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Dating scammer OKSANA ORLOVA


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I have already put the name of this scammer that has stolen me 7000 European, I repeat you/he/she has stolen me 7000 European with false promises, I don't know as you/he/she is ended under me name of Irina, but you/he/she has never used the name irina, please you put alone this scammer without other faces.


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2007-06-17, 12:26:44   (updated: )
[hidden] from Italy  

Keywords: blonde girl messy hair topless
2007-06-17, 12:26:44   (updated: )
[hidden] from Italy  

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Dating scammer OKSANA ORLOVA
Dating scammer OKSANA ORLOVA
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Dating scammer Olga Lovey, Russia (modified photo)

Keywords: blonde red bikini tree
2007-06-17, 12:26:44   (updated: )
[hidden] from Italy  

Keywords: lazy right eye blonde girl white dress
2007-06-17, 12:26:44   (updated: )
[hidden] from Italy  

Keywords: blonde girl dress staircase stairs
2007-06-17, 12:26:44   (updated: )
[hidden] from Italy  

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Dating scammer OKSANA ORLOVA

Keywords: blonde girl near the river blue skirt
2007-06-17, 12:26:44   (updated: )
[hidden] from Italy  

Keywords: blonde girl red bikini sunbathing beach
2007-06-17, 12:26:44   (updated: )
[hidden] from Italy  

Keywords: Blonde girl walking trees
2007-06-17, 12:26:44   (updated: )
[hidden] from Italy  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer OKSANA ORLOVA (modified photo)

Keywords: blonde girl red top black cat
2007-06-17, 12:26:44   (updated: )
[hidden] from Italy  

Keywords: 3 girls
2007-06-17, 12:26:44   (updated: )
[hidden] from Italy  

Keywords: 3 girls
2007-06-17, 12:26:44   (updated: )
[hidden] from Italy  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer OKSANA ORLOVA (modified photo)

Keywords: blonde girl white bikini window
2007-06-18, 00:25:06
anonymous from Italy  
I desire all the mails to make public that this girl in so false way has written:
I will be happy, if you will come to contact of my letter in the good humor and in a healthy health. I hope, my letter I will lift the humor the whole day, If it will come them to contact in the morning; if my letter will come in the evening sara for the pleasant dreams. Pleasant Sarah for me if you won't ignore my letter and you will answer to my letter. And if you will answer to, I hope that our correspondence continues. Besides pleasant sara, if this dialogue will conduct them to our purposes for a life. The to admit that I consider me the alarm and the care. But I will try more widely to say to around me. I will hope, if you also write around me. I will attend… And so around if…

Hi my the potential Luciano of the friend, Looks for the person. I look for the good friend for a life. It seems to me, that the bridegroom or the boyfriend and the girlfriend should be the best friends. It produces a base for the relationships and the dialogue. I have not determined type man - an ideal. But nevertheless I have the determined tests of verifica.E the honest one. Honest more main point. It I think the test of principal verification. On this I look for the person that correct sara with me up to the extremity. I Still wait for the person that will have the heart and soul. And the more important test of verification for mine chooses. I think, what the person should have these qualities. To build the good relationships among the people and necessary to verify the trust since only it grants to open the ideas and the sensibilities. To open and only possible for the person to what you verify the trust. That who has said to around if, from the trust and it receives the trust of the interlocutor. Accordingly I can tell you around me to give him my trust you. I know, what the girl doesn't take the first measures in the relationships. But now century 21. The girls start to work and men to be resided in the country in the century 21. But I hope, you not such the sluggard. Do you love the sports? Do you observe there and of it? I think what unessentially to be participated in the game when we can observe and to be in the game of the sports. I desire to say to, what I appreciate to involve me in the good form athletics. On this I frequently visit above besides the rooms of exercise walk to the open one. But I hold, that that whoever occupation (sport, walks, the leisure time) you/he/she should be accompanied by the partner. I think, that that accosentite with me. I would like to feel him your opinion. Me it is interesting. The it was interested person, but, unfortunately, my affairs have not been left with my occasions a small. You/he/she has been express in my job. I work as the seller in shop. The shop in which job, and hooked in the sale of electronics (TV, refrigerators and a lot of other things.). very active Person The in my life. But, unfortunately I cannot find the partner of a life. I frequently think it. Probably I am a lot of exacting to the partner of a life. I desire only the heart and the soul. I have not determined structures in the physical data of the person. That I am sure the god from all the different bodies and the people it finds the hearts eidee. Accordingly I cannot communicate with the person that doesn't appreciate him/it or it doesn't ignore. It is difficult for the dialogue. I wait for the person with what I can speak of everybody. Perhaps, and my destination of my heart. And I hope to look for. I hope, what I will find him to you. I Admit, that that check the hopes for our correspondence. I know, that it only letters. But The romantic one. And I don't know the most romantic dialogue, that the letter. You, The romantic one in my soul. The the kind and careful person. I can say to, that The the quiet and counterbalanced person. I don't have quarrels or curses on my job or houses. I live one. I rent an apartment. I am not sure what I have astute apartments. But I do all for a residence cosy. I don't love the magnificent things of a house. My parents have brought above it in in the poverty. Accordingly I think, that center I should have a cosiness, rather than the richeses. Although one can be united with another.

