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Dating scammer Anastasiya Popova from Kirov, Russia


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Emails: and
City: Kirov, Russia
Address: Pervomaisky 219/a flat 15


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2007-01-04, 21:31:47
Paul from United Kingdom  
Thanks Dom. I didn't see that programme on C4

Thanks for all your info mate

I'm still determined to find a real one though. Russian girls really do make good wives. I simply don't like the attitudes of British girls.

Dom, I have stopped wtiting to Anastasiya. I have been in touch with one from Ukraine. Would be interesting to get your feedback on this one. Google returns nothing on her email. Saw her on Faceparty. Perhaps I'll email you Don. Problem is she 'fell in love' within a week, but she seems genuine and doesn't ask for money, answers my emails. I have asked her for a photo with a message on it and she says she will do it. Slight suspicion, she says she has no phone, but apparently this can be common in Ukraine, but she is in Lugansk she says. I have given her a mobile number is she wants to talk. Another suspiction, on her email it says it is sent using 'The Bat' email programme but perhaps some people may us this for genuine reasons. Did a search on her IP address and it seems okay
2007-01-04, 21:36:39
Paul from United Kingdom  
Apparently is a reputable site and has only 'real' people

I have notices scammers use dating pay-sites as well
2007-01-05, 08:26:41
anonymous from United States  

Hi Paul!

Yes I agree with you, Russian girls sound like they are good potential wives!

They all say that they are healthy and enjoy cooking and cleaning lol!

I would have a look around (if you havent already) for customers comments/complaints about the agency, there is a few links i found by googling the agency and scam:


The results that appear to support the site's legitiamacy are both owned by Elena!!

Have a look yourself and see what you can find out :0) offers a service for $44 where they check if your contact is real or not - i have not used the service but it is mentioned on loads of sites. is like the Russian Interflora and you can check if an address is legit by getting them to photograph the customer when they receive the flowers and send it to you.

I have been emailed by another Anastasyia (from Yoshka Ola) via Faceparty after I sent her a message, there are not hits on google for her email but I will watch out for the signs...

http://www.datingnm..ection.htm has some interesting comments about I.P. numbers and the I.S.P's that the scammers use as well as more advice.

You could try using a differnt email address/name to contact her and see if she responds with the same email she sent to you before, if she true she should probably ignore the email (if she loves you)?!

Good luck mate!!

2007-01-31, 08:29:20
anonymous from United Kingdom  

Hi Paul!

Just wondering how the search is going for your Russian girl?

I have not heard from Anastasiya again, she must be busy trying to scam others!

Meanwhile on faceparty I have had messages from about 5 Russian girls inviting me to email them on their private boxes (?) for form letters and nice photos!

I don't think faceparty are bothered about scammers because they ignored my list of potential scammers but 2 of them have been banned.

Oh well its something to do I suppose :0)

Good luck with the search!

2007-02-04, 13:03:48
Paul from United Kingdom  
I have found love! I am still writing to that Ukrainian girl I met on Faceparty. I am pretty sure she is genuine - well about 90%. I asked her for a pic with a handwritten message and I got one. I am over the moon!! She is georgous, and seems nice on the inside as well. She never asks for money and I have an address as well, although she has no phone. Obviously I will have to maybe meet her in Ukraine as it is expensive for them to travel.

Her email is not listed in any scammer last, or her name.
2007-02-07, 09:01:40
anonymous from United Kingdom  

Hi Paul!

Good luck with your meeting, I hope she turns out to be what you want!!

I have rated my contacts on faceparty to see what other people thought of them, some had quite a lot of negative comments, which kind of tells me something about their correspondence with other members!!

It's probably a waste of time for me though as they all seem to be scammers but it's something to do :0)

2007-02-08, 09:56:20
Mark from Canada  
Just above, on the dated entries with pics of '2006-11-26, 12:49:45' and '2006-11-30, 15:59:52', is the exact female that appears in this scammer page: >> http://www.delphifa..329.shtml

It is becoming clear that this female or the person using these photos is doing a wide spread campaign.
2007-02-09, 08:26:15   (updated: 2007-02-09, 08:31:12)
anonymous from United Kingdom  

Hi Mark!

I have read the letters on the page from your link and the letters are different!!

I am not sure if it is the same person 'writing' the emails and mass-mailing them?!

It is probably a member of the same group of scammers though from Mari El or where ever it is! Checking Anastasyia's I.P. information it comes up with Sat-Gate in Sweeden!

