am very sorry for yesterday what my connection did,it went off and on like that so please understand me that i have a bad connection that why so be patient with me please
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 15:14:33): You mean we should meet online at 21:00 pm that means 9 pm right
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 15:14:41): I will be more glad to get to know you
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 15:27:18): Hello n
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 15:27:26): I am here with yoi
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 15:27:26): you
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 15:27:33): How are you doing/
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 15:28:26): I am also doing fine thank you
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 15:28:36): You did not go to work today?
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 15:31:44): Oh i see
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 15:31:44): so this week you are at home right
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 15:31:44): anytime and everyday/
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 15:32:24): Lol i am sorry for what my connection did yesterday
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 15:33:23): It makes me tired for it i have a bad connection that why sometime it went off and on like that so you have to understand me sometime please
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 15:34:17): Thank you
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 15:37:18): i always wanted your understanding like this and your trust and honest and respect becouse i really need to get to know you more and more becaz you sound like we have something in common but it depends on our serious and faith how we will take our time to get to know each other as well for us to see from there

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 15:38:45): Thank you for calling me dear
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 15:39:19): You know that trust and honest and understanding and faithful that make relastionship grow and it also bring happiness and joy for two people
pimplen47 (2009-06-09 15:39:37): your welcom , the plesure is on my side,well i promiss you one thing
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 15:40:01): You sound honest with me and it make me think that maybe we have something in common but i need you to be serious with me always and be truthful with me always for us to take our time to get to know each other as well
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 15:40:30): What one thing you promise me about Sickan?

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 15:41:12): And also the trust i always need from you and i always wanted you to keep your promise

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 15:42:30): I will be happy if what you are saying is true
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 15:42:43): Becaz i have never find a man who have told me what you have told me before
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 15:43:15): and i was really hurt years ago so what that man did to me really pains me hard and it makes me it that maybe all men are the same for their lies
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 15:44:46): That why i always tells you that i need a man whom will love me with all his heart and soul and always be mine and mine alone becaz i do not like a man who will take another lady on my back
(2009-06-09 15:45:30): no dear i hat that iv gone true that 2 times and it sucks
(2009-06-09 15:46:24): last year it cost me 377000 sweden mony and a house
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 15:48:02): So how did you lost that kind of money for Sickan?
(2009-06-09 15:48:31): separation
9-06-09 15:48:41): bad woman
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 15:48:44): with your wife

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 15:49:15): Or that is reallt bad ,how can some of women did that

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 15:50:38): Last year the man i really love and need in my life and gave him my heart and soul and trust cheat on me and also hurt me bad and run away
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 15:52:03): so that even pains me hard for that and it even make me do not trust any man again for what that man did to me and also my own best friend betray me for that so i do not even trust a friend again that why i tell you yesterday that you have to have your own idea and never tell your friends about your secret
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 15:52:09): becaz friends are bad

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 15:53:40): So i do not want you to tell any of your friends about our new life,let it be surprise to them at the day we will meet together if you have understand me of what i am saying about S

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 15:55:18): Becouse in this world trust,loyalty and respect are a must for eternal happiness. No matter how much you love someone if you don’t have these ingredients you will never succeed.To be in love means being patient but to be patient you must trust him or her first

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 15:58:21): Well i will trust you and believe you and i will always wanted you to follow your heart and mind and never hurt me becaz i do not want to be hurt again S please
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:05:49): Well S i will not worried but i hope you know that happiness is the only thing on earth that cannot be paid by any diamonds,gold or money.Money and love aren't the same thing becouse the more you spend love the more you will get in return.Love does't cost money if you know that but it does require the payment of your heart.In this world a man can inherit a house and money from his parents,but only the Lord can give him a sensible wife.Love is when money and materialistic things no longer matter.It's when you're holding the hand of the woman you love and you feel like the richest man in the world if you really understand me of what i am saying Sickan becouse
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:06:40): With money, we can buy all things, but with love, we find everything that really matters.It isn't money,fame,or power,no,the greatest adventure in life is love.Power is one thing money and power are two things,but love is everything
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:09:34): Thank you and i will always like you to know the kind of lady i am and also for you to know the kind of person i will be happy with
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:10:40): I will always need you to be serious with me for me to be serious with you and i know that God in heaven will make us see what we need together if our heart met together becaz you really sound good to me and i will be happy to get to know you more and more S
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:11:57): I will be more happy to hear your voice on the phone and also if you will be happy to speak with my mother and uncle together on the phone for them to know the Kind of man that you are to me before something better will come between us S and i hope you have understand me of that
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:15:01): Ok I will
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:15:13): Can i have your phone number so that i can write it down/
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:15:14): Now/
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:15:16): ?
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:15:47): And tell me ,will you be happy to speak with my mother and uncle on the phone for them to know the Kind of man you are to me S

