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Dating scammer Elena Yanchurova


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Name: Elena Yanchurova


Russian Irkusk Region
Tibelti Oktiabrskaya Str11

Other Comments:
I have received the same 3 emails from our person as the other folks that have posted on this site. However she is listing her birthday as April 11th and says her name is Elena Yanchurova.

She (they) have asked for Full name and telephone number a fool I sent it. Thanks to this site I have found that asking for money was next...shame...what a fantasy it was starting to be.

same old lines same old info...thanks again for the info...good job folks

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2008-04-15, 10:26:42
OJAS from United States  
Harry from Oz,
It is not good to alert them about this or other anti-scam sites.

When you decide on your Grande Finale Copy / Paste the Cyrillic from http://www.delphifa..p=1#71200
e-mail subject title: Cкамерство
(Cкамерство = Scam Business, is now part of everyday Yoshkar-Ola vocabulary)
Download and send a picture album
Clown's middle finger http://www.delphifa..11673.jpg
Scamming Ape http://www.delphifa..21930.jpg
I attach one more you can download and send your scammer!
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2008-04-15, 11:59:46
OJAS from United States  
Cyrillic you can send him.
сосите хуй ! (Suck my dick)
More Cyrillic in this post http://www.delphifa..#comments
If someone wondered why I think the scammer is a he http://www.dailymai..ge_id=1879
2008-04-16, 05:01:04
anonymous from Turkey  
you are good
2008-04-16, 21:30:50
anonymous from Australia  
Yeah I've had exactly the same emails etc, knew it couldn't be true. I'm up to the 'I hope you will catch my kiss somehow' part of it.

Could people really fall for this?
2008-04-17, 03:23:40
OJAS from United States  
2008-04-27, 02:33:25
anonymous from United States  
Her new name is Oksana Zebzeeva and email is
April 27 2008.....Matt in washington state.
2008-04-27, 15:28:52
anonymous from Canada  
thank you for the insights
2008-04-27, 19:08:06
anonymous from United States  
Dariya Tomina (
once again she has struck again thanks to other posts before me to keep me informed

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2008-04-30, 00:08:46
anonymous from Australia  

Sorry, my mail will short, I am almost sleeping. No, I am not angree with you. It's up to you to decide to help me or not. My uncle can't send me money, I don't want to go deep in explanations why he couldn't...

We made a decision that I will arrive when he is back home and send me money. I will go to Perth. Probably I won't be able to see your city because I won't have much time, I am losing days of my visa, when I will arrive, I won't have many of them left. May be you will visit me in Perth?

Ok, I am leaving you now. Write me soon!

Elena with hugs and kisses.

2008-04-30, 16:42:52
anonymous from United States  
Same pictures, same letter, new name Nadezhda and address
2008-05-04, 12:37:26
anonymous from United States  
very interesting. These people seem to have no heart or respect fo anyone. What I need to know , to investigate further, is what dating sites you have made contact with.. I can name about 5 sites prior to recieving these scam emails. I need for you all to send me the list of sites that you have visited, to see if there are corrilatiions to what sites i have visited. Maybe some sites dont have the security measures in plkacae that they think they do.
2008-05-06, 08:36:20
anonymous from United States  
2008-05-06, 08:37:41
anonymous from United States  
2008-05-06, 08:39:02
anonymous from United States  
2008-05-06, 08:39:35
anonymous from United States  

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Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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