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Dating scammer from Tomsk, Russia


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Location: Tomsk, Russia

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2007-03-08, 15:49:24 from Cicero in Illinois, United States  
Hey guys, this is Marvin here.

E-mail me at the posted e-dress for help, advice, tools and such.

To the guys who posted 3 and 6 ( about AiFlowers ) postings above me. . .

I got the same menstrual letter from her as V-mak and others did too as the other personas.

I wrote several postings on Aiflowers. And if you read this page in it's entirety there are postings of mine with links to other pages on this site, and links to other scam sites.

You will want to familiarize yourselves with this entity.

E-me please at

I have lots of stuff. Alot of it I have posted. You will become familiar with my E-dress once you read just this page alone. But follow the yellow brick road and e-me please.
2007-03-09, 20:59:50
anonymous from United States  
All very illuminating - yes i got the same pics, same stories, same send flowers only from aiflowers. I knew it was likely a scam at that point and sent no money. My last email said she was on her period soooo - more info than I wanted to know. She always uses 'My prince' rather than my name. Same address in Irkutsk as someone else posted. Glad I found this.
2007-03-13, 18:59:03   (updated: 2007-03-13, 19:04:51)
anonymous from United States  
I received pictures from here bithday party also. Her mail address is and address :

Country : Russia
Region : Siberia
City : Irkutsk
Postal code : 664009
Street : Lyzina,44-4
Full name : Yuliya Chirak

This my first letter from her

Hello,i am glad to get your response this evening.
First of all i would know if you want to correspond with woman which is
away from you ? I ask this question because we are thousand miles away
from each other.
Well,let me introduce my self.My name is Yuliya,
i am 30 years old and i was born February 25,
Am i too youth for you ? :) I live in Russia,not usa.There was no
opportunity to indicate it on because registration of profile
could not went throw.
The name of city i live is Irkutsk,Siberia.
Which is two days by train from Moscow,What can i tell you
about my city...? well,it is nice,but i prefer continue about myself :)
i work as a dentist in dental clinic and i love my work,
I own two rooms apartment with beautiful kitchen.What is about your
place ?
My ex-husband left me without computer and other expensive stuff,
by this way i am writing from internet center now.
I have no kids because when i was married my ex-husband had no luck
them to me,he was not able to produce kids,but i am able.I was not
scared,i tryed
to find the solution for this problem and to get kid from goverment
(small kid,
who had no parents),but i received no agreement from my ex-husband.
We married in 1995 and divorced one year ago.
From that moment i got thousands of admires,the most from his friends,
but no one interested me enough as correspond with two man tryed to
write to me
last week throw internet.Could you truly answer
one question for me : is every one looking for image whith naked woman
first ?
i hope no,but it seems like true.
I am looking for serious relations and
meeting in person,so if you do not see it could be possible,
let me know and we will not waist each other's time,
i need to find a good man who is able to take care of me,
so i ask you to think about this subject and write me back
only if you are really interested,i do not play any games and
i am very serious about relations.
I have one brother,he is cook on the ship
and travel all the time.Tell me more about your family,about your job
and other
things could be interested to me.Feel free asking questions,i am open
woman and have nothing to hide.I enjoy traveling,do you ? i have been
Turkey,Cyprus,Spain,Italy And France.I Have never been to US.Is there
place in the world you would like to visit ? what is your favorite
season ?
i like summer the most.May be someday i could travel
to Australia,unique par of Earth as i have seen on tv :)
Well,if you are interested talking to crazy woman after reading above
my door is open for your key,if not-i wish you the best of luck,
do not forget to think about relations with woman from an other
country and if it is really what you are interested in.
i hope to find good man and i belive in destiny.
I will come here to check e-mail box the day after tomorrow.


