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Dating scammer Natalia Tregoubova from Moscow or Yakutsk, Russia


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Country : Russia, City : Moscow or Yakutsk (Jakutsk)
Address : Troparevskaya 17-27, zip 117602
Full Name Natalia Tregoubova


town Markovo,
Lenina street 9, flat 37 ,
it is near big city Irkutsk (Russia)

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2007-01-23, 11:29:38
anonymous from United Kingdom  
wow she's getting hotter all the time,even if she keeps sending pics of different girls. And I thought it was cold in Moscow!! Seems such a pity to play with her. her reply is typical of them all. Watch out fellas


Wow Natalia

What lovely pictures but you are not reading my e-mails because I would like you to read them and to answer my questions. It feels like I am writing to a computer that doesn't read my letters. There is so much I want to do to you and I promise to keep you tied up for a long time just as soon as you arrive here. It makes me think it will be worth taking a shower, but it has been so long since I've had one that I don't know if i can be bothered. i am sure you will not mind


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Keywords: blonde black bra blue jeans hot pants
2007-01-23, 12:59:12
anonymous from United States  
Something told me as well, the Vera was writing me. Never told her my full name or location. I got a funny feeling when they asked for money!! Glad I looked it up!!
2007-01-23, 18:35:53
anonymous from United States  
This is the best! I have no doubt all of these emails are being generated by some hairy money scamming big fat dude. Bye the way, I though you would be interested in knowing that this picture was taken at the Beach in Santa Barbara, Ca. How do I know you ask? I know because I live here and the shack in the background is a place called Heaven's Hot Dogs. It sits right between life guard station #'s 7 & 8. In fact, if the girl (who I do not know...unfortunately) was not in just the right position, you would clearly see lifeguard station #7 behind her.
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Keywords: white bikini beach
2007-01-24, 08:39:15
anonymous from Bogot in Cundinamarca, Colombia  
A tiempo!, solo recibí dos cartas, pero ya me estaba comiendo el cuento, espero no le pase a nadie, hay que dejar de ser tan pendejos, además en colombia tenemos las mujeres más hermosas del mundo.

At last!, just in time! only i receive two letters, but I was eating the swindle. I hope don´t occur anybody. moreover in colombia we have the most beatiful womans in the world.

Keywords: brunette portrait
2007-01-27, 15:18:20
anonymous from Spain  
I can't believe anyone actually falls for this is so obvious from the beginning! 'Natalia' thinks I am fat, fifty and bald, but the letters keep coming (well, I did say I was a millionaire too!). So, Natalia, if ever you check this site yourself, the sad truth is that I am not fat , fifty or bald........but I am a millionaire! So sorry my love! Adios! (no picyures included here because all that have been sent to me are alrady on this site)
2007-01-28, 06:50:18
anonymous from United States  
Let's get these fools and bring them down
2007-02-12, 23:45:51
anonymous from Australia  
I'm sobbing uncontrollably! I was inlove with the script writer for Borat. Turns out she's a scammer. Ok, I sincerely pity any guy that falls for this shit. Gotta have some fun. Any ideas on how to waste their time??
2007-02-13, 14:50:50
anonymous from United States  
She's changed her name and city. I just received the third e-mail. This time she is in St. Petersburg rather then Moscow. After the second e-mail, I replied by sending HER her own passport...and she still wrote me back. I've recived about 12 photos, all of which are on this thread.

I don't know where she got my e-mail, but it's the e-mail I use for all kinds of mailing lists etc.
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2007-02-13, 14:52:09
anonymous from United States  
I thought about sending $1 by Western Union just to make them go through the effort...but I figured it's not even worth a buck.
2007-02-19, 07:23:12 from Prescot in Staffordshire, United Kingdom  
Natalia Tregoubova is now going by the name of Zinaida and she sent me an email on the 19th Februaury 2007 saying how she hated her country. I replied to her but stressed that I was only interested in chatting.
The 2nd email I received was amazing and included everything from marriage to having kids and lots more garbage. That when I knew it was a scam. lol
I have emailed her back and asked her to send me a few photos of herself nude with her legs spread because I am only attracted to a specific type of vagina! lol.
I will keep you all updated when I get the next email.

Anyone wants to email me about this dumb Russian piece of shit then feel free! or

John Galliano
2007-02-19, 08:21:37
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Just an update. Natalia Tregoubova is using the following email for her old scams:
2007-02-23, 10:46:07 from Peru  
hola quisiera saber si de verdad esta mina existe creo que soy muy credulo aunque me estoy dando cuenta.. esta mina tiene 2 pasaportes?? imposible una estafadora.. tengan cuidado.. por lo que he estado investigando y leyendo estafan despues pidoendote dinero dolares.. porque supuestamente la vida en Rusia es dificil.. no se dejen engañar
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2007-02-23, 10:49:06 from Peru  

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Keywords: fake id
2007-03-02, 08:43:25
anonymous from United States  
2007-03-07, 10:24:23   (updated: 2007-03-07, 10:28:13)
'Natalia' is back in the game.Now She live in Russia,town Osinniki, Voevodina street 49,flat 17 ,it is near big city
Watch out her e-mail is
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