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Dating scam artist Anastasiya Romanova


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2008-02-06, 20:36:53   (updated: 2008-02-06, 20:43:51)
anonymous from Australia  
Thank you Brian from US, 2007-10-13, 21:42:54, for posting three of your letters.

I received almost identical letters, but different pictures. The scammer used the name 'Yuliya Ponomareva'. I have only been emailing her for two weeks, and did not send money. So it is good to see what her '38th' will look like. Most likely the girl in the picture does not know her pics are being used as scams.

The scammer's email is ''.

Thank you all for this website.

This image was also posted here:
Dating scam artist Anastasiya Romanova

2008-02-06, 21:35:16 from United States  
I have also recently received a message/e-mail from Anastsiya. I am thankful I decided to Google the name as some things in the e-mail did not seem right. Initially, there I had received a message on that she was moving to my area and was interesed in talking to me, and to please e-mail her at Her profile showed her as 32 and from Warrenton, VA. I had sent an email to the address (no name was given, only the screen name SlidingDarkness) it seemed legit at the time.

I then got an email back below- similar to the earlier ones, but the earlier posts had emails you could see had emials with well written portions, then some that appeared to be written by a non-native English speaker, this message seemed to be completely written by a non-native English speaker, or made to appear so and 2 pics were attached- which the same person appeared in some of those posted here in later 2007, but different poses.

The email didn't ask for money, but was kind of strange, but did contain very accurate information, she was coming to the US for 3 months, the agency was arranging for all the travel (I guess later on she would have asked for $$ to get here) and she hadn't written back sooner because she was getting ready to travel to Moscow to go to the agency to finalize the trip and she would work here for 3 months as a babysitter and was looking for a friend to show her the US- it seemed like those scenarios in the movies and tv of human trafficking.

2008-02-06, 21:36:22 from United States  
2008-02-06, 21:39:02 from United States  
newer messqge..

Hello!!!! Have good day. I hope, that you remember me because I have written to you recently on a dating site and you
answered me. I am sorry, I did not write to you back at once.
You see, I live in Russia, and I was busy, organizing all my preparations for travel.
You know, it is my first time when I try the correspondence
with the man in virtual space. I am not so good user Intenet, but I hope that I shall have chance
to meet the good person.I think, that I shall explain to you why I do it. I shall work in
the USA approximately three months or more and I wish to meet a good person to be my guide or be the good
friend with whom I can spend time together when I am in the USA. I think
it is very difficult to live in foreign city without friends and besides I never were
abroad. You know, I live in small city in Russia andI am afraid to be lost in your country.
I also wish to see a real life (not the TV shows), and it is impossible to see a real life without the person, who
knows all parts of a life.
Also I do not wish to live in Russia because I have no opportunities here, it is
hardly possible to explain in a few words, but I want you to know all mine
plans. When being in the USA I shall work in any shop or I shall be the baby sitter in some family. I shall know
details later. Except for that I love English language and it will give me chance
improve my English.The agency helps me to receive the visa, the permission to work
and all travel documents.It is their business, and I shall pay for their Services.
One of my friend worked in the USA for three
months in the past to year, and she loved it very much, and she wishes to repeat this trip again.
She has met the right person in Chicago, and they are good friends now and he will marry her if all will be
good between them. In Russia we have special programs for work in the USA and other countries and I think,
that itis the right way for me. I feel lost here, and I hope, that I shall be able to change my life.
I have many plans and dreams...
I send you my pictures, and I hope, that you like me if we meet in real.
Please tell to me what you think about this.I finish this letter, and I hope, that you write me very soon.
Probably you think, that I am little bit crazy, but I am sure that it is the right way to meet good the man without
meeting personally in a real life and besides knowIt is my first try on the Internet.
I shall leave my city in some days to fly to Moscow again to finish all things for travel. Agency
will arrange this trip for me, and I shall work all the day long and I think, that we can spend evenings together and the know
each other better. If you have any interest to meet me I shall be very happy!!!

