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Dating scammer Mariya Shubenkina from Marij-el, Russia


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Mariya Shubenkina
Russia, Republic Marij-el, Zvenigovo 425060. Street Lenina 38 Box 1.
Also seen as: Elana
Also has used 'Yuliya Yanaeva' of Matrosova 51, Stavropol, Russia


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2008-07-28, 20:37:15
OJAS from United States  
cocodrilo from Mexico, thanks amigo, offering to fight them. For English speakers some Initial Steps http://www.delphifa..p=0#99465

Let us know how we can facilitate your fight.
2008-07-29, 12:42:51
cocodrilo,astronauta from Mexico  
there are a lot of web sites like hi5, tagged where the scammer use to get contact with people from other countries. we can track them in this sites. they use to made them personal page with almost no personal infomation. we can find them easily and after that we can expose the here and whatever public web site.


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2008-07-29, 21:12:23
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Anna Ivanova




A little something on the REAL Anna Ivanova

Anna Ivanovna (Russian: Анна Иоанновна, Anna Ioannovna) (February 7, 1693, Moscow – October 28, 1740) reigned as Duchess of Courland from 1711 to 1730 and as Empress of Russia from 1730 to 1740.

Accession to the throne
Anna was the daughter of Ivan V of Russia, as well as the niece of Peter the Great. The latter married her to Frederick Wilhelm, Duke of Courland in November 1710, but on the return trip from Saint Petersburg in January 1711, her husband died. Anna continued ruling as Duchess of Courland (now western Latvia) from 1711 to 1730, with the Russian resident, Peter Bestuzhev, as her adviser. She never remarried after the death of her husband, but was reputed by her enemies to indulge in a love affair with Ernst Johann von Biron for many years.

On the death of Peter II, Emperor of Russia, the Russian Supreme Privy Council under Prince Dmitriy Galitzine made Anna Empress in 1730. They had hoped that she would feel indebted to the nobles for her unexpected fortune and remain a figurehead at best, and malleable at worst. In the hope of establishing a constitutional monarchy in Russia, they convinced her to sign articles that limited her power. However, these proved a minor inconvenience to her, and soon she established herself as an autocratic ruler, using her popularity with the imperial guards and lesser nobility.

Policies of her reign

As one of her first acts to consolidate this power she restored the security police, which she used to intimidate and terrorize those who opposed her and her policies. Although she did not move the capital back to Moscow, she spent most of her time at that city in the company of her foolish and ignorant maids. Finding delight in humiliating old nobility, she arranged the marriage of old Prince Galitzine, who had incurred her displeasure by marrying a Catholic, with one of her maids, an elderly Kalmyk, dressed them as clowns, and had them spend their wedding night naked in a specially constructed ice palace during the exceptionally harsh winter of 1739–40.

Having a distrust of Russian nobles, Anna kept them from powerful positions, instead giving those to Baltic Germans. She raised to the throne of Courland one Ernst Johann von Biron, who gained her particular favour and had considerable influence over her policies. His archrival, the anti-German cabinet minister Artemy Petrovich Volynsky, was executed several months before Anna's death. Biron was sufficiently prudent not to meddle with foreign affairs or with the army, and these departments were in the able hands of two other foreigners, who thoroughly identified themselves with Russia, Andrey Osterman and Burkhardt Munnich.

Crude court entertainments of Empress Anna (an 1872 painting) by Valery JacobiThey allied the country with Charles VI, (Holy Roman Emperor from 1711 to 1740), and committed Russia during the War of the Polish Succession (1733–1735). Afterwards, they made Augustus III the king of Poland at the expense of Stanislaw Leszczynski and other candidates. In 1736 Anna declared war on the Ottoman Empire, but Charles made a separate peace with the Porte, forcing Russia to follow suit and to give up all recently captured territories with the exception of Azov. This war marks the beginning of that systematic struggle on the part of Russia to drive to the South which was brought to fruition by Catherine II. Anna's reign saw the beginnings of Russian territorial expansion into Central Asia.

Death and succession
Anna was famed for her big cheek, 'which, as shown in her portraits,' Carlyle says, 'was comparable to a Westphalian ham'. As her health declined she declared her grand nephew, Ivan VI, should succeed her. This was an attempt to secure the line of her father, Ivan V, and exclude descendants of Peter the Great from inheriting the throne.

