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Olga Kudryavzeva alias Elena Shamova


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2006-04-28, 18:08:14
anonymous from United States  
And another.....

2006-06-25, 15:48:29
anonymous from United States  
I recieved all the same letter as you all have. I didn't find out about her until it was too late. I had already sent her $440.00 to buy her 'B-2' Visa! I also sent her a gold necklace! When I finally found this and several other web sites about her, I contacted the Lincoln Nebraska sherifs Dept. I spoke with the detective who has been investigating Melissa for Lude and indecient behavor in publick, said 'he didn't believe she is the one who is writing the letters'. He believes some one in Russia used Melissa's pictures. He sugested that I make a report to the police in my home town of Rochester, NY and he felt the local police would contact Interpol to try to catch her. Olga Kudryavzeva as she called her self in her corispondence with me changed her E-mail address to lga991@rambler.Ru I wonder why? Could it be possable that she will be caught soon? I hope she will enjoy Russian prison!
2006-07-06, 10:13:30 from United States  
After about 7 letters she is in love with me to, Elena that is LOL, I have a add in yahoo personals, Got a hit from Marion, VA Great looking lady, She has a paid membership her member name was rosei78 I replyed, she sent me her e-mail to mail her if i was interested I kept the pic she had in yahoo personals, as soon as we connected the profile was gone from yahoo. I replyed to the e-mail, and soon she was from russia, I didn't put it together that Elena from russia was the same one from Yahoo personals until she sent me the same picture as the one in her yahoo personals add, Maybe she didn't realize she sliped cause now she is sending different pic's of what she looks like. if this is the scammer and she really looks like this, And caught, put in jail, I would love to visit her and be her friend BUBBA, LMAO

2006-07-11, 09:06:49
anonymous from United States  
Ditto on Elena......In love after a few emails. What a scammer............
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2006-07-11, 10:38:22
anonymous from United States  
she definitely takes it slow yet eventually she will get to the point. I have corresponded with her 12-14 times. will string her alond.
2006-07-11, 10:45:15
[hidden] from United States  
Yeah I have that pic to She asked me not to show this one to anybody LOL, and many more, Now were to the part where, I need to send personal information like my phone #, Address, things like that, I THINK NOT, I like this pic she sent me of her friend that has become very sick 'Natalya' they look so cute together, They haven't asked me for money yet, But that will come soon I think.
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Olga Kudryavzeva alias Elena Shamova

2006-07-12, 03:32:51
anonymous from United States  
Yeah-this chick is good I became suspicious when she would never answer the questions that I asked her. She sent me a letter saying I LOVE YOU!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! I would of probably bought a ticket for her if she would of asked so I could get some Russian booty but I definitely didn't love her. Come on I had only chatted with her 4 or 5 times. The blonde chic up top is a lot better looking.
2006-07-13, 00:08:07 from United States  
She strikes again. Same MO yahoo personals. This time she is: Elena Karacheva
living in:
Pervomayskaya street, 24-12.
Kolva. Komi Republic

Picts above really get some use.
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Dating scammer Elena Kalinina from Russia

2006-07-13, 12:51:08
anonymous from United States  
THis one just in and there was some graphic words to accopany the provocative pose. -No request for cash yet, but she 'applied for her visa' so I am guessing our Russian 'pediatrist, doctor' scammer will soon be a little short on cash...

2006-07-13, 18:55:06
anonymous from United States  
I am very glad for this site, apparently she thinks all American men are stupid, it was very funny to see that she can't come up with new material.With all the guys she has tried to fool you would think one would have fallen for it by now. And to think I was not to show that picture to anyone. Is she busy on the weekend for anyone else also it must stink being a doctor with no phone.Also pictures she sent me where she was on the beach and in front of cactuses,last I knew there were no cactuses in Russia
2006-07-14, 07:18:07 from Portugal  
I'm got many e_mails from a girl called Olga kudryavtseva, with 1 e_mails adress:
She will be the same from Kazan? She's asking me for a mobile phone, for money, for everithing. She said always the same: I love you so much,....
Help me to make sure if she is the same I read before.
Thanks a lot
2006-07-14, 19:29:19
anonymous from United States  
My buddy sent me this site after I showed him emails and pics from 'Elena Karachewa' a 'pediatrist' from Kolva, Pervomayskaya street, 24-12, with the addy. A doctor with no phone or car. This site is hilarious! So far we're up to 19 emails and 19 pics including all of the ones here of the second girl (but I'm not supposed to show them to anyone!). lol She must have a lot of sick friends because she sent a pic of her and 'Marina' who is sick in the hospital. In one email 'she' screwed up and said she was going to visit 'ELENA' in the hospital, and in another the name insert function screwed up and instead of my name it said 'my dear %tiname'. She initiated contact through yahoo personals and as soon as I answered her email it disappeared. She never answers any of my questions and hasn't asked for any money yet but has applied for a visa to come visit. I DID want to know where the cactus plants were since she said they had 7 months of snow each year! I guess I'm one of the lucky ones to get so many emails saying how much she loves me and how I am her life and in all of her dreams at night, especially since I only answered 3 of her emails. Until I discovered this site, that is. She started asking for my address, phone #, and pics of me, my family, friends. I THINK NOT, ALSO! But I have decided to oblige her with pics of tourist places around my city and my vacation pics. So if any of you guys are having your emails bounce back with a 'mailbox full' error you can thank me for filling up her box with multiple 10Meg emails! lol I get the same form email back each time begging to limit emails to 100KB. Guess she wants to scam all of us simultaneously. Here is 'Elena & Marina'.
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Olga Kudryavzeva alias Elena Shamova

