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Letters and pictures of Aleksandra Doshina from Moscow, Russia


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Placeholder for letters and pictures of Aleksandra Doshina from Moscow, Russia.

She also uses the contact information Aleksandra Tauktus from Tomsk in Russia.

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2007-08-10, 15:50:59
anonymous from United States  
I 2nd that request! HOW do you know the scammer sent it?Many sites use tracking cookies,it's more for stats.than anything else! It's the viruses and worm you need to worry about!
2007-08-11, 04:44:07
[hidden] from United States  
its me and i don't know exactly who sent it but when i opened it to read it had troubles opening and i thought to myself i read somewhere that these scammers sometimes can get in and steal vital information so i run a scan right away although it was a low risk it sure was a coincidence that my virus protection blocked a tracking cookie at the exact time i opened her mail so chill out shes the enemy not me
2007-08-11, 07:54:06
anonymous from United States  
I was just curious as to how you found it and when.You didn't say at first.No need to get testy! We're here to garner info and your's may prove to be important to other's! Some scammers do hide thing's in photo's,that's a known fact! A tracking cookie can oly follow and see what sites you visit other thing's like trojans,worms and keystroke counters are the real ones to worry about! The last can do more than some people think and can be used to hijack your info.That's why we tell people...NEVER open a link from an unkown source!!!
2007-08-12, 18:38:08
anonymous from United States  
Second to last letter:

My dear *****!!!
I love your photo!
Please, don’t be shocked with what you will read now.
I was scared myself when I understood it yesterday. I was
thinking of what was going on with me. Every morning I get
up with the thought of you and every evening I go to bed
with the thoughts of you. There is some kind of chemistry
in the air. I can’t live without your letters. I got used to
you so much. All I need now is to get a letter from you, to
know that you are well and you are thinking of me too. I can’t
do anything, I can’t concentrate. I go to work and it is a
torture for me as I can’t really do anything, talk to anybody.
All I do is thinking of you. I think I am in love with you.
I know what you think now. I am scared myself as it is unusual
for me too. But I will die if you tell me you don’t need me
any more. I would give everything in the life just to be with
you right now, to see your wonderful and kind eyes, to
understand that you feel the same. Every part of my body aches
for you.
I am mad at myself. This shouldn’t happen to me. At least
I shouldn’t tell this to you. This is wrong. But what can
I do. I can’t just stand aside. I need you to understand me.
Perhaps, you don’t feel the same about me. But I feel that
you have something for me too. If you don’t, I will understand.
But I want you to know that I long for you. My love will be
enough for two. I know I can make you happy. I will be the best
friend for you, lover and a wife if you only allow me.
I am so much scared that you will not allow me to love you.
But you should know this feeling will always be in me as you
have captured the biggest part of my heart. And this will last
forever, I know. I have never felt this before especially to the
person I have never seen in real life. And I will be happy only
if you say that you feel just a little of what I do for me.
Please, take your time and write me. I will be counting minutes
till the time I hear from you.
Miss you badly.
I am attaching you a naked picture. But I have blocked my face.
I am afraid that my picture could get to any of the porno sites
in the Internet. I didn’t on purpose as I don’t want to have my
naked pictures anywhere. My best friend Lera has helped me to take
it. Hope you don’t think that my photo is vulgar and please, don’t
think bad of me. I did it just for you.
I know, that my breast small. And I know that men like greater
breasts. If we shall be together, and you want, I shall increase it.
Tell, what you think of it?
I have sent you such photo only to show that, I have a beautiful body.
Please, do not ask more similar photo.

