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Letters and pictures of Aleksandra Doshina from Moscow, Russia


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Placeholder for letters and pictures of Aleksandra Doshina from Moscow, Russia.

She also uses the contact information Aleksandra Tauktus from Tomsk in Russia.

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2007-08-02, 13:30:54
anonymous from United States  
Ah nothing like a scammer and their fresh images everyone lets say AHHHHH!!!!!!B&*@#$!!!!
This image was also posted here:
Letters and pictures of Aleksandra Doshina from Moscow, Russia

2007-08-02, 13:31:40
anonymous from United States  
And last but not least.

2007-08-06, 06:03:17
Eddie from Sweden  
[hidden] from United States (me)...jeez, that 'wish you were here' pic is a sight for sore eyes. ...if that wasn't confirmation enough that it's a scam. BTW...a lot of scammers justify their scummy activities by claming that guys who look for a wife in Russia are 'just sex tourists and perverts' and therefore deserve to be ripped off.
2007-08-06, 15:46:06
LMAO! I see the 'trophy pic' was taken in the bowling alley too! I'm a good bowler and not shabby at pool either. I'll give her some 'lessons' LOL Then I could check the 'rack' hehe Damn,in pool you 'set the rack' and in bowling you can get a' re-rack'! And she has a nice one! a header please.
2007-08-07, 04:33:28
anonymous from Germany  
She had got her genuine love just right after the bowling - and you have not been there!
2007-08-07, 15:32:24
'S' from United States  
NOPE,I haven't P? but I sure wouldn't mind! LOL


I'm waiting to see the bowling ball made into a money bag like that other one. LOL
2007-08-07, 19:29:33   (updated: 2007-08-07, 19:46:42)
[hidden] from United States  
its ME again the united states hidden guy up 5 comments i guess i'll be known as me from now on i got another letter today everyones right they will have an excuse for everything. i asked for a phone no. and she says she has no phone etc. and i asked for a spdcific picture but her buddy Lera is outa town for 20 days she still proclaims her undying love for blah blah blah i'm not answering her anymore but here is the letter;

Hi my darling ( ) !!!
I don’t have a phone. I tried to find some way to talk to you.
I have asked my acquaintances if I can use their phones but
nobody wants me to make international calls.
I have very serious intentions and I am not plaing games with
people’s felings.
It is very offending to hear this from you.
I am not using you just to get to your country or to get
money from you.
I swear to you the God - I shall never deceive you!!!
Please, understand me! I am able to get visa for 3 or
6 months. This depends on the Embassy. This time is
enough for us to get to each other better. I want to come
to you not to marry you but you get closer and to see if we
match each other. But if we shall grow fond each other
strongly then I shall remain with you for ever. We can
prolong I shall import on long or on always. But I can make
it only of your country.And if I don’t pay for visa now,
I will never get it then. I will come to you as soon as
I get my visa. Or at any other time which is convenient
for you. Understand my visa it will be valid 3 or 6 months.
You should understand that I ask for money
now as I have a chance to get visa without a problem.
Now I have only a some nearest days., or to me will give up in
reception of the visa! And later I could not get it.
And in this case, we will not be able to meet.
Understand! I have collected already all documents
that to me have given visa. And I need to pay visa only.
And to me will give visa.
Do you know what? I am going to tell you one thing now.
Promise that you are not going to laugh at me, please...
I feel shame telling you my dream. But it happened and it
was so real.
Ok, here we go.
Imagine… dark room, you are sitting on the sofa having cocktail.
Suddenly you see a flash in the middle of the room. You see
a chair in the middle, dark red walls and a slim woman in
the black suit and in the black hat. You can’t see her face
but you feel that you know this woman very well. She has a
red lipstick on her lips. she starts dancing. She slowly
takes her clothes away till the moment when she has little
fluffy pants on her. She still has her hat on. She is dancing
slowly and then faster and faster. Her naked body is so
sensual. She comes close but you still can’t see her face.
It is very dark inside and there is only a candle light.
She sits on your knee and starts kissing you. Her hands are
very tender, you feel them everywhere on your body and your
desire gets stronger with every minute.
Then you feel yourself inside of her and your body and hers
is one whole.
You lay down being very weak, relaxed and satisfied.
She takes her hat away and you see me.
My lips are red from your kisses. You see my eyes and my
lips and feel that you want me again and again. And our
night of passion continues….
Writing this I feel that I am already very excited.
I want to be close to you so much. This is only my dream.
But I want it so much to come true.
love you.
And miss you badly.
P.S. I cannot send you new photos more. Because Lera tomorrow
leaves. I any more have no friends who have a camera. She will
arrive only in 20 days. She has gone to have a rest with family.

isn't that sweet i'll keep postin what ever else she sends so you guys don't fall for her cute little puppy dog eyes and here are some more pics i dont have been posted yet i could be wrong

2007-08-07, 19:35:13   (updated: 2007-08-07, 19:42:03)
[hidden] from United States  
and heres another shes so poor she can't afford a chair

2007-08-07, 19:37:17   (updated: 2007-08-07, 19:40:51)
[hidden] from United States  
its me and yet another aawwhh she loves me so much LOL

2007-08-07, 19:44:58   (updated: 2007-08-07, 19:47:51)
[hidden] from United States  
i think this is all i have to show you guys pretty much all the rest are posted already on this site

2007-08-08, 14:05:45
[hidden] from United States  
its me again back with another letter from Viktorya she so desperate to see me LOL

Hi sweetheart ( )!
Why did you not answer? I sent a letter to you on Monday but did not
get your answer still. I hope you understand my situation? If I would
not pay for visa I would give up. Then it will be very difficult to
get it. Please understand 194 is a price of all documents. This is not
price of visa only! This is full amount of all documents! It is price
of visa, passport, insurance and many others. I must pay for it in
different places therefore I am asking you to send money help to me.
Understand I have already collected and given all documents. And I
must pay for it only. And I would get a visa. I hope you understand my
haste. I could come to you to any other time which would be care for
you but I need to pay 194 now or I would give up. I will wait for your
answer. And please answer for my letter which I have sent to you on
Monday. I am thinking about you.

2007-08-08, 15:55:55
anonymous from United States  
Hey...that's a bargin compared to other's I've seen!
2007-08-09, 13:30:18
ALSO GOES BY NAME Viktoryia Ryabinina

2007-08-10, 09:21:40
[hidden] from United States  
its me again i got another letter from Viktorya Ryabinina / i had to block her because she sent a tracking cookie in on me with her message so i won't be hearing from again hopefully so you guys beware she is an evil skank the letter consisted of mostly the same bullshit 'i need money for visa so i can be with you ' sorry i couldn't show it to you guys but i blocked and deleted her and probably get a different email address to BE CAREFUL!!!!!!
2007-08-10, 12:28:18
anonymous from United States  
Anon US, 2007-08-10, 09:21:40

I'd appreciate a post how you identified the tracking cookie. I'll try to work on poosiblities of viewing such messages from scammers, while keeping them blind on my activities with the e-mail.

Thanx and have a nice weekend!
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