Anna died at the age of 47 of kidney disease. Ivan VI was only a one-year-old baby at the time and his mother, Anna Leopoldovna, was detested for her German counsellors and relations. As a consequence, shortly after Anna's death Elizabeth Petrovna, Peter I's legitimized daughter, managed to gain favor of populace, locked Ivan VI in a dungeon, and exiled his mother.


2008-07-29, 21:31:04
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Mariya Shubenkina


First name: Elena
Last name: Sergeeva
Aka: Olga Shalagina, Marina Dolgorukova, Ekaterina Vishnyakova, Nadezhda Smirnova, Larisa Laponova, Olga Lavrenteva, Milana, Olga Glazyrina, Olga Malyutina, Nadezhda Mihaylova, Irina Beshkareva, Maria Shubenkina, Elena Romanova, Tatyana Zaiceva, Anna Lavrova, Elena Sergeeva, Nadezhda Stolyarova, Elmira, Natalia Adushkina, Kristina Nagorova
Age: 27
Location(s): Aznakaevo (Russia), Cheboksary (Russia), Izhevsk (Russia), Kazan (Russia), Korolev (Russia), Murmansk (Russia), Nizhniy Novgorod (Russia), Orenburg (Russia), Surgut (Russia), Vladivostok (Russia), Yaransk (Russia), Zvenigovo (Russia)
Address(es): Russia, 420103, Kazan, F.Amirhana street 69-79; Russia, Surgut, Tolstogo str., 74-12; Russia, 424036, Murmansk, Chehova str., 52-36; Russia, 603004, Nizhniy Novgorod, Kirova prospekt, 15-7; Russia, 445003, Kazan, Parkway Chetaeva, 145-86; Russia, Cheboksary, Patrisa Lumumbyi str., house 2 flat 8; Russia, 425060, Republic Marij-El, Zvenigovo, Lenina street, 38 Box 1; Russia, 428000, Cheboksary, Gagarina str., 17; Russia, 141070, Korolev, Tsiolkovskogo str., 20-8; Russia, 420000, Kazan, Calinina str., 122-85
Phone number(s): 7495785110
E-mail address(es): elena78doc@INBOX.RU;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
Operates on site(s): American Singles, Direct Dating, Elite Mate, Face Party, Flirt, Free Dating Service, Friend Finder, Friendscout 24, Horny Matches, Love Access, Match, My UK Date, Russian Euro, True Beginnings, Yahoo Personals


Elena Romanova, Nadezhda Cheshuina, Olga Shalagina, Marina Dolgorukova, Ekaterina Vishnyakova, Nadezhda Smirnova, Larisa Laponova, Olga Lavrenteva, Milana, Olga Glazyrina, Olga Malyutina, Nadezhda Mihaylova, Irina Beshkareva, Maria Shubenkina, Tatyana Zaiceva, Anna Lavrova, Elena Sergeeva, Elmira



2008-07-30, 13:22:56
cocodrilo,astronauta from Mexico  
good job Dirk
2008-07-31, 13:17:23
cocodrilo,astronauta from Mexico  
hey guys I found a new girl the pics and the information coming soon.
2008-07-31, 14:39:02
cocodrilo,astronauta from Mexico  
hey guys here's the new scammer personal page http://www.tagged.c..5401079277 you can get contact in this site she call herself KSENYA FROM MARIJ-EL RUSSIA HER E-MAIL ARE: and and under this lines the first photo. ok see you guys. keep on figthing

2008-07-31, 17:28:01
OJAS from United States  
Some posting guidelines http://www.delphifa..p=0#101855
2008-09-29, 11:46:04
anonymous from France  

2008-10-06, 10:47:44 from United States  
we have become friends and she goes by irina .i have so many pics of her .and now i know the truth .i wont to thank all of you for haveing this site and the infoe needed to go this far.i am ashamed of my self and have learned so much about the internet scams .i will now keep looking for my angel only here by my home.

2008-10-06, 12:20:07
OJAS from United States  
2008-10-07, 05:52:47 from United States  
I also wonted to mention she has been going by the name irina from berezniki russia i have so many pics but i wont all to see what she is willing to do to proove she was real .
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2008-10-10, 02:07:16
anonymous from United States  
Hi cocodrilo,

How you got scam my her because she sending me email too
2008-10-25, 10:38:46
anonymous from France  

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Dating scammer katechka

2008-11-07, 10:22:30
[hidden] from Netherlands  
Here is Anna's so called Passport !

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