They must have sets of form letters that they use, as the older they are, the more likely they are on this (and other) anti-scam websites.

I have been in contact with several Russian girls though faceparty and some use form letters and some don't, but they all seem to have numerous photos of themselves with the girl-next-door look.

I am not 100% sure they are all scammers, you can only tell if they ask for money for visa/tickets and say they can come to you quickly!! Which they cannot, apparently!


2007-02-09, 17:39:03
anonymous from United Kingdom  
He, he the scam goes on !!....

I have also had contact with Anastasiya......shown below is the new e-mail address used by her / him...

Nope she didnt reach as far as asking for money, she wouldnt of got any.....
Be warned !!....

Anastasiya <>

Cheers all........
2007-02-10, 12:07:41
anonymous from United Kingdom  

Hi Anon!

Glad to hear she/he/it is ok, kinda worried sometimes that she could be the girl in the photo and is being exploited by criminal gang to do this?!

There are a few possibilities though:

A: She is the girl in the photos
B: A man is using the photos/letter sets
c: It is an automated email client (The Bat!)

The chances are that it is probably B using C from what I have read about this scam!

Which is a shame, because at least if it were A using C then we would not have been fooled into disclosing personal information or getting (slightly) emontionally attached!

I have actally asked her outright several times but she either ignores the question or acts innocent and sweet!

I have read a lot of the pages on this site and sometimes when they are exposed by their 'princes' as scammers, they get a rude reply that sometimes give a clue as to who they are!!

There is a post received from a scammer with a photo of a transexual (pre-op) with the reply to the email telling them the game is up?!

I really hope it isn't that case with 'Anastasyia' that would make me feel sick!! lol

2007-02-12, 08:31:09
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

Update on above:

Yes, unfortunatly I was correct!! it is a man who is placing fake profiles on faceparty and he is called Sergey and he is a 26 year old bi-sexual Russian male?!

The reason I know this is that the profile of someone I was in contact with (suspected scammer) was changed from the orginal female one to a male scammer profile!

In the profile he talks about scamming stupid men, getting them to send money via Western Union! I have seen this quite a few times on faceparty but the victim sets up a new profile and uses the original photos to warn others.

I thought it had been changed by a victim who had somehow hacked the pasword, so I sent a message asking about it and the email address had been disabled on the same day by Yahoo because it had been reported as being used for fraud!

Today another profile has changed from a female to male, but this time it reads like a normal profile with no mention of scamming, even though it obviously was!!

Both of the profiles had over 10,000 visits and a few men had even left comments on the second profile telling (the girl in the photo) she is stunning! How embarrasing for them, as the comments now appear on the profile of a bi-sexual Russian man called Sergey?!

I have emailed him to ask him to come clean and admit his scam and how many fake profiles he has posted and what kind of operation it is, is he working alone?

I will let you know what he tells me if he replies!!

Sorry to dissapoint anyone who thought it was the girl in the photo, it is a guy.

P.S. I have checked the I.P. numbers and he used the same number as Anastayia Popova so he could be 'her' as well guys?!

AArrrghh! Im glad I did not write anything 'romantic' or whatever :0)


2007-02-15, 08:45:17
anonymous from United Kingdom  

Hi everyone!

Anastasyia in now looking at Australia for next victim/s!

This is from a Russian site about Australia (mostly in Russian):

Where you my love?
I the nice and charming girl who searches for second half. To me 22 years, I live in Kazakhstan. I am very lonely, me not so, very much there is no man's care, love and attention. I very much want to find the love for serious attitudes, and I think at me all it will turn out. Dear men I very much, shall wait very much for your responses. Write to me please on my post address:,
I shall wait!!

08.01.2007 07:40

2007-02-19, 00:55:03
Hi i have recieved email from she has not asked me for money........yet?.I believe it could be a scam or a combination of scams,if i get asked for money i will let you know,beware genuine russian girls dont want you to pay for everything i know ive been there on holiday,Beware everyone!!!'!!
2007-02-19, 07:04:11
anonymous from United Kingdom  


To the above poster, has she sent you a photo, is it the same girl as above?

If so, please post the photo here and see if it it posted anywhere else on Delfifaq!

If it is there will be a message saying where it is posted :0)

2007-02-21, 07:11:15
anonymous from United Kingdom  
To Rahmi from Turkey:


Try,, or any other dating site! But watch out for scammers!

I see the same message is posted on 27 pages on this site, so it constitues spam! I have clicked on the link to flag this message as spam and ask others to do this as well as it is irrelevent!


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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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