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Dating scammer Osai Williams from Ghana


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This one goes by the name Osai Williams of Accra Ghana, falls in love in 1-2 emails likes Instant Messaging, wants money for visa, passport, travel. Also has numerous medical situations for her and mom that needs money for, also asks for $ for foodstuff and wants gifts, cell phones, Ipods Perfumes ect....Does she sound like a scammer??

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2007-08-27, 13:19:02
anonymous from United States  
I have chatted with many women from Ghana and I can tell you for a fact that so far, I have not met one honest woman from Ghana. Every single one of them has lied about who they are and where they are from. These lying pigs will tell you anything that they think you want to hear just to get us to send them money. The only way to hurt them is to not send anymoney.

Another thing to do is to post their names here because then when you google their names or even their email addresses, you will be brought here to this site. I posted Lawura Muniru here and now when you google her name you will find her here. Try it and see

Also remember too, those are not their pics that we are seeing. They are used without permission from other modeling websites. If all of us who visit here would start browsing the modeling websites, we will eventually find the original pics.

If you go to you will see where Lawura Muniru is stealing the pics she uses from.

Providing eachother with information is the best thing we can all do to help future victims.
If someone else had posted her here before I met her, then I never would have been scammed.

2007-08-29, 00:30:04
I have been talking to this gentleman who contacted me from He says his name is John Smith and his address is P.O. Box 57 Kaneshire-Accra, Ghana 00233. I was just wondering if he was a scam or not because he asked me to buy him a computer, send candy. He says he is a Gold Merchant in Accra Ghana and it sounds too good to be ture. Please Help Me.

2007-08-29, 01:17:41
anonymous from United States  
You are being lied to and scammed. DO NOT AND I REPEAT, DO NOT SEND ANYTHING. Dont send any money or candy or even a computer. If he were a gold merchant, he would be filthy rich and would be buying you candy and a computer.
The best thing to do is to stop talking to these people right away. No one that rich would have a P O Box for an address. They would have a physical address just like you do. If you insist on throwing away your money, then send it to me instead. Get them to send you an email and then post the ip address here and it will probably match the ip addresses of all the emails I have gotten from there.
You are not dealing with one person. It is a group of scammers. I know this because I have dealt with them myself. I have already been scammed enough for the both of us so please dont send them any money and if you have, dont send any more. Everything that they will say to you has already been said to me and many others. Just post it here and you will see by the response you get from others like me.
2007-08-29, 01:20:05
anonymous from United States  
That picture is stolen dont believe them or the fake documents they will send you
2007-08-29, 08:33:32
anonymous from United States  
If you are chatting or emailing with someone in GHANA, they are a SCAMMER, period!!
2007-09-24, 18:15:15
anonymous from Sweden  
Hello! I dont queit understand how I doing this...I have been talking to a girl in Accra, Ghana for almost 2 month and then find her her as 'Sheilla Clottey'. The pictures didnt match but the name did. 'So what' she told me 'it isnt me'.. Has anyone seen that name before? please help me!/Anders
2007-09-24, 22:23:16
anonymous from United States  
Anders: Post letters with headers and pictures. I have had contact with a dozen different individuals from Ghana...they were all scammers! If the girl is other then dark skin it is 100% certain to be a scammer!
2007-09-25, 02:51:08
anonymous from Sweden  
This is Sheilla Clottey...

2007-09-25, 02:53:45
anonymous from Sweden  
Another picture of Sheilla Clottey...

2007-09-25, 03:00:20
anonymous from Sweden  
the last: Sheilla Clottey...
This image was also posted here:
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2007-09-25, 03:16:55
anonymous from Sweden  
Thanks for the answers, this people I could 'go over water to get my hand on' Cant we all together do a form of 'reward' just for getting them? Please look at this name, is 'Sheilla Clotteys 'uncle' adress where I should send the money...Mr Baah Benedict PO Box 133 Achimota Market Accra-Ghana...If anyone recognise this people, It has to be a way to look up who is behind the Box adress there! I will pay for It!!!/Anders
2007-09-25, 07:17:08
anonymous from Sweden  
Hello! This is a girl from Accra, Ghana who called herself Stacy Mensah, she says her father is from Denmark and that she is a nurse. Is someone recognize her?? Scammer?/mr Sweden

2007-09-25, 07:20:04
anonymous from Sweden  
one more picture of Stacy Mensah..

2007-09-25, 09:32:15
Skeet from United States  
Anon Sweden, Take a look at this link.


2007-09-25, 09:33:59
anonymous from United States  
I met a girl, and originally thought she was from Alden, Ill. She then told me she was only visiting, and was from Ghana. She said she had been scammed in US and went to US for love. Only, when she got there, the man wanted her to join a prostitution team. Wow. Then she gave me a history of her 'motherland', which was straight from a textbook. She is now asking for money for a phone card so that she can call me. She is asking for $50-$75. I've researched and pretty much know she's scamming, because she keeps reminding me that I'm supposed to send her money for phone card. The name she uses is Rose Anim. Her e-mail address is
She is asking me to send money to:
Rahinatu Mubarak
11th Airport Street
Accra, Ghana 00233
Has anybody heard of her before. Here is the only picture she ever supplied me.
This image was also posted here:
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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