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Dating scammer Amanda Smith from Ghana


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Dating scammer Amanda Smith from Ghana


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2008-04-30, 00:41:44 from Puerto Rico  
Well my photos of Amanda Smith are more spicy than those posted here, hahaha. We should do something about this...why we dont choose girls right there living in our towns..we always look for something better far away..we never learn.. the lawn seems more greener on the backyard of our neighbors but it is just the same....

2008-05-27, 22:04:36
anonymous from Canada  

this website show julia as a model. Scammers use her pictures to suck us in.
2008-06-08, 13:51:20
anonymous from United States  
Most of these women i have seem on, that's where they live waiting on a victim to fool out of money. They tell you their father just die to play on your sympathy and show you fake I D and also my father left me gold and i need you to help me get it. Lie's on top lie's they tell. You wouldn't even think in your mind that a woman that beautiful could think and live so low. It's got to be a man in the picture spanking that ass and making her live a low life of crime.
2008-06-08, 13:54:10
anonymous from United States  
Here is one of the scammers, i am sending you her picture.

2008-06-08, 14:10:48
anonymous from United States  
lil_queenzy is trying to get me to send her money for airfare. Here are two more names I alway ask the women their location and they reveal ghana and nigeria all the time. The poverty must be pretty bad for beautiful young women to live like that, and i am a single man but i don't need a dishonest woman in my life. And what can they do for me when they are so far away. I know because a young beautiful nigeria woman got me for $200.00. Here is another picture of the previous scammer i was telling you about..Elizabeth1

2008-06-09, 13:59:18
anonymous from United States  
really would like to know your stories of talking to this woman. she is scamming me i th ink and would like your story also to help me. lets catch her. advise me by email please
2008-06-09, 14:05:09
anonymous from United States  
kindly advise me in detail for what you know about this woman please. I am being scammed and would like some ammunition of information on her. she claims a sister named gifty yeboah and her name is nana as far as i know. writes a sexy communication but always wants money. is she scamming you????
2008-06-09, 14:12:00
anonymous from United States  
need more information on gifty yeboah please. need to know who all has been scammed and how. she is just starting on me but seems to have innocent enough stories, but always has a financial emergency. tell me something about her please and any alias she uses. i have plenty of pictures if you need them in eschange also............ she has 2160 photos at atk and several videos and also has been in porn dvds too. at least, from what i have dug up on her so far. she says that is all in the past and did it for the money so family would have food. strange though in the videos and pics is always smiling and enjoying the sex.

2008-06-09, 19:30:24
anonymous from United States  
yes I am from Dayton, and I'm tliking to a young womn in Accra, Ghana. This womn sys tht she is love with me nd wants to come here to the U.S. to be with me. What do you think?

2008-06-09, 21:48:55
do you knw this girl too good to be ture

2008-06-12, 17:53:25
anonymous from United States  
hey concerned sucker by gifty yeboah. i been waiting for yo to contact me about her. really am concerned to get all the data i can on her. the stories she tells are so sincere, but really doubt it is all true. your imput on her can save me money so plese get back to me. allso anything on her black sister in the green brocade top. please get back to me.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Tanya

2008-06-12, 17:55:31
anonymous from United States  
wrong pic went with my comment on gifty yeboah to concerned sucker so here it is again

2008-06-17, 13:49:17
anonymous from United States  
can anybody verify for me that this woman has been arrested in ghana for trying to send money out of the country or any other charge???? really appreciate knowing this information. gpes by names gifty yeboah or lil queenzy

2008-06-22, 12:37:16
anonymous from United States  
how can companies like atk exotics stay one step ahead of the law. they come to ghana and have a woman find girls to take photosets and videos of. promise them $75.00 for posing and when done, do not pay unless they participate in a video of having sex with a man. the mans kisses and sweet talks them and fucks their brains out and make them think it was fun and proper to do. the good ones then get offers of 1500.00 for a dvd doing sex like 10 man cum for example. they rarely use rubbers and shot them full of semen often. always end up a shot giving them their cum in the girls mouths. then tells them to swallow as that is the rage now, so they sucker up and do it. the sad part if the pass sexual diseases to the girls (know of one personally that this happened to as well as her sister) they must shot up the mens cocks with steriods to keep them big and hard as they go from room to room with different girls. how sickening. hope they get caught.
2008-06-26, 13:13:57
anonymous from United States  
? who is she lol wow iv see her pics lol i got the same ones i just got a nother emale and now the agenst name is spelt diffent and email has changed wow lol wahch out somthing is shadyim gona stick with u s women for now on lol
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