I hope, that I have them I don't get tired with my ideas and reasonings. It seems to me, what I should say to directly around me and externally now to describe me. I will start that to me 29 years. My dimensions 89-60-90. The of an athletic constitution. My weight 108.03 pounds or 49 kilograms. I cannot say to very or few it. The decision for you. My birthday November 11 th 1977. It means that The “scorpion „on a horoscope. That wish of the people I am sure I am stronger, that a disposition of the stars. However the kind of stars leaves to the look to a lot of time. Strength to hold trembling in my soul. This crazy sensibility. As to me a sight in the space. I hope, what you also write me your parameters. To me interesting your sights and ideas around a constitution. Important it for you? What do you appraise in the girl?

A body or a sincere beauty? My family and a part me. I/you/they have not been gotten married. And accordingly I don't have children. I think, what you would be interested my family. I have a sister (his/her Irina name). I have had 2 brothers. But Russia has characteristic to be to the war every 30 years. Accordingly I have lost the two brothers on the war. I don't desire to speak of them very because and sad and I don't desire to bring in my pain of the letter. I think, what you would appreciate the pain of the stranger.

But I hope, what I can tell you in to happen. I have 2 parents, but to a regret they don't live for a long time already together. They are divorcés, when to me there were 9 years. The now not to see his/her father, him alive in the other city. Soon I have constantly seen him/it, but it doesn't now come to me. And I am born not me the lives, us frequently her her. My mum lives together with my grandmother. Name of my mother and Polina Grigorievna Isaeva. (first name, a patronymic and a last name). his/her 59 years. He/she doesn't work. My mum has worked as the physician in the military hospital. My mum has come to contact of mines the daddy her.

They were a lot of happy time. I will be happy to inform around me same more. If you write him/it me to promise to write more dettagliatamentes around me. I hope, what you have learned around me and enough for the letter of return to me. I will wait for your letter. Since you have interested him/it. I don't know, what we can expect from our correspondence. I desire to say to, what I will wait for your letter for me. To forgive him/it, if my answer will occupy some to time. I write the Internet of the coffee with the help. I don't have really calculator in my detachable apartment. The you/he/she has desired to have a calculator in my center., but I don't have domestic telephone number me. Accordingly I cannot have the Internet in mines you adapt. If you will write more often me I will have more often an occasion for the coffee of visit. I don't have need than in a calculator and in the Internet in my daily life. And I visit the coffee when I have desire. I hope, that you to illuminate mines I want for the coffee of visit. I will hope for your fast answer. I will now finish up my letter.

With expectation. Your friend give her/it Russia, Oksana. (you now know me my name and very another around, already The not such riddle for you)

P.S. The saras thankful to you. If you will transmit me your photo. The not whimsical. On this you can transmit me an old absence new photo.

I will also transmit the photo in the following letter.

I still desire to ask a forgiveness you for what I have written that I live in the other country. I have lived the whole life in Russia and I now live also in Russia. I live in the city Zvenigovo. It is very small city.
2007-06-18, 03:30:41
anonymous from Italy  
Written the day February 10 th 2007

I admit, what I/you/they have pleasantly been amazed to see your message in a calculator. I think, that that accosentite, that the attention and pleasant for every person. And for me. For me and pleasant to see your letter. I hope, that this letter of mine will transport the weight of pleasure and the pleasant attitudes for you. To leave my letter sara a part of the day or the pleasant night.

