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Dating scammer Yulija Demanowa from Seversk, Russia


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Name: Yulija Demanowa
Location: Seversk, Russia
(near Tomsk)

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2007-02-27, 00:06:54
anonymous from United States  
The girl herself is probably innocent. The elaborateness of this scam took the work of many people, probably the Russian mafia is behind this.With all the phony identification paoers and aliases I can't believe it is the work of one 26 year old Russian girl.
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2007-02-27, 01:56:23 from United States  
Hey guys, looking for some 411 on a gal called 'Shirley Anderson' at Another looker but this one is even willing to give out her phone number. Yes, I'll keep you posted but, if you have any info, let me know. Also, stringing along 'Anastasiya' at the moment. She's using Poor yahoo.

2007-02-27, 12:03:40
anonymous from United States  
Is it just me or does this girl look like she's 14?
2007-02-27, 20:23:22
anonymous from United States  
Hey dudes, check this out. Here is a link to a large bank in Moscow (Googled Moscow Banks)> . Go to the 'Our Foreign Partners' tab and click on 'Correspondent Banks'. From here you can get an account number and Swift number (for the purpose of transferring funds) for different banks around the world. Make a note of the numbers of one you are interested in. Next, go to the 'News and Publications' tab and go to 'Anti money Laundering Questionnaire'. Look on this document. You will find the Moscow address of the main bank, the telephone number, and most importantly, on page 5 the name: Mr. Vladimir D. Sirotov, Director of the Security Department, Assistant to the Chairman of the Board. I propose to you all that you write your sweety, tell them for safety and expense sake that you transferred the money (and a little extra for expenses and niceties such as lingerie, crotchless panties, extra lube and the like) through your business' international account directly to the bank in Moscow. Give her the address, account number and swift number. Also, direct them that she should go to the bank and arrange a personal meeting with Mr. Sirotov to discuss the withdraw, especially due to the size of the funds. This should be interesting!
2007-02-27, 20:35:45
anonymous from United States  
yup guys I got all the same emails and pics. she is now going by Olesya belova. what a fucking bitch.
2007-02-27, 22:15:42
anonymous from United States  
Here is he name she used on me. Olesya Belowa [ ] same emails same pics. She has not asked for money yet. But geuss its coming. I wouldnt have sent it to her anyways even if I had it. I am sure thats not even her in the pics. What a bitch playing pepole like that.
2007-02-28, 07:11:45
anonymous from United States  
i copy pasted this entire page of pictures emails and comments to her and asked her what's up - told her she has been blogged - she still writes me like she never saw what i sent her - she must be stupid or determined - bake
2007-02-28, 09:14:44
anonymous from United States  
I have just started receiving e-mails from this same woman recently she has never asked me for money and is supposedly headed to moscow today. Then I found this site and can't believe what I am seeing. I have heard about these types of scams and am shocked to find out it is happening to me she has given me an address on one of her e-mails I also have her recent e-mail address. her name is Olesya Belova Russia, Seversk, Kuzmina 24-34. thats is her address that she has given me I hope this helps some one else she has written me the same letters that I have seen on this site.
2007-02-28, 12:10:56
anonymous from Billings in Montana, United States  
Yeah, these chicks are all over the internet on any of the singles sites. I haven't come across the women you all have listed but literally hundreds of others. Guess I look desperate or something. They all want you to E-mail them at their personal address. Perhaps I'm a bit paranoid but I've got to question why they ask for so much personal information without offering much themselves. I've even had some tell me through the first E-mail that they were in some kind of trouble and needed me to send them some money to help. If I did that they promised to make me happy the rest of my life. Sounds to me like some kind of identity theft scam. They get your information and run with it. Don't forget if you pay for your internet/ E-mail (AOL for instance) all of your personal information can be obtained simply by using your E-mail address. This includes any credit cards you may have used when you signed up for service. Good luck all......
2007-02-28, 13:35:23
anonymous from United States  

This person has been sending me several of the pictures listed and claims to be Olesya Belowa from Seversk.

Glad I read these posts.

I had one thing in mind besides her naked. Do NOT send any money. If I was lucky enough for her to visit, make her pay and maybe reimburse her if it works.

The internet is great but you must always be careful with scammers. Hope they all burn in HELL !

2007-02-28, 17:32:53
anonymous from United States  
Thank God for this site, I've been communicating with this girl for a couple weeks. I guess it goes to show if it seems too good to be true it probably is. I got suspicious when she asked for money. Always a red flag. I am going to try for a nude cause man she is hot.
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Keywords: blonde brown pants black top on sofa
2007-02-28, 23:21:22
anonymous from United States  
Made a MySpace page on her as well:
2007-03-01, 15:05:46
anonymous from United States  
I have been emailing this so called female that was send ing all of these goreous photos over and saying that she was going to mo to the united states to be with me for the rest of her life. Just like any other man looking for love I fell for it hook line and sinker. I know that I will be even more catious than I was before I. I am glad I ran across this website.
2007-03-02, 13:37:14
anonymous from United States  
Yep thats 'Olesya Belova' Don't even think this chick is that hot. I'm divorced and started checking out dating . Unlike some of you other suckers I am handsome(: Think thats where she got my email address. Yesterday some other Ruskie chick is trying to talk to me now-same story too. Goes by 'Liubow (this is my name)!'
She started sending alarms off quick with all that love talk. My friend found a cool girl at a site called cebonus or something. Philophino girls-good looking too. Met her-she's one happy camper. I don't think I'll ever trust Russian Brides. I FOUND THIS SITE BY SEARCHING 'my specialization is stomatology. There are only 3 stomatology places in my city'. COOL SITE-THANKS.

2007-03-02, 22:20:54
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