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Dating scammer Angelica Semenova from Cheboksary, Russia


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Name: Angelica Semenova
City: Cheboksary, Russia

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2009-07-29, 14:53:36   (updated: 2009-07-29, 15:25:58) from Rousse, Bulgaria  
Hi to all guys,

I also had an experience with girl from Merry-cherry. I meet her last December and we started our communication through messages. We have sent each other a lot of messages untill 26-th of May, 2009. Everything was just brilliant for my lonely hearth - I even thought that I already found the woman of my life. And everything growing up even to planning a trip to Sevastopol, Ukraine. Before my trip I have checked if this girl is real or not. According her profile information she had to be a teacher in university. When I saw in the web there are 2 major universities in her city. In one of the messages she told me that she is a teacher and she teaching an economical theory, so this helped me a lot. I saw that there is a department of economics in one of the universities only, so I decided to call her there. And yes she was a real young and very pretty woman. I didn't talk with her first time because she was out of the university, but their collegues gave me her office number. This happend on February. And day after day, message after message I told her that I will go to Sevastopol to see her. Then she told me that is great to checking all possibilities to come there, that when I come we will find a hostel, etc. And on 8-th of July I started my trip to Ukraine. The travel was incredibly long and terrible - 12 hours from Rousse to Odessa by car and more 13 hours by bus from Odessa to Sevastopol. The one and only available bus to Sevastopol depart 19.30pm and arrives at 8.30 am at the next day. Guys, you can imagine what I talking about... BTW, I have arrived successfully and decided to looking for her. She didn't tell me her phone number before, so I decided to go directly to her university to ask for phone or just someone to let me know where I can find her. Later I saw that she was given her mobile phone number to me by e-mail, but since I didn't know where there is a internet club I couldn't check my mail. After almost 2 hours walking I met one of her collegues and I asked her. She was little bit surprised, but she made a connection with her and after her permission she gave me her number, but she told me to call her after 17.00pm, since she was out of the city at the moment. And I just done it. Then she was still out of the city, so she told me that she will call me later to discussing the details of our meeting. And she done it. We decided to meet each other at 20.00 pm at front of pub. Since I hadn't a patience to wait 2 hours I decided to go out to looking for flowers. And I found a lot of 9 roses that smells amazing. And I went to the pub. I order a beer and begin to wait her. At 20.00 one blonde girl appears and introduced herself as friend of the girl that I wanting for. She told me that my girl will not come, since her mother is not very well with the health. And she told me that my girl will call me tomorrow. I felt that the world falling over me then. I was so unhappy that I wanted even to cry because of my bad luck. I had no any choice except to go back to my housing. Then I decided to go to sleep. I was asleep when she call me later at the night. But she felt that I'm sleepy and told me that we will talking tomorrow. But we didn't... After two days she call me and then she told me a things that I don't know if I have to believe. Here are her points, but you can decide what is true and what is false:
- I didn't sent you a replies to the messages - someone from the dating agency sent a reply, because they take your money.
- I even didn't saw your picture
- yes, I looking for the man abroad, but not for you
The last sentence was spoken at the moment that she was angry of something. But finally if I have to say three words I can say 'I went, I saw, but I didn't meet'. It is still seems so strange, but I don't know what I can do more. But I still want this girl and I think that this is the woman of my life. But I don't know what I can do to win. That is all of my story, guys. Best regards

Iliya Todorov, BUL

P.S. I read the previous messages posted here, but I think that my girl is real one. Her girlfriend show me a picture of her on her mobile phone and I was assured that this is the girl that I coming for. I just trying to explain to myself what really happens. I think that if she really didn't want to meet me she will never gave me her number or to ask her friend to explain the situation about her mother. Of course if it is true or not I don't know, but I'm able to believe, since I think that nobody can make such jokes with the health of any relative person as excuse. At other side I can't accept that when someone passing almost 1500 km to see you you can cancel the date at once. But who knows actually... As I told you before it is very strange situation to me.
2009-08-05, 00:13:20
anonymous from Brazil
Questa è la email con cui la ragazza chiede a Raffaele di aiutarla a curare la nonna (!).

