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Dating scammer Elena Ananeva


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Name: Elena Ananeva



Other Comments:
She says to be an accountant of a chocolate company.

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2007-08-25, 02:09:47
anonymous from France  

2007-08-26, 06:59:59

2007-08-26, 07:04:00
Hello my dear _______.
I am very glad that you have answered me. I waited from you for the letter with to become transfixed hearts.

Yes you have offered very remarkable thing to me.
I would be very glad to arrive to you.
I have such opportunity.
I never left the country, and for me it would be the first experience.
I am sure that would lead fine time together with you. I would open for myself not only the new country, but also the new relation.
Probably if this meeting will take place, it will be the beginning of new relations.
I very much is to be trusted in it!!!

But it as to make very much it is not simple.
With it will be as many complexities are connected.
First of all it is difficulties with money.
You should understand it.
I could not expect, that I should go where that. And on this did not save any money.

Only for this reason I cannot make it so quickly.
You should understand it.

What you now think in this occasion? To me interestingly your opinion in this occasion?
How you now act?

I wait for your answer.

2007-08-26, 08:52:13
'S' from United States  
Anon,Can you post more on 'Victoria'? The e-mail addt at least!

For future reference the following is the important info to post first;

A photo {preferably labeled with the name and e-mail address.To avoid confusion}
Name {with surname if possible}

E-mail address {IMPORTANT}

Location {country,city,street}

Phone number {if given}

The first and money request letter,with full header.With that the IP can be seen and if an X-mailer {ie;THEBAT- For Russian scammers}is used.

The dating site the scammer contacted you on.

With that available people doing a google search will get answer's.
When posting 'her'/his photo, include in your message itself, any body-piercings, tattoos, moles, dimples, whatever strikes you.

2007-08-27, 06:40:22
The letter in whicih ses asks for money and a new photo :

Hello my dear _______________.
Today as I also spoke you, I descended in travel agency and
About all has learned.
As appeared to eat some documents which I should issue in
Agency (the visa, the passport for travel abroad, medical and and usual
The insurance).
The visa happens very different.
I have ordered the visa which will be approximately ready in 10 days.
For this purpose today I have filled in the questionnaire for reception of the visa, which
Now it is sent in embassy.
I send you a copy of my questionnaire in embassy.
And as which I have taken the information on work, that distribution
Visas has passed without problems.

As I inform you all prices for documents.
The visa costs - 243 euros
The passport for travel abroad costs - 72 euros
Tickets cost - 436 euros
The medical insurance costs - 23 euros
Insurance upon accident - 46 euros
Gathering in embassy cost - 18 euros.
Total it has turned out, that my trip to you will leave 838 euros.
All documents will be ready in 10-12 days.
But payment will need to be made in 5-6 days.

For you it will be possible to help me with this payment trip?
Whether it will be possible to send for you to me this money?
Photo which you see I have been made on rest at my relatives,
I do not think it so frank, but you can see my body completely.
I wait for your answer.
ter in which she asks for money

2007-08-27, 10:03:29   (updated: 2007-08-27, 10:06:37)
Eddie from Sweden  
anonymous from ???? 2007-08-27, 06:40:22

If the scammer wrote that 'her' trip to you 'will leave 838 euros', this is quite a feasible cost depending on where she lives in Russia (which you didn't say) and where you live yourself....(again sadly you prefer to remain very anonymous).

But!!! ...for her to be issued a normal Tourist Visa to Europe, (and almost the same would apply for the USA and Canada), she would also need money:

# to pay for a hotel room in your city for the duration of her stay BEFORE your embassy will grant her a visa!
# guaranteed spending money again BEFORE your embassy will grant her a visa!
# a full-time job and a letter from her employer, and/or leaving her children at home (they would NEVER grant her a visa if she was unemployed...too much of an overstay risk)

as well as the money
# for a round-trip train ticket from her home city to Moscow
# for a round- trip plane ticket from Moscow to your city
# for the Schengen visa and photos
# to pay the travel agent to pick up her visa in Moscow (takes a minimum 7 days to process)...or she could collect herself, much more expensive, and which means she can't possibly have a job.
# for insurance

Anyway it is almost IMPOSSIBLE!!! for a single Russian girl with no children to get a normal tourist visa to Europe (or the USA and Canada). A Russian travel agent told me that. As I mentioned, they're considered too much of an overstay risk.

