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Dating scammer Daniel Kehinde, aka 'Kenny Daniel


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Name: Daniel Kehinde, aka 'Kenny Daniel


No. 12 Airport Rd. Victoria Island

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He will say the most romantic things you could ever want to hear, then he asks for a large amout of money, because he says that he spent all his money on his sick mom's hospital bills, and he's stranded there, and needs the money to get back to the U.S., and that he can't wait to meet you when he arrives. He does this on gay and straight dating sites as well as many African American dating sites.

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2013-05-03, 21:35:21
Same line of bullshit I received. Contacted me on John_Norman1975. Mom 'Susan' needs operation within 48 hours. She has a weak liver. LMFAO. Maybe she's an alcoholic and ought to lay off the fucking booze. LMAO!!!! John (pictures of same Armani model say name 'Rich' which he says is his nickname) Wants 800 pounds=1250.00 in US dollars. Good luck to this bitch. I am affilated with the FBI and in the bureau of internet scams and investigations. His IP has been tagged.
2013-05-19, 12:18:40
anonymous from Miami, United States  
This guy on hasn't asked me for any money but he wrote me the exact emails as he did the others......What an asshole I hope he gets caught for deceiving people and messing around w/ there feelings. He is now from Barberton, Ohio. He is a very good writer guys but dont believe his bullshit....Im glad i looked him uplllll

Hello Handsome,
How are you doing ?Thanks so much for your email.I thought all men on this site were the same. Most men I have met are only conscious about sex and one night stand,All I am looking for is a man that is ready to love and be loved,A decent guy who is ready to build a relationship. I am a single man who is ready to mingle, I
am sick and tired of games played by men in the gay scene.I wanna be someone's man I wanna be that person he talks about when he says he's my world.What really count for me is who you are inside.I want a man that is matured and know what he a marketer,my company deals with all sorts of ladies cosmetics and im in the sales and advertisement dept..
I really wanna say thanks so much for your
prompt response,I must tell
you that I am so
impressed to get your
response,You have given me a reason to understand that there are still some good men outside.I want you to know that distance or age is not an obstacle when it comes to matter of the heart.I hate to be single,I hate doing things alone,I hate cooking for myself alone,I hate having to shower alone,I hate watching the movies and listening to music alone.I am very willing to communicate with you if you are willing.I am a good man with integrity and I do not need anyone to tell me if I am good or bad.I just want a mature man who is ready to love,I really want a relationship. I am looking for a man who is fun to be with,someone who takes life easy,someone who does not get angry easily.someone who is ready to listen,someone who is ready to teach and learn.I want you to know that all i want is someone who has a good heart and a loving spirit for i believe that appearance is an image we all see on each other face. To really care for,like, or have love for
another is to know who they are in the inside. You can't care, like or love someone just by their outside appearance, it's what's inside that really matters.A good relationship requires two constants; constant communication and constant sacrifice.What I want most in life is to find that one person who makes the world seem beautiful,Saying I love you isn't hard; saying I love you and meaning it is what really count,Loving someone who doesn't love you back is like reaching for the stars; you know you'll never get there but you just keep on trying.
I want you to understand that I value love and honesty above every other thing and true love is about honesty, sincerity, sharing and fairness. Always get to know each other's needs.I want to confess that I want love ... I've been keeping it inside but i wanna free my mind to the air and allow love to come, i am a very romantic man and i am ready to love and be loved.I know Love takes
many things like trust, hope, wishes, dreams, and everything you've got and i am ready to give.So tell me what are you looking for? What are your must have's? Where have you traveled? What's your idea of a fun date and a romantic evening how would your best friend describe you?tell me about your last relationship.take care and have a great day.
stay blessed,
2013-05-23, 21:32:35
anonymous from Canada  

If you send am email address in first message - seems questionable now adays.


canadianlee is Offline
Canada - British Columbia - Vancouver - Delta
i am looking for a good canadian

31, 6'3', 186lb, 35w, Athletic, Black Hair, Some Body Hair, Mix, Looking for Relationship.

I am new at this so i just hope thiswould be for good

Trendy, Out Yes, Smoke No, Drink Socially, Drugs No, Zodiac Scorpio.

Versatile, 9' Cut, Safe Sex Only, HIV Negative, Prefer meeting at: Public Place.


and sent message
canadianlee (10 hrs ago) I love your profile,you're quite can check out mine if you like it then send me an email directly to my address and we'll continue from there...

