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Dating scammer Osai Williams from Ghana


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This one goes by the name Osai Williams of Accra Ghana, falls in love in 1-2 emails likes Instant Messaging, wants money for visa, passport, travel. Also has numerous medical situations for her and mom that needs money for, also asks for $ for foodstuff and wants gifts, cell phones, Ipods Perfumes ect....Does she sound like a scammer??

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2009-12-08, 23:18:02   (updated: 2009-12-08, 23:27:12)
anonymous from United States  
wow just found this sight and found my wife or scamer so wil not say right now b/c still en voled now i call fbi and hope they can catch them but will send all picks e mails frome her well loots of stuff ben sucked for 7 months wish found this sight sooner i fell like killing myself but cain,t let them do that to me is thear any recorse for getting your money back
2009-12-08, 23:20:34
anonymous from United States  
max 86 help
2009-12-08, 23:38:30
anonymous from Granada Hills, United States  
wow found my wife on sight well you know what means me sucker but she or he was good or all of them even talked to grandma unckel brother got married yes i,m a fool for love she is one of your most hits and did not ask for money for months now has it all kick me please even after warned still went on stuped me
2009-12-09, 00:06:20
anonymous from United States  
hey are you in dssbelife as i was well she took me hock line and sinker i would lsten to my to my own self thease piks should be sent to police my next thing please if you see one you know on this sight i,m sory for you and me
2009-12-09, 15:01:56
anonymous from United States  
e been scamed out of a small amount of money just checking to see if a person named Elizabeth Gyepong has been mentioned on this web site before just curious to know thanks
2009-12-10, 02:02:19
Agent 86 from Salem, United States  
2009-12-08, 23:18:02 (updated: 2009-12-08, 23:27:12)
anonymous from United States

Hi I have been away for awhile I am sorry You fell victim to a scammer.
You have not given much information so far ?
I am unable to determine if all the Anonymous US postings are Yours ?
Or if there is another Anonymous poster also ?

Please give Yourself a nickname or even a number so I can tell
Your postings apart from other Anonymous posters.

I can only guess Your scammer was from Ghana ?
If that is true then please go slow in trying to get Your money back.

There are many who claim to be scam busters and help victims of scams.
Most that are from Ghana are fake.

Please if anyone asks for money from You to help You its most likely
another scammer trying to Victimize a Victim.

As for actually getting Help from the FBI that pretty much is a waste of time.
They have no Legal Authority in Ghana.

The only way the scammer can be traced is by the IP address in the Header
of a e mail from the scammer.

Please post as much information as possible.
Full name given You.
e mail and street address.
Phone numbers
How were You contacted ?
If possible the complete Header from a e mail with Your
personal information removed.

You are right no matter how much You may have lost in the way of money.
Plus the pain suffered by having Your emotions played with can really hurt.
Please avoid any thought of Suicide the scum who did this to You
deserves to be busted as He is the one who doesn't care if You Live or Die.

It is very close to Christmas now and I also lost money just before
Christmas a year ago.
Get around family or friends and understand that no matter how bad
things are right now things will change and get better.

I am very sorry to have to tell You actually being able to bust Your scammer
is in reality nearly impossible.
The scammer uses a fake or stolen ID
They use stolen photo's
They have many e mail addresses and route them so tracing
them is next to impossible.
Many times it will lead to a Internet Cafe with no way to tell who
in the Cafe is the one who scammed You.

Right now posting everything You have about this scammer is
the best You can do.
By putting the photo's and telling details about the scam help stop
the scammer from using the information again on someone else.

Most all West African Country's are so corrupt seeking help
from them is useless.

For now make a posting giving all the information You can.
Remember Never post Your e mail address on this site.
Never tell a scammer about this site.

I Hope You are OK as I am Homeless and it has taken a long time
to recover from my loss.
I am going to be Married in February and will no longer be Homeless.
So You see things do get better.

I will try to help in any way I can.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'// <><
2009-12-10, 14:41:39   (updated: 2009-12-10, 14:45:10)
anonymous from Hayden, United States  
this women name margret mensah want me to send her mony so she can come over to the usa if any body nose her let me no now at she took a ;lot ofmoney
2009-12-10, 14:53:53
anonymous from United States  

2009-12-11, 06:17:00
anonymous from Belgium  
Amanda, or whoever is behind this address, is now pretending to be in Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria, She/he pretends to be in room 029 in the Hilton Hotel there.

2009-12-12, 11:52:23   (updated: 2009-12-12, 12:02:44)
caro from Canada  
MARK WILLIAM,BARY GATE,MSSMITH,ce sont les 3 nom quil utilise,,,,je voudrais savoir quel est son vrais NOM

2009-12-14, 11:10:38
anonymous from United Kingdom  
amlilyrose4real aka antwi mustapha is now feelinglily99 just thuoght you should all know
2009-12-14, 15:17:41
anonymous from United States  
Anybody heard of a scammer using the name Tina Terry from ghana?
2009-12-15, 02:57:50
Agent 86 from Salem, United States  
2009-12-14, 15:17:41
anonymous from United States

If Your on line with anyone from Ghana at all its a scammer.
It makes no difference what fake name they use.

If Your ever contacted by anyone at all from Ghana, Nigeria,
Dakar Senegal, Benin Republic, Any Refugee Camp, Gold Coast,
Ivory Coast, All of West Africa, it is 100% scammers.

In fact Your being scammed by a Man as nearly 100% of all
scams are done by Me.
Scammers use fake names and many email addresses.
They can fake a web cam appearance their Girlfriends or
Relatives talk on the phone.

Your hooked up with a scammer and there is not any chance Your not.
Scammers change their fake names from one scam to another
the odds that anyone else being scammed by the name You
were given is next to none.

If You do not believe Me and keep connected to Your scammer
then I feel sorry for You for believing all the lies Your being told.

Never post any of Your personal information on this site.
Never mention this site to any scammer.
If You confront the scammer with the Truth.
You will be told any lie it takes to keep You hooked.

Please get off the Internet until You learn how to spot a scam and
scammer in less than one second.
The fact that You had to ask if anyone at all from Ghana is a scammer
or not shows You know nothing that You need to know.
You will remain a victim until You stop allowing anyone at all contact You
from West Africa.

I will try to help You if I can just stop being lied to by the scammer
Your hooked up to right now.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'// <><
2009-12-15, 20:17:24
another pic of...raven riley..
joyce ofos
santomania on
Luv Symeau <>
ip []

2009-12-15, 21:11:03
DOC from United States  


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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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