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Dating scammer Kenny Williams


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Name: Kenny Williams



Other Comments:
Posing as an exporter of cars/spare parts. Lives in Alameda, Mexico. Of german parentage. On business trip to Ghana. Met through although he disappeared from that site a few dys later. Photos of him can be found on commercial section. Scammers use this site a lot for their photos.

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2009-05-24, 13:38:14
I just want to know whether Brian Tolliver is a scammer too ? He seem very sincere and very well behave with me. We met on on the middle of March 09. He said he will move to me to form a family. He do import/export.Born in Colorado in USA. Have a daughter 12 yrs Carey. Moved in UK for work, then go to Nigieria at the end of March for supplied the good. After 2 days he have had problems there. I was helped him with money. He told to me that his client will sent me a cheque to reimburse, but at the moment I haven received any. I saw this site and asked him about many women was hurt by the person with same photo as him. He replied to me that he is the person on the photo and the third person was used his photo to cheat. I want to believe but somewhere I doubt. So I wrote this one if someone can tell me what he/she thinks about, and if he/she knows his name.
2009-05-31, 11:14:15
anonymous from United States  
This guy is on now at Peter Steven. Very smooth, but does not fool me. He is now into buying and selling antiques. Attached is his email to me. He is a sickening human being, if you can call him that!

Hello R....,
Thanks alot for the response, and also I am willing to learn some much more about you and Lets see were it goes,I'm a gentle soul, quiet and certainly not what most people would assume - a social butterfly. Instead I'm the quiet watchful, listener who will provide u with a listening ear after a tough day, and not judge, or assume or tell u what to do. I love nature, and water and feel an especial kinship to just being near water and having water right near my home. I feel the peace of the world in the breeze cross the water, the lapping of the waves on the shore, the unassuming nature of water and nature. I am one with nature, and could spend hours just sitting by the beach, river, lake, ocean and stitch, read, listen to music and feel at the end of a day that I've had an incredible day......and also I do Lots of things for fun as well such as camping,fishing,golf,watching movies,not much into sports but also do the side like spending time with loved ones,i don't smoke and i dont drink .I really don't have much time for the common 'traditional single scene' but thought i'ld give it a try, I’m searching for my life long partner to share a Great Life of Love with; romance, long slow kisses, feeling very special, intimacy, spirituality, pleasurable communication, dancing, meeting of the minds, opening a door for you, flowers, traveling and other exciting interests and adventures, A GREAT LIFE of LOVE! I am one who strongly believes in respect and that without respect, you can’t experience true love and generate a healthy relationship. I believe in a smaller 'wow' when it is first a friendship and then a larger 'Wow' later as it evolves into a Beautiful Loving committed relationship. I believe it’s not just what you are like on the outside, but more about what you are like on the inside. I’m seeking LOVE (no game playing please) with someone who appreciates...and Its your turn I hope to learn some much more details about you and see were it goes alright Hugs...


2009-06-05, 12:30:26
About Brian Tolliver his cellphone number in Nigieria is 002348030728402, in UK is 00447035974015444. Whether someone recognize its ? THANKS

2009-06-06, 01:25:46
Hi, people!!
This guy now use the name:
Bauer Williams
With this e-mail:
He contact me in this site:
I do not believe in him, and search more about he, last i find your IP in message that he send me for my e-mail.
His IP:
With this IP, I go to:
Finding more about this guy:

% This is the AfriNIC Whois server.

% Information related to ' -'

inetnum: -
netname: INET-MLTL
descr: CDMA 1x/EVDO Dial up pool
country: NG
admin-c: RIA27
tech-c: RIA27
mnt-by: MLTL-INT-MNT
mnt-lower: MLTL-INT-MNT
changed: 20081021
source: AFRINIC
parent: -

person: IP Admin-RIPE
address: Multilinks Telecommunications Limited
address: 231 Adeola Odeku Str.
address: Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria
remarks: complaints/spam report :
phone: +2341774000
nic-hdl: RIA27
changed: 20040331
changed: 20050205
remarks: data has been transferred from RIPE Whois Database 20050221
source: AFRINIC