2006-07-15, 09:36:45
anonymous from United States  
a new alias? elena carcheva yet same MO from yahoo. profile name was 'penelopa'
2006-07-15, 10:41:32
anonymous from United States  
i wonder if the movie 'cars' has been released in Russia yet. 'lena' claims to have enjoyed it.

Keywords: blonde white top shorts pool
2006-07-15, 12:28:14
anonymous from United States  
In general if you receive spam you can write your ISP and the technical contact for the domain. In this instance since the owner of the domain MAY (note the word MAY) be the person allegedly (note the word allegedly) committing fraud, you would probably want to pass this information on to the authorities if you have been taken for gifts or money. is registered to:

Owner/Registrant/Technical Contact
Carol Lynch
lynch inc.
420 West Moreno St.
Pensacola, FL 32501
001 850-572-8734

Now what this means is that Carol Lynch's company is providing the email address to 'rosei78' or 'elena' or whatever her name is. If they are a legitimate company, like Microsoft for example, they could be no more at fault than Microsoft would be if someone sent out spam from a hotmail account. In that instance a legimate mail provider would close the account and provide whatever information they can to the proper authorities to address the situation. Lynch Inc. May very well be a legitimate company trying to connect russian women with foreign husbands that has been victimized by a bad client. Please keep that in mind.

Your best course of actions is to contact your ISP and if you have had money taken from you under false pretenses report it to the authories.

Now it could (note the could) also be that Ms. Lynch's company is 'elena'. If (note the if) that is the case the US and russian authorities when notified will take care of it and her. Again, leave these matters to the liscensed professionals.

Some additional information.

Ms Lynch's company uses 2 name servers. Every domain has to have servers that provide the internet if information on how to among other things deliver mail. is hosted on the following name servers: = =

the Domain is registered to
Triple Fiber Network
50 West San Fernando
San Jose, CA 95112

The technical contact is Ioulia Medvedeva. The listed email address for the technical contact is

The IP address those servers use are allocated to
APS Telecom

This means, more or less, that APS Telecom is LIKELY providing the internet connection to Triple Fiber Network. APS Telecom does have listed 'send abuse issues to' which would send it your email to the abuse department of Triple Fiber Network rather than APS telecom---which is kind of them trying to wash their hands of any potential headache, IMO. (Funny.) You can write the person in charge of spam and abuse by writing abuse@(whatever domain). Ie. 3fn's abuse address =

I do want to be very clear. An internet provider can effectively take a domain down and force the domain to a different provider. If you have been the victim of fraud contacting the internet service provider will not get your money back, you need to contact the authorities for that. Contacting #FN would probably lead 3FN to contact Lynch Inc. and request a correction of any illegal activity or activities that violate APS OR Triple Fiber Network's acceptable use policies (every ISP has their own AUP).

IF (note the if) Lynch Inc. refuses to address the distribution of unwanted email AND the sending of spam accross their networks is against their acceptable usage policy, one of the two may force a suspesion or termination of Triple Fiber Networks (apparent)agreement to provide DNS services to Lynch Inc.

You shouldn't expect much though. If (Note the if) Lynch Inc. is in some way condoning this and refuses to take action, the best case scenario for your complaint is that Lynch Inc's contract would be voided and they would lose some money and have to find a new DNS host and pay them.

Effectively, you might take them down for a few days, but that is it.

Both APS telecom and Triple Fiber Networks appear to be in the legitimate business of internet connectivity---not Russian brides --- so if you contact them be polite ---They are as much a victim of this situation as you potentially are --- and let them address the issue.

And as far as Lynch Inc., this is America where you are innocent until proven guilty. Let the ISPs or the authorities handle any situations you have.

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