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Dating scammer Katya from Helsinky, Finnland (or Russia?)


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Dating scammer Katya from Helsinky, Finnland (or Russia?)

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2007-01-05, 14:33:29
anonymous from United States  
I have recently been getting love letters and pics from a Russion girl named Olga. Attached is her picture. She actually responds to the questions that I ask her. Has anyone else been getting letters and pics from her or do you recognize her?

2007-01-06, 07:29:36
anonymous from United States  
I say string them along as much as you can entice them with money,jobs and a good life that awaits them,Hell tell them your rich,you live in a mansion,your hung like a horse tell them anything get them to waste there time as well, run the stupid cunts in circles.when they ask for phone # address go off on some other topic what the hell they do it to you,and when the time comes to put the bite on you for money,give them a fake # for western union when they write back saying they can't get money,you say you were 1 # off go try again KEEP THEM RUNNING you might as well have fun with it because the law isn't going to do anything for you or against them REMEMBER DON'T SEND MONEY OR ANY REAL INFORMATION ABOUT YOU.PLAY THEIR GAME!
2007-01-09, 09:57:12
anonymous from United Kingdom  
2007-01-09, 10:32:33
anonymous from United States  
I received a number of e mails from this girl alina from russia and I played along. I told her that I am going to send her money plus something special from one of these internet florists.
Tomorrow I am going to e mail her that special thing from the 1-800 florist is a broom stick 3 feet long and the delivery man will shove it up her ass for trying to scam people. May be this will stop the bitches from trying to extort money from others.
2007-01-09, 11:49:09
anonymous from United States  
I knew something was up with this one was just waiting for the money pitch.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Maria from Omsk, Russia (modified photo)

Keywords: blonde blue jeans black leather jacket red scarm fall leafs
2007-01-09, 13:29:14
anonymous from United States  
wonder why all my posts and one with 'marias' pic from another user were deleted from here??????????????????
2007-01-09, 21:05:11
anonymous from United States  
I've also been receiving e-mails from the 'so-called' MARIA...I've been playing along with them the entire time. I'm a 21 year old college student but I told her I was 35 and rich!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA...Although I haven't fell for the scam, I'm worried that plenty of innocent people will. Something has to be done!
2007-01-09, 21:09:17
anonymous from United States  
MARIA IS F**CKIN BANGIN!!!! WOW..What 21 year old guy wouldn't love something like that to come home to every night???HAHAHAHAHA
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Dating scammer Maria at
Dating scammer Maria at
Dating scammer Maria from Omsk, Russia
Dating scammer Maria at

2007-01-11, 19:24:33
anonymous from United States  
Getting the same pics from maria. Gonna keep going along with it for a while, shes hot!!
Here's the latest......

2007-01-11, 20:07:36 from United States  
Dating scammer Felicia Williams fwills001 at,

Scammer claiming to be from El paso working in Nigeria on a modelling assignment

From: fwills001 (
To: ramkank1 (
Date received: December 26, 2006
Subject: RE:

How you doing today?. I am sorry for the late response, My computer had problems but right now..I fixed them up.Thanks for the message. I am Felicia Williams .i live in El Paso, Texas, but right now, i am at west africa on a modelling project and would be back in two weeks time..i'm single and to go swimming and reading novels,listening to music,especially blues..i'm really romantic and searching for the man closest to my heart..i would really appreciate more emails from you getting to know ourselves better..but would appreciate the emails sent to my personal email address at I will be looking forward to hearing from you and getting to know more about you with pics of you.i will send you mine soonest

I really appreciate your emails and i would really love to meet you but right now i'm on a project to west africa and should be back real soon and just wanting you to know were i live its El Paso,TX. Could you tell me more about yourself.....Do you have kids?what do you like to do best? and all that..well i love kids though and telling more about me...i'm honest.a college graduate.i a Model since i was 8yrs old , i was encouraged by my late dad,he gave me every support but i studied arts in college,and also went to a modelling school as part time then and things were really tight for me,i guess you would also want to know some of my body fits and here they are
i'm willing to meet an honest and faithfull man in my life....
......i would really appreciate getting to know you more and i hope we could be a good set for this relationship and i hope i'm hanging my hanger of trust on the right man...i hope to get more emails from you and to keep in touch from time to time.

