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Dating scammer Yulija Demanowa from Seversk, Russia


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Name: Yulija Demanowa
Location: Seversk, Russia
(near Tomsk)

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2007-02-19, 00:55:14
anonymous from United States  
Not sure why pic #5 came out the way it did as the one I have on my computer is completely different fromt he one I just uploaded. Trying this again.
2007-02-20, 14:32:44
NOT COOL!!!! I guess its a game for these people
2007-02-20, 19:28:23
anonymous from United States  
Here is a new name old face. Hee Hee :-) These scammers are all alike. I know them immediately. Look out! for this name whose face is Anastasiya Sarantchina' < but was
2007-02-21, 18:04:04
[hidden] from United States  
For me she's Anastasiya Saranchina...exactly the same pictures and exactly the same words of love and devotion even though I am an older guy. She wants to have my baby. I knew something was up so I googled her name and it found nothing. Then I googled her original e-mail address and found this site. Last message I sent her was...'If you would please send me some pictures of you naked, I'll pay you for them and it will be enough to cover your plane fare here' I haven't heard from her since!
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Keywords: 2 two blondes black fur coats on street
2007-02-22, 18:06:19
anonymous from United States  
2007-02-22, 20:17:07
anonymous from United States  
I am glad I found this because i was starting to get scammed by this beautiful woman who claimed she was from miami forids. Her nam is deby john. She started to say that she is recently single and would com to michigan for my birthday. But for now she is in lagos nigeria. She is trying hard to get my phone number and email address but i wouldn't budge. Thanks to this web site I found out the real truth
2007-02-24, 21:32:30   (updated: 2007-02-24, 21:53:10)
anonymous from United States  
I received the same series of emails over the past week from this person,
the address used was,
I received all the same photos as shown as well.
I even got a driver license copy as well,

These are the emails after the sister picture email,

Hi!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so sorry I didn't write you sooner. I had so many
things to do before I leave my city. I had few small problems but now
everything seems to be OK. I packed all my bags. I'm not taking too
many clothes with me. I will have one big bag and one small. Not too
much things to carry. As soon as I learn more information about my
trip I will write you everything.
I liked the pics you've sent me.
Today evening I will go to Tomsk by bus and at night I will fly from
Tomsk to Moscow by plane. When I come over there I will settle down
and write you and email.
If that's possible please check one more time the thing with your
closest international Airport and write me. I just want to be sure
it's really international and close to you. And please check for the
code of the Airport. For example the code of Sheremetyevo in Moscow is
I have few arrangements about my work. As soon as I check everything
one more time in Moscow I will write you about it. Now I just don't
want to write anything what is not confirmed.
I like to listen to the music. I will take a CD played with me. I
like many bands: Enigma, Massive Attack, Muse. I like movies of
Quentin Tarantino and their soundtracks!!! He is my favorite director.
Do you like Tarantino?
One of my favorite actors is Johnny Depp. As for actress I like Amy
Smart. Also I like some Russian actors but I think you've never heard
of them.
As for food... I like to eat! And sometimes I even eat in fast food. I
understand it's not healthy but I prefer to do more sports to eating
less food. I like to cook by myself. I can cook anything but I prefer
Italian food. Do you know how to boil spaghetti? =)))) It's important
to boil it only 2-3 minutes so they are not becoming too soft. I try to
eat healthy food. I go to fast food only about once a week.
Actually I don't have much time now and all my thoughts are in a
mess. So I don't know what could I write. I'm so nervous to start my
trip and I'm almost shaking! I will miss my family and friend so much!
I already miss them... I understand it was my choice to take this
chance of working abroad and I will try to be strong!
Please write me something nice so I will calm down! I really hope you
are interested. I even told my parents about you. They said I'm a 'big
girl' and if I feel you are special to me then we will like each
I have a feeling like butterflies are flying in my stormach! Not less
then one thousand of butterflies!
I'm attaching three pics for you, just usual pics.
If you want we can talk by phone before I come to you, I can call you
later from Moscow. We have some days to arrange this before I come.
Please don't forget to check your international Airport one more time!
Thank you!