2013-06-11, 06:33:06
anonymous from Moe, Australia  
Hey folks... Just a quick update to let you all know that our good mate: John_Norman is still at it! He is now using a profile on (and equivalents) called BIGBROTHERAFRIC ... Once again he is using the same old yahoo profile:

This turkey never stops!

2013-06-16, 23:28:18
anonymous from United States  
This guy is now on Adam4adam under the name Kilogold in Middlesex, NJ.

he sent this msg:

'I love your profile so much,you can checkout mine and see if you like it,then reach me directly through my email and i'll get to tell you all about me and send you my pics,hope to read from you soon..'

2013-08-04, 03:29:11
anonymous from United States  
For your information he's started up as metroman111 on Gave me the same lines, he really needs to change it up a bit. Thought it was funny how he worded everything in his email. It just sounded too good to be true. 'Looking for love, helpless romantic, and still some good men' lines were used. Attached is his latest pic.

2013-08-31, 13:30:10
anonymous from United States  
Well guys he has to be stupid, he wrote to me the second time with different pics same email address . AND of course after getting to know me he lost his credit cards and mother is in hospital and needs money to pay for her operation and will be in the US as soon as she recovers. LOL Once told me he was ready to fly back to US but never once did I tell him where I was. I was playing with his mind the last time told him anything he wanted to know but all lies. What a scum bag.
2013-09-01, 22:21:33
Miss Marple from United States  

Well guys he has to be stupid, he wrote to me the second time with different pics same email address

Maybe or scammers sells further email addresses to other scammers and wants to try the very same victims again do not mean it is the very same scammer writing you again yes, scammers do not care as we know on this forum ....just block the scammer from your email ..please post mails sent to you from this scammer and photos if you have ...
2013-10-03, 07:18:18
anonymous from United States  
He contacted me on using the email and the profile name socksman111. I'm a good looking guy, but guys who look like that don't contact me and he was entirely too complimentary. I figured there was a good chance I might find something about him from his email. He wrote the following to me:

just wanted to let you know that i really like what you had to say on your profile. You seem like a very awesome man, not to mention beautiful. We might actually have a few things in common, who knows? I was just wondering if you might wanna talk sometime.. we could get to know each other better to see what this will develop my is

2014-04-18, 19:31:18
anonymous from Australia  
Appears to have an updated profile under '..x..r8d'

Have reported to admin.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Daniel Kehinde, aka 'Kenny Daniel

2014-04-18, 19:31:19
anonymous from Australia  
Appears to have an updated profile under '..x..r8d'

Have reported to admin.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Daniel Kehinde, aka 'Kenny Daniel

2014-06-22, 03:48:05
anonymous from United States is his new address..... and the nessage on Tagged/Hi5 was:

I really love everything you said in your profile,you can send me an email to my address and we can start up something from there..

just send me an email directly to my address and we'll continue from there..

the name heha used is 'Johnny B' from Ontario

2014-06-27, 04:32:57

He Claims his name is Daniel George, he has a Facebook account, and he has one picture
that has at Match too.

I meet someone with the characteristics of a scammer, he still doesn't ask me anything but I'm almost sure he's a scammer, he says is a widow, an engineer, and he has a son, that lives in a boring school at poland, strange story, because he apparently lives in New York city, we had been in contact by emails and over the phone, he says he's from Norway, but honestly when you speak with him he barely speaks english, with a strong african accent, so I stop communicating with him, and reported him to the Match site, I would like to exposed some pictures, the most probable thing is that pictures are from a different identity, and the last thing he told me is that he wants to marry me and buy me a house in my country, and that his son will be travel to south africa with a friend, again strange story because his son is supossedly 10 years old.

Does anyone know if we have to report this to Interpol too?

I would like to have some advice on this.



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2014-06-27, 06:05:06

This image was also posted here:
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2014-06-27, 22:01:05
Miss Marple from United States  
RE: Daniel George

You have done your own home work already, and did what was needed to be done just to end the whole thing as this is just only a scammer behind all this . Please post whatever you have on this scammer as emailaddress,mails sent to you from the scammer ,phone number and also if you have more photos please post them too . The photos are stolen from someones probably FB account or somewhere else online.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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