Hi Ron,
I am really glad you have been keeping intouch and you seem to be making me feel more important i live in.i guess i'm starting to like this conversation..and i don`t really know what you feel about me..i'm honest and would be faithfull in any way..I grew up in El Paso TX, where i was full name is Felicia Williams ...i was named fewill as nick in the buffalo university....where i studied Econonmics......i started my modelling carrier in my college days and i guess it has been fun up till this time.....presently in west africa i model for a communication company MTN and also for a big fashion firm here (african designer)........i was invited by an agent friend that based in west africa and i have been going and coming for 3 years.I am the only Child of my Parents...i have always been faithful in my relationship but i see myself as the unfortunate one with the guys i ever dated......well am planning to move to the states finally never to come down here again..cux i guess i need to get settled and plan for a real sound family and kids of my own......i guess i need to share this with u....cux u sound so serious and faithful and i guess that is all i demand from i guy...If asked what i hate......TO BE CHEATED ON IS THE ANSWER...I will like to hear back form you. take care
Hi Ron,
I would be very much grateful to answer all your questions dear...I grew up at Altura Avenue at Elpaso..My Favourite Restaurant is Pelican`s Restaurant at 130 shadow Mountain drive. I attend school at the Bufallo University a new Jersey...I am at West AFrica..Nigeria and I would be back in few days time cause I have finish my Job out here at Nigeria. I actually delected my profile at the site since I got a reasonable response from you. hunnie, I needtotell you something that really matters to me..Before I met you,I was badly hurt from relationships that fell apart,I didn't wanna live no more. I just wanted an end,I thought nothing could cure me,My heart would never mend.But getting happy at ur consistency and short i love the way u talk and i guess we could get to see as soon as i get thing i want u to note is faithful cux that is what can make things work out for us am alway committed too but rob did real bad...anyway am getting over that.I have not been with any man for 10months since i broke up with my ex.I am giving you a chance to see how things will work and if really u will not treat me like Rob did ...I guess we could get to see when i get back home but that tell u need to contact me daily and i get a message sent to u also telling ur how my day is. Am feeling u are something very new and i guess ur coming into my life will be a plus.I hope we'll never part,because I know a straight forward man will always treat with love...I really want to see u someday.i should be home by next week or next.

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2007-01-11, 22:52:33
anonymous from United States  
Watch out for this girl guys. Her name if Olga Chernolutskaya from Nizhny Novgorod Russia. I received this letter after corresponding for about 3 weeks.......the hook letter. Her email address is

My love XXXX!

Now I absolutely have no doubts, that my intentions are very serious.
Thank you for taking the time to write me, If you only knew how happy
your letters make me. Thank you for being so sweet. Every day I find
myself, spending more time thinking of you. Every day, before go
sleep, I imagine our first meeting. How I come from airport, and I see
you at the first time. I really can't imagine how many emotions I'll
feel, because even thinking about it, my heart beating is becoming
faster and faster. It seems to me, that I did not want anything in my
life, as to meet you. My dear Prince, your letters are pure
inspiration to me. I want to see you, and tell you, that I miss you
more and more as the days pass. I want you to be my happiness for
ever. A lot of time has passed, I feel nervous, because I think that
love has finally found me, can this be Love? Yes. My inner feelings
never lie.

I think of the future, many years from now and I see you and me,
together, married, our family, I know it may sound a kind of silly,
but it is my dream, you are my dream, a life by your side. My dear
XXXX, I wonder how will it feel to have you in my arms, to kiss you,
to love you. It makes me crazy, no, YOU make me crazy!

About my arrival to you...
I can stay with you 3 months, then if I won't want to come back (or if
we'll be married), I'll be able to stay with you, and do everything
for new visa or something else from USA. I already got a passport, so
I have it, and I need only to buy ticket and visa. I need 350$ for
visa, and exams for getting it. And I need approximately 1200$ for
tickets (economy class Aeroflot Airlines) to El Paso (airport ELP). I
think, that we have to divide charges, because I saved some money
(700$), I need 850$. I understand, that my part of money is less than
half of necessary sum, but it almost half... What will you tell about

I don't wish to waste time. I prefer concrete actions. If you agree to
help me arrive to you, you should inform me it immediately. Then I
shall collect documents necessary for my visa: my financial documents,
inquiry on my salary from my work, documents on my insurance, medical
examination, etc. It will occupy some time, therefore you should
decide all problems quickly.
If I shall begin registration visa in next week then I shall receive
visa till February, 10th. I shall buy ticket in USA on other days on
What do you think about this?

