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Dating scammer Tatyana from Cheboksary, Russia


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Tatyana from Cheboksary, Russia

She supposedly works at GAZTEHSERVISE

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2007-05-20, 12:53:43
anonymous from United States  
It already IS a 'sport',it's called 'scam-baiting'! You need to know a little about it BEFORE you do it though!!! They don't pay girl's for pix in general,thet STEAL then from ppl's web site's.The majority ahve no idea the pix they posted for their friend's are being used for this,and even if thet do there's not a thing they can do about it!
If you want more info on this go to the following sites;, and
2007-06-04, 15:31:15 from Ayr, Canada  
She had me going to until I did the search.She is using the name Elena with me but I suppose that I should mail her and call her tanya

2007-06-04, 17:52:40
Skeet from United States  
JD/Canada,Can you post the e-mail address?The full name too if you have it.

Well no one told me about her
The way she lied
Well no one told me about her
How many people cried
But it's too late to say you're sorry
How would I know, why should I care
Please don't bother tryin' to find her
She's not there
2007-07-05, 20:21:25
Here is a new photo and now she is using name Katya, email

2007-11-20, 14:33:57
anonymous from Spain  
More pics from this lady!!! for me she was Inna Tanigyna from Kazan!!!

2008-03-16, 07:31:51
anonymous from United States  
this girl got me months ago, shes been doing this for years. visa and ticket scam. she called herself ekaterina at the time. email was she likes using songs and poems in her letters but they are mostly stock letters. guys dont be fooled by the picture that states hello my whoever, its a fake. seen 4 different names in that pic already including my own.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer olga startseva

2008-03-20, 00:47:40
anonymous from United States  
Hello my name does not matter right now, I have been talking to a very fine female myself from this city, and she said alot like these letters, the pictures I got was alot like these, she also want to come to US for better life, I was looking here in this city for her or see if she was on any dateing sites here, I found her on, At frist she said she would not miss a day writeing to me she didn't for a while and she is going to pay her own way over to be with me, This is the frist time for me for a very pretty girl, she says she lives with her Mum and Dad, she made Pictures in windows just like I see on this one and she wrote long letters telling me how this city is and she got the right papers to come over to US to be with me.
The last letter was great news, she is going to Moscow to get the rest of her papers and the visa to come over to be with me, Each time she wrote to me she sent 2 and 3 pictures that are so fine in her underware, She is 37 yrs and she keeps older people and she likes her Job, But she has to come to be with me she is so much in love with me lol had me beliveing all this thats why I have been here looking for her. Her name is Tatyana when I was looking here lot of these fine young women are names like this, well lot of Tatyana I went to dateing site look to over 3,000 of the prettist females have seen in my life, I was thinking wow this will be so easy to get a wife here untill I seen the RED BOOK ON SPAM IN CHEBOKSARY NEAR THE COAST OF vOLGA RIVER LOL When I seen people writing about these fine females, well after I read these things they have to say, sounds so much like my Tatyana that I am looking fore Just like I told her this is like a dream come true lol now I have to say I am getting set up, I ordered the book had too, If i want to protect myself, She told me all Russian men don't respect women and they are all drunks also, I do have her letters and pictures. I don't understand what else I puton here, but do have heavy Heart now orver learning this, I have to face it, the dream was to good to be true. I wish I could say differant but all this is adding up, I could not belive they have so many fine females here never seen so many befor I swear lol, I seen about no more than ten out of 3,000 that I look at that was not to pretty honest lol. if I knew who to contact I would give my e-mail address, but for now until I learn more I'll have to settle for this right now, I was looking for a map to see this town thats so nice in her letters, she had me beliveing all this also, when it come to bueaty we all can fall for that, I also have same thing I think in Lagos Nigeria I am so concear about now. Just can't belive this, If sounds to good, then guess they are right, Its not good. Jimmy
ps tried to send picture but don't know how to do right now will try again, she looks lot like the female in the picture, do know one window in there looks to be just like the one I have picture of, but don't think this female is the same as the one I have.
2008-07-15, 09:49:39 from Detroit, United States  
I have had this woman write me as well and was coming to live with me and went to Moscow and said had tickets but needed $2500.00 for a VISA and another was coming and asked for money as well. Same pictures but her belly shows in one picture so she has obviously had a child in the past. She used a different name and she uses an english translator program and that is why she cannot read your emails. Her final email said she had sexy lingerie and couldn't wait for our first night and make love to me. When they get desperate they use sex to lure so I told her I was contacting the INS and shed will never be allowed in the U.S ever and would be deported asap if she got her. I've had 3 so far and a 4th writting me now. I am an RN so I know she had a child at some point. Just blow her off and call the INS with all of her aliases and I told her that I know Russsia is a horrible place to live and enjoy miserey for the rest of your life bitch. I know a woman who works with another Russian and she read my emails and determined she uses an english translation program and cannot read or speak english. THe one I have now said Sunday she was a graduate from medical school and today she's an english teacher. They all dye their hair blond because they think American men want blonds. She's probably written hundreds of men and I'm sure she wants to leave Russia. Who the hell would want to live in a shitty dictatorship with Putin in charge of everything and picks his president and makes himself like Tony Blair in England (I forgot his role name.) Watch these bitches-just want money and probably screw anybody they can (sexually) and steal money from Americans. Oh-Prime Minister is Putins new role.Head of KGB and he wants us to believe they support democracy? He is a dictator murderer and someone should snuff his ass out.
2008-07-15, 12:23:04
OJAS from United States  
Scammers are predominantly MEN http://www.delphifa..?p=4#98810
2008-09-16, 10:17:40
anonymous from United Kingdom  

