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Dating scammer Natalya ( from Russia


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Name: Natalya
Email address:
City: Kaltan, near Novokuznetsk
Region: Kemerovo, Siberia in Russia

She supposedly works in a quality control for a coal company, thus the email address :-)

A sample of her letters:

Hello xxx!

I dont know where to begin But I will try.
I do hope that we will continue to write and that we can get to know one another better..... Whats the weather like in your city? The fall is at its height in my town - the temperature varies from +1 to -2C, the air is clear and cold I like all four seasons. I enjoy swimming, sun-bathing and camping in summer.
In winter I often go skiing - actually I just like snow and the winter weather itself.
Its so beautiful when earth gets covered with white downy snow. I like cycling and walking in the park in spring and fall - Im a very sporty person.
Sports bring health and beauty. My favorite sports are volleyball, gymnastics, swimming, cycling and skiing. I do my best to live a healthy life - I dont smoke, reject drugs out of hand but I permit myself to have a glass of wine or champagne on very special occasions. Most of Russian men are keen on booze and drugs, though.
Probably, thats the reason why I can find a man whom I will really love. When people
get drunk they become real beasts - brutal and irritable. Im have very quiet and
counterbalanced character. I am very slow to anger and am rarely upset with anyone or anything. I believe life is too short for bad feelings. What kind of character do you have? What else can I tell you about myself? You already know that I work in the laboratory that controls the quality of coal. I had been studying
in an academy for 6 years to get my profession - and by now I have been working for my firm for 4 years. I work about Monday up to Friday. About 8 morning up to 19 evening.
Sometimes I to work on Saturday (Probably on this I have not enough time for entertainment).
I travel for my work much but I have never traveled outside of my own country.
In the near future, me probably will send in business trip to Finland. It will be big entertainment. I hope that you understand my English. I studied it when I was at school and academy. I can both write and speak English but I havent practiced for quite a long time. Tell me, do you understand everything that I want to say?

Probably it is interesting to you, who takes all my pictures.. My female friend and one of my colleagues are keen on art - they are the ones who get most of my pictures.

I with impatience shall wait your answer.

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2006-11-03, 19:53:24
anonymous from United States  
Thanks for the info. You're right, sounded good on the screen, looked good too!! Had me looking on a map to find out where she lived. I thought that was a long way to be driving to work, especially as much as it snows there. At least I won't have to spend all that time writing back!!!
2006-11-03, 21:15:29
anonymous from United States  
Hey guys....I'm one of the suckers that got the same pitch from Nadja aka nadezhda @coal ro business. Same exact letters....same least these scammers could try to be more original.
2006-11-03, 22:44:50
anonymous from United States  
This is kind of funny in away!! I was also too sucked in. I wonder how many more of us suckers are out their? I'm glad i found out. It was quite weird...
2006-11-04, 15:38:06
anonymous from United States  
Hey guys this is too funny! I'm sure that whoever is sending this pictures and emails must get some kind of response back from people that are dumb! I too started getting emails from Natalya and I've gotten from other supposed Russian ladies. I usually just reply back pretending that they are real. It is interesting the point they ask for money which is the real reason they are after. Just think about it out of a few hundreds responses I'm sure there are some idiots who do send money to them and well I'm sure that is enough to make a living. You can call that 'common sense'. Don't you think? What I recommend is joining a real russian dating site and just pay the subscription.
2006-11-04, 16:40:18
anonymous from United States  
Oh yea nadja she's the one she said 'she was answering my online dating add 'But I was'nt on one! so I knew what was up 'told her Iwas gonna contact FBI It did'nt faze her she laid it on thick if the pics are really her? don't know probably not The pic I tested noted the name natalya?
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2006-11-04, 17:24:24
anonymous from United States  
she hot and she just blew me!!! Thanks Allison I love you!! I wish you didn't empty my bank account though.... go figure???

