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Dating scammer Natalya ( from Russia


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Name: Natalya
Email address:
City: Kaltan, near Novokuznetsk
Region: Kemerovo, Siberia in Russia

She supposedly works in a quality control for a coal company, thus the email address :-)

A sample of her letters:

Hello xxx!

I dont know where to begin But I will try.
I do hope that we will continue to write and that we can get to know one another better..... Whats the weather like in your city? The fall is at its height in my town - the temperature varies from +1 to -2C, the air is clear and cold I like all four seasons. I enjoy swimming, sun-bathing and camping in summer.
In winter I often go skiing - actually I just like snow and the winter weather itself.
Its so beautiful when earth gets covered with white downy snow. I like cycling and walking in the park in spring and fall - Im a very sporty person.
Sports bring health and beauty. My favorite sports are volleyball, gymnastics, swimming, cycling and skiing. I do my best to live a healthy life - I dont smoke, reject drugs out of hand but I permit myself to have a glass of wine or champagne on very special occasions. Most of Russian men are keen on booze and drugs, though.
Probably, thats the reason why I can find a man whom I will really love. When people
get drunk they become real beasts - brutal and irritable. Im have very quiet and
counterbalanced character. I am very slow to anger and am rarely upset with anyone or anything. I believe life is too short for bad feelings. What kind of character do you have? What else can I tell you about myself? You already know that I work in the laboratory that controls the quality of coal. I had been studying
in an academy for 6 years to get my profession - and by now I have been working for my firm for 4 years. I work about Monday up to Friday. About 8 morning up to 19 evening.
Sometimes I to work on Saturday (Probably on this I have not enough time for entertainment).
I travel for my work much but I have never traveled outside of my own country.
In the near future, me probably will send in business trip to Finland. It will be big entertainment. I hope that you understand my English. I studied it when I was at school and academy. I can both write and speak English but I havent practiced for quite a long time. Tell me, do you understand everything that I want to say?

Probably it is interesting to you, who takes all my pictures.. My female friend and one of my colleagues are keen on art - they are the ones who get most of my pictures.

I with impatience shall wait your answer.


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2006-12-12, 12:35:26
anonymous from United States  
Well, looks my trip down the road with Nadia has come to end. I finally got the email I've been waiting on. She has asked me to send her $350, like that will happen. I'm telling you it all sounds good until they money is required. I think Coalro is a computer generated program. They send you the first email and then it is on auto pilot from there on out. They never read the incoming mail. I've sent an email using a tracking site called First 25 trackings are free and then only $4.00 per month. Other scammers have picked their email up, while Nadia has not, but yet keeps sending the emails and photos. I think I'm done with the online dating. Too many scammers. Here is a copy of Nadia's passport.
2006-12-13, 05:23:30
anonymous from United States  

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Dating scammer Natasha Moskvina from Ulyanovsk, Russia

2006-12-13, 05:30:05
anonymous from United States  
Here is the one that got me. Didnt send her any money tho. Thought it was odd right off the bat.
2006-12-13, 08:55:31
anonymous from United States  
she has struck again natalya iss hot and full of it i think i will stick withamerican women
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Natalya ( from Russia
Dating scammer Natalya ( from Russia
Dating scammer Natalya ( from Russia

Keywords: port star yellow bikini
2006-12-14, 10:27:03
anonymous from United States  
'Svetlana' is now getting increasingly concerned that her scam is not working. Here is te latest. Try moneygram! That's too funny

Hi my love!
I wait the help. Try to send money www.moneygram.

cac> Hey!
cac> I can't send money to Coalro, or you. Apparently there
cac> is some kind of block on sending money to Russia under your name.
cac> I tried to contact Coalro, to send them money, but I was told
cac> that Coalro does not exist (at least not in Finland). How can I
cac> help you?

cac> -----Original Message-----
cac> From:
cac> To: xxxx
cac> Sent: Mon, 11 Dec 2006 5:31 AM
cac> Subject: Re[4]: My dear Will!

cac> I need money. I can arrive a next flight. If you assist. Your Svetlana.