Last Letter:

Hello my dearest one *****!!!
Here I shall write to you the important information which
has learned just. How are you? As for me I am not really
in the mood. I have a feeling that I did something wrong.
I have never thought this could happen to me. That I could
fell in love with the person I have never seen in my life.
I want to less the distance between
us so much, to take your hand, to look into your eyes and
to see that you understand my naive soul. I know I shouldn't
be so open. I have to be strong and keep everything inside.
I am too emotional but I don't want you to be scared and run
away. If I could be closer to you and if I could show you my
feelings. I want you so much to see me, to feel my touch.
I would kiss your eyes and say how I love you.
Again I am acting like a silly little girl. I am mad at myself.
But at the same time I can't stop. I want you to know my
feelings. I even thought of coming to you. And I have even
went the tourist agency to check about the visas. And
now I know that the best way for me to come to you is to
get a tourist visa. It will not take much time.
And they told me at the tourist agency that I have a very
good chance to get it. Do you remember I told you once that
I had been to Canada. And it is a very good reason for
giving me a visa. I’ve checked that a visa will cost $194.
You know with my salary I just can't afford it. And I will
need your help. It’s up to you, of course. But I really hope
you will be able to help me with getting visa.
Please, think about it and let me know. Do you want me to
come to you?
Do you want to meet with me at last? I want it very much.
Hope you too.
I will give you the information for the case you decide to do it.
The best way to send money is to do it via Western Union
or MoneyGram. It is an easy and quick way to get it.
It is necessary to know the full name of receiver.
My full name is Viktoriya Ryabinina. And after sending money,
the one who is getting money should know an MTCN
( Money Transfer Control Number ).
And the sum of money that was sent.
Well, I hope that you will think on this information.
You have lots of food for thought.
Please, write me as soon as possible. I am waiting for
your reply.
Love you.
P.S. You can send money to any Western Union of Tomsk.
I work in this city, and without problems I can receive it.

Other letter:

Hi sweetheart *****!
Hope you don’t mind me calling you like this. But you are
such a sweet person. And I am so happy having you in my life.
In Tomsk there is an international airport.
I am sorry for complaining sometimes in my letters. But
I trust you very much and I accept you as a very close person
and sometimes I allow myself to be a little weak with you.
I wish I could make something for you to thank you for everything.
Hope one day we will meet with you and be sure massage is
waiting for you. I am sorry for complaining in my previous letter.
I just wanted to share my feelings with you. Please, forgive me.
I any more do not wish to talk about money. Because of all of
them of a problem.
Sometimes I am trying to imagine how it would be when we meet.
And I am getting so romantic at this time that can even imagine
this situation in all colors.
Do you want me to share this with you?
I am staying in the airport and there is a glass wall dividing
us from each other. I see you standing there with a bunch of
red roses. And I see myself in a light pink long dress. The
wind is blowing at my hair and my lips are so soft and I have
a pink gloss on them. I am trying to say something to you but
you don’t hear me. I start laughing as you can’t understand what
I am trying to say to you. And then you start laughing too.
I am coming closer to you. I feel so nervous and excited at
the same time. I see that you feel the same. I open my lips and
you hear at last what I tried to say some minutes ago.
“Thank you. I am happy!” Simple words but there is so much in
them. Thank you for making me happy. Thank you for being with
me. Thank you for make feel complete. Thank you for being in
my life. Thank you for everything.
Please, accept these words. This is what I feel now...
Please, answer my question, do you want me to come to you or not?
Of course, it will be in some time but I would just like to know
that one day we will meet with you and that you really would me
to be in your life. I can come to you with the visit for 10
or 15 days. I just want us to see each other and if we like each
other, we can start thinking of our future together.
You see again and again I share my feelings with you. Something
strange is going on with me. I feel butterflies inside my stomach.
And this feeling makes me feel very happy but scares me at the
same time. I think I have to think carefully what’s going on
with me. All these drives me crazy but in a good way. I like
this feelings very much. Everything looks different from the
time I met you through the Internet. I myself look different.
There is something in my eyes, they sparkling. Even my friends
say this. They have noticed that some changes are happening in me.
Well, I will not torture you with my thoughts any more.
Thinking of you...
I have attached a photo which has made yesterday. I have taken at
Lera the camera to make it. I hope, you liked it? It is made in
my new apartment which I rent in Tomsk.

