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Dating scammer McKelvin Brown


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Name: McKelvin Brown


Owerri, Nigeria
11 or 23 ...... Housing Estates

Other Comments:
McKelvin Brown aka Larry Moore aka Pascal Moore aka Alfred Johnfat aka Kelvin Brown.
As of today 10/5/2008 he is suppose to be in a hospital in Benin City (Alpha Medical Clinic) being treated by a Dr Alfred Johnfat. McKelvin was to come to the US on friday but instead he was involved in some fatal accident with the driver being killed on Thursday and he and his litte girl Dee being injured. He was supposed to be in a coma. Of couse now I waiting for a request for cash. It came in by request from Dr. Johnfat who call me on yesterday say they needed to get things in order. LOL the money. He had given me his moble number so I decided to bait he and gave him my number and told him to call if there was any change in his condition and until I spoke with McKelvin I would not be sending anything. Thats McKelvin is very weak and out of his coma. While all this is going on I decide to research this and this is what I found.
This are his other scams

Baby, i miss u so much.I am appologizing to u to put
ur anger away about me and lets go on. I have miss the
woman that make me feel on top of the world knowing
how much u love and care for me.I have not been able
to go online.i would have seen your mail before now.I
want u to know that u will always be in my heart.Baby
we actually need to talk.I have been incontact with my
Company and i pray everything will go well as they
give me hope.I have actually been in prayers to over
come this suituation and be home to u to show u that i
appreciate what u have done for me all this time.U are
still the happiness i feel deep inside in my heart.I
LOVE U SO MUCH LAURIE.When ever i thought of u i feel
stronger in spirit to move on.I know we have been so
lonely missing each others love,voice and happiness we
shared but i want u to know that with God all things
are possible and through his Grace things will be fine
and our dream to live together in his love will be
accompanished.I love u and i miss u so much.


He contacted me thru tagged, said his name is Nino Brown from Washington working on oilrig in Edinburgh UK. Said his wife died 5 yrs ago in tragic accident and wants to marry me and wants me to be mom to his 16yr old son. (found sons pic infocus
Told me his son is being raised by grandparents in Malaysia
He talks with accent, says he is originally from Sweden Wants me to divorce and marry him soon.(LOL)

The pictures he used on the other ladies are different but are the same man.

Brown seems to be a very common name. SO please be careful.

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2009-02-16, 01:31:09
2009-02-18, 04:24:30
anonymous from Philippines  
Oh my gosh! I am currently conversing with a certain Harbert Timothy who is an engineer from London. His story is exactly like the one you say here where his fiancee died in a car crash and his 6-year old son is being taken care by his grandmother in England. I was really surprised how sweet and how quickly he has 'fallen' for me. I was stupid to think such a thing actually happens. He even told me he has post graduate degree and is actually very matured and ready to take on a new relationship. he is sooo busted!
2009-03-26, 00:08:40   (updated: 2009-03-26, 00:47:00)
anonymous from Malaysia  
I was contacted by Jeff Alex at MyDailyFlog. He fell for me very quickly and asked me to marry him. As a sign of affection he said that he was sending me a package via diplomatic courier service and this package is said to contain jewelleries and money. The so called local agent contacted me via email and mobile saying that my 'package' was held up by Singaporean customs. Foolishly I sent over S$1,500 without asking for customs forms as proof. After I've sent the money, I was suspicious because the account holder is a foreigner and the account is a personal account. Also the local agent who contacted me use the same email address as the so-called agent in London. I went on a search for this company Worldwide Express Courier and found this site. What confirmed that he is a scammer is the picture posted by annonymous from Japan. The cheek of it all is that the same courier agent contacted me again to ask me for even more money. I ignored it. My suspicion is that this character is being manned by 2 persons because it is obvious from his character online. One character is sweet and loving while the other one is very abrupt. Ladies, do beware of this man. He's very smooth and uses all the right words. One thing that gave him away is that his voice on the phone doesn't sound like an Englishman that he claimed to be.

2009-03-26, 00:37:41   (updated: 2009-03-26, 00:51:42)
anonymous from Malaysia  
This is another picture used by Jeff Alex. I don't know whose picture this actually is. Whoever you are I'm sorry that your picture was used for scamming purposes.

2009-03-27, 00:52:09
anonymous from United States  

Ladies this all sounds so familiar to me too. I was scammed $4200 by a civil engineer from Midlands-Birmingham, England who's wife died in a traggic car accident. He has a 15 year old daughter named Sara who he wanted me to take care of while he took on this oil-rig project in Benin City, Nigeria. Nelson was full of love stories he sent to me for almost two months. The stories were actually cut and pasted from other letters from the internet, just GOOGLE them. They were just too good to be true. Nelson, wanted to marry me and visit me in Florida with his daughter on March 2nd, 2009. He promised he would pay me back the money I paid for him to get his tools out of customs. It's funny that the African Banks will not take his credit cards so that he could reimburse me.
I fell in love with this man because of his romantic ways and gorgeous face. Little did I know he was using a famous actor's photo, Antonio Sabato, Jr. Nelson has other alias names: Ramsy Noah, Nelson Scott and Moctar Dabo. You can find him on MySpace, Hotmail, FACEBOOK, and was on but was booted off because of so many complaints. You can find him on these sights by entering his email addressin the search engines. He used to be but was removed from them to.

