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Dating scammer Anastasiya Evdokimova from Volzhsk, Russia


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Name: Anastasiya Evdokimova


Volzhsk, Russia

Other Comments:

Here is Nastya!

We go in contact though

She uses same email form letters as Kristina Borisova from Kazan

Other Email Addresses using same I.P. number:, Volzhsk, Yoshkar-Ola, Yoshkar-Ola

She fell in love with me after 8 emails over 10 days, and after 12 emails was asking for help with money for travel to U.K. (78 euros for passport, 305 euros for registration of visa).

I did not send any money!


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2008-02-16, 09:57:00 from United Kingdom  
Soory left a message but the computer went down . I am corresponding with a lady from Kozmodemjansk in the El Mari District I have funded passport and tourist visa which seem genuine but she now wants money for plane tickets and says she need nees $45 dollars per day for her UK trip for up to 90 days !!!! and will take this through customs eh not a good idea they must think englishmen are really stupid I could sort out a bank account and when she gets here the she can use it ! a good way to sort out a scammer is don't worry I will visit you then it goes quiet they use all the usual physological tactics as well old grannie no proper job etc; also not many fmaily pics normally on her own

plus the again the agent seems to have a quick link with the girl if she exists plus in my case she got her age wrong from early on to the passport date plus her job changed from sales to nurse best thing I have done to read your web site it will avoid explaining my stupidity to my three daughters !!!

2008-02-16, 13:07:38
Peter from Germany  
Haha, I was to slow and I had a lot to explain to my two daughters. Did not lose much but teenies got a different point of view about money.
2008-02-22, 05:31:36
anonymous from Australia  

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Dating scammer Viktoriya (modified photo)

Keywords: blonde cleavage fireplace
2008-04-12, 18:23:31
anonymous from Australia  

2008-04-24, 10:39:55 from Nepal  
Name: tatyana



Other Comments:
this woman has been writing me since 2/14/07 now she is in love with me and needs 450$ for visitor visa and must travel to moscow to get it from embassy i got suspicous right then i found this site looking for cheap flights to moscow from her town in rostov ru she said she learned english in university and she is a bookeeper in a firm also she has no phone and her only internet access is at a cafe i read this same excuse in most of the listing on this page i was almost fooled. thanks to this site i have blocked her email address and sent not a dime to her.

2008-07-08, 00:01:54 from Mexico  
Te amo, eres hermosa, me caso contigo :).

2008-07-08, 06:23:36
OJAS from United States  
You can get much better help in this thread http://www.delphifa..2#comments
2008-08-06, 00:43:21
anonymous from United States  
Last letter sent to my love who scams. She drinks a beer or two and gets this sweet Game face on that would melt steel off a wooden ship. just before a pic.

Old crusty farquad looking for young jucie tomato who can depleate his bank accounts and max out credit cards. Will consider one out of two. Must have no conscience! at least 2yr experiance and have references. Again will consider 2 out of 3
I Have plenty money to do 3 or 4 times before frick off and die! Have tatoo on fore head says 'FOOL' Note: all information and Wisdom gained in many years of life don't count for anything and what count, I forgot! That's what I'm talken about lol! He He He ho ho ho ha ha ha. having too much fun lol!!! Seeking love of life-will settle for job as comedian! -Come on now--All together-- 'Don't worry bee-Happy ya Don't worry bee Happy-- Lanlord says your rent is late-Might have to litagate--
Dooon't worry beeeee Happy!-- Now when you worry, you wear a frown-and that will bring everybody down---dooon't worry beeeee Happy!
2008-08-06, 06:49:53
OJAS from United States  
Old crusty farquad, LOL! :-D)
Pity it may be lost on them. You could also use Grande Finale Cyrillic http://www.delphifa..p=22#99529
2008-08-15, 02:26:28
anonymous from United Kingdom  
what out for this one

2008-11-17, 02:59:34
[hidden] from Romania  
shit...! russian women
2009-03-28, 18:48:20   (updated: 2009-03-28, 18:52:20)
anonymous from Quito, Ecuador  

2009-07-25, 16:11:26
anonymous from United States  
I have lately been corresponding with someone that claims to be a woman from Russia. She says she lives in Volzhsk, which sent up the red flag right away. I've been waiting for the 'I need money' letter to come, but it hasn't. There has never been any mention of money from her, and what surprised me most is that she actually reads and responds to my letters and questions. I thought for sure that after the first few e-mails there would come some bullsh*t story, but so far it hasn't come. Either she is genuine, or this is the world's most patient scammer.

Is there any way I can have verify she is who she says she is? How would I verify her IP address? Corresponding with her has been very pleasant so far, and I'm starting to doubt if this is an actual scammer because of the details that she has divulged so far, not to mention a rather extensive amount of photos of her none of which has been improper at all. She even sent me a photo of her mother. That one threw me. I want to be sure, and I certainly do not want to continue if this is a scammer. Can anyone help? Her name is supposedly 'Nadejda' I've attached her picture.

2009-08-09, 06:03:44
anonymous from France  
becarful with this girl : scammers pics

2009-09-12, 15:41:23   (updated: 2009-09-12, 15:45:17)
anonymous from Poland

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