I do not want to be lonely in the evenings, and I want to know for sure if somebody waits for someone me! It is just a woman's wish!
I shall tell to you all details about my life and about me later.
If you are also lonely, you can be with me for the few Months or so.... Who knows???!

With the best regards from Russia

Anastasiya (this my name)
2008-02-06, 22:03:15
OJAS from United States  
2008-02-09, 06:50:30
anonymous from Little Mulgrave, Australia  
Thanks for all your great comments folks RE: Anastasiya.

Very informative.

I got this little email just recently here in Australia. (Queensland)

(Anastasiya <Anas...     Greeting my new friend!!!     Wed, 06 Feb 2008...

It was from Anastasiya <>

and went on to say......

Hello my dear new friend!!!

I have seen your profile long time ago at website and thought to drop you a line you. I hope to be good friends with
you or may be more than friends. My name is Anastasiya and I am 28 year old women. I live in(am from)town Kinderi, Russia. Frankly speaking, The real reason
why I am emailing you is that fact that I am looking for a life-time partner and my soulmate, I want to make a strong union and a family. I want to find a person who is honest, caring, loving and tender. I wish my future second half to respect me for who I am. As for me, I am loving and caring woman, and people say that I am intelligent, pretty and beautiful. I hope you think so too. If you are intersted, please email me back and please send me your photos. I will reply to you immediately.
I am attaching my picture with this email and hope you like it.

You can email me back at: Click here or


From the sounds and looks of it she is paradoxically honest in that she does look cute and if she is such a great scam artist she probably is pretty intelligent too.

What a god dam wast. thanks again, see ya round, stay cool, bye..

2008-02-11, 18:21:55
anonymous from United States  
here is another from: lovingdreamgirl@yahoo ~ IP:
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Tatyana
Dating scammer Yuliya Solovyeva
Blacklisted Emails of Russian Dating Scammers

2008-02-11, 18:22:41
anonymous from United States  
here is another from: lovingdreamgirl@yahoo ~ IP:

2008-02-11, 18:23:14
anonymous from United States  
here is another from: lovingdreamgirl@yahoo ~ IP:
This image was also posted here:
Dating scam artist Anastasiya Romanova

2008-02-11, 19:04:34
anonymous from United States  
the 5th photo is different from 4th and 6th......lovingdreamgirl@yahoo....IP:
he/she is paying attention to the letters, but not responding to my requests for real information.
2008-02-11, 19:36:31
anonymous from United States  
I was looking on, and was contacted by this me tell ya her name is Yulyia and she is 28y.o...hehee...I have her pegged as a scammer they tried much time ago, so beware men...if you're looking in the states and the russian girly game, be careful on

Re: heello...
Compact Header|Full Message View
'' <>
'' <>...
'' <>
'' <>...

355010.jpg (32KB); 425066.jpg (64KB); 374134.jpg (61KB)

How are you doing? I am glad to see your profile. I would like to find
the friend on the correspondence. My name is Yuliya. I am 28 y.o.. I
am single at the moment. I think that we have a lot in common! I want
to know more about you ! It`s seems to me that you are an interesting
person. I send you a pic with my profile . If you like my profile
than write to me on my e-mail . I`ll answer at
once! wait for your answer!
Your new friend

i'll keep you informed....3 photos included

2008-02-11, 19:37:21
anonymous from United States  

2008-02-11, 19:38:06
anonymous from United States  

2008-02-12, 15:13:52
anonymous from United States  
update on girl shown above.....IP the

From Sun Feb 10 20:57:44 2008
Return-Path: <>
Authentication-Results:; domainkeys=pass (ok)
Received: from (HELO (
by with SMTP; Mon, 11 Feb 2008 00:12:30 -0800
Received: (qmail 55667 invoked from network); 11 Feb 2008 05:09:29 -0000
DomainKey-Signature: a=rsa-sha1; q=dns; c=nofws;
s=s1024;; h= Received:X-YMail-OSG:X-Yahoo-Newman-Property:Date:From:X-Mailer: Reply-To:X-Priority:Message-ID:To:MIME-Version:Content-nt-Type; b= N9fv+Vv/GZ2wxGQfbUPN0E7oEZbtaRpKltULddAjUTDrgcd7OvixNQnuZCiDIntDdg238c2iwfHj5Dkg3/ UIn9DqEjFeXv5QgeLbHUld2WHN4ZvdcBAiFzzFzzutx9hpc/G8ZcYD039bbCSIpR9gdJyWmJJxnmMQVm8l1kCpBluioo= ;
Received: from unknown (HELO genry) (lavender0313@ with plain)
by with SMTP; 11 Feb 2008 05:09:22 -0000
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2008 07:57:44 +0300
Message-ID: <>
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/mixed;
Content-Length: 84651