# Bold: Object type.
# Underlined: Primary key(s).
# Hyperlinks: Searchable Attributes.
2 records found for ''
He does not take anything from me, but he wants to know my address, my real name, my phone, and ...
my account number of my bank!
For to send me the money that will be used in our life together here, because he cannot get out with all his money (with $ 200,000) of there, where he is engeneer of roads.
All this after just a few exchanges of written messages and without that I see he by the camera never. Only send me pics.
And he talk me that he believe in me.
Ok, guy, I believe in me too!!!! But I don't believe in nothing what you talk for me!! For that reason, I search in internet a lot for more about he, and discovered this site with all that I need to know!!
Thank very much for this site and all people posting here!!
Remember: don't give money for anyone !! And don't believe in this guy that love you in some days.
See one the pic he send me. This is incredible!
He thinks I'm stupid for not to suspect something!


2009-07-10, 06:53:17
anonymous from United States  
He scammed me as Bryan Beatty on eHarmony. He said his wife died 7 years ago of breast cancer and that he has a 10 year old son named Alex. He was an engineer in the oil industry. He went to Kuwait to get an oil license so that he could start his own company, but they would not give him one because he is not Muslim. He then went to Nigeria and that is when he started asking for money. He could not use his credit card, he did not have access to his accounts in the states, and Nigerian pirates threatened to kill him. He asked (and unfortunately got) money out of me. He had me send money through Western Union to Charles Burrows. DON'T send this man any money.
2009-07-10, 16:31:14
anonymous from United States  
I was sent pictures of this guy's son. The child's pictures are from the same modeling website, DO NOT send this guy money.
2009-07-11, 18:15:14 from France  
Many thanks this site here. This man started with me connection 2 weeks ago. I met and known he on tagged. Now use there this name : Keith Gary. He asked my address and told me want send me a present and all times write me if he love me want visit me but now he will be go to Ghana and he send it me his booking reference and he will travel in Ghana Im known the exactly date and fly time. He never wanted open his cam I all times feel this is all lie story, if his parents died, and he has Bill his son and need a women his side who live with he help and love he... It is sad it is incredible and he used the other young man photo. THANK YOU THIS SITE HERE AND NOW I CARE MYSELF SURE. THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERY WOMEN WHO PUT HER COMMENTS HERE.

2009-07-11, 18:18:58 from France  

2009-07-11, 18:21:27 from France  
Hello Judy.....
Guess you are doing great and the family all are doing well.
Same here with Bill and i we are all doing well this morning just that there's too much cold this is the weather too there.....hope not bad.
Judy thanks very much for having time with me yester night.
I really appreciate you for that and wants you to know that the love i have for you is undying.
You are very sweet and can see you have in a kind of respect and good seance of humor.
Well it's morning am at the office and just got on computer to know how you are doing .
Judy happiness is the only thing on earth that cannot be paid by any diamonds, gold or money.Money and love aren't the same thing. The more you spend money, the less you have, the more you spend love, the more you get in return. Love doesn't cost money, but it does require the payment of your heart.A man can inherit a house and money from his parents, but only the Lord can give a sensible wife. Love is when money and materialistic things no longer matter. It's when you're holding the hand of the woman you love and you feel like the richest man in the world - you have everything.With money, we can buy all things, but with love, we find everything that really matters.It isn't money, fame, or power, no, the greatest adventure in life is love.Power is one thing, money and power are two things, but love is everything ..
All relationships have some adjustment periods, but being hurt shouldn’t be part of being in love. Loving relationships have good qualities, such as support from your partner, a willingness to communicate, a desire to compromise, and open an honest communication.
When you do not have these fundamental qualities in a relationship, that relationship isn’t likely to grow, and become something that you desire.We all turn to our loved ones for support from time to time.
When your loved one does not offer you their support it may be time to look at your relationship.
As we all want to nurture those that we love. We want the best in life for those that we care about. If your partner is unwilling to listen to you, and your problems, they are not meeting your needs when you need support. Support can come in many forms, someone lending and ear, someone going out of their way to help you, or something as simple as a phone call to cheer you up. Make sure your partner gives you support when you need it.When engaging in a relationship with another person there is always going to be things that you do not agree upon. You want to have the ability to compromise so both partners are getting their wishes meet.
This may mean one night you watch football, and one night your partner watches a movie and enjoy. It might mean that your partner can agree to try a dish that you enjoy cooking. In any organization with more than one person in it, there will be more than one opinion, work with your partner to see that both of you can compromise on different subjects. If someone isn’t willing to compromise, they are not willing to acknowledge your wants and desires. If they can not acknowledge your wants they are likely not emotionally developed enough for you to have your needs meet.
Open and honest communication is one of the more desirable qualities you want to have in a relationship. Watch to see that your partner is not secretive, nor are they willing to tell lies to avoid certain subjects. For example, if a partner is married, and fails to tell you that, you can rightfully assume if they can lie about big things, they can lie about small things. While you may not like everything your partner may say, freedom to be honest should be there in your relationship. Likewise, you need to be open and honest with your partner; a relationship based upon false truths is not likely to be successful, because both partners do not have the correct frame of reference in the relationship. There are many qualities that make relationships good support, compromise,open and honest communication is just a few of these qualities that you may desire in a relationship. Engage only in relationships where both partners can openly discuss their wants and needs, this can take practice. Remember loving relationships grow and only become better, eliminate those who do not meet your needs when they continually fail to support you, will not compromise, and will not be honest. These three qualities alone will help you nurture and develop a deeper relationship with your partner.
Anyway i will like to end here with much kiss xx on your lips.
take care and best of lucks in your doing.!