Obviously these pictures were not taken when she said they were.
I feel so stupid.
Just glad I did not send any money.
She scammed the wrong guy this time. LOL
2007-08-12, 18:45:25
anonymous from United States  
Another line of BS
Hi my sweetheart *****!
Thank you for your letter. It helps me a lot and I appreciate your
support. Sometimes life seems to be so difficult. But I never give
up and I always know that I will be happy one day. I am sure when
people love they are ready to stand all the difficulties and even
get stronger.
I want to write you some words from the song that I like very much.
This is how I want things to be in our relations.

Another day
Without your smile
Another day just passes by
But now I know
How much it means
For you to stay
Right here with me

The time we spent apart will make our love grow stronger
But it hurt so bad I can't take it any longer

I wanna grow old with you
I wanna die lying in your arms
I wanna grow old with you
I wanna be looking in your eyes
I wanna be there for you
Sharing everything you do
I wanna grow old with you

Well, let’s get back to real life. I was betrayed once so much.
And I really believe that your attitude to me is true and I can
share my inner feelings with you.
The person I loved and trusted to lied me for a very long time.
He could disappear for a very long period of time. I worried so
much. I tried to find him even in the middle of the night. As
I found later he was meeting other women. I still can’t understand
why not to tell me the truth. Why give the hope and tell that you
love. It is such a pain to know that a person you loved and
trusted just used you for his own goals. I would never betray
a person I love and the one who loves me as I know what pain
is it on my own experience.
I share this with you and I feel much better now. You are a great
support in my life. You are such a help even on a distance.
Well, let’s forget about the sad things...
Thanks for a beautiful photo! I love children.
So you have children and I see that you are a very good father.
I like it very much. And I do not mind. And if we are ever
live together, I will be the best mother for your children.
I have watched the morning news today. And there was a report
about the city I live in. And I was so proud to hear what they
said. They said that Tomsk is one of the most Interesting cities
in Russia. And it is true. There are so many places
of culture here and historical places, lots of monuments.
It is very green. We have many trees in the city. And lots of
parks and boulevards. Also you can see many wooden buildings
and they are left from ancient times. The city is especially
beautiful in spring and summer time when everything awakes from
the winter dream.
Can you, please, tell me any interesting facts about the city
you live in. I am really interested.
I have forgotten to speak you, that yesterday I have moved to
live in Tomsk. It is difficult to me to go from Seversk.
for work in Tomsk. It takes away many forces. I have
decided to rent little apartment in Tomsk.
I also want to ask you to send me your mail address so I could
send you something that will remind you me always. I will be more
than happy to get something from you also, something that would
always remind me of you, something very personal. But, please,
don’t ask any expensive things. Ok? I would be very upset
if it get lost.
So here is my address:
to Viktoriya,
Rabochaya str.-7, apt.- 19,
Tomsk, 634049, Russia.
I shall send hand-written letter and some photo on your
home address.
Till next time.
Take care.

P.S. Today I have attached photo which are made last summer.
I like to bathe, therefore we is frequent with Lera to water.
These photos are made on lake, nearby Tomsk.
2007-08-12, 20:11:30
anonymous from United States  
Here is the trace from her (Viktoriya) last known address
2007-08-13, 02:02:19   (updated: 2007-08-13, 02:05:22)
[hidden] from United States  
hey its me again the guy with the posts up above from Viktorya apriorissu@yahoo i received the same exact messages to the letter but i think different home address and of coarse with my name in them i just wanted to know what does that mean 'here is a trace from her (Viktorya) last known address' i'm not very good at all that stuff so please enlighten me i'm very interested in knowing what that all means thanks ......'ME' oh yeah another question did you get all the same pics as i posted? thanx
2007-08-13, 09:49:27
anonymous from United States  
I got all but the the last 3 pictures.
The trace was IP address' that you can use to prosicute her at the kremlin.
Did you send her money?
Oh, and to all the other guys talking about the same shirt.
She has money I'm sure. Even from some of you.
But, it seems all the pictures were taken the same day. duh...
2007-08-13, 18:48:37
'S' from United States  
First of all,you all need to know that you are NOT corresponding with the girl in all those pic's! They are stolen from some site on the net. MEN are the ones doing 99% of these scams!