Back to my love story, I was expecting to meet this jackass for the first time in March for his birthday celebration and this is after the fact that I had Western Unioned him $4200.
Well, Nelson never arrived to Florida like he promised. He has the greatest excuses.
Now, he is asking for another $1,000 from me and has borrowed $4,000 from the hotel manager in Benin City so he can ship his gold discover to my residence in Florida.

I have reported the asshole to the EFCC,, and want him charged with GRAND THEFT, FRAUD, INTERNET DATE SCAMMING!

I have been raped of my savings in my bank account and have been heartbroken by a man I truly believed loved me.

He is an only child from Israel decent, a widow, and has a fifteen year old daughter named Sara.

His famous words are, 'Darling, I didn't quite get that', when he cannot understand what you are saying.

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Dating scammer Nelson Scott

2009-03-28, 20:15:34
[hidden] from Canada  
The 'Jeff Alex,' you said he doesn't sound like an Englishman.... what exactly does he sound like? I'm currently communicating with this man and I find it funny that your posting is from Malaysia, however you had to deal with Customs in Singapore. I've done a bit of checks on this person and everything has come back to Malaysia, so I am a bit curious right now :) What is the phone number or email addresses used?
2009-03-29, 21:59:58   (updated: 2009-03-29, 22:12:51)
anonymous from Malaysia  
The Jeff Alex that am dealing with does not have an accent. He claimed to be from Wales - born. raised and bred there. I'm familiar with various accents from the UK and US and he sounds very 'cosmopolitan'. This does not jive with his background story that he seldom travels out of UK. As for the customs in Singapore, normally packages are routed through there but what is peculiar is that singaporean customs rarely hold up the items. He normally uses to contact me and his mobile is +447035953911. By the way, did you find it difficult to call him?
2009-03-30, 06:54:46
anonymous from Canada  
Not at all.... every time I call him he answers his phone.... I guess I found it funny b/c the one I am dealing with was born in the UK but has lived most of his life in Malaysia and is currently in Malaysia. The number I have is a Malaysia mobile.... same yahoo address that you have, however most correspondance is done through hotmail. His accent is asian (well the person I speak with anyways.)
2009-06-07, 13:40:25
anonymous from Philippines  
HI... to the one from the philippines, whose been talking to a certain harbert timothy?... wow, im talking to him these days too and guess what... he is in seattle now.. hmmm..... seems very sincere... ill be so disappointed if he really is a scammer... hey, maybe we could exchange notes...
2009-06-07, 17:58:30
[hidden] from Salem, United States  
Anonymous from the Philippines

While, I respect, Your personal choice to believe a known scammer.
This is not the place to post such a opinion that disrespects everyone else
that have made legitimate reports that Harbert Timothy is a scammer.
You can go ahead and keep being deceived but, Your posting must be
looked upon by others as just another attempt to stop the Truth.
You can always come back and let everyone know that, You were scammed.
But postings contradicting the fact, He is a known scammer are not acceptable
here at all.
If, You ever have actual verifiable proof even then do not post that information.
But contact the site administrator. But since that isn't going to happen.
Kindly keep, Your opinion to, Yourself.

Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
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2009-06-08, 13:27:56
anonymous from Philippines  
Hey, salem! thanks for the long educational advice... I never said i believed him!... im just amazed how these scammers could really work as smooth operators...
Im not stupid at all... i know he is a scam... and I have stopped talking to him... and sent him the notes...

I never contradict others... I was referring to the other lady when i said 'lets exchange notes!'... hope you could read my posted msge again....

2009-06-08, 15:53:01
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
Anonymous from the Philippines

Thank You for responding.
Yes I knew who, Your remark was directed at when, I posted my message
to, You.
It is because of the wording, You used [ hmmmm seems very sincere ]
Then you said, You would be disappointed if, He is a scammer.
Please try to understand there active scammers trying to discredit postings
made by victim's. I had to find out for certain what, Your true intent was.
That is also why, I did say to, You what, I normally say to scammers. LOL
I am glad, You turned out to be on the good guy's side.
Your entire response was as what a normal person would respond.
Scammers have no self control. LOL
My apology's if, I have offended You in any way.

Kindest Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
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2009-07-01, 14:49:07
[hidden] from United States  
I was scammed by the same guy or someone similar. He gave me his name as Antonio Garcia from Italy who is on the high seas on(you guessed it) another oil rig. It is a contract he supposedly won for Chevron to clean up an oil spillage. He has a 15 year old son who is in Virginia U.S. with his nanny. He played me good and I feel some stupid for falling into his trap. Found out he had his picture on pigbusters and romance scam. I guess I should have looked there first. He had what sounded like a French accent, but not sure. I am sure he is in Nigeria. His # 44-70-4574-0728 which I found out is a virtual number in the UK that is being forwarded to a cell somewhere?? Emails:
and Just trying to get the word out to every female to beware!

2009-07-01, 14:50:09
meli from United States  
here is another pic

2009-07-01, 14:51:09
meli from United States  
Another pic. I also Found out he is on

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