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Dating scammer Ms. Rhoda Addo from Accra, Ghana


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Dating scammer Ms. Rhoda Addo from Accra, Ghana

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2007-11-25, 12:28:40
anonymous from United States  

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Keywords: fake passport with or to get a visa for immigration to the USA
2007-11-26, 12:42:47
anonymous from United States  
Here is a picture of the Ghana police force who said she recoverd my money from Gill but is a scaming cop there

2007-12-05, 18:38:39   (updated: 2007-12-05, 18:47:00)
anonymous from United States  
Scammer .....Be very carefull of that one, goes by the name of Amina Michael claims that her father left her a WILL property. Falls in Love quickly and in a few e-mails starts requesting to please send funds so that she can pay her internet bills. My a...s. Sent me pictures and aslo a fake paaport. Don fall for her crap. Petty time scammer, of course I did not fall for her crap. Once I spotted her, she quickly vanished never to be heard again. Who the cares. SCAMMER SCAMMER NE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR HER... she is new

2007-12-05, 19:27:41
anonymous from United States  
SCAMMER - AMINA MICHAEL fake passport that she sent me. The thing that really bothers me about these scammers, they are illeterate and just plain dum. I beleive that it is a HE pretending to be a SHE 100%. Scammer ...scammer...scammer.

me: You are looking for an honest Lover?
amina_michael4me: yea
me: Well, I really wish you the best of luck
me: What brings you online today
amina_michael4me: Why are you asking me?
amina_michael4me: Do you ever care?
me: Yes, until you showed me otherwise, so why are you here. To quarrell with me.
amina_michael4me: i am not
me: I see
amina_michael4me: I had to borrow money from my girlfriend to get Re-connect
me: I was sure and confident that you would find a way.Where there is a will, there is always a way. Glad to hear that you resolved your internet issue.
amina_michael4me: throw borrowing'
amina_michael4me: thru
me: Well I am sure tha you have an greement with your friend as to how and when you will re-pay her.
amina_michael4me: does that bother you chris?
me: No not at all, does not bother me the slightest. I live alone and I do not live above my means. I work hard to make sure that I mee and payt all of my expenses. When I can not afford something, I just do not commit myself to it. I back off and wait until I can afford it. That is called financial responsibility. I am not one also to ask for anything. When it comes to my bills I take full responsibility and pay them on time.
mr.cfilsaime: No response, I guess it does not deserve one. hmmm...
amina_michael4me: you are not for real
me: Well I am as real as they come. You are not for real Amina, the way I see it, is that you were not honest with me. You are a person with an agenda and a motive. Not true, not candid. You can not play with my emotions, and try to make me feel guilty.
amina_michael4me: how do you want me to prove myself to you?
me: Well! Amina I guess you already have.......
amina_michael4me: give me your number
amina_michael4me: let me call you
me: Why do you need my number
amina_michael4me: i want to call you
me: To call me for?
me: ?
amina_michael4me: forget it
me: Why is it that you do not have an answer for me, why you need my phone number
amina_michael4me: i thought,it would be interesting to ear your voice\
amina_michael4me: But never mind any longer
me: Is that the real reason
amina_michael4me: never mind
me: Sending me a heart
me: Thank you
me: Is that your heart that you sent me
me: ????????
amina_michael4me: yes
me: Wow that took a long long time to answer
me: You really had to think hard about that one.....or are you pre-occupied with something else.
amina_michael4me: My love for you,his running out
me: Well thank you for being honest with me, that is all tha I can say. I guess it is best that we do not waste anymore time on each other. Hopefully you will find the person that you are looking for. Honestly, you are not the person, I thought you were, or the right person for me.
me: not the right person for me
me: Our personalities do not match.
me: We do not click, you are nothing but a liar, a thief, a small rime scammer looking to ripp people off to pay internet fee, my ass.
me: yes
amina_michael4me: you dont care about me
amina_michael4me: all you feel is just talk waist my time,everyday and night,talking
me: Honestly, I do not give a rats ass about you. You look like a bitch on steroids. Hear you are again playing the guilt trip on me. Once you started with this Internet crap, fake passport. You took me to another world that is dark which hasnot clarity. Not my doing. I did tell you from the begining that I do not have time for games, that I beleive in honesty and trust. without those ingredients the realtionship has no foudation. The problem with all of the African women that I have met online, is that they lack stability, not independent and are always playing games. I do not like when people are playing with my intelligence, I read straight through it. And it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I beleive in honesty, mutual respect for one another. You do not have any of these qualities.
amina_michael4me: So,it's a crime for you to foot my internet fee for me?
me: Send you money to pay for your internet fee, my ass. Who made you my bitch. If you build a home without a strong foundation. It falls apart.
amina_michael4me: How would i know that,the Agent made me fake passport?
amina_michael4me: you are just laying all the aligations on me
me: Let me make myself clear once and for all. First of all, you internet fee is not my responsibilty. You are not living under my roof, which means that I do not have any obligations toward you. We have just met online and all of a sudden you are asking me to pay your internet bill. Your problem is that you refuse to accept your guilt, and that is a turn off. Listen to your comment, read it well and see if it makes any sense to you....How would i know that,the Agent made me fake passport? Again playing with my intelligence you stupid fag.
me: Excuses, Excuses, Excuses.
amina_michael4me: Do you know that,i have get the Travellers Agency arressted?
me: Travel agencies do not distribute passports. It is against the law for them to do so. wel I guees you would not know that?????????
me: You are the one that will get arrested. Go online and educate yourself Amina. It is all there.
me: Immigration, Embassy and all other legal governmental agencies as it relates to travelling abroad.
amina_michael4me: I know
me: A credible governmental/immigration facility would in no way distribute a fake passport. You passport was created by fraudulant criminals, and this is what makes it a crime. Second the picture on the passport is not of you. So please spare me the bullshit, I do not have the time for it.
amina_michael4me: But he claimed he would go to the immigration office for me,since i was busy to make it up
amina_michael4me: What do you mean
amina_michael4me: ??????
me: Exactly what I am telling you. The picture on the passport is a fake and not of amina Michael whom you claim to be. It is all a scam, I have verified all of the information from A to Z. I have done my homework, and really well.
me: Find yourself another victim until you get caught. This man is not a sucker, if it is a women that I am looking for. I willfind my self plenty of fine bush here in the states. 5 womento a man here in the states. Your weakness is that you are not a bright person. Sooner or later you will slip and will end up behind bars.
me: As I said last time unfortunately I do not get involved in dating scams unless the amount lost is over $100,000 US. Or else I would have given you the bait for you to bite on. I have bigger fish to fry. Now lets leave this alone as if it never took place OK. Peace man.
me: $100,000
me: Anothe thing, when you aply for a passport, you must present yourself with Identification, no one can take care of that for you.
amina_michael4me: i did all that
amina_michael4me: my info
amina_michael4me: age,sex name etc
me: Your passport is now posted on a governmental website and noted as a fake document. That is bad man!
amina_michael4me: which site?
me: Seek and you shall find scammer, dum ass. And you can not undo that??????????
me: I showed you the passport stamped in red as a FAKE
amina_michael4me: why are you still corresponding with me?
me: You contacted me, I do not need to talk to you man, just leave the F alone FAGOT.
me: You are a man pretending to be a women that is seeking for love......
END OF CONVERSATION... as soon as I made that last comment the idiot quickly logged off, never to be heard again. Word of advise DOGS. think with your head and not with your pennis OK. That will save you lots of $ PEACE OUT!
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2007-12-09, 11:40:36
anonymous from United States  
This is a person calling herself Mariama and a person she claims is her uncle Yahuza Alhassan. They are both scammers and they will tell you that the person who Mariama marrys will get huge sum of money