Hi my Luciano of the friend, hi from Russia.

The attention and pleasant for me. And every your letter transports me very the positive emotions. And I am thankful to you because of it.

For me and pleasant to read your ideas and reflections. I hope, what you don't stop pleasantly doing for me. It marks this fillet with letters thin that connects them to the dialogue. I am thankful to the god, what we have such occasion. I have resolved for me what I won't stop writing you. Me it is interesting to learn him new around. I admit, that and interesting me to be known around your family and around you and direct. I desire for asking him. Do you correspond to other girls? Besides what you attend from correspondence with them? I can say to, that what time I don't have correspondence with the other person. Only you. I write only you. I have had correspondence with the Australian. But we have had only the correspondence and more than anything. I have desired to come him/it to contact of. I have desired to learn around him more. I have thought, what desires the relationships serii. But I have been wrong. My Australian friend has desired to receiving solo my photos. I/you/they have been afflicted up to depth of my soul vulnerability. I/you/they are stopped writing him/it when I have understood that, him I don't desire our reunion. And I have understood, what I/you/they have been wrong in the person. Then I have decided to find the person in my country. I have tried to find the destination of my heart in my city. But I/you/they have also been disappointed around the Russian types. I don't know, because I cannot find the person of the favorite in my country. But I don't lose the hope for the search. I have tried to find here the companion of soul in Russia. But, I cannot suffer the drunkenness and the endless curseses. I don't desire to live in the quarrelses the whole life. You/he/she should not be in the relationships serii. I think, that all the relationships serii should be produced in base to respect and trust. It that you/he/she should be in a base of all the relationships. My hopes for the search of the similar person and the relationships are not reckless. And I believe, that that and possible. I know a lot of girls that he/she lives with the Russian husbands. I have my girlfriend Svetlana. It ignites for our job in bruises her a body. I have asked news on his/her problems. But Svetlana speaks, that her that and guilty. You her husband has struck to the bridegroom because you/he/she has not had time to prepare the peeping of The to the arrival her her husband. It to title of the things in Russia. But they don't agree with it. Accosento to look for the eternity, but I will have good person and pleasant relationships. I believe, that self can that will find the person to appreciate her/it and to respect. I cannot find the love in the picture of the country. It is sopracio that I should look for everywhere. I think, that Russian girls I have the right look for everywhere the partner of a life. It not treachery of the country and defense of his/her own advantage. I have a lot of words for the declaration. But I think, that these problems are not interesting you. If you are interested in the crop of Russia I will write you in the following letters.

I think, that that interesting sara you to be learned around my small city of province. I can seem to you the usual provincial girl with the enormous desires and the small occasions. But I believe in the future best. My girlfriend speaks, that The the optimist. And to me it easily originates from it. I live in the city Zvenigovo. It is very small city. All the inhabitants of this city are known for facing. Relative the population not and gone beyond by the person 15.000. Zvenigovo and on the shore of the river Turns. More precisely on the shore of left of the river of Turns. The city is deposited down on 55 breadtheses of the ° and on 48 longitudes of the °. I Think, that district of ours I will seem very cold climate. It from 35 degrees of heat up to 45 degrees of a cold on centigrade. Our city and is based in 1860. But the condition of the city has received 1974. Our time together with time de Moscow. Our city and on a distance of 950 kilometers from Moscow. The unique church and in our city. And all the citizens of the city pray in this unique church. The to love my city because Zvenigovo has very convenient disposition. And on the shore of the river and and surrounded with a wood. And very convenient, that city of mine and isolated by an external world. The industries of naval construction and wood prevail in the city. But, unfortunately, the small cities of Russia stop having competitiveness on a low priority of the great cities. And on this city of ours it has very small feasability for the citizens. Me this city and pleasant. But I understand, that all the enterprises are frozen. And I should move I spill me the other city that will have the great permission to operational characteristics. But this future. But I am happy to currently be here. Our city and individualized so that the inhabitants of the city has had a small place of the earth. I also have the zone to the ground. I love the summer. Summer the most greater part of the season of the favorite for me. I can lift the flowers, the vegetables and a certain cold-resistant fruit. I can say to, that The the good grower. I lift some vegetables but the most greater part of the plants of the favorite for me and flowers. I try to bring in on the different flowers. I start to lift me from the more in advance up to the delayed colors. And my garden can bud very a lot of time. It is usual around the beginning of the rubber band to work to the autumn. But, unfortunately it perishes from a cold. Then I buy the seeds in the market of vegetables and I still land them. And very long trial and to strong intensity of hand of work. But you/he/she cannot force for arresting him/it gardening of my place of the earth. I produce everywhere a favorable cosiness where I have occasion. Every space of mine has a pleasant appearance for the eyes and the hearts. I make all as hobby. My mum and satisfied with me. I cannot torment my mum. You dear only the person for me. And my sister also. But my mum and my ideal of the woman and his/her mother. I follow an example my mum. I know, what I/you/they have developed from the age of his/her/their children, but it extracts the warm relationships to my mother nevertheless. I very frequently visit my mum. I worry me for her. But my life asks for the case of the person unicaancora.