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Dating scammer from Tomsk, Russia
Dating scammer from Tomsk, Russia
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Dating scammer from Tomsk, Russia

2007-03-13, 19:31:14
anonymous from United States  
Here we go a new letter I'm guessing telling her off in russian and english didn't deter the scam at all. I'm betting on the money to come visit scam in a month or so. Here's the letter, any of you who have gotten this one before, let me know how many more before she asks for money..ha ha;

My dearest ___,it is me Yuliya,
how are you doing there ?
the most pleasure moment in my life is
to come here and to receive a letter from you,
it is something like the light of sun
under the dark sky :) i think you understand
me,we have shared so many things and when we
get together we will understand each other
without words i think :)
could you give me the phone number you could be
reached this weekend at ? i will be trying to call
you from public phone if it could be possible.
i had good childhood,as usual people remember
things from getting about 4-5 years old,
everything before 4 years-amnesia(not my girlfried :)
it calls childhood amnesia and man is able to remember
only the most emotional things,do you remember anything
when you were so youth ? i do :) i can tell you that
i was in kindergarden and i remember my birthday celebration,
we had party every time of groups which were born at the same month,
by the way : if 5 kids were born in February,it was celebration for
evrybody at once.
I remember when i had 3 years old celebration,
why it is so ? i think because it was very emotional moment
of my childhood,it was very nice holidays and everything
were like mistic-story :) when you belive that your wishes
could come true anyway :)
yes,it is nice to live in magic,sometimes we do not have
enough of it in our daily life...well,i have find picture
and it is really very old,i have brought it here and will
try to scan and send to you,so you could see those very
young girl which has been living in the magic world :)
i had a wish to receive a very special gift,
my father very good artist doing it and i completely fall in this magic
story,i do not to leave it now and wish to fall in it sometimes,
i am sure that when we are getting together it will be full
of something very special,i am like very young girl...
who wish her dream to come true...but there is no father,
there is you are,so kind as him,i wish he could
see us together someday...
i wish to look into your
beautiful eyes...i am going to have vacation
in April,so we will discuss it later.

i miss you so badly

with kisses
yours Yuliya
2007-03-14, 02:59:03
anonymous from United States  
ya i just received the letter above today first time i have heard from here in a week or more also got pictures of her in kindergarten debating if to give her my phone number or not to see who really calls hahaha
2007-03-15, 16:18:16 from Chicago in Illinois, United States  
Hello guys, it's me. . .

Marvin Cecil Gonzalez again.

Just keepin myself updated. I got the above letter myself from this entity. Only she intro'd herself to me as vicktoriya makarova.

That's why I keep suggesting that you read the other pages on her.

It will give you a heads up on what to expect.

You will find these pages in my previous postings on this page and the other seven.

Or - simply plug 'Vicktoriya Makarova' into the search window and her dedicated pages as well as other pages that she appears on, will be in your search results.

You will see your letters but by other names and other faces. . .but you will see some of your same letters.

This is why I pursue her so and why you see so many postings by me.

She has new names, e-dresses, and pix.

The Alias and E-dress list continues to grow and each time it does, I will post the updated version of the list.

Even though all of the other names and e-dresses have appeared here before (several times already), I will post the updated list in its entirety every time.

In this way anyone who googles/yahoos the names and/or e-dress will more than likely be directed to this page.

So without further ado . . .

Please See, On Website - the follow pages:

> Outside of the Cube > Dating Scams > 1 - 7 below:

1. 'Dating Scammer Vicktoriya ( From Russia'
2. 'Dating Scammer From Tomsk, Russia'
3. 'Is This Russian Girl Scamming Me? How To Recognize Scammers'
4. 'Dating Scammer Angela from Russia'
5. 'Humorous ideas how to deal with Russian dating scammers'
6. 'Dating Scam from Kazan - Parts 1 - 5' (see part 5)
7. 'Elena from Slobodskoi'

For the scoop on the entity known as:

Vicktoriya (Viktoriya, Victoriya) - Makarova (Macarova), Vladimirovna...
Nella - Galiullina ... Olga - Romenskaya (Romanskaya)... Tanya - Sosnina ...
Luliya - ??? ... Yuliya (Yulia) - Kamenschikova (Chirak, Demanova) ...
Tatyana - Zavagina (Zvyagina, Vereshagina)... Marina - Artemieva ...
Anastasiya (Anastasia, Anastasija) - Mazina (Sarantchina)...
Julia (Lya, Yla, Yliya)- Gainulina ... Angella (Angellana) - ??? ...
Kristina - Osipova ...

