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Dating scammer from Tomsk, Russia


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Location: Tomsk, Russia

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2007-01-14, 10:15:26
anonymous from United States  
Well here is another one guys. I've gotten several e-mails from her. No money has been exchanged thank god due to this site. Here is the pictures that I have received so far. She is using the name Tanya from Kazan, Russia. That is the email that she is using.

Keywords: blonde girl red shirt stuffed animal
2007-01-14, 10:17:01
anonymous from United States  
And another.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Irina from Russia
Dating scammer Irina from Russia

Keywords: blonde white cat
2007-01-18, 23:51:04
anonymous from United States  
I have been talking to Tatyana sine 11/27/06 and we have exchanged about 25 emails and she has called me twice. Well someone has called me twice. I was told the same story about being a dentist and her brother working on a ship. I received everyone of those pictures also. I wanted to believe that she was real so bad but thank God for this website and Michael Muinov the investigator at

The information that she gave me is Country : Russia
Region : Siberia
City : Tomsk
Postal code : 636036
Street : Kommunisticheskaya,77-21
Full name : Tatyana Zvyagina
All of which is bogus. The email address she is using now is
She is good at this so beware.
2007-01-19, 05:57:38
anonymous from United States  
sorry man ...we all got suckered...don't let her know you know...or about this web site
2007-01-20, 08:32:24
i pass
2007-01-21, 01:25:19   (updated: 2007-01-21, 01:27:34)
HA!!!!! My boyfriend dumped me for her....I just emailed him this site... bet he feels stupid now! silly thing is... I feel bad for him. oh well...
2007-01-21, 15:33:52
anonymous from United States  
I'll date ya...send me your email joke.
2007-01-21, 20:57:57
anonymous from United States  
Thanks for this website. I have been exchanging emails with Marina since November 2006. Same stories and pictures. Her email address she is using with me is She is one busy lady. I became suspicious of her and have kept the dialogue going. This site has help confirm what I believed. I just emailed her telling her I wanted to come and visit her for 2 weeks in Tomsk. I want to see what response that gets. Keep up the good work. There are lot of nice guys that are honestly seeking a nice lady and you have scumbags like this preying on their emotions.
2007-01-23, 00:14:20
anonymous from United States  
Let us know what she say when you ask he rto visit her.
2007-01-23, 23:33:54
anonymous from United States  
new pics

2007-01-23, 23:34:51
anonymous from United States  
ho woah bung ha

2007-01-24, 10:28:32 from Chicago in Illinois, United States  
Hello Guys, It's me Marvin Gonzalez.
I have some postings on Vicktoriya Makarova's dedicated page here on Delphi.
I and 5 others are chasing this one and we are making progress. There may even be a possible arrest.
We have suffered a set back in our efforts while catching this possible break.
I just wanted to address the stuff on this page.
The dance babe pic is also used by our beloved Vicktoriya Makarova.
I strongly suggest that you guys check out her page on this site cuz you will find it fascinating if not useful.
She seems to have a repetative nature.

As Vicktoriya ( Victoriya, Viktoriya) Makarova ( Macarova) aka Nella Galiullina, Olga Romanskaya, Olga Romenskaya, Briefly associated with Tanya Sosnina, and now using Luliya and Yuliya Kamenschikova - she has over 30 different E-dresses.

I noticed some of the comments have listed as e-dresses;airgrow and airsick.

Our beloved V-Mak uses There are 26 such combos. She used papermove@gmail to contact me from True.

She also uses her alias' on and

We are doing damage as she not only is using new names and pictures, but she is also using new letter format styles and voices.

We have her on the run guys. And she/he/they are scared cuz they are fighting back and they are fighting hard.

If you are going to stop or hinder these e-ho's do not treat this lightly as this is a criminal syndicate that we are dealing with.

This entity is wanted and can be arrested if found in the U.S. and other countries. She has victims in the U.S. , Canada, England, and Nigeria that I know of. Law inforcement is involved.

This is big money. Todate V-Mak may be falling. Under one alias alone, in the months of nov 16 -dec 15 alone (only 41 days time span), Western Union has traced 18 money transfers from victim to scammer in the amounts of $80 - $1500 U.S. dollars.

Last time I checked $1.00 = R24.49 Rubbles. And this does not include $9,764 from other victims that I know of.

She has U.S. accomplices as well as business accomplices. Do not send her flowers/gifts. They keep the merch and split the $$$ received.

I would like that mailing address. It may match V-Maks. E-mail me that address please.

She does not open her mail cuz she receives to much of it. She uses spam (junk/bulk) email programs to send out multiple letters at the same time.

She has her mail filtered so certain mail with certain word get filtered thru to more personal accounts. She may or may not open those as those may be filtered more specifically as well.

Contact me for more info please.

V-mak captured our hearts. Now we want that ass.

Marvin Cecil Gonzalez >>>
2007-01-24, 11:26:31
anonymous from United States would be great if she was put in jail..then we could all be her epal in
2007-01-24, 11:40:40
anonymous from United States  
Mr. Gongalez,

What you have to do is get the IP address from where the email was sent. Then you have to get in touch with the IP provider that corresponds to that address (if they will give it to you) and from there you can find the physical location. And if there is more than one the police can stake out the phyiscal locations and find the culprit.

The other method is figguring how they collect the money sent through Western Union. If they go in physically and show ID and pick it up at the bank. Then you notify the local authorities, send the money to a specific bank and have the person arrested when they come to pick it up.

But for all we know you might be in with them and using this site to see how far we are on to you. But if not thanks for your efforts and good luck.

2007-01-24, 23:40:11
anonymous from United States  
you might be the us accomplice gonzales
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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