And furthermore, the fact that she hasn't asked you for money for a hotel in your city and spending money automatically indicates a scam.

On the other hand, she could get a SPONSORED (homestay) visa if you sponsor her and guarantee her costs and upkeep in your country, which is 40% cheaper (more in line with the prices that she's indicating) because she wouldn't need a hotel and spending money. But in that case, she would need at least 4 documents from you, including a letter of invitation, a copy of your passport, a proof of your residence in your country and a completed sponsor's application form etc.

I know this because I have sponsored 2 real Russian girls to visit me in Sweden, and I've also been to Russia twice myself in the last 12 months, both as a tourist and with a sponsored visa (my fiancée is Russian). The visa process in both directions is very laborious and expensive.

However, the clincher is that a respectable Russian girl would NEVER push you for money, she would invite you to Russia first. This is the conventional way to meet a Russian girl.

And if you want confirmation, please post an advanced header from one of her emails. We can trace the IP address and tell you where is writing from!!!
2007-08-27, 11:33:43
OJAS from United States  
1) If destination is USA - No such requirement as ''medical'' ''usual'' insurance
2) Canada - I've no idea
3) Schengen-friendly countries - possibly required, refer to Eddie's posts for info

I have a few points:
A) Visa for USA = $100 + Pony express - has to be way less than 243 euro; Don't know which country charges this ''exact'' amonunt
B) Ticket cost - 436 euro, - Is that a cheap one way fare across the Atlantic, say by Virgin Atlantic?
C) Medical insurance -23 euros - not required for USA, at any rate unacceptable currency for USA unless the embassy is in a eurozone country
D) Gathering in embassy cost 18 euros - As for as USA is concerned it falls scientifically in the realm of Bovine Scatology!
E) ''All documents will be ready in 10-12 days'' - Minimum 1 month for USA
F) ''payment will need to be made in 5-6 days'' - For USA payment MUST accompany visa application
2007-08-27, 13:48:11
Eddie from Sweden  
OJAS, it seems you're an undercover operative from the INS :D

Without spending untold hours researching which country our anonymous friend is writing from, I think we can safely assume then that it's not the USA.

- Russians need insurance to visit Schengen countries and vice versa
- the cost of visa quoted might normally include the cost of collection by the travel agent, but obviously doesn't cross-check with the separate 'gathering of visa' cost quoted, which was 1500 Sek if I remember rightly.

But whatever, it's all academic. Even if there was an outside chance of any Russian girl getting a TOURIST visa, she would still need to book a tour with associated costs much higher than 838 Euros, no matter what country she wanted to visit.

2007-08-27, 18:11:31
'S' from United States  
Not a very good pic but I do recognize her and she's posted here alot!

2007-08-28, 05:09:29
The girl does not use the same electronic address, the postal address is not the same but the money must be send to the same name: Victoria Jaroslavtseva
It's very curious ?


de <> masquer les détails 11:21 (il y a 1½ heures)
répondre à
à xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
date 28 août 2007 11:21
objet Hello
envoyé par

