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Dating scammer Elena Kalinina from Russia


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Names: Elena Kalinina,
Nadezhda (Nadya) Elistratova,
Marianna Aptysheva


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2008-06-20, 09:24:52   (updated: 2008-06-20, 09:34:30)
OJAS from United States  
Peter from Germany, Thanks for addressing yet another victim of stolen identity, as you did with Julia. http://www.delphifa..p=3#64966

The difference between these 2 victims are striking. In Nika's case, a trigger-happy approach is just shoot any moving object, then think. In trying to help her with information on local authorities, German Federal Authorities, etc., I was suggesting she can post in the German thread. Instead, she chooses to accuse me that I am using her pictures, refusing to answer her e-mails. She cannot even distinguish between 2 Americans, and we are 300 million. Germany has far less, hopefully, it will be easier for her, finding the right people there, for the right purp.
Rob, the Sheriff,
The instant an identity theft occurs presumed innocence no longer applies to the guy who uses it. A Ukrainian singer is the victim of stolen photos here http://www.delphifa..#comments
A Scientist's name was stolen and legal pursuit is underway here http://www.delphifa..#comments
As for ''Russian Girl at the keyboard'' http://www.delphifa..p=0#95756

Many people averse to getting spammed, withhold their e-mail. They sign with a pen name or real name to make conversational addressing e.
I was right. As I was writing this original post, you are now proving you are unable not only to distinguish between 2 Americans, but also between a German and an American, who may share the same name. The 2 flags are different, I hope you are not color-blind. Before completely blinding yourself in your rage, have your head examined, do not treat others disrespectfully, without even caring to know whom you are addressing!
2008-06-20, 09:57:18   (updated: 2008-06-20, 10:05:29)
Peter from Germany  
nein, ich bin leider nicht Peter, der admin dieser Seite und nein, deine Bilder und diesen thread hier sehe ich heute zum ersten Mal. Ich muss gestehen, dass ich auf deinen comment in erster Linie geantwortet habe, um dich zu einer deutschen Anwort zu provozieren.
Viele scammer benutzen proxies, um sich hier aufzuspielen und dein Englisch war bemerkenswert frei von deutschen Einflüssen.
Nein, ich habe keine schlechten Erfahrungen mit Frauen gemacht, im wirklichen Leben schon gar nicht. Hier auf dieser Seite bin ich gelandet, weil ich schlechte Erfahrungen mit Männern gemacht habe, die sich im Internet als Frauen ausgegeben haben, mit was-weiß-ich-von-woher Bildern und mich damit doch ziemlich verletzt haben.
Wenn du meinst, ich als Mann sei schon irgendwie daran mit Schuld und habe das zumindest irgendwie verdient, dann guck dir doch mal 'nen paar threads von Frauen an, die abgezogen wurden. Brauchst du nur nach Männernamen in der langen Liste suchen. Gibt es hier genug und es gibt keinen Unterschied.
Ich habe mir vorhin deine Bilder hier mal angesehen. Sind da wirklich beleidigende Unterschriften und wenn ja, wo? Wir, die wir hier schon länger und regelmäßig posten, versuchen wirklich immer, die newbies darüber aufzuklären, dass die Bilder nicht die Betrüger darstellen sondern meist selbst Opfer sind!

Also, ich guck jetzt noch 'mal, ob sich da Zeilen noch ändern lassen und bitte dich ansonsten: Lass sie doch hier stehen, die Bilder. Seh's doch mal mit Stolz. Du stehst immerhin in einer Reihe mit der Guseva!

Update: Aha, zu spät! Es sind schon die korrekten subtitles drunter! Und auch ich brauche mich nicht zu verstecken:
2008-06-20, 10:36:14
OJAS from United States  
I figured you are not an Anglophone, and tried to find a better way to help you by suggesting the German thread, which has not only Peter (Germany) but many more resourceful friends to point to you German authorities, and more info. Ultimately you decide on contacting German authorities, as I was suggesting in the first place, and save you time as well.

God knows besides you, which American you e-mailed, it is NOT me. So, you can't get e-mails from me since I don't have your e-mail address. Don't accuse me of using your pictures, I am not the one who asked you to recklessly publish your photos, not the one who stole them. I have written articles here about Computer Security.

If you download your or any picture, and run the picture search at the end of this page, it will return with a disclaimer, something like, there is a hit that doesn't prove anything, like this girl is a scammer.

When you regain your composure, think whether you want to continue offending the wrong people in response to something bad that was done to you by someone else.
2008-06-20, 10:37:00
Peter from Germany  
Nika, see what I meant? 'Austrian' comment with russian grammar:
2014-09-28, 14:48:00
anonymous from United States  
okay , hi my webcam is not really wroking well and im sorry you cant seee me and im not happy about it, you said you well send me one and im looking forward from you , i think you too you are not haooy about it why bcos you cant see me properly
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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