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Dating scam artist Anastasiya Romanova


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2007-08-04, 08:21:52
anonymous from Togo  
hi baby,

i am seeking for a woman and i come acroose you and i hope you are mine thank you for reply to me
2007-08-05, 03:58:17
I have olso recieved a messege from a Anastasiya.
I responded to it, and she sends me a letter with picture . I responded with a nother
E-mail adres, and she sends me the same letter?
So conclusion, the letters are standard.

This is the letter :
I removed my name for anonymous

Hello Anonymous!

Anonymous I am glad that you have answered me my small letter. I really liked your questionnaire, I search for serious attitudes if you on it are ready I shall be glad to correspond with you. I never before corresponded with anybody from other countries and in general it is my first experience of correspondence through the Internet. Now presently when high technologies are widely developed, speak much and write about acquaintances through the Internet. I too have decided to try to search for the happiness on the Internet. I have addressed in agency of acquaintances which has placed my structure on a site.

I wish to tell to you about myself and about that where I live. I live in the city of Moscow. To me of 29 years and I work as the doctor. I hope you know where there is my city?:) summer at us warm and sometimes even hot. But unfortunately winter at us cold. But we have already got used because people which live in Russia are accustomed to sharp changes of weather. I was born and have grown in this city. My parents have arrived to this city before I was born. Earlier they lived in city Ufa, but they have moved in MOscow because to the daddy have offered favourable work and it did not begin to refuse. My father works as the engineer on one of the enterprises of the heavy industry of our city. My mother simple

The teacher. I have not wanted to be neither the teacher nor the engineer and consequently when I have left school began to study in medical university and now I work as the doctor. My growth of 170 centimeters, my weight of 56 kgs. I was born February 1978. It becomes very interesting to me to correspond with you, Anonymous It is very interesting to me to learn about you and about your way of life. Anonymousplease send me the photo. I hope you, Anonymous to me will write also it will be fast. I shall tell to you more about myself in the following letters. The best to you of wishes Anonymous. Your tender Nastya!

Who has recieved the same letter?
2007-08-05, 06:38:36
anonymous from United States  
Alot of good posting a letter does! How about a name? an email?
2007-08-05, 17:13:47
I have been contacted by here as well, but it appears different pictures were used than the ones shown above. Same letters. She did copy a flight schedule to Phoenix, but her 'full name' was not on it...and she wanted $1000 to finish her 'trip' and paperwork. Told here that I could not send money...and the letter stopped...since I told her it sounded like a scam. She sends pictures of her and her sister (she is on the right)...but who know...maybe the sister is another scammer.
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2007-08-06, 15:22:20
anonymous from United States  
Not sure if this is a scam yet, but the Russian name raised a red flag (no pun intended). I was contacted through Yahoo Personals and the person's ad it came from is 'under review'. It says she's from Arlington, Va. The email address she gave is I'm pretty sure it's bogus. Just a heads up to anyone who happens to read this. If you are stupid enough to send money to anyone who contacts you via the internet, maybe you deserve it.
2007-08-08, 21:09:18
anonymous from United States  
Update on the last post. I alerted Yahoo of this possible scam and the personal ad I received my letter from went from 'under review' status to 'profile deleted'.

Just keepin' the world safe from Russian con-men. : )
2007-10-11, 16:27:15
anonymous from United States  
I'm sure if this girl is a scam artist, but it smells like it. She emailed through and we talked for about two and a half or three months. She said she wanted to meet me because our love was so strong and she wanted to be happy. Well, she never asked for money even though I offered it. It turns out, she was short of cash for the ticket and he friend, who was going to give her the money, suddenly had a car accident. And being the nice sap I am, I sent her $250. She was to arrive two days ago but I haven't heard anything from her and she was never had a registration with the airline according to the data she gave. I was at the airport for 3 hours waiting like a fool, hoping she was on another flight with a different airline. Her name is Olesya Rozhentsova and her email is I think she lives in Kirov area, Cheboksary is were I sent the money. It's strange, because she never asked for the money, but needed it. When I told ner that I would fly to her she replied that she should come her first and then we would go to Russia.
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2007-10-11, 16:31:29
anonymous from United States  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Tatyana

2007-10-11, 16:34:38
anonymous from United States  
This is one of Olesya's letters- does it look similar to other scam letters?

