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Letters from Lilia Sultanawa in Biysk,Russia


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Lilia Sultanawa
Biysk, Russia (Siberia)
Home 14 flat 4


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2006-10-06, 05:29:21
anonymous from Russian Federation  
Ha! Such lazy stupid americans like you will never have such woman like.

2006-10-06, 09:39:04
anonymous from United States  
Hey guys! I just got another one, we are both working each other. Check it out, I'm going to play it out! Does anybody know how we can set her up? I'd like to work with someone who would like to catch this SKANK! I posted the one on 10/5/2006 at 17:02:47. Beware!!!!!

Tony dear hello! You know I am so glad to see the
reply from you.
It seems to me I am lucky girl to meet such man
from first time
and I will do my best to meet you one day
soon!Please be ready to read my long letter.
you know I am new here in cyber space and I am
afraid to make any mistake.I can't keep your mails
and if I forget something or tell something twice
please be kind to understand,you know usually
girls have short memory, we tell in russia
know I am Liliya Sultanowa and I am 25 years old.
I want you to know all about me because it is
very important to know each other well if we want to
meet in real life, I have one great lack,
I am very impatience and sometimes I can act
without thinking. Sometimes I think that my dream
is getting for real and I won`t feel good later
if it will be just a dream.
I want you to know all small things about me
because it shouldn`t be any misunderstandings between
I want you to know that I am not angel I mean I
am a usual girl with all human's problems.
and sometimes I can show my character.And I don't
wait you to be an angel,I just want to meet kind
I am very kind and I can forgive almost all, but
I can't forgive if my man sleeps with different
I don't know many nesessary words in english .I
think you can read between lines.I can't imagine
that my couple has family and he loves different
woman yet,it is higher of my understanding.
I think that much more easy to say the truth and
be with woman which he loves than every day to
tell a lie.
I think so,may be I am young and I see everything
in pink color but I prefer to be the only woman
my man,sorry for too many words .sometimes I can
be philosopher.Well,A
little more about myself!
my favorite activite is swimming.I like to swim
in the Swimming pool very much. I wish we had the
sea here!
I like the sea and I would like to see the
ocean,it is my dream!
Sometimes I think that I was a fish in a revious
life.I hope I was a dolphin not a shark.
I wanted to be as swim trainer but I was told
that I would have an ugly body with too wide
I finished The Siberia State Univercity, trainers
faculty as fitness ,dancing trainer but
I don't work on my profession,I used to sit at
home and to do all housework,helping my mom.
I would like to have good job,I may work dancing
teacher,or trainer of fitness,you know I have a
I worked as a trainer and my girls told me that I
am enough good one! .
So I would like to do it again. You know how many
young girls want to get this job too!Alot of
competition here.I want to tell you about things
I like:
I like to make barbecue and I want so much to
have my own home with fireplace.
usually I make very tasty ones, I like to cook
and it is not problem for me to cook something
tasty and I don't like to visit cafes and
restoraunts,firstly because they usually
can't cook well(maybe only here) and secondly
because of too high prices.
I like warm weather. and my great dream is to
live on tropical island somewhere in the ocean.
Small girls dream,really?I like to watch movies
and my favorite films are the lord of the
Gumps and many others.
I want you to know that I have never been married
and I have no children,may be later?I can see
many children here
who live very bad and don`t have both parents and
I don't want to have children here,it isnot good
place to have them.
Also I want tell you about my dislikes: I hate
our long winters it seems to me they will never
I hate lies and unfaithfulness. I hate evil
people and politicans I think they like to play wars,
I hate any
What I like in a man: faithfulness, honesty. He
has to be open- minded and open-hearted, also
and much more important he must be kind,kindness
makes our world! are you kind????
By, the way, one thing else about my trip. Agency
tells that I will be given
a room to stay near my future work. I will share
this room with a few girls yet,
it is usual procedure and it helps to pay the
rent.And I have a question,
is it normal if we will like each other may be it
is possible to live together?of course if you
or somebody doesn't mind.
As you know I will stay there for three months
but If I will like there I will be able to prolong
my trip.
I think I will be able to improve my english and
you can learn Russian and I think
it will help us to learn each other better,who
knows.Do you have a big wide bed?(joke).
I have drive licence, but I didn`t have a
practise, becuse our family doesn`t have a car.
I hope you will teach me to ride a car someday.
Oh, I have so many plans!!!
Well,about important things,I spend so much time
to tell about nothing.Sorry dear!
I will fly to Moscow from Barnaul airport in one
hour and I think I
will write you today evening. When I will be in
moscow I will send you short letter to let you
know that I am all right and they tell that it
takes about two days to get all nessesary papers,to
book tickets
and I do hope to meet you in the end of the next
week. I have a great request,Please don't look at
girls.I am the
best(joke).you know that i will travel to moscow
today,from moscow I will travel
to you, if you don't mind to meet me please
confirm the name of your town and nearest
international airport again, so I will write down
to have no mistakes!I have to know this
info to book my flight from moscow!
Well, I will close this letter I have a few
things to do before my principle I am ready
to travel ,a few small things to finish.sorry if
I forgot to reply some of your questions,I think
we will have enough time to talk,alive
conversation is much better ,do you agree?
Now I feel well I know you are waiting for me.See
you soon Liliya!
By the way, I send you some of my photos, I hope
you will like it.