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:16:34): lol
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:16:54): No never be nerves you know that i can never hide anything from you or even my family
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:17:23): so you also have to know my family as well for them to know you too as well so from there than we will have their bless together S
(2009-06-09 16:17:54): okej a blessing is never wrong
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:18:18): Thank you for your understanding Sickan
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:18:37): But i will like you to do something for me from your heart S
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:22:11): Thank you S But right now what is my problem now is a cell phone that i will used to call you and send you text message on it to make us happy and serious anytime so i was thinking that if you can be able to get me one cell phone here in Ghana to used so that i can be able to call you for us to hear our voice and also speak with my mother and uncle together
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:22:53): Even i will like to surprise my uncle with that so that he will know the real kind of man that you are Sickan so let me know what you think about that
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:23:16): I lost my phone two weeks ago so i do not have phone now

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:23:52): I do not understand that S
(2009-06-09 16:24:03): no problems
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:24:15): Really S
(2009-06-09 16:24:32): mm
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:24:43): Thank you very much S and i can not wait to hear your voice on phone always andeveryday
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:25:02): And also i cant wait for my mother and uncle to know the Kind of man i have now in my life
(2009-06-09 16:25:04):

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:25:13): They will be surprise for me about that S

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:29:09): Sickan here in Ghana we do not used mail things like sweden there.Here in Ghan we used post office box and i do not even have one so i think the best way is that you will send it through fedex or DHL but that one too it will be too long for that and also you will used money to send it and also when it get here i will pay for it before they will give me the phone and also i will have to Decode it before using so i think that the best way and easy way is that i will buy it here in Ghana
(2009-06-09 16:29:56): whats the price for a phone
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:31:10): They have the cheapers once starting from 250 Dollars and 310 dollars and 420 dollars and more than that so the once you can be able to get for me i will apreciate that S
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:32:07): If you will agree with me becaz when you send me the phone that it will be long things and also you will spend money for the sending and also when it get here i will also have to pay for it before they will give it to me and also i will have to decode it before using it here so i think the best way and simple way is that i will buy it here in Ghana S
(2009-06-09 16:33:30): well you have to wait untill the last in this month
(2009-06-09 16:33:57): we got the payrol th 26th
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:34:47): So you will be able to help me to buy the cell phone here in Ghana on 26th of this month?
(2009-06-09 16:34:54): ya
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:35:51): Ok S i will apreciate with that very much so which one will you be able to get for me if i may ask you that S?
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:36:33): I know that i am not worried you about that S,If i am worried you about that you can tell me so that i will know becaz i need your happiness and joy and i do not like to do something that you do not like S
(2009-06-09 16:36:34): well look for a phon that cost ca 350 dollar
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:37:06): That is the camera and vidoe phones that i can be able to chat on it
(2009-06-09 16:37:18): becuse the unexpected expenditure was at 2000 dollar
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:37:37): It is really nice phone and big women and men used it here
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:37:48): I do not understand about your last words?
(2009-06-09 16:38:47): it s way i cant pay more for a cellphon right know

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:39:34): Oh so when you do international calls too it cost too much there S

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:40:14): Here in Ghana when i buy a credit and put on a phone i can used for one week for talking with you everyday for long
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:42:06): Than that is not good.That means whne i buy my cell phone i will have to call you everyday for us to talk more and more becaz i will not like you to spend more money to call me like that so you can write me text message and i will call you when i get my cell phone
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:43:03): That is really bad S But i know that very soon we will leave in happy life together lol
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:43:16): Do you like me to say that lol