2nd,The date you found may be the date they were photoshopped and NOT the true date they were taken.To know for sure you need to see the 'EXIF'date encrypted in all digital photo's.The catch is if they've been copied before that info might not show up.
Here's a link to a freeware program you can load to chck photo's;

What IP are you talking about? This link is good and EASY to use,just copy & paste the full header in the box and click the search button.

2007-08-13, 19:21:51
Did any one else get this photo?

This is the real Vica!!

I knew what this bitch was up to from her first e-mail. This is the 3rd ugly russian bitch that has got my e-mail address. The women over there may have a sexy accent to some guys buy they sure are butt ugly. most of them look like they were crossed with a Pit Bull.

Her last cry for help was the best

She got real desperate when I told her I really wanted to talk to her first!!!!!!!

This is part of it. ............

I have very serious intentions and I am not plaing games with
people’s felings.
It is very offending to hear this from you.
I am not using you just to get to your country or to get
money from you
I need your help very much. I am useless without it. Please,
don’t make me miss the chance.
I have to pay for visa and you know I can’t afford it myself.
You already know me very well and you know my position.
I would do my best just to get it. And I feel shame asking
you for this.
But you know yourself, nobody will do anything for you if you
can’t pay...
I don’t have a phone. I tried to find some way to talk to you.
I have asked my acquaintances if I can use their phones but
nobody wants me to make international calls.
I swear to you the God - I shall never deceive you!!!
I am able to get visa for 1 week. It will be very fast!!!
And it will be valid 3 months.
I would arrive to your place as soon as I get visa!!!
Or we can do it in the way which is more convenient for you,
in current of 3 months while the visa will operate. I also can
prolong it, after the termination of term of the visa.
But you should understand that I ask you for money as I have a
very good chance now to get visa without any problems. In other
case I willl be not able to get it for long time. And we will
not meet with you then.
I should pay it within next few days. Because I have already collected
all documents on reception of visa. It needs to be paid only! And all - to
me will give visa. As understand that - 194 is cost of all documents - visa,
passport, insurance and many other documents.
You can send money to any bank in my city(Tomsk). The main thing
I should know is MTCN ( digital number ). We should hurry up with
this. As it is necessary to start the process as soon as possible.
I will do all I can and in a best way. Now everything depends on you.
You can receive the information how to send money from a
site -
I need only $194
I hope very much for your understanding and for your help.
You are the only one I can rely on.
Please, think about it and write me as soon as possible
while we still have the time.
I am waiting for your reply.
Love you very much and need you badly.
Truly yours,
P.S. Yesterday I went to church with Lera. I prayed. I prayed,
that God has made our meeting, that God has allowed me to see you,
that you have believed to me and have sent money for the visa.
Believe me, I shall never deceive you! I prayed. I swear before God,
that I never shall deceive you.
Then we with friends have gone to bowling. Lera has suggested to
make me a photo. I have made a photo there. I have
written on a leaf of a paper, that I love you! And I am real!
I hope, you trust me, what I am real?
I hope, you can see an inscription on a leaf.

2007-08-14, 10:28:56
anonymous from United States  
2007-08-14, 15:49:16
anonymous from United States  
FYI...The girl's in all these pic's on all these sites are NOT the scammers!!! MEN are the ones doing it,POSING as them.It doesn't matter if they W.African or from an FSU country,and the girl's aren't conected to it in anyway 99% of the time! The pic's are stolen from various web-sites and used to prey on unknowing men and women! If they think they can get money out of you,it doesn't matter what your gender,race,religion,etenticity or even sexual orientation,your 'fair game' to them!
2007-08-27, 02:30:58
anonymous from United States  
It is really her doing the scamming. I have a dated photo of her which would be enough to prosecute her but I can't post it with my name on the paper.
2007-08-27, 07:49:58
anonymous from United States  
Anon US 2007-08-27, 02:30:58

Any possibilty masking / cropping out your personal info, to see if the rest has any upto-now unpublished info?
2007-08-27, 17:11:24
anonymous from United States  
Viktoriya Ryabinina may not be her name but the girl in the picture is definately one of them pulling the scams. I have a dated picture of her with my name on it and she is a little older than when these pictures were taken. 8/27/07
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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