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Olga Kudryavzeva alias Elena Shamova


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2006-07-18, 13:14:42
anonymous from United States  
There are I bet hundreds of men falling for this scam. If it is too good to be true, then it always is!!!!! And, just imagine how many relationships it's ruined!!!!!!
2006-07-18, 14:57:06
The Maverick from United States  
sorry it posted twice, but ill add some more info here. What she wil do is send a long 'good news' letter, about how she has pawned all her things, paid for a trainticket and put adeposit down for an airline ticket, but ran out of money, apologise thenuse the old 'if you love me ' line to try and get you to send her the balance. in my case she wanted $624.00 , a convincing amount, considering she also sends flight info and the below visa. it has a sense of urgency to it, and she tells you they will only hold the reservation for a short time.
so which one of you guys paid for Elena's visa? :)
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2006-07-18, 14:57:52
The Maverick from United States  
be warned guys, she is getting much better at this. In fact, she is 'Too good' at it, otherwise i would have fell for it hook, line and sinker... She plays very well to what you want to hear, but if you look close, she doesnt provide any real answers, shed make a great politician! Luckily Ive been burned by hot looking evil women too many times to let my heart (or other parts) do my thinking for me, whod ever think id be thanking my no good cheating ex for teaching me to be distrustfull? Ill admit, she almost got me with the visa (pic attached) , even with my sceptical nature, but luckily the brain kicked in. did any body else get the erotic email from her, it was really good! :)
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Keywords: fake passport
2006-07-19, 00:15:47
anonymous from United States  
The Maverick

So many things wrong with this visa. this is a site to check them out
tis is a link to what a real visa looks like

this is the link for visa types

Mrs. C
2006-07-19, 10:52:28
anonymous from United States  
ooh! i can't wait for my sweater! yea! nothing erotic yet just a descrition of likes & haven't trieds. she definitely does not read incoming mail. :-) i just drown a whole duffelbag full of puppies in a nearby pond. i also beat the crap out of my ex for not having dinner ready when i got home from work. hehe
2006-07-19, 12:40:39
lk from United States  
You mean MY sweater asshole! She said she was putting MY name on it so as it to be special for me. 'You think it good woman can knit?' I have no idae who or what is behind the photos, but they do read something. I fowarded this link to 'Elena', she (it) stopped writing that day, they look. I think they only look to see if people sent pictures of their kids and cats, dogs what ever. That way they still know you are still swimming around the bait. Funny shit man! I never knew this exsisted, now I know there's this whole world out there. Scams are like bacteria, they'll grow on anything.
2006-07-19, 15:54:58 from United States  
hey wait a minute, It was supposed to be a special sweater for me with my name on it 'LMAO' Oh update I did send the link to her, And I haven't heard from her in two days. Guess she did read the mail. I guess it helped for me to put in Subject line, Hey Baby I miss you Here is my phone # and address...hehehe
2006-07-19, 18:59:49
The Maverick from United States  
she must run a sweater factory, wonder if mine is finished yet? lol, i sent her a nasty gram too, but she must of gotten us mixed up, her return note said she didnt care about the links, but i didnt send any links to her.. big oops for her :) but hey, at least she finally read a letter or two... who needs reality tv ? this is much more exciting, scam the scammer, live!

Thanks for the links Mrs C , much appreciated, but i wont be needing them much, except to see how many fake visas i can post up, i like this sport!
2006-07-19, 19:01:06
anonymous from United States  
NOW NOW...I just hate to see you Guys fight
Here I made one for you both.

Mrs. C

Keywords: black pullover
2006-07-19, 19:19:35
anonymous from United States  
I even made one for her
with her name on it, I hope she likes it

Mrs. C

2006-07-19, 20:49:30
lk from United States  
Hey...That's not angora wool!

Nice! I like that!

Maybe she has a 'sweat-er-scam' shop.

Good job.
2006-07-20, 09:30:44
anonymous from United States  
Hey, someone tell Elena I got her sweater, and oh man, thanks....
Best sweater I ever got!

2006-07-21, 14:13:25
anonymous from United States  
after drowning puppies, i get airport meeting letter. i guess that sort of thing turns her on. i did notice her grammar/english got better for the erotic part of the letter.
2006-07-21, 18:42:20
anonymous from United States  
ya she had me going for months .shes good .this was a new scam to me . i got messenger scams alot before but on them its like three days and they love you and want money .she fooled me for long time .then i got smart and googled her and found this site. it verifed what i thought .so sick of the scammers on the net .hers a picture of Elena Karachevaand marina .from russia,komi area, kolva , pervomayskaya street 24 -12 .i had a pic with her and father frost or whatever she said instead of santa clause too
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Olga Kudryavzeva alias Elena Shamova
Letters from dating scammer Elana Banykh in Sokolovo in Siberia

2006-07-21, 22:45:23
lk from United States  
I got cut off after calling her out. Would someone please post the 'erotic' letter, I would loved to read what she said. yhanks to whom ever.....
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