Ciao il mio principe di amore!!!
Sono molto felice che avete scritto me a lettere. Principe, me problemi mol=
to grandi. Me alla morte la mia nonna. Sono semplice in un panico, io non c=
onosco quello a me per fare. A me e molto ammalato per io lava la nonna, io=
molto si preoccupa per esso che cosa da fare? Il principe, lo scusa per qu=
ello che gli non ho scritto, me problemi semplicemente molto grandi. Il pri=
ncipe, una posa ieri sera a me la casa del medico e venuto ed ha detto quel=
lo la mia nonna alla morte. Quando il medico a me ha detto quello la mia no=
nna alla morte. Ho perso i sensi. A me che e molto difettoso, me non quando=
in una vita non era cosi male. Dopo che ho perso i sensi il medico ho risu=
ltato me nella coscienza. I dopo che la scossa molto forte ha cominciato ba=
lbettare ed ha chiesto al medico che si e presentato alla mia nonna perche =
esso alla morte. Il medico parla me che i 2 giorni fa la mia nonna era nel =
mercato commerciale. La mia nonna ha venduto in bacche ed in funghi di legn=
o. Principe, chiederei al medico quello ha detto piu dettagliatamente me ch=
e si e presentato alla mia nonna. Ha detto quello quando la mia nonna ha ve=
nduto nel mercato. Alla mia nonna si e aggravato, ha cominciato a soffocars=
i e la persona che passa vicino alla mia nonna ha denominato il pronto socc=
orso. Ero molto riconoscente a quella persona che hanno denominato il pront=
o soccorso. Il principe, ma ora la mia nonna e molto forte malato e risiede=
nell'ospedale della citta. Il medico ha detto direttamente me. Se alla mia=
nonna per non realizzare il funzionamento lavori dopo settimana allora mor=
ira. Principe, sono andato alla nonna in ospedale in cui si situa, io ho de=
siderato comunicare con nonna ma e nel coma. Il principe, il medico ha dett=
o che ha medici esperti che possono curare la mia nonna. Ma ho chiesto chi =
e poiche e possibile da comunicare con loro. Ma il medico ha detto me che a=
zionano la gente, ma a costi di ogni funzionamento i grandi soldi. Principe=
, ho chiesto quanti soldi sarebbe necessario che cosa per realizzare il fun=
zionamento al mio Nonna. Ma hanno chiesto che con la mia nonna ed in che co=
sa esso una condizione. Ho detto ai dottori come mentre tutto ha accaduto, =
con la mia nonna. Il principe, medici capi a me ha detto che devono esamina=
re la mia nonna ed hanno chiesto all'indirizzo dove e ed in che condizione.=
Ho detto tutti di dirigere i medici. Sono andato ed hanno esaminato la mia=
nonna ed hanno detto che e molto seriamente ammalata. I medici capi hanno =
detto che deve essere effettuata come presto come funzionamento possibile. =
I medici hanno detto che il costo di funzionamento fa 4600$. Lo ho detto ai=
medici che assolutamente la somma ha disceso. La ho detto dove prendero ta=
li soldi enormi. Ma diriga i medici hanno detto che posso pagare inizialmen=
te un pavimento della somma di denaro (2300$). Ma d'altra parte l'altra som=
ma di denaro (2300$). Hanno detto che cosa e esso i non loro problemi in ch=
e senso cerchero soldi e dove la I loro prendera. Il principe, ma un medico=
ha detto quello se faccio l'amore essopoi si ridurra a me la somma di 1000=
$. Il medico le ha detto che non ho possibilita, che vorrei fare l'amore p=
er essa. I ha detto che per questo ricatto, vorrei dichiarare, in milizia. =
Mi hanno detto che ho tutte le dira che le milizie che si desidera fare. Ma=
si dica che ho fatto che voleva. Il principe, ora non so che a me di fare =
a me dove andare? A me un problema enorme con i soldi e mia nonna che e nec=
essario fare urgentemente operazione. Se il mio principe Nonna muore anch '=
io ho moriranno insieme con esso. Ma io ora pensare come a me come a prende=
re denaro. A me ora uno solo pensiero di andare a saccheggiare Banca. Ma no=
n so come me di andare a saccheggiare banca. Il principe, chiedo a me dire =
cosa fare? Come a me di trovare 4.600 $. O per trovare 2.300 $. I in un pan=
ico anche non sapere cosa fare. Mi piace a voi e mi e necessario speranza s=
olo per voi. Ho nessuno a chiedere l'aiuto di piu. Dillo a me che cosa fare=
.. Il principe, ho per il bene della Nonna sara dare la vita. La nonna per m=
e il Dio.
Sono molto come te e mi auguro che si trovi una via d'uscita da questa situ=
azione. Mi piace tutto e dolcemente Ekaterina proprio piacimento.