I am being scammed with identical words by

Why would some idiot do this, do they think it is fun?

Glad I rerad this blog, it stopped me getting deeper.

Thanks hugely....

2008-10-03, 15:33:17
thank you gays this is great site i found something but only here i found pictures of her its simple she didnt respond to simpliest questions but what uncover her is that she speak to me that she want to came to me in the USA but i wrote that i am not from there that was very funny

2009-01-07, 13:19:19
anonymous from Spain  
2009-02-18, 13:19:26
anonymous from United States  
Irkata< this is her new email. I got the same letter from Irina but with a diferent photo(person) on 2/17/09. I am mike at rapuone1@yahoo,com.
Also this girl in photos here contacted me lqst year as Valentina.

2009-03-04, 21:33:19
anonymous from United States  
Return-Path: <>
Received: from GOSHA-835574793 ([])(New York)
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.99.3) Educational

We are glad to inform you that the member
krishka (98123) sends you a message!
View their profile: http://www.datemefr..?ID=98123

-------- Message ------------------------------------------------
Hello! I am glad you write a letter, I wish you know. if you want me to get acquainted, you can write me at my email: solnyshkolove @ I have always been there to visit online. and so I can communicate with you more while at work. We can learn a lot about each other. so this is our chance to be together. write to me I would be happy to talk with you!
2009-06-15, 15:16:27
New one people! The scammer has started using a video to seem more authentic!

tanya.princess84 <>

Hello my new friend ______, I am glad that you to pay attention to my announcement. It makes me feeel very good and pleasent. Now I understand, it

People in your really responsible country! I really wish to know more about you. I would like to know a way which you live, I have really interested in things which you love.

. I am very glad to have such friend, as you. I live in Russia, in the city of Cheboksary-it of 900 kilometres from Moscow. You the nobility where is Moscow??? If you not against I from Russia, I is very glad to your answer. I am very cheerful person.

I have very heavy work as, I work in shop as consulter, I mean, that I advise to people that it would be better to buy for them. I work in shop of various clothes. I think, that my work is responsible enough, and I compare her to the life. I mean, that I cannot make an error. I am pleasant like a fashion clothes, but unfortunatelly, which I do not presume to myself independently to buy things which I want. Anyhow I try to have good clothes. At me was a lot of good and pleasent things in my life, but unfortunatelly sad events took the most part of my life. And every day I try to make sure directly, that a life - a life, and I never should surrender. I never was maried, and I do not have any children, but I would like to have children very much, I think, that children - flowers in our life, but at the same time I want, and I understand, that I wish to have children with the person whom I love also who will be with me till the end of my life. I would like for children the good future. I want, that they have grown up nothing in any requirement. I believe, that the real love exsists and each person can have it only once in his life, and I think, that it is very important to understand in time, that it has arrived. As soon as I thought, that this real love has arrived to me, but it was the gross blunder. The person whom I loved with all heart, appeared the monster. He only has left me alone because of some other lady. It was a lesson for all my life. From now on at me never was the friend here. Thus I have decided to meet someone abroad.

I think, that the main features of human character - Sincerity,

Kindness, politeness, respect and the truth, I really think, that all should be fair to each other. Often enough I see young pairs, I see their happy, I am really sincerely glad for them, and I believe, that once I also will have a person to divide my feelings with. I only want, that you have understood me correctly, I want you to undestand, that I only tired to be one and I think, that I can love and I can be we love, and it is a unique thing which I want while.

As I have told to you, that I had a friend, and it was my unique close both real friend, and the end of ours relationsheep was sad enough, specially for me. Probably I will tell that sthis history in details, but little bit later. I really like the nature. I like to go in one only to wood there, I remain one with the thoughts, and it forces me to feel so well and easily. I also like animals very much. I as wish to send you a video-roller with me as though I and short time use the Internet, but I precisely know that here many deceit and fraud, therefore that you not to doubt me I at once to send you video. Here I will finish the letter, and with impatience I will look

Send to receive news from you.

Your new friend from Russia, Tatyana.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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