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Dating scammer Osai Williams from Ghana


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This one goes by the name Osai Williams of Accra Ghana, falls in love in 1-2 emails likes Instant Messaging, wants money for visa, passport, travel. Also has numerous medical situations for her and mom that needs money for, also asks for $ for foodstuff and wants gifts, cell phones, Ipods Perfumes ect....Does she sound like a scammer??

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2008-06-23, 09:19:57
PBECRAFT69@yahoo.comca from United States  
can someone tell me how to report scammers info and pic.?
2008-06-23, 18:33:01
anonymous from United States  
Ghana scams, here is the deal with me. I met this charming smooth talking man on an online dating sight. We talked on the sight for a few months before I felt comfortable enough to share any contact information with him outside the confines of this website. Ok, so after, we make this exchange all of a sudden, he is flying to Ghana to do road construction. Oh gullible me, believed this was so but always had that proceed with caution feeling in my heart. So we talked for hours online, then he raised suspicion with me, when he said that he is having trouble using his credit card there in Ghana. He contacted his credit card company and that they were going to send him some funds, however, he had to come to the states to pick up. Do you see the contradiction there the credit card company was sending him the money but before the conversation ended, he had to come to the states. Secondly, while we were talking on the online dating sight, we exchanged pictures, he could not remenber if I was black or white, okay. Raised my eyebrows on that one. Okay, eventually, he begin feeling his way to if and when he should ask me for some money. When the opportunity arose , he came in with the question. I told him, no , no , no . He was so desperate and how he needed money. Not my problem, never met you in person just talked to you on the phone or online. Hell to the no, you will not get any money from me, I suggested he ask his family, that would be the best road to travel, because this one with me, is a dead end.
He claims that they already sent him money and had no more to send. Okay, now why would you travel from the states to Ghana and not have adequate funds on you.
I would research Ghana and know what is needed before the plane lands. I believe like American Express never travel without it, travelers checks or I found out where to get my american currency exhanges for ghana cedi or whatever it is called.
Okay, heres now he needs me to help him cash his check bring out the dunce cap and let me wear it all day. It has to be a specific bank, one I already deal with and he wanted me to open the account in my name, OMG, I am really a horses ass now.
No you send me your info and we will open the account that way. Besides the bank he told me if I was dumb enough to open it would require me to use my external bank account as a link with the one he needed to have his money deposited. Alrighty then,
he would then need me to send him the password, the account number so he can give it to the ministry of finance to deposit the money. Hell direct deposit in the states only requires a voided check with your account number not your password. LOL!
One day, I had this urge to google his name and low and behold it comes up under a scam website, it is unusual and highly unlikely that two men in Ghana would have his spanish last name. He was reported as scamming thousands of dollars from some dumb man in the states. He listed his company and the address where they are located in Ghana and his partner in crime and the scam. Crazy me , copy and paste the article to him. Of course, he went in deep with the denial that is not me, I do not know that person, I do not have a company under this name. True the company is non existant in Ghana. The article also said he is a resident of Ghana and has been there at least for more than 1 yr. according to what he told me he has been there less than one month.
He forgot I do a lot of research and I found him, her, them out. Because who the hell knows who I was talking. No more online dating services for me.
This is my story and I am sticking to it.
2008-06-24, 08:40:21
anonymous from Germany  
Attention guys, this passport is a fake. Have a look at the security sign on the right side of the passport picture. The head is OVER the sign and not - as usually - under the sign.
She asked me for money too. But i do not send it. beware and do not belive a picture, only a professional photographer could make.

2008-06-27, 14:02:44
do you know this woman?
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2008-06-27, 16:07:58
anonymous from United Kingdom  
scammer claiming to be from aruba the name used is sandra william.

2008-06-27, 20:10:49
anonymous from United States  
I have many pictures of this woman from Ghana africa, she is not a good person and looking to scam someone

2008-06-29, 09:12:11
PBECRAFT69@yahoo.comca from United States  
2008-06-30, 10:23:41
anonymous from United States  
Here is one I have met as three people, one says she is from south africa , another from Austrailia, and the third is from Ghana, all using different e-mail addresses, of course they need money for many things such as I-pods phones or phone cards, and of course the money to come see America if you love them, she got nothing from me
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Dating scammer Osai Williams from Ghana

2008-07-01, 05:15:41
I recently was approach by a lovely young lady called Monica nuga osei she was a scammer she got reel angry when I found out
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Dating scammer naomi emissah

2008-07-01, 07:42:35
anonymous from Amsterdam, Netherlands  
Okay here are some Ghanan scammers that use the dating site nickname 'bonelez tiny', this is likely the same as 'bonelez tiny' presenting him as 'Rev. Father John' uncle of first mentioned, offering to join a deal of 7.5 million USD inheritance and girl (?) named Gladys or Gladysntim, named Joyce Owusu, wants you to buy her a cellphone after 3 lines chatting ........ not really trustworthy ............ daughter of the late king Onu Osei, the guy is still alive however
dovenaa@yahoo, known as nana osei, yest another princess from the Royal family!, changes regularly of profile and name at badoo, pics remain the same

My experience is that most members from Ghana on that have only 1to 3 pictures (mostly models) and that have 0 or 1 friend are suspicious and probably looking for money.
2008-07-01, 21:09:31
anonymous from Australia  

On Adult Friend Finder as 'pearl4ever33'

From Stokholm Sweden - but surprise surprise in Accra, where all good Swedish gals go for vacation LOL.

Also seen on this site as 'Ivy Otoo'.

Pearl Anderson:
Tel +233 272435795
address: Mile 7, Street 233, Accra, GHANA 00233
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2008-07-01, 21:12:46
anonymous from Australia  
2008-07-01, 21:16:20
anonymous from Australia  
Birth date for 'Pearl' is July 10, 1977.
Sorry made mistake with email above, should be:

Another pic of 'Pearl's' tits for the connoisseurs
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2008-07-02, 01:10:36
anonymous from Australia  
Also on the site for APRIL 16, 2008 as 'biglove_osei2000'
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2008-07-02, 01:12:02
anonymous from Australia  
Also on the site as 'thornyrose1000'
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