Keywords: alison angel
2006-11-05, 07:59:33
anonymous from United States  
How about 'Katya' from Finland. She is a manager at coalro. She ask for pictures of me, but I think I'll send her the pictures you posted instead. HA HA HA
2006-11-05, 13:35:13
anonymous from United States  
Hey! she loved me first!!!! LOL
This is becoming quite humorous, It broke my pathetic heart when I first learned Natalya was not all for me... I still write her and pretend I dont know... ( I think I need to get a life ) I just want to see where it all goes. Also a woman who claimed to be Elena pulled a scam on me a couple months ago, Or tried to! her e-mail then was ( ) She said I was the one for her and she got visa and needed 800.00 to pay for ticket to get here. she had quite a dream about the two of us. Same pictures as elsewhere on this site. white bikini... those pics I was not supposed to share with anyone.. I would post hers but I got mad and deleted everything I got from her.
I wrote an e-mail to FTV girls. the home of Alison ( Natalya ) and let them know someone was using their models photos to run a scam trying to rip us off. They wrote me back and didnt seem to concerned. I guess porn stars are not into copyright law.. Didnt even get the free subscription to alisons site I was dreaming of: (
Just thought I would add my comments for today!!

2006-11-05, 13:38:19
anonymous from United States  

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2006-11-05, 13:38:47
anonymous from United States  

Keywords: alison angel I think
2006-11-05, 13:39:14
anonymous from United States  
2006-11-05, 13:39:43
anonymous from United States  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Natalya ( from Russia
Dating scammer Natalya ( from Russia

Keywords: blonde white bikini beach water ocean
2006-11-05, 13:41:16 from United States  
This one was especially touching!

2006-11-05, 14:16:06 from United States  

I am in contact with the FBI and other enforcement offices concerning all matters with - etc. etc. etc.

FACT: The mailserver the emails actually came from are traced to St. Louis, Missouri. The website is housed at web server in St. Louis, MO

FACT: One of the logos on the home page of is that of a coal company located in St. Louis, MO - namely, Arch Coal Co.

FACT: When placing a phone call to the St. Louis Web Server company, a man with a Russian accent answers the phone. When asked where he is from, his first answer is Eastern Europe - when pressed for more information he finally says Bulgaria - when I say that his accent sound Russian, he says that his language is slovik also and tries to explain it away. When I tell him that he has a scam website on his server and tell him that it is, he says that he is just the technician and is not aware of this. He then says that he will tell the owner of the web server company. Still, two weeks later the website is still up and running.

I'm not sure why the FBI always seems to drag their feet on these matters, or if they are even investigating it fully. They may be, and that's not my job. I have been a webmaster for over 12 years and nailing scammers is sort of my pastime, passion and I feel my civic duty.

IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION ON ANY OF THESE 'WOMEN' (usually it is men running these scams, from Russia, sometimes even from Russian Crime Syndicates), then please forward all information, emails WITH HEADERS and all pics to my address. I am copiling a case for further filings with the FBI, Interpol and various other law enforcement officials whose jurisdiction this may fall under.


And remember, if a woman asks you for money for any reason from a dating site, here in America or elsewhere, then you can be 99.999% sure it is a scam.

This particular scam is a little more sophisticated than most, but it is still obviously a SCAM. It is running a little longer than others. There has not yet been even the hook asking for the money, YET! It will probably wind up being something along the line of, 'Dear _________, I have lost my job and am stuck here in Finland!!! Please help me to get over to the USA - or Please help me to get back home! Or, send me some money so I can buy you a discounted plane ticket to come see you, etc. etc. etc. Sooner or later, they will ask for money.

The employment page even runs a DIFFERENT SCAM:
On this page the blatantly show another scam - they are asking for people in the USA to accept payments from US clients, put the money in your personal bank account, then transfer monies to their office in Finland via Western Union, with you keeping 5% for your troubles. ho ho oh no! Pretty slick, but WHY would an international coal company need a private citizen to be their money transfer agent when any real client paying a real company in another country can simply send an international money order, or a cashier's check, or do a direct bank wire transmission, or use a credit card???? This is another scam. They are BLATANT on that one!

OK, send me the info PLEASE, so I can continue working on busting these bastards, which I now suspect are in St. Louis, MO actually!

A few years ago an American couple, husband and wife, bilked about $750,000 out of poor lonely American men using the classic Russian Bride / Visa Scam + Airline Ticket Scam - always using MONEYGRAM or WESTERN UNION to receive their funds.


All the best,
The scambuster!
2006-11-05, 19:11:16
anonymous from United States  
I just started to receive emails from Nadia from coal biz in Finland. She hasnt asked for anything but these are her photos...what a scam! dont fall for it. She claims to have found my info from a dating site, but I have never been on one.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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