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Dating scammer Yulija Demanowa from Seversk, Russia


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Name: Yulija Demanowa
Location: Seversk, Russia
(near Tomsk)

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2007-03-03, 22:56:31   (updated: 2007-03-03, 22:58:08)
anonymous from Canada  
Its to bad................................... THIS SHIT IS FUCKED UP!!!
2007-03-04, 10:35:58
anonymous from Columbus in Ohio, United States  
Kind of sad really. Man, she is gorgeous. I don't really have any problems meeting women, but there was something so sensuous and mysterious about Olesya. 'She' scammed me big time. No money thank goodness, but she had me interested that's for damn sure. I got all the way to her passing her English test in Moscow! I wish good things for the woman in that picture. I know she's not behind all this. SHIT MAN, UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!! I sent 'her' a stern letter. Part of me wishes 'she' still arrives:(
2007-03-05, 19:29:32 from United States  
she goes by anew name Olesya Belowa her email is
2007-03-05, 22:16:04
anonymous from United States  
Olesja Belova, that shit...glad I did some research.
2007-03-06, 08:44:35
Ruthless. I know someone who was involved with this girl, and was really interested in helping her start a new life, etc. In addition to the letters shown here, he got others, more personal and tailored specifically to him, and was really bummed about the scam. I began to wonder when I heard the story about the 'rural town' she was from, but despite being from this underpopulated farm town she is well dressed, sells clothes (to who?) and speaks good English (where do you get that skill in a small town?). What I'd like to know is whether the girl in the pictures is behind it, or if someone else who just happens to have all of these photos of her is using her pics to make money. Either way, I'd love to see this on a Dateline sting operation. I'd love to see the person responsible held accountable for their actions. Messing with people's emotions - not cool. And if someone else is using the girl's picture - that makes her a victim too. If she's doing it herself, it's equally evil. Once way or another, the person responsible will have to answer for it one day.
2007-03-06, 11:09:50
anonymous from United States  
Here's an update to the mystery woman now it's 'Olesya Belowa'. She'e still using a yahoo account. Here's the kicker. They think they're so smart by keeping the amount of money under 1K, when in fact any internet fraud scheme is a federal offense.

I had about 10 e-mail messages from her and when it got to the money I knew what was going on. Damn shame she's a pretty woman.

Think with the bid head guys!
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Dating scammer Yulija Demanowa from Seversk, Russia

2007-03-06, 12:10:51
she also goes by

she's on her way to new york to meet me apparently. she needs $900 though and she says she has very brave feelings for me. i say string her a long and waste her time. tell her you have sent money and let her go to western union and discover nothing. just keep on stringing her a long...
2007-03-06, 13:35:55
anonymous from United States  
Excellent idea 'tell her you have sent money and let her go to western union and discover nothing. just keep on stringing her a long...' I like that idea.
2007-03-06, 15:14:18
erwitt7799@hotmail.comanonymous from United States  
Her and I have been going back and forth for 2 months now.she is suppose to come into town saturday the 10th to move in with me and my son. I didn't send any money, thank you God! but she had me going till now. I just e-mailed her back again this morning, and waiting to here from her. I spent three very long days and nights on the internet trying to find whatever I could, here I am at work online all day, it's 4:00 in the afternoon and BINGO this site pops up. I have every page that was on this site. she goes by the name Olesja Belowa ( prettyolesja@ yahoo .com) what a relief! another chapter in the book of Life! this is almost the end of that chapter... or maybe not ! thank you! thank you! thank you!
2007-03-06, 20:11:48
anonymous from United States  
Hey guys thanks the valuable information googled Seversk russian girls and came across this site.who noes what would have happend if i never googled this ..
she told me information, took on two emails to relize something fishy about this whole thing... The email she used on me was and called herself Olesja I have also recieved an email from but from reading this website it has came across to me as it is the same girl.. so i hope this helps others like it did for me..
2007-03-06, 20:32:03
anonymous from United States  
Right on, same girl Olesya sent same emails, pics, and story to me. Even calling me this morning to arrange for the $980 for air fair. I don't even think she was calling from Russia, no delay in the communications!
2007-03-06, 20:38:07
anonymous from United States  
she sent me the exact emails (not a single word change)....just her name 'olesya add. is thing she is coming here to work on 10th march...she ned 980$ at the last moment ...i havent sent any..THANX GOD and THANX A LOT whom ever has posted this website.

2007-03-07, 09:46:35
i've just sent her an email saying i've sent her money (which, of course I haven't). lets string this on a bit now. next i'll ask her to set up a bank account or something. wasting her time could be good fun!
2007-03-07, 16:45:34
anonymous from United States  
SOUNDS GREAT waste as much of her time as you can. Someone up above claimed this lady called them? Did she have an accent? There should be ways to trace calls.
2007-03-08, 14:50:13
anonymous from United States  
I'm talking with Liubow and even though it's fake I don't care. She's hot and I'm trying to get more pics out of her. Only a fool would send one of things chicks money. I'm just here for the hottness. Check it:
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Is this Russian girl scamming me? How to recognize scammers
Dating scammer Yulija

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