Hello My Lovely Man And My Sun Brian !!!!!!!!!I miss you. I think of you and is glad your to the letter. My lovelythanks for your infinite love. I feel the same in relation to you. Ican't live without you Brian, you are necessary to me only my prince!!Ok I will give you again all information. You should specify theaddress: Russia, Cheboksary, 428034. This information will be enough.My full name is Olesya Rozhentsova. I won't transfer flight date. Iwish to be with you as soon as possible. I hope, that you too. My DearBrian, please don't worry, my family and all my friends approve ourdecision to meet. All of them very much want, that I was happy. Youalready have now made me the happiest girl in the world. I at alldon't represent, that will be, when we will be together :-).What you made today Brian ? What you make? Of what you think when yousleep? Of what you dream? What you ate? Whether it is tired on work?Where you would want to go? Whether at me so it is a lot of questionsto you and I at all do not know time will suffice at you to answerall. I think of you Brian . I think of us, I think of ours future. Ithink of that as life became fine after I have got acquainted withyou. For all time of our dialogue to me it was bad only once when Ihave learned that I can not arrive to you and we not can will betogether quickly. Yes then I cried from misfortune and to me it wasvery bad. Brian , I not know what to write to you then, my heart wassick and groaned from a pain. But now I am happy, I think and I dreamof you.Dreams help me to live, but they as raise me, it would be desirable tobe in your embraces, would be desirable to make to you fine supper. Itwould be desirable to kiss and embrace, make love, talk to you. Tofeel your breath, tenderness caress. When we meet we shall look at ours with you photo and to enjoy them. Ilove you Brian , and I send you all the tenderness and caress togetherwith kisses and I hope that to you well when you read my letter.I love you Brian !!!Yours and only your loving Olesya
2007-10-11, 16:36:01
anonymous from United States  

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2007-10-11, 16:37:01
anonymous from United States  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Tatyana

2007-10-11, 19:11:39
OJAS from United States  
@newbies on this thread

2007-10-11, 22:27:21
anonymous from United States  
OJAS, thanks for the info. I'm still curious as to why the girl/guy would scam me for a small amount of $250 and then vanish. Do typical scams prolong for two or three months before money becomes an issue? And now that I think about it I remember that 'Olesya' would ignore questions about her address, date of birth, and talking on the phone. It was as if I didn't even mention it in my letters. I just don't understand how this can happen through and other legit dating sites. What would you recommend as a course of action should she/he attempt to resume communication with me at some point?
2007-10-12, 14:03:40
Eddie from Sweden  
anonymous from United States

No, that seems pretty unusual. Maybe he had bigger fish to fry? Maybe he had to get out of town quickly? could even be an amateur. And two or three months is very patient....2-3 weeks before the money letter is the average.

Usually they scam you for the 'visa money' first and then hit you for the ticket money soon after....ironic really since you can't a normal tourist or sponsored visa to either Europe or North America without having paid for round trip tickets and/or tour and hotel rooms first. In other words, they should be scamming you for more than 1500 dollars right from the get go. Ergo, you should be happy it was only 250 bucks, although that's a good month's wage in Yoshkar Ola.

Otherwise, there are scammers on every dating site, Russian, Nigerian, was even busted in the north of Sweden. The legit sites will remove the scammers if you report it (and you're a paying customer). I know it's easy to be wise after the fact but it pays to do your homework....if you'd checked the visa procedures, you wouldn't have got scammed.

I'm not sure what you should do....but two options are, either bait him...i.e. get as many letters and photos out of him as you can, post them here, generally waste his time so he has less time to scam other people.

Or you can send him this short message + photo in Russian. It's not in cyrillic so you can send it to any email account. Translation provided on request.

Privet khokhol!

Pozhalujsta, ne oskorbl'ajte moj intellekt. Ya ne imeyu interes dl'a tashego skamerstvo. Oto'idi, a to jebnu. Idi na khuy!

2007-10-12, 15:21:35   (updated: 2007-10-12, 15:30:22)
b-scamed from United States  

Thanks for the tips. It is official now, Olesya Rozhentsova is a scam. I was looking around and I found several of the start-up emails sent to other guys- word for word- by Tatyana (slight variations if any). Different photos of other females and all. Thank god I only got suckered for 250, which you can't even wipe your ass with here in the States anymore. Well, to anyone else, her/it/his email address was and Whoever the bastards are, they are very patient and sly, they bait you for two months and never mention money until they can't pay for the entire price of the flight ticket. They may not ask for it directly because they want you to offer it without raising any flags. They are good, I'll give them that much.

I especially like the whole bit about the 'small kitten who showed up at the hospital, so tender, she was afraid to touch it' and those tasty pies she loves to bake- who doesn't love pie!!!!

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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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