Who uses/used the following e-dresses: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... . . .

* Maybe the following too - not sure, nothing conclusive:

* Note: She uses the following websites to contact victims. . .

Dating Site:

: True -
Username(s) = Nelliosols, Lady, Angellana, Angellanakidmoon,
Miss Rock, Goldenfarsh, Balabolka345, Bombchickasso

: Match -
Username(s)= ___________

: Singlesnet -
Username(s) = Prevoshodno

: Lovetopping -
Username(s)= ____________
I.D.# = 1119540982

: -
Username(s) = Boodji
Userlink =

Username = ______________

Community Sites: MySpace
* No Longer Available.

Job Sites: Careerbuilders and Monster.
( Stolen databases ).

2007-03-16, 19:04:17
[hidden] from Canada  

Hi there. How is it going? Came across your profile and decided
not to waste any time and go ahead email you. I am pretty girl
from Russia. Can you please write to me to my personal email address
at so we can start our relation from there.
Will be waiting for your email in my personal email box. Don't
message here, since I don't visit the website often.
2007-03-16, 20:31:44
anonymous from Fort Worth in Texas, United States  
Thanks almost took me in thank you
2007-03-18, 20:20:09
anonymous from United States  
Well I got a message on my cell phone Saturday from a woman claiming to be Yulia Chirak saying she missed me and she loves me..only she called me a name other than mine in the message..LOL I can't wait till the next e-mail.. ha ha ha Though I was hoping to talk to her and let her know I know she's a scammer..LOL
2007-03-20, 21:21:37
anonymous from United States  
Greetings. Tatyana Vereshagina contacted me and sent many of the photos on this site. She has requested $870 to come and visit me for 3 weeks. She is using the e-mail addy <>. Tatyana is a crafty scammer-be careful.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer from Tomsk, Russia

2007-03-20, 22:07:11 from United States  
here is the last leter I got from the bitch, she finaly asked for money that she is not going to get as I told her my car fell on me and had to spend itme in hospitle and it took all the money,I hope she goes ahead and come here as I will let you all know and you all are welcome to come here and get a peice of her to hang on your wall .