... I was not in anybody else country. But I have represented the circumstance oppress on the imagined trip. I have dreamt some romantic run with the pleasant person. But I know, that some dreams I don't come to line up. I cannot afford himself/herself/themselves such luxury. And I don't have time because I work for the needs and the help of my mother. I don't have leisure time of that that I should work. But I admit, that dream of The to visit at all foreigner I declare. I have interest for other civilizations and crops of the other people. I/you/they have gone to the codes category of the school 11. This complete secondary formation in our country. Our countries have a difference in an educational system of the school. I have had particularly the greatest interest to some lessons. It is history, the literature, Russian, language English, geography, physical training. Me it was pleasant to learn new around other civilizations. I have had excellent countersigns. These are the most greater part of the maximum countersigns for knowledge of the objects. I know the language family English. But my spoken language desires to have a.lot of practice for improvement. I have gone to the university to Declare later of 5 years to have left the school. I will be modest. And I won't speak, what I have concluded the university with distinction. I have studied to the faculty of commerce. When I was to the age teenage, the formation in Soviet-union it was free-de-him position. But now coast the very great money. I am happy what I have had time to receive the good formation free-de-me load. Since my mum could not currently pay my training. But it in the past...

I desire to inform him/it around a lot of things. Me it is interesting to write you around if and around the life. It seems to me, what I have very great a load on my soul. And I should express. And I will hold as very more anymore well. The the alone person. And I think to have the companion of soul with what I can consult and to tell all of my ideas. I have many girlfriendses. But I can talk only of my ideas to the unique girlfriend. Her I am thankful to understand and care of me.

Well… I should finish up my letter. It to my great regret. I desire to write you around many and to a lot of things around me. But I am limited to time. I hope, what you will also write me around you. Me it is interesting to be learned around the other country and around your crop and a life. I desire to know how pleasant to eat and to drink. I desire to know him/it because very I appreciate to prepare me for food. I desire to feel your dish from the favorite. My health and important for me. I worry me about quality of my food. I get ready me healthy healthy food and. you/he/she can seem unknown for you. But I eat the salads and the fruit. And my menu can be diversified on the parties with a link of the chicken under juicy sauce. But and very rare. I have told you what I live a way of healthy way of living. Accordingly I exclude the use of the cigarettes in the stressful situations. Perhaps, it because I am not nervous. The the optimist. I don't smoke and quite I don't take the alcohol. But I take an interest me to understand for the people with the harmful habits.

don't hold other guests the Internet of the coffee. I will now finish up my letter. I desire, what you have known, that your letter and important for me. And I will attend him your letter. Boar tomorrow. I know, what we have differences to time.

With expectation of your letter, the desires of the succeeded day or the pleasant evening, Oksana.