Cac>> What do you mean by this? I don't understand. Do you want the ticket? Or do
Cac>> you really need the money ? I hope that you're OK. Please let me know how
Cac>> Russia is

Cac>> In a message dated 12/6/2006 11:04:02 P.M. Pacific Standard Time,
Cac>> writes:

Cac>> Hi my love!
Cac>> I wrote to you reservation of the ticket to Russia not reliably.
Cac>> Especially from other country. It is Russia. Here always the big disorder.
Cac>> I hope you help me.

cac>>> My dear sweet Princessa! You are trying so hard.
cac>>> Well, it will be great to see you when you get here.
cac>>> I have to see about the money.
cac>>> Actually, I can likely just buy the ticket for you myself, using my
Cac>> airline
cac>>> miles.
cac>>> I will go ahead and make the plane reservation. You will
cac>>> only have to go to the airport, and show them the ID you showed
cac>>> me, and you may pick up your ticket and fly here! I will then
cac>>> reimburse you for the money you lost with that other ticket...

cac>>> Here's your flight! Let me knos if this is OK, otherwise, I
cac>>> will change the flight, and send you the information you need to
cac>>> pick up your ticket

cac>>> 2:10 pm Depart Moscow (SVO)
cac>>> Arrive St. Louis (STL) 9:21 pm Tue 12-Dec
cac>>> Duration: 16hr 11mn Aeroflot-Russian Airlines 303
cac>>> US Airways 4373 / 3547
cac>>> Connect in Toronto (YYZ), Pittsburgh (PIT)

cac>>> What do you think dear?

cac>>> All the best,

cac>>> -----Original Message-----
cac>>> From:
cac>>> To: xxxx
cac>>> Sent: Tue, 5 Dec 2006 3:29 AM
cac>>> Subject: My dear xxxx!

cac>>> My love xxxx!
cac>>> I’ve arrived in Moscow. I did my utmost to get all the documents ready
Cac>> today.
cac>>> I was so happy when I was flying to Moscow. I have both good and bad
Cac>> news.
cac>>> I’ve got the job appointment. I was so happy at first. I got the job
Cac>> near your
cac>>> city.
cac>>> I will be able to arrive to you with the flight if you will help.
cac>>> 1:25 pm Depart Moscow (SVO) Tue 12-Dec
cac>>> Aeroflot-Russian Airlines 315
cac>>> Arrive St. Louis (STL) 10:55 pm United 7318 / 8045
cac>>> However, I have bad news as well.
cac>>> The money I was given to buy the ticket was stolen out of my purse.
cac>>> I was given cash to buy the ticket.
cac>>> Every time our employees visited Russia they bought the tickets for
Cac>> cash.
cac>>> It’s not really effective to book the ticket In Russia.
cac>>> Especially when you do it from another country.
cac>>> There’s always a lot of mess in Russia. It’s not like Europe or
Cac>> America.
cac>>> We’ve often come upon this problem before.
cac>>> Luckily, my passport has been in my jacket pocket. I was so distressed
Cac>> by it
cac>>> all.
cac>>> I don’t know what to do. I turned to the company and they said that
cac>>> I’ve already got the whole sum.They can’t give me no extra money.
cac>>> I called the subsidiary of the company which I’m supposed to go to.
cac>>> They understand the situation I’m in.
cac>>> However, they said that it’s my own problem that I lost the money.
cac>>> They will repay my expenses as soon as I arrive to the USA.
cac>>> They will offset my disadvantages as soon as I come to their office.
cac>>> I have some money left in my jacket. I can pay a part of the price of
Cac>> the
cac>>> ticket.
cac>>> I don’t have enough money to pay the whole price of the ticket.
cac>>> I have 550 now. However, the ticket costs 950. I need 400 usd.
cac>>> The company representative said that I will have to give the
Cac>> affirmative reply
cac>>> in two days.
cac>>> I will have to say that I’m going, otherwise, somebody else will be
Cac>> appointed
cac>>> for my position.
cac>>> I turned to everyone I could. No one is able to help me that fast,
Cac>> though.
cac>>> I’m asking you for help. You are my last hope. I understand that it’s
Cac>> a hard
cac>>> decision for you.
cac>>> Please, understand that it’s hard for me too. I don’t know whom else
Cac>> to ask.
cac>>> I’m asking you to lend me the money. I will give it back to you as soon
Cac>> as I
cac>>> arrive.
cac>>> I will even give you more. I will give you 600 usd.
cac>>> I will repay your kindness fully. I can value the help which, I hope,
Cac>> you will
cac>>> give me.