2006-10-06, 09:41:16
anonymous from United States  
2006-10-06, 13:00:13
anonymous from United States  
This cunt also has sent me letters but i didnt let it get to the point were she would ask for money.....but she goes by svetlana giorgiyants, liliya soultanowa,, ,
Beware!!! i sent her an email after i discovered this site ...sent her the address to this site and i have yet to hear from her !!!!lol i hate cunts!!
2006-10-06, 14:37:09
anonymous from United States  
I got emails from her too.....time to have some fun!

What's good for the geese is good for the gander. :)
2006-10-06, 18:28:56
anonymous from United States  
Geez I thought I was the only Sap I got the same letters from the P>O>Sh#t Yup from Match. before it was from a chic claiming to be from a town near Me but on assisignment in Nigeria and of course need $ to get home but that ended there!

2006-10-06, 20:23:34
anonymous from United States  
You guys are all crazy... I'm the only one who's e-mailing with this girl... she said so herself! So, back off, will ya... she's all mine! If all goes well, we'll be happily married in just a few short weeks...
2006-10-07, 18:27:22
anonymous from Canada  
Icant believe this bitch got me too,thank god for this site i was looking up Biysk to see if it existed found it, was leaving decided to go to the next page holy shit there she was bitch,please someone has to stop this crazy bitch!!!!!!!
2006-10-07, 18:41:30
anonymous from Canada  
Icant believe this bitch got me too,thank god for this site i was looking up Biysk to see if it existed found it, was leaving decided to go to the next page holy shit there she was bitch,please someone has to stop this crazy bitch!!!!!!!
2006-10-07, 20:02:41
anonymous from United States  
Thanks for confirming my suspicions ! Is this a particularly wicked type of scam or what? She makes a common streetwalker look like a paragon of virtue by contrast. At least they make no pretense of being in love with the guys they do!
2006-10-07, 23:30:25
anonymous from United States  
Who is to be the judge of this young lady but God himself. What made her do this, and what makes us all look. Let's all get a sad laugh upon ourselves and move forward in life with our own faults. Maybe it is ourselves we should be really thinking of and where our minds are, when we looked at her in the first place? God will send the right partner one's way only if one seeks God's grace for such. This young Lady will be forgiven if she turns to God and away from her actions on time, (if this is the case), otherwise she has to face his judgement. Tomorro may be to late. What about all of us? Are we to be Judged for ours, and will we find heaven? SEEK CHRIST, and the promise is written for you either way you decide to turn!!!
2006-10-08, 00:48:59
anonymous from United States  
Wow! Isz Christ that strong and forgiving? I think I will read the word!!!
2006-10-08, 00:51:09
anonymous from United States  
He forgave mother Magdeline!
2006-10-08, 00:54:21
anonymous from United States  
Now, She is a blessing to all. I read about her...In the bible! I now understand!!!!
2006-10-08, 00:55:51
anonymous from United States  
Do you really believ e this bull!!
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