2007-06-18, 07:41:37
anonymous from Italy  
I have found other two names that this criminal has used for making some frauds in internet::

Nadezhda Abramova
Lenina 15-175. Irkutsk, Russia


Olga Zaharova
7 Vasilyevas street, apartment 67
Yoshkar-Ola Russia

The e-mails written:

couple of her emails

Dear xxxxxxx,

Hello!!! How are you??? It's a terrible evening for me today and I
decided to come here and to write to you a letter about my day. Today
I lost my job and I even could nor think that everything will be so as
it was today... Today our boss said that he want to invest his money
to other large progects and he wants to sell this business to other
people and that he wants to fire all people of our company... So he
said that he planed to do it for a long time and so I wrote a paper to
leave my job as other people did...It's frankly speaking too hard to
think about it all as I thought that it's a good chance to make a
career and nevertheless I got some money to pay for my apartment every
month. No I had nothing. They paid us near 1000 rubles as a a
dismissal pay so now I just have it...Everything is so terrible for me
now!!! Also near 1 months ago our company was a big and successfull
and I don't want why our boss made such decision. I really don't
know..Most terrible thing is we have no other such companies here and
I am not sure I can find such job in a short time...

Now the situation for me is not too good...I am full of debts to my
friends as I need to give borrowed money back to Marina's boyfriend.
It's a 2000 rubles and my debts to my family is 5000 rubles. I know
that they can help me but I don't want to come to them as a 'prodigal
son' and ask money... It's not so good for a girl who left the village
and came to the city to earn money... I think you understand! Well I
thought that I'll give my debts back if I continue to work but now I
lost this chance. I understand that they all can wait a little more
time but the most terrible thing is I must pay for my apartment and
it's 3000 rubles!! It's more serious as my debts to my friends. I was
talking with my one friend and she ask me to come to Moscow with her
to work and she said that it's a good perspective for me but I don't
like Moscow and all this terrorist attacks don't make Moscow as a good
place to live and to work...I don't want mu mom and father to loose me
there so I said my friend directly no however she too understand that
it's too dangerous to go over all Russia to find a new job without any
relatives and friends there...Other perspective is to come back to my
parents but I don't want to come back as I never find a job there or
I'll just merry one of our farmers and I'll milk a cow every morning
and every evening. It's not for me and I don't want to live all my
life in the farm!!

Now my head is as a ball after a footbal game as all my business today
is to think think and think about my situation... I think it's a
really serious!!! Now this evening I understand that you are the only
person I have to help me with this difficult situation! I think that
you live in the coutry which is much highly developed as russia and I
think that such money as 30-50 usd is not too much for you. Of course
I don't know you real income but I think so...I hope that you'll be
able to help me with this amount or as much as you can give. I really
hope! But if it's a problem for you I'll understand you completely as
all people have difficult time in the different period of times..I
understand that some photos and e-mail address is not a cause to send
money so I really understand you with your any decision...Anyway I
hope to hear from you soon! I just want to hear from you and I think
even just your letter will help me to solve my problems... I think
I'll solve it in any case!!!

Missing you!!!

With LovNadezhda


Second one

Dear xxxxxxx,

Sorry! I stop writing you because I worked worked and worked here and
I wanted to make a good career and now... now nothing from it... Now I
try to find another job and no results for this monent...I don't know
how I'll live soon if I don't find a job.. I didn't find a man here
and I try to find someboby abroad and I was emailing with you but I
don't know why we stopped... I think that it's just a dream to be with
you and that it will not happen that we'll be together!!! So...Now I
don't know if you can help me after such reply but I don't know whom
to ask... please tell me if you can.. Sorry for a little letter but I
have no much money to pay now for the internet here at the
cafe....Also I am sending you photos I have and it's all photos I have
without clothes. I don't have a real nude photos... I don't know now
if you decide to help me but I hope because I don't have any other
people I can ask...I want to solve these problems here and ask you one
thing.. is it a dream to be with you or it can be a real??? Can we be
together???? Please unswer me as soon as possible...Also today i
visited the bank and they told me about the fast way for a money
transfer. It's Western Union. So you need my full name Nadezhda
Abramova and address: Lenina 15-175. Irkutsk, Russia and you can make
a transfer to this bank: MENATEP ST.PETERSBURG GAGARINA BLVD., 40
IRKUTSK , 664000 and they said I'll need your full name and address
and the main thing is the Money transfer control number. So I think
that if you decided to help me you should have this information...
Write me soon please!!!

Waiting for your reply, Nadezhda

and the photos that he has usedl....

Keywords: blonde girl of country
2007-06-18, 07:45:46
anonymous from Italy  

Keywords: blonde girl in red bikini
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