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:43:29): lol

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:44:27): You know that everything have time and things so i know that the more we get serious to each other and have our though in our mind,the more things will go better for us together in the name of God
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:46:53): But S i will like us to surprise my uncle about the phone i will buy it here by using his address for you to send the money to me here so that i will go with him and cash it for me when you get paid ,he will not understand that and he will ask me questions about that so that i will be able to let him know everything and also call you after buying the phone so that you will talk with him first before talking with my mother Sickan becaz me and you will have a long talk on the phone after that dear
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:48:00): So will you be agree with me for us to surprise my uncle about that by using his address to send the cell phone money to me on 26th S For him to know everything that you are doing for me here for it to be a prove of it

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:49:32): Dear get a pen and papper now so that i will give you my uncle full name and street address
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:49:55): So that you will write it down now and keep it S
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:49:59): ok
(2009-06-09 16:50:17): y ready dear
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:50:30): Ok
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:51:37): Name:Thomas Sackey Address:14 Street Accra New Town City: Accra Country: Ghana-West Africa Code: 00233
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:51:56): S i hope you know Western union there in sweden
(2009-06-09 16:52:29): y
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:52:39): Becaz western union is a faster and easy way to send money to your friend or family or lover in everywhere in this world and it is in world wide
(2009-06-09 16:52:53): y i know
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:53:02): Oh ok
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:53:24): That is my uncle name and address write it now and keep it save S
(2009-06-09 16:53:47): cant you send a pic of you and your mother together

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:55:21): Me and my mother and uncle even take pictures together in our church last week i will scan it to my computer tomorrow and send to you so that you will look at them and see the Kind of family i have together S and i hope you will love that

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:57:53): You did not tell me any harley S But is ok i am trying to email you a surprise and after that i will go to market to see my mother there so i will also see you later
(2009-06-09 16:58:27): Harley Davidson i have changed a front fork on it

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:59:25): lol
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:59:37): Thank you and take care of yourself there ok
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 16:59:43): See you later too S
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 17:00:32): Bye bye
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 17:00:37):
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 22:48:05): Hello S
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 22:48:28): I am here now are you there with me now
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 22:49:49): Are you doing something there so that i can be able to let you continue doing what you are doing and chat with you later?
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 22:49:54): Or you are free
(2009-06-09 22:50:19): no iv been whaiting for you
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 22:51:22): Ok Dear
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 22:51:38): Thank you for waiting for me online and i am even glad that you are here online to wait for me
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 22:51:49): Did you get my surprise i sent you?
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 22:53:22): Thank you but do you also know that you are very handsome man
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 22:53:37): You are the Kind of man every honest woman looking for in her life
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 22:54:24): I thank God that i have met you here and i know that it was God who make us met here S and i know that the same God will make us see each other in person very soon
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 22:55:14): Yes or you dont believe that?

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 22:56:48): Why Sickan?

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 22:58:47): You know that ,this world you always have to free your mind and always have faith with yourself and believe your destiny always
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 22:59:03): Becaz even Bible said what you will pray for is what God will give you
(2009-06-09 23:00:19): oki dear i will tell you one thing and that i dont belive in god, i just belive in my selfe

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 23:02:17): Well is not your fault S and also i am agree with you for that becaz is not all people believe in God but you have to know that he is the one creat you to become like this Sickan

Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 23:03:56): That is nice of her,S you have to know that it was God who make you like this and he is the ne looking after you everyday and everynight
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 23:03:56): Never say something to insult God the one who make you human
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 23:07:37): God time is the best and also when you you are patient person,you always see how wonderful God is and how caring he has for his childrens S
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 23:07:56): If it is not God will we met online here and fall inlove
Jessica Roduey (2009-06-09 23:07:58): brb

2009-06-09, 19:26:28
anonymous from Sweden  
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Jessica Murphy

2009-06-09, 19:27:40
anonymous from Sweden  
jessica rod

2009-06-09, 19:28:43
anonymous from Sweden  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Jessica Murphy

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