cac>>> I will do whatever you want me to for you. I trust you.
cac>>> I hope that you won’t forsake me being just a step away from our
Cac>> meeting.
cac>>> I’m puzzled by the things that have happened. I ask you to help me. I
Cac>> beg you.
cac>>> If you love me and wait for our meeting, please, send these money to me
Cac>> until
cac>>> December 7
cac>>> Tell me, xxx. Will you be able to help me? If yes, do it as soon as
Cac>> possible.
cac>>> Please send me money via WesternUnion.
cac>>> As you know, now I'm in Russia.
cac>>> Recently I have visited one of russian branches of WesternUnion, and
Cac>> they have
cac>>> told to me,
cac>>> that you can send money to Russia, the receiver is Svetlana Karsanova.
cac>>> So, please go to WesternUnion and transfer the money to Svetlana
Cac>> Karsanova,
cac>>> Russia.
cac>>> Any another info to make transfer is not required(this is exact words
Cac>> of the
cac>>> WU-employee)!
cac>>> I will be able to pick up money, if I will know the following info
Cac>> about your
cac>>> money transfer:
cac>>> 1) Exact name of sender.
cac>>> 2) Location(city and state) of sender.
cac>>> 3) Money Transfer Control Number.
cac>>> 4) Exact amount of money.
cac>>> Without this information, I shall be not capable to receive money.
cac>>> Your Svetlana

cac>>> [Image Removed]

cac>>> [Image Removed]
cac>>>______________________________ ____________________________________________
cac>>> Check out the new AOL. Most comprehensive set of free
cac>>> safety and security tools, free access to millions of
cac>>> high-quality videos from across the web, free AOL Mail and more.

cac>______________________________ ____________________________________________
cac> Check out the new AOL. Most comprehensive set of free
cac> safety and security tools, free access to millions of
cac> high-quality videos from across the web, free AOL Mail and more.

2006-12-15, 03:41:59
anonymous from United States  
2006-12-15, 09:36:37
anonymous from United States  
just got the 'im stranded in moscow' letter from svetlana- she included these photos, havent seen them posted here yet so I thought I would put them up.

Keywords: fake passport with or to get a visa for immigration to the USA
2006-12-15, 09:37:12
anonymous from United States  

Keywords: fake id
2006-12-16, 12:23:27
anonymous from United States  
anyone here from a tatyana, from tomsk russia? if you have please respond!
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Dating scammer from Tomsk, Russia (modified photo)
Dating scammer from Tomsk, Russia (modified photo)

Keywords: yellow bikini
2006-12-17, 11:22:19
anonymous from Switzerland  

This image was also posted here:
Is this Russian girl scamming me? How to recognize scammers

2006-12-17, 15:29:29
anonymous from United States  
Hey guys!
Thanks for the post. If you can, please also include the scammer's e-mail address. Thats how I first found this site. Have a great holiday!
2006-12-19, 16:28:36
anonymous from United States  
Boston Bob here, looks like has been shut down. Does anyone know if they've been caught? Poor Svetlana, hope she likes women where she's going, she's a fine looking woman.
2006-12-19, 23:00:06 from United States  
Read through the MSG bd to find email addresses. You don't want to email them. But go ahead, we who operate against them need the noise. Email her every day! Want her caught? Keep emailing her! Keep this hot little bitch on our heels.
2006-12-20, 14:53:38
anonymous from United States  
Hey all
Note! Only the web *page* has been removed. All the e-mail addresses are still valid, and they are still trying to collect. Just keep sending them BS, and hopefully they will keep the addresses open for long enough for the FBI to track them down
2006-12-21, 09:52:25
anonymous from United States  
Howdy Boys, Oilfieldlinds here:
So is anybody getting mail from the lovely Natalya/Allison? All mail traffic with me just shut down about a week of so ago. I havn't heard a peep outta her. I noticed that the board has been pretty quiet the last week or so also, with very few new entries. What's up ?????
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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