2009-08-08, 23:04:19
anonymous from United States  
Hi everyone. I want to comment on the Merry-Cherry site. I have been a good member of that site for 3 months.
I have been writing 2 girls their. I had just sent $105us by Western Union to Merry-Cherry for about 29 credits. The credits finally was credited tome 5 days latter. To me this is a long time but it included a weekend. Today my profile has been deleted by Merry-Cherry because of a charge back that my credit card company had instigated and the site told me
why do you instigate this charge back of your credit card. So without telling me they just deleted my account along with
my credits just like that. I cannot believe a company can do this. What am I to do now. The girls I have been writing cannot write me or I write them anymore and my money into this site is gone.
This does not seem fair to me. And also this charge back was 2 months ago. Why did they do this to me now.
Any help it appreciated. thank you.
2009-08-08, 23:07:17
anonymous from United States  
I do want to say though that the girls at seem very real. I even did a reverse IP address location and it checked out good. For the girls I write too.
2009-08-10, 22:46:40
anonymous from Brazil  
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This is a place holder to collect comments on Anna.

France(see the page 10) , Anonimous from FRANCE

Note that these pictures show a famous Russian singer Inna Malikova, she is a daughter of a famous Russian composer and her brother Dmitry Malikov is a talented singer. Here is her website:


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2007-05-21, 01:18:34
anonymous from France

I send some another photo of Anna EFIMOVA !


2009-08-11, 16:07:47

2009-08-11, 16:09:01

2009-08-11, 16:10:00

2009-09-13, 09:48:14
anonymous from United Kingdom  
from Ekaterina averina emailing for about 4 weeks then she started asking for money one of the emails iv received below pictures to follow you have been warned

