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Dating scammer James Ramos


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Name: James Ramos



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Had been talking to 'James Ramos' for about a week did not know about scams and then asked me to send $1500 to Achimota
Ghana to so this diplomat could bring all his worldly possesions to me from Iraq to look after until he arrived home in August. I emailed the diplomat and he sent me an address which I googled and it brought me to your site. I then emailed 'James Ramos' who was also supposed to Western Union $1500 to this person told him I suspected this to be a scam and have not heard from since. I have since researched James Ramos who does exist in the States and believe he is the victim of identity theft however am not sure where to take it from there. I also have had five other conversations with people on all male four of which are US Army who as soon as I mention scam and what happened they disappear. Is this common?

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2012-12-18, 14:56:08
[hidden] from United States  
OMG!!! December 7 I received a request for friend from Ramos Bryna. I questioned how he said he LIVES in Kabul Afghanistan. And was he a lifer in the military. He said he was divorced and had two grown children living on there own. He wanted me to go on skype or yahoo IM to chat to see if we had a future together. I explained I was not able to. December 9 was the last time we text on facebook. Thank God nothing further was exchanged. This is poor representation for our military. And whatever his name is says he is Christian? Thankyou for all the comments listed. I am so grateful I searched the internet and found this website.
2012-12-29, 20:16:16
anonymous from United States  
Hi my name is Reni and this guy has been and still is very busy. He's currently on as Jordan Ramos or GOARMY2344 and has an email He hasn't had time to ask me for money but he's running the same scam.
2012-12-29, 20:39:36
Miss Marple from United States  
He will ask for money for sure,do not waste your time with a online scammer ,just block him !Could you post the introduction mail from this scammer here?
2013-01-12, 21:18:39
anonymous from United States  
Terry Ramos is also using the identity of scammer 1st Sgt Terry Walker James, email address This Terry Walker James is suppose to be retiring from the U.S. Army from Afghanistan with all the paperwork done and when he gets to the U.S. will go and make final signing for retirement at Ft. Benning, GA He's on his terminal leave to Accra, Ghana to work on getting his consignments boxes of gold, diamonds, and a check for $150,000 from investment dividends that is now void because of being over the 180 days old. He has been using the names of Larry Green and Donna Patel with the address of 205 North Park Ave, #108 Apopka, FL 32703 to send money to Terry Walker James from Larry and Donna through Priority Mail only so that they can get the money to him so that he can pay taxes on the valued gold of $4.5 Million at the Customs Dept at the Accra, Ghana airport. Also, Larry Green is using some of the sent money for documents to get the diamonds through the Amsterdam, Netherlands customs department on Terry's way home to come be with me in Knoxville, TN. Larry is suppose to be the nurse who helped Terry Walker James when he was injured with bullet wounds in his left shoulder while on a Special Operations mission in Iraq in 1993. In September, 2011 he was a First Sgt, a non-commissioned officer, in Iraq and was suppose to leave Iraq on September 16 to retire, but was suddenly deployed on a special operations mission by the Army to Afghanistan on Septmember 16, 2011. While in Iraq, he used his Diplomatic Courrier Andrew Vaughn Woolnough to get me to send funds to get the consignment boxes to Knoxville, TN. That stopped in December, 2011. I heard from Terry again in March, 2012 that was he was retired from the Army except for the signing ceremony in Ft. Benning, GA when he returns to the States and was on his terminal leave in Accra, Ghana to continue the work that Andrew Vaughn Woolnough was doing on getting the consignment boxes to Knoxville, TN. Andrew Vaughn Woolnough had to leave for family reasons in December 2011. As of December 18, 2012 through January 10, 2013, Terry Walker James was suppose to be on his flight home to Knoxville when all the custom departments in Accra and Amsterdam were needing more money for taxes and document fees. Monies were to be sent to the 205 North Park Avenue, #108 Apopka, FL address to Larry Green and Donna Patel Priorty Mail only. The address is really for an Internal Medicine and Family Practice with that postal address, and the receptionist stated that they do not have anyone working for them by the names of Larry Green and Donna Patel. Also, Larry was suppose to be on a trip to Florida to get the monies for Terry Walker James and to return to his home in Amsterdam where he resides. A federal claim has been filed with the United States Postal Services Investigative Services Department for Fraud claims on monies using this Florida address. The pictures that Terry Walker James is using are the same pictures that are pictures of a real soldier that is out of Ft. Bragg in NC. See the pictures that are associated with the scammer Terry Walker James. The pictures of Terry Ramos are the pictures of the real soldier that is suppose to be of Andrew Vaughn Woolnough. The real soldier is with the Rangers in Afghanistan. Please do not be taken in by either Terry Ramos or Terry Walker James. They are both lethal and extremely good at both of these scams.
2013-01-13, 17:30:47
anonymous from United Kingdom  
check out flirton he is on there too sgt mark williams
2013-01-24, 17:44:56
anonymous from Everett, United States  
This man told me. all kinds of words a women wants to hear and even told me that His wife got killed three years ago in a car wreck. And he had a daughter that was in u.k. and that she was with his cousin there. I believe because he/she/it talked about God. I do belevie in God. I know that this happen for a reason. thank you very much for specking out. Women need to know that men are out there like this. he even sent pictures of a little girl.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Dave Miller aka Steve Ramos aka James Ramos
Dating scammer Dave Miller aka Steve Ramos aka James Ramos