Thunder hugs.
2009-07-11, 18:23:21 from France  
Hello Sweet y,
how are you doing this morning......hope everything is well with you and the family.
Thanks for the lovely moment yester night i really like your presence with me.I would like to listen more of that sweet thoughts of you,
well this morning i just finished taken a cool shower and could not feel complete without saying hello to someone special in my heart..... who has been my dream lady.
well this morning am doing perfect good and Bill is fine.
I would like to tell you a little bit about my family and as well as ma back ground also.
Am Keith 48years and widowed,Am 6.3feet tall and I am a normal looking Man, my favorite color is blue or to say sea blue, my favorite dish I should say is any thing that would keep me healthy.I'm from Georgia{lithia spring}due to the nature of my job am now residing in Edgware in London.
I have a lovely family that really cares about me and that is ma lovely late Mum and my late Dad, I am the only son of ma parents and i have leaved with them till birth.
I was 22 when I decided to leave home and start a living, I really went through a lot in life, many ups and downs as i know, but God almighty has helped me through everything till this day that I am sending you this mail.
Am a Christian and I really believe in ma God that I worship, I like to meet people and I don't look down on any one that comes ma way because who knows, one may be need of something and that person ma be the one to help you out.My son is Bill and he's 12years old very funny and intelligent boy.

I lost ma Dad through a car accident that was 1999 February and my Mum also died of Typhoid Fever on the April 2002,but every thing is ok now with me and ma family.
Think that's enough about me.
I work as electrical engineer in my own company.and sometimes like to help others too when they are indeed.
I like traveling, like reading, dancing, like cooking too and hope to cook for you one day for you to taste ma lovely meal and I hope you are going to like it.
I leave with ma Son and 1 dog namely Topsy,
I really like animals and hope you have a pet too? lol.Life has gone really well with me but its left one thing that I have to get in life as a man and that is a lady by ma side, because there is a saying ma Dad told me 'Behind every successful man there is a woman' so no matter what happens I have to get married and I would like to know if I can really share ma life with you and please before anything I would like to let you know that I have been in a relationship before but it landed me in pain, so please I hope I can share ma life with you and hope I would never feel any pain but the order of this relationship would be Love, Joy, Happiness, Loyalty and Trust. I really respect the view of every woman in life, I just want to have a lady who would love me for who I am and not what I am, a lady who would always be by me as I would be by her side, a lady who would treat me the exact way that I would treat her, a lady who would love everything that I have as I would love everything that she has got too.
What would one yield if he has all the power in this world and has no love? I think I have spoken enough about ma self and would like to end hear, please hope to hear from you.
Best of lucks in your doing.I care and would be expecting your lovely mail and will like to see your photo too.
Thank you for your time.