Hello my love XXXX. I am very very happy that you have written me the letter.
I was simply madly happy to read it.
My darling XXXX today I went in the largest bank of our city to learn all how you can send me of money.
I have talked with serving this bank which to me has answered all questions.
It has told what to send money from other country completely not simply.
Well in the first I have learned that it is possible to send money through the account in bank. But unfortunately I have no it{him} in bank, but I have asked about it. I have learned as I can open it.
To me have told that in banks of my city of the account in banks it is possible to open only if the first sum of a payment will be 9000 roubles that 282 euros are equal. For other smaller sums the bank simply refuses to open accounts so they there consider that it not favourably campaigns. And as to me have explained that precisely same situation in other banks of our city.
As I have learned that there are any special companies which are engaged in remittances worldwide.
To me have told that all there are such 3 companies:
Likely you heard something about company Western Union. To me have told that it is the greatest company in the world which is practically in any country.
It specializes on remittances worldwide.
To me have told about this company much. Me have assured what even employees of bank use Western Union, and it very much is pleasant to them, so all occurs without problems and money it is possible to receive at once as soon as them have sent you. To me have told their site and have told that I can address for the additional information there, there it will be easier to me all to understand. This address of a site - can be useful too to you
Have told that there is one more company of transfers - MoneyGram. To me have told that it not so greater and that it is rare where is. But all me have assured that it too very reliable. In my city to me have told that there is only one bank where there is this company. So this company of transfers not so widespread seems to me that, but it can in your city is.
As to me have told about one more company is company Contakt. To me have told that this company basically works only in Russia and in Germany. But it can is and in other countries. I do not know also the employee of bank to me about this company have told very little.
But me have told that in their bank there is only company Western Union and it is better to me to address concerning transfers to them further I and have made, to me there all have in detail explained how I can receive money from other country and that I for this purpose should make. Like it it has appeared not so difficultly but I equally all have written down to forget all.
Here for the beginning to me have told that you should know my coordinates.
That I have received money in the native city you should specify simply that

My name is - Victoria
My surname- Jaroslavtseva
That I live in RUSSIA,
city- Moskow,
street- Pushkina 48
post cod - 123000,

But as I can receive your money in any other city of Russia if you will specify that money addressed to - Victoria Jaroslavtseva on a residence - RUSSIA. But certainly this your business.
Here but me have warned, that I could receive money in bank, I should know all about you (a full name and a surname full coordinates of your residence and as you should send me a code from 10 figures without which I cannot receive money in any way)
That is that I need to know from you
1) your full name
2) yours a full surname
3) your country
4) your city
5) your Street
6) your postal index
7) your phone number
Here that I today could learn all in bank. My darling XXXX my desire to arrive to you inflames every day all more strongly and more strongly.
I even am afraid think of that that we cannot to be together.
I think that you wish me to hold near to yourselves.
OH today I so long went on city that is very tired, that likely I shall finish the letter and I shall go home to sleep.
But I hope for that that to dream me a dream how we we shall appear a beside this night.
My darling XXXX I very strongly love you and I shall wait for your prompt reply.
Yours Victoria.
2007-08-28, 16:26:11   (updated: 2007-08-28, 16:27:07)
anonymous from Sweden  
anonyme de la....FRANCE!!...(ou peut être la Belgique?)

yes, it is curious.

By the way, in Russia they do not have postcodes. I know this because I have several friends in Russia, including my fiancée, and have very often send letters and packages there.

It's also not true that you need to know so many details about a person who is sending you money by Western Union. All you need is the transfer code (10 siffres) Once you have provided it and he (or the girl the scammer is using) shows some ID, the money will be gone in no time (unless you make a specific request otherwise).

Money Express is much safer.

Mr. le Francais. could you please post an advanced header from one of 'her' emails? Then we may be able to tell where she is writing from. Definitely not Moscow
2007-08-28, 19:02:43
Anonymous 2007-08-28, 05:09:29 'coordinates of your residence'

2007-08-29, 14:22:01
eddie from Sweden  
anonymous 2007-08-28, 19:02:43

good post!...the link just about sums it up.
2007-08-29, 18:28:40
anonymous from United States  
Merci Eddie,

When I read that victim's post, I immediately felt angry, mulling over a search for salope. I thought it would be two fewer characters for pute, and voila. The person who does the scam = pute, I don't care about the gender. (Pardonez moi Anglais) /O
2007-09-09, 21:11:25

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