My prince Larry,it is Anastasia,
how are you doing ?
i think we were born to be together,
the weather is cool here,do you want to get me
there and to heat with your warm hands ? :)
as you know i am going to have a vacation in April,
now i can give you the dates : April 2 - April 23.
It is long vacation and i would like to meet you,
i think that to spend three weeks together would be
enough to give us opportunity to know each other
better and to check if we are couple able with you.
After three weeks we can make global plans about our
future together if we are good to each other,
do you feel the same way about it ? tell me your thoughts,
we need to decide where should we have our first meeting,
i think it should depends on place where we are going
to live,if you would like to move here and stay here with
me forever,our first meeting should be in Russia,
if you are not ready to move here,i should visit you
there because we will live together there and i am
ready to move,also i have got international diploma and
i will be able to work in your area without any problem.
By this way before i move to you there i would visit you
first of all for three weeks and to see what does life
look like there,it will be the first step to our future
together,oh,no first,the second :) we have already made
the first step and find each other.So my plan is to visit
you in April,i would like to arrive to you there around
April 4,let me know if it is ok with you.
My trip to you there takes from about 870 dollars,
which include payment for airplane tickets flying out from Moscow,
i will need your support with funds because it is hard to
pay for traveling in my situation,i know that you understand me,
so let me know when you are ready with funds and i will give you
information how to transfer them here.
I have got passport and to get everything in order for traveling
to you there will not take
a long time if we start the process now,
so keep me informed about things from your end.
At night i can hardly get sleep,
thinking of you and looking on the star sky.
i dream about our meeting,
i see you in the airport with beautiful flowers,
we waited this moment for a long time and i am hearing the
bell of our hearts...
I leave plane and walk looking for rains and
my hair so wet,you are staying far and at the moment you see me,we run
to each
other,i fall in your embrances,you give me flowers...i do not see
anything happening
around,our first kiss is so sweet,it is so long waited,we are kissing
under the rain,
all people look at us and they see that we are happy,that this moment
is the
most important for us ! rain is more strong and we are wet !
oh,it is so great,your keep me in your embrances all the time,
we drive home,kissing all the time,
i am looking into your eyes and you drive me mad ! then we are at home
and you show
me where is kitchen located,i cook supper for us and during this time
you are preparing
bathroom,do not forget,we are so wet ! then we go there together and
fall in this ocean
of feelings and emotions long hours,i make wonderful massage for you my
love,you get good
relax in smiling all the time,kissing you my love,i feel that your lips
are so sweet !
then we go to kitchen and have very tasty supper,the rain behind window
passed and
sky is so beautiful,after supper we left home and enjoy looking at star
sky...i am understand,
that it is everything i need,i am in your hands and you will never let
me to go...
May be our dreams come true soon...Have you thought about something
like that ? or how do you see our first meeting ? :)
Well,i would go home.

2007-03-21, 02:35:59
anonymous from United States  
got the same letter today as above havent replied to here fjor over three weeks or longer except from yuliya chirak,and wont reply to here on this one either she will just have to go some were else on her vacation but i would still like to get a piece of her to put on my wall so if any one can spare one let me know haha
2007-03-21, 08:56:39
anonymous from United States  
My prince,it is Tatyana here.
i am very glad to get hear from you,
i am sorry for not writing to you sorry,
but i want you to understand me also,
i have not felt good and it is not all the
time when i have got menstrual cycle,
only sometimes,no i am ok and i am very happy
to come here and to write a letter for you.
How are you doing ? you know,this days
i thought about you and have seen you in
my dream last night.I wish my dream to come
true soon,would you like that ? i know you do :)
well,i do not know what you have done to me,
but i like this feeling.What have you done to me ?
i am not sure if you know the answer for this question,
nobody know.I was so qurious if i could ever feel something
to man i have never seen,and now i feel.Why not ? very
pleasure feeling when you are thinking about someone who become close,
i want you to know that i need man to share my thoughts with,
someone i can share my private world with.Are you ready
to be that man ? tell me now coz i need to know.
I know that you are ready,but i need to hear it one more time.
I never play games,as you know.
I know you do not also,i am serious woman and i want to have
relation with right man,i like you very much because
you seems to be very honest and kind man.
I am very glad to you and i am so proud of you.
I feel that you are good
for me and i am sure that it is right feeling.
You know,i am open woman and i have nothing
to hide.Let me know what are yours thoughts about it ?
I am going home now

write to me soon

Good night my dear

2007-03-21, 09:08:09
anonymous from United States  
R/E Tatyana
I was close to being ask for money but all of a sudden something hit me... she was never truely personal. Anyway I copied and pasted her name into Googlr and ended up here. Thanks Guys.
P.S. I e-mailed the little cinderella princess a link to this site.
2007-03-22, 15:06:11
anonymous from United States  
Primary Information
Nickname: chicka

Address: Country Russia/ Region Siberia /City Irkutsk/Postal code 664009/Street Lysina,44-4
[View Map]
Comments: Irkutsk, Russia
The native name of Russia is Rossiya
Current time Saturday, February 24, 2007 at 1:26:08 AM
Anderson IN Current time, Friday Feb 23,2007 at 1:26 PM
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Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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