Thunder Hugs and Kiss xxx.
2009-07-11, 18:25:27 from France  
hello my love.
how you doing this morning.....i guess eveything is well with you and the family.
anyway am doing good and bill is fine...and i was sad to hear you are not doing good this morning.
well i pray for God protection for you.
sorry too for not meeting you online yerster day keeps me busy and i was tried when i return home.
due to the trip am making my days are now a bit busy and need to resettle things fast before comimng over to you.
judy am still having you in mind ok nver get mad at me and i my self haste meeting you and i want to feel you in my arms.
anyway i thinks am now done with my shipment and i need to follow up to the Goods coming this saturday morning to Ghana. my days now have been abit tight and i promise i will try to get the cam too if even am in Ghana ok i really love you. and i come back to Ghana first week of next month by then my Good will reach here.
anyway if am online i just came over to you to know my state of condition now.
and i will let you also know my flight details too when am done with it.
take care and hope chating to you soon.
i love you judy sorry any way i called you but no answer.
best of lucks and a speedrecovery judy.
i think of you now.

2009-07-20, 17:54:02   (updated: 2009-07-20, 17:55:11)
anonymous from United States  
Hi Everybody. This guy is now using the name John Kenny Williams. I just hang up on the phone 5 minutes ago. I am so glad to find this site. He contacted me from He said that his wife died 4 years ago. His father was from US and his mother was from UK. His father was killed when he was 12 and his mother brought him to England to live. His wife also died 4 years ago and all he had was his 6 year old son. He was romantic from the day 1 and sent me poetries and love letters non stop. I was suspicious from the beginning. He kept saying that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. But what alerted me was his English. He made so many mistakes in his e-mails and when he called me, he did not sound British at all. He was an international contractor traveling different countries and building roads. He even sent me a copy of his British passport and a copy of Nigerian government's contract award document. They looked so real. So I think someone in the government is also involved in this scam. He told me that Nigerian government was going to pay 5 million pounds when he complete his project in 30 days. He asked me for my bank account to send me a half of the money to start our life together in the US. I said 'No.' The picture of himself and his son were both listed at
His phone # is the UK is 44-7035919839. Now he stays at a hotel in Nigeria and the phone number for the 'hotel' he gave me was 23-47064763631. Also his son's Nanny's phone # is supposedly 44-7011162364. His home address in UK is No 23 Baronet Road Tottenham N170 LU London. I am sure these are all fake.
This is an organized clime. Be careful ladies.
Can someone report this to the government?

2009-09-13, 03:19:33   (updated: 2009-09-13, 03:29:54)
anonymous from Japan  
rating (his p.c address)
He transmitted an email to me by the name of Brown. The address is 23 NO BARONET ROAD TOTTENHAM N170 LU LONDON.
The photograph wears the same clothes.
Is he a fraud?

Dear Love,

How are you doing today? I hope fine.

Thanks for your wonderful mail. We are so lucky to meet each other because I strongly believe that we will achieve success at the end of this relationship. I sent mail to three women and I said to myself that the first woman that will write to me will be the right woman I will have contact with and you do, so we are going to start expressing our feelings together.

Meanwhile here is my profile.

I am 46 years of ago born on the 14th Dec 1963. I am divorced three years ago with a boy of 6 years. I am living a lone with my son. I am about 85kg in weight, 173cm in height and a very good looking man that every woman will like to meet. I am honest, caring, faithful, loving, easygoi
2009-09-13, 03:21:23   (updated: 2009-09-13, 03:33:26)
[hidden] from Japan  
2009-09-13, 03:49:36
anonymous from Japan  
I am 46 years of ago born on the 14th Dec 1963. I am divorced three years ago with a boy of 6 years. I am living a lone with my son. I am about 85kg in weight, 173cm in height and a very good looking man that every woman will like to meet. I am honest, caring, faithful, loving, easygoing, and passionate and above all a man that knows how to make a woman happy and smile. I believe in long distance relationship because I am willing to relocate. I am an Engineer and had my masters degree here at the Bristol University. Working as a contract in the construction of roads and bridges. I have everything a man needs in his life but I lack a desire and kind woman that I will wake up in the morning and say a BIG GOOD MORNING TO MY WIFE that is why I am here and nothing but that. I hope you understand what I mean. So if you think that you want to be that lovely woman that I will devote all my trust and love, kindly reply back with your pictures and tell me everything I
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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