Lot's kisses! !!



Hi! Finally I'm in Moscow.
Now I have mixed feelings about everything. Sometimes I feel great
happiness and excitement and sometimes I feel so lonely... I think
soon it will be OK!
I'm so sorry again I don't have much time to write now. This will be
short, I just want to let you know I arrived here, I'm safe and I
didn't forget about you.
I just settled down and I will write you all details in my next email.
Tomorrow morning I have to pass English tests, I wrote you, I need to
pass in to get my work visa. Now I want to go and repeat some grammar.
I hope you understand. Tomorrow I will write you much more about
everything, now I really have to go.
Every time I think about you I smile )) Thought about you make my
heart warmer. I promise tomorrow I will write more.

Always yo,


Hello! I have great news!!! Today I passed that English test without any
problems!!! On Monday I will have more info about all arrangements!
Saturday and Sunday is a weekend so I will have more info only on
I thought the test would be more difficult but it was OK!
I stayed in hotel, I think I will come to you next week. I will write
you all exact details and I will let you know as soon as I can!
If you are not sure you want me to stay with you I can stay in youth
hostel (I'm not sure how to write it), it's really cheap.
Of course Moscow is very crowded city, so much people! Anyway it
doesn't bother me, I like new adventures and impressions!
I haven't visited any sightseeings, I didn't have enough time... so
maybe tomorrow.
By the way I wrote I have stomatologist diploma, I'm not sure you
understand, I don't know if you have such word in your language, that
means I can work as a dentist.
Also I think I didn't write you when I get my visa I can stay over
there for 6 months. After that I can prolong my visa and stay more.
Today I copied by xerox (I don't know if it's right word) my
documents for the embassy. I decided to send a copy of my driver's
licence. I didn't write you I can drive a car. Although I don't have
my own car, sometimes I drive a car of my father but now often. It's
just a usual Russian car. I've got my licence in 2004 and I've been
told it's international.
I hope on Monday I will have some more information for you.
I can't write you longer emails because I write you from Internet
I miss you so much and I really think about you all the time!
Also I'm sending two pics from Moscow.


Kisses to you from Moscow! I will write you just few words. Yesterday
February 23 it was a great holiday in Russia - the Day of Soviet
Army. Although now not all people celebrate it....
As I wrote you I will be able to give you more details about my trip
only on Monday. Now it's Saturday evening here.
I miss you and I can't wait to meet you!!!


2007-02-25, 17:44:59   (updated: 2007-02-25, 17:50:09)
anonymous from United States  
2007-02-25, 17:52:05
anonymous from United States  
Anoter pic.
2007-02-26, 00:26:32
anonymous from United States  
Thank goodness. I have been in contact with this woman for a few weeks! all i can ask is WTF?! what does she get out of this? is she trying to get to the states ASAP or something? Trying to get important info from people? what?!
2007-02-26, 08:04:04
anonymous from United States  
Just got another email from her/him or whoever, wanting $980 bucks for ticket, hotel, ect. Her true colors are now flying.
2007-02-26, 09:29:21 from Fort Worth in Texas, United States  

I knew this was too good to be true, even though a lot of what she said checked out. Even the flight information she sent me was correct and legitamate flight #'s. It pisses me off that these women will spend this much time stringing you along and then comes the clincher 'I need money' for something or other.

I would recommend that if you talk to any foreign women on dating sites that you tell them right upfront, in your first e-mail, that if they ever ask for money then that will be the end of the conversation with them. That should probably save you a lot of time and wasted effort by eliminating the scammers right from the start. I would also ask them to send you a picture of their face next to a current english language newspaper. That way at least you would know that you are talking with the same person who is sending the pictures.

There seems to be a pattern with these women as well. They are: all currently single, they have no kids, they have never been married, they live with their parents, their parents are still married, they have some type of degree or professional training, they don't care what you look like or how old you are, They usually send a face pic. in every e-mail, they are poor, they need money to somehow get to the US and they think we are all suckers.