2007-12-19, 17:32:19   (updated: 2007-12-19, 17:35:04)
anonymous from United States  
Hey guys, i don't how i got here, there's a girl contacting me from Accra Ghana, I'm basically waiting for her she said on her last email that she's coming back to the states and she wants to spend time with me It sounds very nice to be true.
I'll let you guys know what happens this weekend.
2007-12-26, 14:45:09 from United States  
Well I have to add this one... I thought she was 'special' haha. I still don't know if she is sincerely but I paid for plane tickets, visa and it was all set for her to come then she said the canadian embassy ask for 'declaration' amount of money not less than $4000. The red lights flashed for me so thats it. i REFUSE to send money to anyone like that. They'll take your heart then step on it... after they get your money..

2008-01-15, 02:50:21
anonymous from New Zealand  
Try this guys: shes been trying to get visa money from me for two weeks !!she says she live in Accra Ghana!!

Hey, Honey ... I miss you. I'm just here thinking about you, like I always do. I hope you're as happy as me; Sunday is almost here again. The thought of you in my arms right now sounds so good to me. I just want you to know how much I love you. HONEY YOU KNOW I DONT HAVE ANY PLACE TO GET THING MONEY TO MAKE THE PASSPORT AND VISA, YOU KNWO I LOVE YOU SO HONEY TALK YTO THE BANK MANEGER OK, B,COS MY UNCLE WANT TO PAY THE TICKET AND HE SAID YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR THE PASSPORT AND THE VISA SO MY SWEET ILOVE AND I WANT TO BE WITH YOU SOON,

Ever since the first time I heard you on the phone and heard your cute voice, I miss you every second of my life. I knew I found someone special. I will always remember how sweet you are and how every time my phone rang and I heard your sweet voice I would smile and I was happy from that point on....

Love always,

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2008-01-17, 09:11:26
Hey guys check this out!!! does any of you seen this chap...her name is Olga Jamova
Email addr: And
i believe shes one of them can someone pls check this out

2008-01-17, 09:14:37
anonymous from Singapore  
This one too...Olga Jamova i believe she's knew....
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Dating scammer Tatyana Davydova

2008-01-17, 12:22:10
anonymous from Canada  
Yes have just been scamed by a lady called Selorm Lotamey From accra. Clames she is
asian and porchugess Afican. Said her father died. She was caught by Imagration and put in jail fore three bars of gold. I was jst contacted by a Homie Docks said he was
with Ghana Imagration . Trying to get money out of me.
She also goes by the name Bliss
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Dating scammer Esther Ansomaa from Accra, Ghana

2008-01-18, 19:56:40   (updated: 2008-01-18, 20:05:59)
anonymous from Canada  
I now belive Police and i,m imigration from ghana is behind this scam.We as a group
should get a private investagator and get ther a-------ss
I feel like a fool as iwas was never sucked in in my life. We need as a group
fight this crime for few dollars each let get them. Ther is got to be a way to trace I P,s
From e-mail and get them. To get them well be a group effert.
My e-mail is
Gerry Allen

2008-01-19, 15:04:32   (updated: 2008-01-19, 15:17:15)
anonymous from Australia  
Olga Jamova
Asked for money for plane flights . They try to get you every way

2008-01-20, 15:39:47
anonymous from Canada  
Hi goes by the name Selorm Lotamey Has scaned me. She said she tryed to come but got caught by Ghana imagration. She has a guy call me his name Homie Docks suppose to work for Imigration. Ithink is a lie.

2008-01-20, 15:40:41
anonymous from Canada  
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