just stay away from these photos, I'm getting hit hard, they must share info. I've never been spammed by woman looking for relationships before? what a bitch!

letter #1

Hello My New Friend xxxxxx !!!!!
I am glad to receive your letter. I thought of that you will write to
me or will not write and looked forward your letter. And I am glad
when have received it. I the first time get acquainted on the
Internet, I looked on profile which to me a distance at a site of
acquaintances both have seen you. Also has decided to write to you. I
hope that you have understood my first message. My name is Yuliya. To
me of 28 years, I was never married. At me normal character, I live in
mum in apartment. The Kirov area, the City of Sovetsk. Except mum, the
grandmother and the girlfriend I was not present close people. The
father I never saw also mother speaks of nothing about it.
as whom you work? I nurse in our hospital. I love the work. I
do not know what to tell about myself. you can tell about
yourself more? I wish to know much about you. Why you have solved gets
acquainted in the Internet? What do you search in the girl? What
character at you? How you like to have a rest?
I with pleasure will answer your questions. Ask also I will tell about
itself. I simply do not know what to tell. What it is interesting to
you? I hope that you will write to me tomorrow. I send you a
photo. On it a photo I stand at a fountain. I think, that it is pleasant
to you to a photo! You would like to walk that evening with me? I think, what yes.
I hope that tomorrow I will come in the Internet of cafe and I will
receive your letter and your new photo. You will send them to me? I
will wait you letter on my e mail
Your new girlfriend Yuliya

these people are !@#!@#!@# a'holes and i hope their dicks fall off, and if is a scammin bitch, i hope her snatch festers up and glues itself shut. im so pissed off!
2008-02-12, 15:20:00
anonymous from United States  
letter #2 - - IP

Hello xxxxxxx!!!!!!!
How your day? What did you do today? I hope, that you feel well and at
you all is normal. I waited all the day long for your letter and right
after work today have come to the cafe Internet what to receive your
Thanks for compliments! My full name Yuliya Gordeewa. My address: The
Kirov area, the City of Sovetsk, Kirov street - 613340 house 3.
Spanky I send you the photo, on which I stand near to shop. It is
pleasant to you washing a photo? I hope what yes. At me today it is a
lot of questions to you. I want serious relations and at once I wish
to warn you. I do not wish to play game and if you wish to play simply
with me, or communicate with me for the sake of a photo that I, I
think that to us is necessary to stop our dialogue. I wish to learn
you more and better. I too will not hide from you anything and I will
inform everything, that you ask.
xxxxxxxx, I hope, that I do not need to describe myself in detail, you
saw me on a photo. I will send them to you often, that you could learn
is better me. My growth 175 sm (5 ' 7), weight 54 kg (120lbs). A
breast, a waist and hips accordingly 89 - 64 - 92. I hope, that you
will inform me also on yourself. Because I cannot see it on a photo.
I search for the man with whom to me it will be good. Which will be
happy, if I is with it which I can make happy. I want, what we with it
would be always together and were happy, xxxxxx, you can be such man?
How you think? What should I do that is pleasant to you? It is very
interesting to me to learn it.
I hope, that I will receive your photo tomorrow and the new letter
with answers to my questions.
I already with impatience wait for your letter.
I wait.....
Yours faithfully and sincerely Yuliya

looks like they are reading some emails, i was pretty direct as you can see from this response about photos. they may not now English but they sure can copy &
this is really screwing up my!
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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