Well, my advice is never, never send money to someone you have never met face to face and even then I would be hesitant. I mean this girl asked me to send her $980 and she didn't think that was very much money even though she only made $250/month. She was basically asking me to send her the equivalent to four months of her salary. A lot of money even in my book.

Thanks goodness for Google and this site. Also watch out for Svetlana. I don't remember her last name, but she is blond, from Russia and has the same similar sob story.

2007-02-26, 16:19:01
anonymous from United States  
Thank you for this site.
2007-02-26, 17:23:05
anonymous from United States  
hi again. I smiled when I noticed your email in my mailbox! I'm
happy you answered my email. I don't know why but I feel something
special about you, I can't explain this... but I feel if we meet each
other we will like each other. I don't know why I picked you... I
believe in destiny.
OK, as you know I'm 25 years old. Actually I don't remember if I wrote
you my age last time, I hope I wrote it! My birthday is March 10.
So this year I will be 26 years old! Believe me or not but almost all
of my friends are married! In Russia it's a common thing that girls
get married very early. With my last boyfriend we broke up because he
lost his job in my city and moved to another one.
I live in the city called Seversk. You probably never heard about it.
It's situated near the big city Tomsk. Seversk is not that big city.
I work in a shop as an adviser. We sell clothes from Europe. I've
been told I have a good taste and style. I don't work on my
profession. I have a medic Education, I have a diploma of Medic
Academy of Tomsk where I studied for 6 years, my specialization is
stomatology. There are only 3 stomatology places in my city and there
is no free work there. I'd been working as a nurse during one year but
nurses don't payed well here in Russia. Now I receive about 250 $ a
month and it's a good income for people who live in my city.
I want to earn more money and have a better life and that's why I
decided to find a work over there. I will tell you more about this
work program later, OK?
Forgot to let you know my height and weight (I think you would like to
know such details!). My height is 5.5 (167 cm) and my weight is 55 kg
( think it's about 122 in your measurements). I didn't measure
another parts of my body, sorry =)) but I want to assure you they are
very nice =))
I have few hobbies. One of them is aerobics. I do it at home and
that's how I keep myself healthy and in a good shape!
Another hobby is horses. I don't have my own horse but I like to ride
horses so much! My father taught me how to do it when I was 14 years
I live with my mom, father and sister in apartment. It's quite small.
Our family is very happy! My mom is 45 years old (she is a school
teacher of mathematics, my father is 61 (he is retired).
My sister is 21. She goes to the University, psychology faculty.
In case you need my address it is Russia, Seversk, Kuzmina 24-34.
I will try to find some pics of Seversk for you and send next time.
PLease send me few pics of your city and tell me more about it. Also
what is the name of the Airport over there? Does it receive
international flights?
I have to go now. I have a computer at home, it's very old but we
don't have any Internet so I write you from Internet Cafe which is
situated in the library.
The last thing I want to say is that I'm very honest, caring, tender,
passionate, creative and sincere person. I'm looking for my 'second
part'. All external characteristics are not important to me. The inner
world is much more important. But I still can't explain the qualities
I'm looking for... maybe it's kindness... honesty... I don't know what
else! When I'm in love I can't explain why I'm in love! Love is a
feeling which doesn't have any explanation!
So please tell me more about you and your city. I'm really interested
to get to know you better. I think I will start my trip in few days so
please write me more!!! I really have to go, my mom is waiting for me,
we will go shopping for food, I promise I will write you as soon as I


P.S. Three pics for you!!!! Two of them were taken in Anapa, South of
Russia and one pic is me with my sister.

Her e-mail is now

2007-02-26, 18:04:12
anonymous from United States  
same thing - different name and email address - same pictures - how funny - i know now to watch out - this girl must be desperate - she wrote me with the same lines i've seen in this website - she's probably a russian spy - how funny - later - bake
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