Hello my most dear and gentle angel Andrew!!!I so am happy to receive your letter today, I so is glad to receive news from you my angel Andrew. It is so joyful to receive all necessary love and care of me my angel Andrew.My Andrew, also again I want to share with you my some problem in my job, it's again Olga... I want to say to you that I heared from Olga so bad words to my side again recently. As you remember, as I told you earlier, Olga think about our love very very bad! I think that simply she envies us very much, really,Andrew? She said that all men promise to the women a happy life andlove on a beautiful words, and she said that you are not exception :(She said me that you speak a beautiful words to me only, and that you willn't to undertake all of effort for our quick meeting and she said also that simply, all men are people who promise on words very much, but on the actions, as since sides of the gentleman, they are weak people. Also she said that you willn't do all things for our meeting my dear Andrew, it was insulting for me from her words. My dear Andrew, I cried from her words very much, she said me a dirty lie!!!Realy, my Andrew? She think about all men very bad, I don't know, I don't understand!!! WHY? Why she think about men so bad? I think that she don't and willn't understand so happy feelings as the LOVE between woman and man! My Andrew, I want to say to you that I don't want to work in this hairdressing, it's so pity for me, because from this so bad and silly Olga. My lovely I any more do not want to speak in this occasion, let's better talk about us.My most dear and favourite person Andrew, I love you and do not present as I shall live without your letters to me, it so is necessary for me to receive your care and all your love of your heart. You are so necessary for me, an inseparable partmy life angelic love Andrew I speak about it seriously as you know as I love you a my dear angel Andrew all the days long and every second I did not forget the life about you my angel Andrew, all these days I think only about us with you also I dream of our further life, I dream as we shall build our life togetherI have only the most gentle impressions from all it I know, that I am waited with that moment when my love will meet me at itself at the airport, I want itall heart to see each other to face and to hold each other it is gentle for hands and to whisper most gentle words on this blue planet, I the happiest the woman on light because I has met you my angel Andrew I want that all people on the ground were also are happy, I know that to us with you Andrew that key fortunately and is given to pure love, and to us is given chance to get in this number of the happiest people on the ground as our love is very pure and it is sincere.The love this that feeling which forces to live and to be pleased for second half, and also to be happy on always and to have all tenderness lived happy days together near to the favourite person. Our love this that expensive feeling,of which all people on the ground, our love dream this my most expensive feeling which I very much value. Also I hold it at the most gentle place under the name heart.My love Andrew I so grieve without you my angel, to me so it is bad, that my second half is far from me, but the love does not know distances, she surrounds us the heat always also gives pleasure on the person and briskeyes of happiness every day our life Andrew. My dear angel Andrew I very much wait for that moment when we shall be together, I do not overlook about it not for a second, yesterday I badly slept from it, but it was the dream of us with youmy most dear person on the ground Andrew, I very much I want to share all it with you my love Andrew. while we with you far apart us surroundsthe purest and mutual love of heart, but divides us very huge distance, but it is not important as it close and the love gives us chance to be beside for ever and to like each other pure and gentle love, in that time as it I cannot far hold your hands, I cannot feel your gentle breath, I cannot to hold you it is close to heart, I cannot embrace you and to kiss you in sweet lips, but nevertheless I can feelIt on distance from you mine an angel Andrew, I can to see you in the dreamsand to hear you in ears, you can be on other half of ground, but you alwaysin my warm heart and I always feel your care. Here it is far from you my light angel from heavens Andrew and while I have your warm letters you always in mine heart and always in my ideas. My love Andrew, I hope, that you like these lines of my heart, these are my ideas about us with you my angel Andrew,my love I dream of you always, you always in mine heart and you always in my ideas on you Andrew my love. Still I to you want to tell, that I learn everything, that is required to us for my travel to you. I run on all travel agencies of the city also I learn full details concerning it, but while I have not enough information in this occasion, but I hope, that within the next few days I can inform to you about all this... Well my love probably on it I shall finish today this letter to you Andrew.Also I transfer you all heat and care of my mumI love you my heavenly angel Andrew.Ekaterina who has sincerely fallen in love in you.

2009-09-16, 18:59:24
anonymous from United Kingdom  
I would like to find out whether this girl is a scammer. I have not sent any money. She said she is a dentist and only lives with her mother.

2009-09-16, 20:36:58
wanwan from Japan  
@2009-09-16, 18:59:24
anonymous from United Kingdom

She is a BIG scammer ,and already has been reported on Delphi.
So you are getting scammed by her,be careful.
Never believe her & send your hard working money.

And I want to tell you something.
Scammers like to steal woman's photos on internet.
And they like to use those photos .
I guess scammers have stolen her pictures,and pretend to be her.
She is also one of victims on criminals '' SCAM ''.

Her story '' I am a dentist ,live with mama.''
It is a classic Russian Scam.
It is a scam sign!
Never trust her fake story.

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2009-09-16, 20:48:26
OJAS from United States  
@2009-09-16, 18:59:24
anonymous from United Kingdom,

Like wanwan says, her pix have been used many times by scammers; Please read
2009-09-16, 20:55:23
wanwan from Japan  
@@2009-09-16, 18:59:24
anonymous from United Kingdom

Please read this one and think !Here,

And please listen to OJAS!
He is right.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer SMITH ANDERSON

2009-09-17, 09:17:31
OJAS from United States  
2009-10-03, 20:13:22   (updated: 2009-10-03, 20:25:53)
anonymous from Brazil  
Hi, I don't know how to start but I hope the information I am posting may be useful in the future. As all of them she will ask you for money, etc. I tryied to collect the maxmun information I could, when she asked me money I requested her a Bank account for the transfer but she gave me the bank account of one guy she told he was her uncle nevertheless, possibly the real scammer name.
Please, forgive me for my poor English and see the information and photos as follow.
I gave her no money and hope you do not give her it too.

NAME: IRINA VINOGRADOVA, is the name she gave me to send her money by The
Western Union service.
E-MAIL: ''.

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 4272290999677222


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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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