2013-01-29, 09:11:29
anonymous from United States  
Ahhh! This is definitely interesting. Same guy that's talking to my mom.... She's gonna be crushed....he sounded a little too good to be true..but unlike everyone else here, he's actually ordered 2 ipads in which he had my mom pick up from best buy ( I think she still might have them) but he wanted her to send them to Africa I think it was..she says he's suppose to fly up to where she is in 2 weeks and that they were going to get on a plane and go to his home in southern California...I have 4younger brothers so this is really starting to scare me.
2013-01-29, 19:47:39   (updated: 2013-01-29, 19:47:57)
Miss Marple from United States  
2013-01-29, 09:11:29
anonymous from United States
Please get your mother off from this scammer !! The guy on the picture is not the scammer him self of course,scammers from Ghana has stolen this soldiers photos to scam women with.Tell your mother to visit this site fast so she realizes what she is talking with ,it will be of course hurt feelings but better sooner than that she will get sucked deeper into the scam and starts sending money ,these scammers are very manipulative and sophisticated ..
2013-02-05, 23:36:51
anonymous from United States  
I've been taking to James Ramos for 10 days...everyone on this side nows how it end up....but I never gave up...I want to know the truth...I want to get to the bottom of this! I feel so sorry for Aaron Ramos who is the real soldier. I made the guy give me his name, last name, age...made him make his own site on Skype...still talking to him. Any suggestions what else I can ask him or do so he will give up some more info... I'm not afraid of him or who ever he work far he is in love with me and I'm gonna keep it that way till I will find the truth
2013-02-06, 11:14:20
anonymous from Canada  
This organization is alive and well. My bank account is proof if it. I have some of these very pictures in my file. Stay away from this person. Whoever is writing is the same person that communicated with me for 2 years. So the ghost writer is very clever at their craft whoever they are. I was led to believe that this person is Bill Cosmos. Single for 12 years no children, retiring soon, willing to move anywhere. Solicitation for cash...will ask to send thru money mart. Will ask for small increments at first and as the months go on will have gleaned as much as they can. Will rest a bit on the solicitation then will ask again for cash to get the package stateside. Can start with as little as $800.00 and it goes up from there. Will tell you that is now retired, but sick in Germany with Malaria. Getting on the plane soon, but could you please help out just one more time. Glad to take what ever you can scrape up. Says the US government gives an allowance during duty, and can't have access to own bank account until stateside. Will ask for your credit card information. Will ask to send the parcel to your home address. This ghost writer is the same person for the time period of 2 years with me, an assignment of sorts. You may receive a phone call from peoples in Accra Ghana saying this is a scam, and the kingpin has been arrested, and for a mere $500.00 a file will be opened to help you retrieve your cash. A number of phone calls will be sent your way. Check with the Embassy of your land or origin, and they may be helpful From my perspective there was no such persons employed at the embassy according to the consulate of my country. I had a USA address and with the help of Google maps could not find the home with that house number. Really do you best to keep your heart in check and your money in your pockets. These folks are dangerous.
2013-02-23, 02:41:11

