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Dating scammer Ludmila from Volzhsk, Russia


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2007-03-16, 15:42:56
anonymous from United States  
Svetlana Krasnova - extra picture

2007-03-21, 14:00:51
[hidden] from San Antonio in Texas, United States  
I got a message ('Icebreaker') on Yahoo! Personals from Sveta, who, from her use of the word 'structure', is obviously one of these 'Russian' scammers:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
On 03/21/2007 02:32 pm CDT, Sveta wrote:
hi!I have seen your structure,I would like with you get acquainted.
Write on mine e-mail: svetlana2007lov at
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Her profile says she's in Hershey, PA...probably on the highway... *L*

Oh, well...stay away!!

2007-04-25, 21:40:31
[hidden] from United States  
People I have this Russian girl that I met in some dating site and she seems pretty nice. I have been emailing her since April 22 and she is asking me some questions like a regular girl. She is 27 years old and she lives in the city of Volzhsk, Russia. She hasn't asked for money or anything yet just some information about me like what I like, what do I like in a woman, you know stuff like that. Every time I open my email I always received it in between 10:35pm - 11:00pm(Maryland Time) and I checked the time zone in Russia we are advance for 4 hours. It seems like she telling the truth that she is from Russia. The thing that make her suspicious are her letters to me. By the way her name is Olga
Here is the first email the I have received from her:

I am glad that you to write me the letter. It very much to please me.
But before to begin conversation I wanted to speak you the truth. I to
think that relations cannot be begun with lie. So? I do not know to
forgive you me for it whether or not but I should speak it before we
to do relations. As you probably to see in my questionnaire I to
specify that I from America. I really wanted to appear there, but alas
unfortunately I to be from Russia. I do not know to forgive you to me
this lie whether or not. I shall hope that it not strongly you to
wound and you to do to me the answer. I shall wait for your
decision with impatience....


Heres the last one that I've received awhile ago:
Hi Nikki. I am glad to receive again your message, every day we begin
to learn each other better and it is very interesting for me. I love
your letters and every time wait for them. They help me to forget
about cruel world, they like a sun ray in the dark realm. Nikki,
thanks, that you have answered to my questions. Your e-mail helps me
to understand your character better. Now I would like to answer your
questions too. Unfortunately I to not have yahoo messager. I think
that we can to speak through letters. Or I can try that that to think
out, but while it is not possible as I to not have own computer and on
this I to write to you from the worker, and it to not allow to do
yahoo messager. I hope you it to not afflict? Nikki I send you other
picture of me. I hope, you will like it. Tell to me more about youself
and aboyt your family. Do you have many relatives or not? How often do
you gather together ? In my family we have very close relations. You
know that I live with mum and dad. We live in a cosy apartment, with
three comfortable rooms and a kitchen, a balcony and a bathroom. I
have a separate room. I'm the only child. My father's name is Nikolay
, he is 52. He is a taxi driver. My mother's name is Nadezhda , he is
47 . Now she does not work, she is a housewife. We love each other,
sometimes we visit our friends from other towns and enjoy the time to
the full together. In the summer we often go to the beach and go
fishing. During the winter period we go skating and skiing. This is a
good time for me! As for my private life I can't say that I'm happy.
My last relation with man was the last year. I left him. Now I think
we did not love each other and had various interests. Among all the
man who I know I cannot chose anybody for serious relations. Nowdays
there are less and less decent man, so it's rather difficult to find
one.You see I had to address to i-net. This is my last hope to find a
fair man with whom I can keep up the time. Probably here I can find
the person who will love, appreciate and understand me. It is not
important for me his financial situation and work. I'm interested in a
man who is older than me, who has a great life and love experience,
who knows how to appreciate women. In my turn I will be ready to give
all my love, tender and care to such a person. I think that the main
advantage of the woman is to be fidel and have skill to make family
happy, without quarrels and conflicts. Ok, my letter comes to its end
and I have to go. Mine favourite Nikki, write me your ideas of life. I
wait for your messages. Your Olga

I know my English is pretty bad, but if you going to compare her first email to the new ones you will notice the difference between the two paragraph. Her English is getting better for some reason.

2007-04-25, 22:24:25
anonymous from United States  
Well Maryland,If you want to kow if 'she' is real or not,you need to do a little more searching. BUT! The face is very familar and I would say YES! her email addy and some more letter's.Include the header's.Also,google her name,email addy and some odd soundig phrases from the letter's.Use quotatio mark's at each end of the phrase and her name. BTW,i'm in N.J. and the time diff. is more like 7 hrs.
2007-04-26, 00:06:15
Hello Maryland, you will find her photos on
2007-04-27, 20:48:09
[hidden] from United States  
Yea, that's what am thinking too. She is a scammer and that is absolute. Anyway thanks for the help.
2007-04-30, 15:24:41
anonymous from Georgia  
Mustafar Alee Barsegian from Baku
2007-06-08, 13:20:29
anonymous from United States  
hey, dummy, if you think that she is a scammer then why are you trying to date her?

2007-06-08, 17:59:45
anonymous from Germany  
Maryland, what you have received are form-letters, the naive english is part of the game. If the one who is mailing to you, probably a man, speaks english you will know after money comes up.
Geogia: Who are you, cute little boy?
2007-06-08, 19:46:31   (updated: 2007-06-08, 19:46:59)
Look's like one of those fags from 'Who Said Fred' LOL! You know...I'm too sexy...
2007-06-09, 02:19:50
I've got an old Iggy Pop song in my mind when I saw him: ...I am doing the things a 5-ft-1-man can do.. - scamming in his case.
2007-06-18, 09:43:02   (updated: 2007-06-18, 09:53:54)
anonymous from United States  
Jane Williams - - told me that Fred Dietz lives in the USA and she asked me to send him money as he is her relative and will help her get to the USA if I send him money! She told me he lives near Washington DC. I have contacted the police about Fred Dietz and they are going to arrest him soon!

2007-07-02, 06:29:57
anonymous from Australia  
They are pretty hot these Russian girls. May be all of us guys should get together and do a trip over to fuck them and leave them high and dry. They should get a taste of their own medicine. I would just ound them all night long just to teach them a good lesson. Dirty skanky russian girls!!!

2007-07-08, 22:16:46
anonymous from United States  
I have received the same exact emails only they are using a differnt name (Anna) My pictures are different, I think my girld is better looking than this one

2007-07-09, 09:30:35
anonymous from United States  
Ok anon,so what's the name???Post a pic too so we can see 'her'!!!
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