Forever yours Olga.

Keywords: girl black coat monument white scarm white shoes legs
2007-01-12, 17:32:49
I got the same pictures from --- i have exhanged about 8 emails from her. She comes on stronger each email --- fortunatley i have been very generic in my responses. I emailed one of my friends her latest response and he found this site.
I was suspcious that she rarely acknowledged anything I said to her -- she just kept pouring on and on about how she was falling in love with me.

2007-01-13, 09:39:13
anonymous from United States  
The latest, getting ready for the money shot............

Hi my love XXXXXX! I have a friend XXXXXX, and I always
think of him, I want to know all about him. Absolute All! (Smile).
Tell to me about your ideas and dreams. And now I
shall make it. Yesterday my boss informed me, that I shall have 3
months of a vacation. I already spoke you that, a building in which our
firm is located, very old and is in an emergency condition.
The building of our firm, requires major repair.And this summer
our firm will be closed for the period of out of repair work of a building.
And all collective of our firm will be is on a vacation. Approximately
in the beginning of February I shall have a vacation, but I was not pleased.
I cannot refuse this vacation. In a building of our firm will be is made,
major repair. Repair will last 3 months.I have begun to cry, because it
means that I can't write to you, I can't use a computer. I was so
frightened that I can lose you. I imagined that I should spend this
vacation in my apartment, between four walls. I should sit in loneliness
and think of you. I should aimlessly wander on streets and fall asleep
with tears on eyes every night. I have been waiting for my vacation in
the summer and now I receive them but they don't bring pleasure to me.
Because in the next summer, I cannot receive my vacation. I imagined
that I should spend some months without you and awful emptiness had
appeared in my heart. All world around became uninteresting for me and
I told myself:' NO! It is not for me!' I thought of us.
About you and about me-about us together.I had
been crying for a long time because of despair. My thoughts were mixed,
like inking waves during a storm, and I, like a small ship was sank in
the sea of despair. With the rising of sun I calmed and hold on myself.
And I have put a hard aim, the aim of all my life-to be with a man who
loves me and I love him by all my heart. I thought what I can do to see
you. I decided to spend this vacation with you. I thought what I can do
to meet you. Simply to meet. That's all what I want now.
I have passport, and also I need an visa. Today I have
addressed in firm where the visas are made. I wondered how much it
would cost for me. They told me that this service would cost 290 USD. I
said it was very big money, and visa couldn't be cost so much. They
told that I could make all directly in Moscow where an American
consulate was. But I have considered that if I shall make directly in
Moscow, I will squander more money. The way to Moscow and back also
residing there will cost much. I shall squander more money than 290 USD
if I go there. Besides if my application isn't approved, it will turn
out that I squander all money for nothing. I have been explained that
it will be necessary to visit set of various departments, state and
medical institutions both in Omsk. I must wait for a
long time the queue. This agency allows to avoid many problems and to
make all for faster term. I asked how long it would take to make the
visa. I was answered that it would take about a week or may be 2 .
And in this agency I was told, that they need information about me
from the police. If I am a law-abiding citizen, I shall get the visa.
And I have never done anything unlawful. So I must get the visa.
To me advised to use tourist visa B1/B2. I shall have preparation for
interview. It will help me to receive the visa. I understand that our
relations are not long yet, but I trust you. And I very hope so you
are, as I love you. Many years I ask myself a question: Why everything
depends on money? I think that the money is not main thing in life. The
main is when the people can and want to understand each other. I have
some savings. And I think that Òll be enough to come to you, my sweetheart.
XXXXXX, if you will write to me the letter on my home address it is completely
obligatory to write my last name.
Our love will overcome any distances. Live for LOVE!
When you Love, do it with all your might, all your Devotion and
for all eternity! I really think it's better to love and fail and not
having fallen in love at all. Since I started talking to you, I just
can't stop thinking of you XXXXXX. I KISS YOU. Maria.

P.S. This picture is made in the autumn in a corridor of my apartment.

2007-01-13, 13:16:40
anonymous from United States  
As long as we're all gonna have fun with this, lets collaborate and try and get to see this girl naked...I'm gonna tell her that I'm in love and I'll send her anything she wants if she replies with a few good pics...HAHHAHAA lets make this bitch feel like garbage!!!!
2007-01-14, 08:13:08
anonymous from United States  
Are these different broads still going through CoalRo as there address's???????
Is it still up an running?????
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