Girls attention!his user name is hitmeup12-on,his name Larry Smith Velez,this is a scam!
2013-02-26, 20:19:05
Mike Ramos James is a scrammer i got the same, he wants to receive a pack from Ghanna because he wants to get out from the military.
2013-03-01, 15:36:57
anonymous from Langen, Germany  
Hallo, ich schreibe hier jetzt einfach mal in deutsch. Mir stellte er sich als Benjamin Osei Ramos vor. Wir schrieben sehr lange...zum Schluß wollte er 2500€ von mir. Da habe ich den Kontakt abgebrochen....sein Nickname auf Skype ist fbrown469
2013-03-02, 05:24:00
anonymous from Australia  
LADIES BEWARE....This creep spoke to me for quite awhile , but I was onto him from the start. The very first time I spoke to him he asked me to send a care package, when I asked him what type of things to put into a care package he gave me a list as long as your arm...All types of food items, T-shirts, Cologne, Slippers, also TOLD ME what brands to buy, nothing but the best was good enough..The following day he asked me to send a mobile phone with credit on it so he could phone me & some extra cash to re charge the phone. I asked how much & he said $500.00, I said you have to be joking, who are you going to call, everyone you know ?? He got a bit stroppy & said that things there were very expensive & he had to get everything on the Black Market. Another name he used was Stephen Pugh, the idiot made the mistake of using the wrong e-mail a/c, when I asked him about it, he said it was his middle name...I told him where to get off & didn't hear from him for about 6 months, but just last week he started sending me e-mails saying how sorry he was bla, bla bla, words wouldn't melt in his mouth. I did some investigating & found he had 200 profiles on Skype & according to romance scams & spokeo he has another 87 profiles on dating sites. He is smooth, but his English is woeful, that is what set me off in the first place, I knew English was a second language for him. He copies & paste's his e-mails but when he has to type on Skype or messenger he hasn't got a clue...There are a few common words the use that you know are wrong. One is STUFFS, not goods or belongings, another they never say IN BED. they don't go to bed, or you don't, you're always ON THE BED, everything is done SOONEST, not soon. IF YOU DON'T MIND, whatever they are going to do, it's always if you don't mind first, not even in the context of the conversation. Every sentence is started with Oh Ok, then they say want they want. There is a video on You tube about this creep stealing the name of Aaron Ramos, interesting but remember this is not the person you are talking to, he is using the real Aaron Ramos name. This jerk would have to be one of the worst SCAMMERS I have come across. Myself & a few other ladies who were contacted by scammers, now spend all our time & energy finding & investigating these parasites & post the results of our investigations on web sites in the hope that it saves some one from being caught out..It's all in dedication to a good friend who faces the circuit court on the 5th March charged with being an accomplice to money laundering because she sent money to one of these jerks who she believed was in the Military & she was helping them..I might add she lost her home & car, also her life savings. She is going to be on the ELLEN SHOW in the near future & we are hoping that someone will sit up & take notice. You can make reports all day every day, but nothing is done, that's why we have to do our HOMEWORK & post everything we can so another poor woman doesn't get caught the same way..
2013-03-02, 06:28:07
anonymous from Australia  
Re: AARON RAMOS...I did forget to post some photo's with my comment. There is so much to say about this creep, he is crafty, smooth & doesn't work alone. He has a Diplomat to pick up all the goods for him...I made out I sent a package to the Diplomat & when it didn't arrive I told him it must have gone astray in the post as I didn't register it. I have a photo of the Diplomat, along with a trunk full of money, I can't remember the name he was using, but I'm sure it will come up with the photo that I will add here.
I have added some photo's, I'm not sure if they will all come up, I might have been better to add them individually.

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